Better Late Than Never, Part I – Christmas 2016 In the Foyer & Library

Yep, that’s right. I completely blew off posting Christmas photos from around the house last year (2016). Don’t remember why or how. Just didn’t do it. So over the next few days I’ll post a couple of areas at a time so that I can actually post Christmas 2017 photos before the season slips away!

Let’s start with the porch, entry hallway and library!





We live in a very traditional Colonial-style home that I just love at Christmastime. It reminds me of the house in every silly Christmas-themed romantic comedy I’ve ever seen Christmas in New England. In 2016 we adorned the place with candles in every window, a couple of wreaths, and gold metal reindeer with lighted wreath collars. (These same hefty reindeer were used as part of a table centerpiece for Christmas Progressive Dinner 2011 and beside the Christmas tree for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Progressive Dinner!) A lantern is festooned with ribbon & greenery.





Our entry hall is rather small, but I always make the most of it during the Christmas holidays by adding lots of lighted features. The stairwell is decorated with lighted greenery swag that is embellished with gold ornaments, pine cones, snowflakes and black & white buffalo check bows. I almost never use stocking holders on the family room mantel, but I liked them here on the stairs. Reindeer on the hallway side, sleds on the library side. Each holds a delicate dangling snowflake.




Just inside the front door on what used to be a telephone stand (oh, how I tend to romanticize the waning traditional landline!) is a stone bunny rabbit dressed up for Christmas with a black & white checkered bow tie. He’s carrying a bundle of birch logs decorated with Christmas greens, red winterberries, pine cones and a single snowflake to tie in with the decor on the stairwell.


The deer head positioned over our extended family photo (gotta get one of all of us in Santa hats!) has tied on a woolen scarf to keep warm!



The foyer table is dressed up a little with an old-fashioned wooden sled filled with assorted gold orbs ornaments and a stack of vintage books tied with a black & white checked ribbon to tie in with the bows on the stairwell. The birch logs tied into the wreath overhead mimics those carried by the Christmas bunny across the way.





In the library where I like to sit and spy on the neighbors while guzzling a pitcher of martinis play on Pinterest, a few subtle touches give the room a festive look. I the miniature wooden bench the plush mice are sitting on at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $7 each.  A bargain in my book! The white wooden sign was a thoughtful gift from my friend/neighbor, Barbara, a couple of years ago when I was bedridden.


The next post will take us on the other side of the hallway to the dining room. This little sneak peak from the library’s edge gives you an idea of what’s in store!

I am joining Sandra at Sweet Sensations for “Celebrate Your Story” this week. I will also be joining Susan again later this week for “Tablescape Thursday” where I’m sure there will be oodles of inspiration for Christmas decor!

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19 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never, Part I – Christmas 2016 In the Foyer & Library

  1. Oh I am so happy that you are posting your last year’s Christmas pretties! Oh the foyer is has wonderful winter creatures all nestled down and dressed in their festive holiday attire…such a most beautiful foyer of gorgeous ornaments and greenery…love the wreaths and outdoor decor welcoming your family and friends…I cannot wait to see the rest…love peeking through the foyer!!!


  2. You are SO FUNNY! Your strike throughs are hilarious!! You are also a genius because I never would have thought to use a stocking hanger for anything other than hanging stockings. Putting them on the staircase with snowflakes is fantastic! I don’t have any stairs to allow me to do this, but I am filing it away in the old noggin. I wish I had you to help me decorate. I like the little shepherd’s hook with the lantern. Clever! After Thanksgiving I will need to shop!

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Alycia, everything looks so festive and pretty. I understand you not posting. You have had a lot going on. So glad you shared your lovely home all decked out for Christmas.


  4. Alycia, you have everything looking so festive and welcoming. I especially love your rabbit all dressed up for the season. I am really enjoying following your blog, watching you tutor on Kansas City, and just getting to know the special person you are. Dianne


  5. Alycia, your home is absolutely beautiful and festive! I am thrilled to take the 2016 tour. The stone rabbit dressed for the season is too cute. The decorated garland on the stairs with the pretty white snowflakes is stunning. Do you play on Pinterest? Haha! I will be looking forward to completing this gorgeous tour!


  6. OMG!!! What a gorgeous home!! I love seeing the decor and of course, the stunning tablescapes.

    Keep keeping us amazed!! Love it!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Alycia!



  7. One good thing about writing a blog is you can go back and check out what you’ve done in the past, such as decorations and menus! I’m forever doing that so I can repeat myself or not! By the way, you crack me up. Thanks for the chuckles.


  8. Well you certainly got us in the mood for Holiday decorating! We have a family rule, no Christmas before Thanksgiving but come Sunday, I will be starting!! Your home looks gorgeous and I love the nighttime photos. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Alycia,


  9. This is great, Alycia! I don’t think you were back to blogging last Christmas, were you? Whatever the reason, it’s a perfect time to see it all. You’ve got some great ideas here. I love the stocking holders on the stairs, and the lantern stake at the front door. Many pretty little vignettes – the violin case is gorgeous. Of course, I love your snarky little commentaries in between. It wouldn’t be an Alycia post without at least one, right??
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday, however you spend it.


  10. You’ve started something here. I’m suddenly in the mood to decorate for Christmas! I remember your bunny in the kitchen earlier this year, and it’s wonderful dressed for Christmas and carrying the logs. I look forward to seeing more! Happy Thanksgiving, friend. 🙂


  11. I love this look back and it is chockfull of eye candy. Love, love, love the birch logs! They seem to be more popular this year than ever. The grocery store I shop at sells a bundle for $14.00, not too bad for the look. We have a birch tree in our yard but the bug kingdom decided to invade so there’s no chance I’d bring anything from that tree inside. I like the reindeer stocking holders on the stair, that’s a good idea. As always I’m inspired by the way you extend your decor all over your home. That’s one way to get in the spirit! Thank you so much for joining us at Celebrate Your Story and I hope you party with us again next week.


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