Better Late Than Never, Pt. 3 – Christmas 2016 in the Family Room

As we count down to Christmas 2017, here is the 3rd of 4 separate posts revealing my 2016 Christmas decor in the family room and basement level. Yes…that late. Poor, pitiful, pathetic, tired ol’ me is just getting around to it! (If you missed them, you can see installments 1 and 2 here and here.)

Say goodbye to this furniture because it’s the last time you’ll see it! We bought reclining leather seating this past summer that is kinder to my spine. Hooray!






Our fireplace is the focal point of the room despite my husband’s insistence on having a television the size of Montana in the family room. In 2016 I decorated it with lots of faux greenery with sprigs of fresh stuck in here and there, pine cones, red ornaments and berries. Black iron candlesticks with black candles flank the wreath on the mantel, while tall black lanterns rest on the hearth.





I embellished a lot of the existing decor with faux greenery and red berries. Deer sheds (antlers) placed in or around white ironstone bowls with berry embellishment gives the bookshelves a festive, outdoorsy look. A white ironstone platter from Home Goods is lightly adorned with Christmas greenery, pine cones and berries. Something as simple as plopping a sprig of bright berries and a bit of evergreen into a tiny vase changes the whole look of the shelf with the candlesticks. (That’s my hubby’s Air Force graduation photo. He was such a little cutie…looked like a 12-year-old!)



I like to give the family room a fun look that reflects our casual, relaxed lifestyle as a fun-loving couple. Another set of plush animals rests on a miniature park bench beside the hearth. (Other plush animals were beneath the tree in the library as seen here.) Check out how protective he is of her…like Ramon is with me! A lighthearted Mr. & Mrs. Claus lumbar pillow is tossed on the sofa.



Thought I’d better throw this in. We pushed aside the furniture and had dinner for 12 in here one night. I was not feeling well (still recovering from 2 back-to-back major surgeries) but had to do something quick and easy to install and dismantle. Plain black full-length tablecloths with my beloved 222 Fifth “Holiday Wishes” dishes covered in cardinals, pine cones and poinsettias, black napkins cinched with jingle bell napkin rings, gold flatware, and English crackers that we had a ball with after dinner. The centerpiece of gold vases topped with oversized red ornaments, miniature Christmas trees, and black wrought iron candlesticks to match those on the mantel was anchored by a length of flannel plaid ribbon.


Through the family room door and down the basement stairs is a table with a trio of decorated miniature trees that reflect back in the mirrors above. (I wish these photos were better. This was really just so pretty at night!!!) Standing among the trees is a pair of Father Christmas figurines and gold reindeer.


A red painted wood open shadow box from Home Goods holds a menagerie of Christmas-related items including miniature antlers, pine cones, a metal wreath, and jingle bells. (Sorry…the lighting absolutely sucks down here in this basement, and no amount of editing can fix it!)


We have this weird ledge that runs the length of the south wall beneath the basement windows that really serves no practical purpose. I decided to spruce it up by creating this scene with Santa in a golden sleigh with reindeer moored in a snowy thicket. In hindsight, I should have raised each reindeer on graduated clear acrylic risers to simulate flight. Oh well…next time!

The final chapter of our 2016 Christmas decor will roll out in a couple of days. After that, nothing but 2017…I promise!!!

If you’d like to find more inspiration on this site for your Christmas decorating, type in “Christmas” in the category drop-down box on the sidebar to the right.

I’ll be joining Susan and the rest of the gang for Tablescape Thursday again this week. Drop on by to get inspired by some very talented tablescapers and designers!!!


17 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never, Pt. 3 – Christmas 2016 in the Family Room

  1. I always enjoy seeing your pretty decor, Alycia! The sign in the middle of the wreath looks so pretty, and I love the black accents. I don’t know how you hosted that dinner after your surgeries! You are amazing, my friend!


  2. OK, you did 2016 really well making me very anxious to see what you do this year. I am always amazed at how much you have to work with. It’s a good thing your house has an attic.


  3. I love how cozy and inviting this looks. The mantel looks fabulous- I like how the black candles look too. It amazes me how you are so good about entertaining. That’s wonderful how. You can expand the area to accomodate such a large table. I like the table at the end of the stairs with the mirrors- that really adds a lot to the festive look! Looking forward to this years reveal too! XO, Liz


  4. Oh sweet friend how beautiful your home looks! I love the brick wall, our last house had it was so warm and homy.
    Your table is gorgeous as usual, there’s no one like you, I always thought you should give classes, or edit a book with your stunning tablescapes.
    I said hello to my mom from you and you do the same to your mom as well.
    Enjoy this C’mas season.


  5. Oh I love seeing your “better late than never” posts….I still cannot believe that you decorated and fed a group of 12 while suffering pain from your surgeries…you are a true angel…always doing things for others and making others feel right at home in your beautiful house! ….I had to laugh about the size of Ramon’s TV…now let me know if he decides to get one the size of Texas…gotta see that!!…Hope you are having a great week!


  6. Wow, Alycia I don’t know how you did all of this decorating last year! It is gorgeous, my I don’t know where to start! Your family room is cozy and welcoming! A Montana-sized TV cracked me up. I agree that Ramon looked 12. Your mantel is fabulous, I noticed your SL cookbooks, aren’t they the best? Mr. and Mrs. pillow is too cute! Your table for 12 is stunning! I don’t know how you entertained while you weren’t feeling so well! I am looking forward to your next chapter of 2016!


  7. Alycia, oh my goodness, so happy you got around to posting this! What a gorgeous room with all the festive greenery on the fireplace. Love those stockings. Wow, you did a dinner for twelve after those surgeries you are my hero! I love this space, looks so warm and cozy yet sophisticated. Love you have room for a table for dining for a large crowd, I would love that. Can’t wait to see the new furniture, so glad it’s comfortable for you. Take care sweet friend…………


  8. Hi Alycia! It’s so fun to read your posts, you always make me laugh! WE all need that right now. I haven’t been in top condition this past year or so due to Fibro, but am finally crawling my way back to what I love to do….decorating. Your Christmas decor from last year is so cozy and inviting. The deer are so sweet. I am trying to get back on my blog “” , but can’t seem to Log IN and I’m not too happy. Maybe I’ll figure it out. You and I are so much alike in a lot of ways. I guess that’s what makes me enjoy your posts so much. I also am here (Dec. 1, 2017), wondering what to do????
    I just hope that “urge” hits soon. Thank you so much for sharing your festive decor.

    God bless you and yours,

    Carol Nance


  9. Christmas past looks good. Those new recliners sound good. Glad you can have something better for your back in seating! No Christmas decorating here yet, oye. Maybe this week. Love the black and red table setting!


  10. Hi Alicia
    You are a true trooper how you manage to do all this under your circumstances leaves me speechless. Your creativity has no bound, I especially like what you did with the “weird ledge” as you called it. Everything looks beautiful. Thank you again for sharing with us.


  11. Alycia, your decor looks fabulous. so glad you decided to share. Love the black with your beautiful Christmas dishware. I am also using black and red this year. It is amazing you did all of us, even after more surgeries. You go woman! Let’s hope this next year is pain free. I think you will love the new reclining furniture. Merry Christmas.


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