Celebrate the Season

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I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to see the (politically correct here) Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/etc. season finally arrive. I have had my fill of pumpkins for this year, and I’m ready for shiny and bright! Thankfully, we have a number of Christmas parties planned here at home for which I can pull out all the decorating stops…or show restraint. (Yeah, right! That’ll happen! 🙂 ) The master plan is to make each one unique in style, content, and color scheme. We’ll see how that works out since I am so partial to red during the holiday season!

This first party of the 2010 Christmas season came right on the heels of Thanksgiving which didn’t allow for a lot of prep time. I had to think fast on my feet! Mercifully, the long tables were already in the living room, Ramon hustled to finish the outdoor lighting (all red, of course!), and the house was already clean. To further maintain my sanity, I opted to share cooking duties with a favorite caterer. Our garage has morphed into a floral cooler (!!!), so lots of fresh greenery there to grab and arrange at a moment’s notice. (I don’t even want to discuss the bad “haircut” our porch evergreens got in the name of floral design for the small arrangements! 😦 ) At any rate, this dinner party kicked the season off with a bang!

Click here or on the “Winter” tab above to see all photos for this post!

I’m thrilled to join Susan for Tablescape Thursdays. After clicking on the “Winter” tab above to view my photos, feel free to head on over and visit the other talented men and women there!

21 thoughts on “Celebrate the Season

  1. Alycia —
    Another home run! And the menu! Don’t know if you or the caterer fixed these items, but I bet your guests didn’t care a bit. I know I sure wouldn’t. Are you and I the only people who use menu cards or even placecards for that matter? Sometimes people will make a bit of fun of me for the menus, but I notice that they are the very people who put them in their purses as they leave!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

    • Hey there, Linda!!! Y’know…I LIKE menu cards. It gives people a heads up about what they’ll be eating and you’re right…they very often take the menu home with them as a keepsake! As for seating cards, I love them. My husband…not so much. I think it cuts down on a lot of hassle as we’re being seated. He thinks I’m being a dictator! 🙂 I did about half the cooking for this one. I was so exhausted from doing Thanksgiving for nearly 30 people, and it was hard to face the kitchen again! I wanted something special, but I didn’t want to do it all myself. The caterer is a friend (and a guest!), so I got everything at cost which helped out the ol’ bottom line! We have SIX parties scheduled for here this season. SIX!!! I’m not sure I’m going to make it! Have a great evening, and thanks for popping in!

  2. The red and silver complement each other nicely. Your place settings look like a package. I can almost smell the aroma of the eucalyptus through the screen. Being seated at one of your fabulous tables would be a gift in itself! Well done once again!!

  3. You certainly are ambitious hosting a party for 12 on the heels of Thanksgiving! Love the ribbon wrapped chargers for a package effect~ your menu sounds delish 😉

  4. I’m in love with this table, clean and festive and your centerpieces are perfect for this elongated table. There is just enough red to make the table festive, it works well with your icy silvers. Thank you soooo much for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! I love the simple idea of a ribbon wrapped around the charger. What gorgeous and unusual chargers they are! I have used Christmas cards in the same way! They are so inexpensive and there are so many wonderful designs. To open it up and have a menu or the invitation is such a fun surprise. Yours are gorgeous and add such an elegant and modern touch of design and color to the table.
    It is always fun to see your tables.

  6. Oh, this table is GORGEOUS! I love the elegant simplicity of it. The silver chargers are so pretty and putting the ribbon around them is the perfect touch. I love all the silver with just a touch of red here and there. Your greenery is so pretty. I am trying to talk my husband into a eucalyptus tree because I want to be able to cut it for tablescapes. I am obviously doing a poor job at convincing him. “You want to plant a tree that you are always going to be cutting??” 🙂 I have to say hosting a party so close to Thanksgiving is indeed ambitious!

    • Hi, Barbara, and thanks! I, too have tried to convince my husband that we “need” to plant hydrangea bushes, a couple of magnolia trees, various evergreens, etc. I’ve made about as much headway as you have! 😦 Husbands just don’t get it! 🙂

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