12 Days of Christmas Dining Room for the Christmas That Wasn’t

So…my first real post after a 2+ year absence. Hmmmm…I think I’m just going to let the photos do most of the talking. I’m still feeling this whole new WordPress thing out, but I decorated inside and out like it was 1999! No matter that parties and teas and luncheons will not take place here in these times of COVID-19. This is for US…for you! I’ll start with the Twelve Days of Christmas dining room and then move through the rest of the house in follow-up posts.


“12 Days of Christmas” dinnerware from the Better Homes & Gardens Christmas collection purchased 2 years ago but first used this season.

The pink dresses worn by the “9 ladies dancing” on the dinnerware drove the color scheme this year. I did my best to incorporate other elements from the song on the table including the “swans a-swimming” (the white porcelain swan centerpiece and the Limoges salt & pepper cellars), the “geese a-laying” (salt & pepper shakers my Mom brought back from her Bucket List trip to Dubai in early 2019), the gold (numbered napkin) rings, the partridge, and pears. The candelabra are from my days as a fine rental shop owner. As I’m still trying (without much luck) to select new dining room chairs, ballroom chairs with metallic gold covers fill the void.

I have never bought flocked trees because of the mess, but this year I couldn’t resist. Pencil trees are my jam now as a space saving measure, and these fit nicely in the dining room. Ornaments pick up the bright, festive colors from the dinnerware and include the “ladies dancing” (with a nod to Misty Copeland) and various wind instruments representing the “pipers piping.” The large gold metal reindeer have been used in other Christmas settings past including on the porch for “Better Late Than Never, Part 1”, flanking the single large tree for “Twas the Night Before Christmas Progressive Dinner“, and actually ON THE DINING TABLE for our “Christmas Progressive Dinner” back in 2011. A smaller version of the big boy reindeer makes an appearance here atop a storage chest on a silver tray filled with festive fruit, lights, and greenery.

The vitrine that was in our library for 15 years has now taken up residence in the dining room. Makes serving before and after dinner drinks (the norm if you’re a guest here for dinner!) much more convenient.

The smaller china cabinet on the east wall gets the full lighted greenery treatment that snakes through the collection of aluminum vessels, some filled with faux pears for the season. Inside, a simple pair of small evergreens (with more geese a-laying!) add a touch of Christmas. A trio of rustic evergreens tucked on the side of the cabinet add even more light to that corner.

That’s it for the dining room! It’s getting pretty close to Christmas, so I guess I’ll have to hustle it up getting the other rooms posted. See you soon!

If you’d like to see more Christmas settings from years past, just scroll down to “Christmas” under Categories toward the top of the sidebar to the right. You’ll pull up 30+ holiday entries from which to choose including a couple of my all-time favorites, “Black, White & Red All Over” and “Tartan on the Tee“. If you’re specifically looking for more pink-infused Christmas celebrations, pop over to my 2012 dining room, “Pink & Purple Chocolate Christmas” or a little something-something from 2014 called “Confectionery Christmas” both of which are very kid-friendly.

Thanks for seeing me through my return to blogging!
I hope to see you again and again in the coming months!

24 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Dining Room for the Christmas That Wasn’t

  1. Sooooooooo gorgeous! I love the pink and gold! You have so many lovely elements in this beautiful theme! Love your new floors too😍


  2. I am thrilled to see you back to blogging and trying a new platform. I’m still in the blogging dumps but maybe I’ll get my mojo back one of these days. Love from Chicago, where we will have a very fancy table for the three of us.


  3. Wow everything looks so wonderful! Those dishes are so pretty. Love the pink you brought out! Your vitrine is a spectacular piece! Love the trees and greens you added! Beautiful job on all of it!


  4. So good to have you back posting again. Beautiful entertaining areas you’ve decked out. What’s the new WordPress challenges you are facing? I still use the classic editor choice because I don’t like change and their other editor choice. Once things get back to normal socializing again I want to organize a progressive dinner.


  5. I’m so happy that you are back!
    You have been missed!
    Condolences on the loss of your beloved mother.
    It was clear what a special bond that you two shared.
    Merry Christmas!


  6. You haven’t lost even one step in your design choices. In certain lighting, the pink napkins seem to turn lilac and play so well with the fuschia( spelling?) Christmas tree balls. Gives the whole room a pearl like finish. Yummy. Welcome home. CherryKay


  7. Alycia, it is so good to see you posting again. The 12 days of Christmas dishware is just beautiful highlighted with the golds and pinks. You have woven that theme perfectly throughout your gorgeous dining room. I can’t wait to see the rest of your home dressed in it’s holiday finery! Merry Tuesday!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Your table is so fun and festive. I know you all will have a delightful feast here! Love the rest of your dining room decor, too, especially those pencil trees. Have a beautiful week!


  9. This is STUNNING! I immediately picked up your color theme with the dancer’s tulle on the plate. This obviously pulls at my heartstrings! The macro photo of the room highlights the orbs on the trees and the pinks on the table – so dramatically beautiful! Love that you have a nod to your mother with her treasures gracing the table too. Beautiful, Alycia!


  10. 2 posts under your belt and it feels and looks like you haven’t missed a beat! Slim trees seem to be gaining popularity and for space-saving they are fantastic. I’m loving the pops of pink and how you weaved in elements of that beloved Christmas song. The term “vitrine is new to me and thank you for the introductions. Will Jeeves be making an appearance this season?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I cannot begin to express how pleased I am that you are blogging again. Your house looks so beautiful. I really appreciate people like you who make the effort, and beyond, in this of all years. I am just not feeling it. My house is quietly festive, but nothing more than that. Every bit of decorating that I’ve done has been forced. I keep hoping the holiday spirit will grab me, but I think it’s going to be passing me by.


  12. Love the 12 Days of Christmas China. It gave you an open door to using pink accents at Christmas. Such a feminine touch! You carried it out perfectly! Merry Christmas!


  13. I’m gobsmacked! Leave it to you to make your comeback in such a grand fashion! This may be my favorite of your many astounding tables . . . at least until the next one! Lol! I love those dishes, and I love pink!!! I am so glad to see this color incorporated in a season that is dominated primarily by red and green (not that I have anything against those colors!). The pink goblets are really beautiful, too. I can’t wait to see what you decide to go with for your chairs. That is such a big decision. Good luck!


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