Roman Holiday

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The Christmas season is in full swing now, and even though I’ve been feeling a bit under weather, the Nichols household was rockin’ last weekend!

I love intimate dinner parties, and we had a chance to host one this past week for which I really enjoyed the preparation process. Rich, sultry shades of gold mixed with hues of ivory and white with a little jolt of red here and there…one of my favorite holiday palettes! After 5:30 cocktails (a little earlier start than usual), the six of us sat down to a 4-course feast. Lively conversation took us into the late night hours.

Click here or on the “Winter” tab above to see all photos for this post!

 I am thrilled to join Susan and all the other tablescapers at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday! You’re invited to hop on over to check out other fabulous holiday designs!!!

Between Naps On The Porch

23 thoughts on “Roman Holiday

  1. OOh I love those glasses from NY!!! They are really a beautiful piece of art and you are so right they are perfect with the entire table. I love the many votives and the centerpiece too. So extremely elegant!

  2. Alysia —
    Have you SERIOUSLY not ever used those fabulous glasses and pitcher??????? I would drag people in off of the street to give a dinner party with those. Love it again!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

    • Hey, Linda! You are so funny!!! Nope…never used ’em! My Mom gave them to me and I just kind of used them as a decorative element in our library for a couple of years, then tucked them away safely. When I started working on this table, though, I KNEW they had to come out and play!

  3. This blog is like finding the Mother Ship! What gorgeous tablescapes. I have been captivated by them. And I love the elegent way you write about and descibe your tables.
    I’m hopelessly drawn to all things tabeware! And I feel like I have found a kindred spirit.
    Your rich and formal gold and white table is a feast for my eyes! I am taken with the goblets. How beautifully unusual. Perfection… all of it!
    So nice to meet you!

    • Yvonne…thank you! I am absolutely flattered! When I first saw your name, I thought it was a comment from my Mom who is also named Yvonne. She always leaves nice comments, but this was more so than usual. I thought, “Uh-oh…what does she want? What did I do? Am I in trouble?” Then I saw Stone Gable and realized it was from you! (Whew!) I visit your site every week and look longingly at the exquisite tables you post. So it’s very nice to meet you, too! Thank you for being so sweet!

  4. Alycia, the pickle is just for flavor, but i think it’s an acquired taste.. try it in one and one without.. I hope you will try making them. great fun. I admire that you tried to learn German. It really isn’t that hard, just the dative case and the sounds.. I’m so glad I was able to bring up some memories.. I’ve never tried to make a pyramid. But I bet that would be fun.. Merry Christmas..

  5. Your tablescapes are always soooo beautiful! I love the gold and white, so elegant and perfect for Christmas. You always have such lovely pieces–like those epergnes :)–and those lovely goblets this week! China is beautiful as well, and you put it all together with such style!!

    • Thank you, Betsy! I’m a “collector” for sure! After I retired and closed my shop, I had a few little pretties that I wanted to keep. I’m grateful to have enough storage space at home for everything, but that is slowly running out. I’m either going to have to purge a few items (heaven forbid!!!) or build onto the house…again. I’m sure my husband will want to weigh in on that issue! 🙂 Have a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by!

    • Thank you! You are just too sweet! No royalty that night, but we sure had a good time! That’s the cool thing about small dinner parties…you can just linger on, and on, and on…!!! Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping in!

  6. Hi dear A!

    Been awhile I didn’t see you gorgeous art (design) §;-)

    Oh! this is a great idea and it really looks FAB.

    You always done a great job. Thank you for sharing for us specially me.

    Happy TS to you and Your family…

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