Christmas 2020 – Family Room & Doggie Christmas Tree

Time is running out! Five days ’til Christmas!!! Quick…Here are pics of our 2020 family room!!!

Our family room is newly painted a refreshingly bright white, and now decorating is a breeze! The fireplace and built-in bookcase area is adorned with two trees brought over from my Mom’s house that I outfitted in glitzy red ornaments. With the trees and bookcases seeming so busy, I kept the mantel simple with a wood Merry & Bright sign kept merry & bright with a single strand of white lights. (I am BIG on applying a strand of 20 or 50 lights here and there for impact!) Milk & cookies await Santa’s arrival.

The shadow box was a gift from my friend/neighbor, Barbara, after one of my infamous spine surgeries. I LOVE it!

We recently added this spacious metal armoire to the family room. Because it is black, lighter elements show best, and it’s the perfect candidate for lots of twinkle lights. I planted flickering LED candles in the 2 white urns to light it on multiple levels. Next to the armoire is our dog’s tree! Sebastian has been a very good boy this year, so I created his own personal Christmas tree. (Thank goodness he hasn’t hiked his leg and peed on it!) Down front is a moss dog holding a basket filled with berries. I have 2 of these, used first in the post “Celebrating 85 Years of Fabulous” back in 2014.

The bar area always seems dark despite the new coat of white paint and all the reflective glass and mirror there. A simple strand of 20 white lights intertwined among the liquor bottles literally shines a whole new light on the situation. It doesn’t take much…just 20 little lights!

I promise I’ll do better in future posts. I’m just in a time crunch right now with several more rooms to go! Thanks for hanging in there with me as I gingerly wade back into the Land of Blog!

This year’s mantel décor is intentionally spartan, but if you’d like to see past Christmas mantels that are more generously decked for the holidays, check out “Christmas 2012“, “Christmas 2016“, “Cardinal Christmas“, “Contemporary Christmas” (still a teensy bit spartan by comparison to some others), and “Celebrate the Season“. Each has its own unique flavor…a little something for everyone!

See ya tomorrow with Christmas in the Kitchen. I think you’ll like it!

15 thoughts on “Christmas 2020 – Family Room & Doggie Christmas Tree

  1. What fabulous eye candy! Everything looks spectacular! I love that you have even decorated your bookshelves. I feel like such a slacker. You had me laughing out loud when you said that you hoped your dog wouldn’t lift his leg on his tree. Too funny. Next year I’ll have to make a tree for Stanley. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. I cannot wait to see your kitchen. Get out that three-tiered tray and decorate it up nicely. I’ll be waiting.


  2. Well, I’m coming to grips with the truth that we won’t put up our tree this year. Still a lot to do to put the house back together. Your trees look wonderful, and you’re very ambitious for your first Christmas. Remember to stop BEFORE you get too tired! Tomorrow is my 52nd anniversary. We went out to dinner with friends. Have a great Christmas! CherryKay


  3. So happy to have your posts reach my e-mail once again. Love them so much for ideas, suggestions and to see you are doing well. Merry Christmas and may you enjoy a new year with health and happiness.


  4. Your home is beautiful and elegant! I put strands of lights everywhere too! And, I love the doggie tree! Hope this week is Merry and Bright! Can’t wait to see your kitchen!


  5. Sweet! My granddog’s name is also Sebastian. I won’t tell you some of the nicknames he’s been given. Suffice it to say they are twists on potty words!
    Your family room is bright and festive!


  6. Oh so festive! Your fireplace mantle and hearth are beautiful, but I’m crushing on the doggie tree and green moss dog —- sooo cute! It’s missing a
    Scottie but I forgive you that, lol. Merry Christmas!


  7. Ooh it all looks fabulous. I like the fireplace and those two trees flanking the sides. Sebastian’s tree is so cute! Love the deco in the new black cabinet.
    Merry Christmas Alycia!


  8. GORGEOUS!!! I love the way you styled the built-ins and the doggie tree is just too cute. I also noticed the SL books. Once upon a time, I was an avid subscriber and those are some of my favorite books. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year ♥


  9. Okay, so this may be my favorite room of all! I love the white walls, the space feels so light! Love your sparse mantle. You’re right in that it balances everything else. A doggy tree??? Oh, man, that is so over the top! I love it! It was nice to see old favorites, like your white reticulated urns. As far as I’m concerned, I’m enjoying all your Christmas posts. Keep them coming!


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