Woodland Men’s Christmas Tablescape

INSPIRATION: Fleece fabric found at Hobby Lobby

INSPIRATION: Fleece fabric found at Hobby Lobby

We’re getting so close to Christmas, and I just had to get this masculine tablescape in! This tablescape filled with organic elements is another of the tables created for my Winter 2013 “Art of Tablescaping” class taught through MCC-Longview in Lee’s Summit, MO.
(Click on any photo, then click again to enlarge/enhance it and see up close details.)

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Full room from front entryOur library is to the left just as you enter the house. It’s kind of dark and moody with lots of wood elements, just the perfect location for a guys’ informal dinner gathering.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Full tableThis table for 5 starts with a 108″ round white tablecloth from LinenTablecloth.com and is topped with this great piece of fleece fabric found at Hobby Lobby last year. The motif suggests the wilderness and hunting and Christmas all at once. While I didn’t have it at the time I created this tablescape, a third fabric layer of a jute tablecloth between the white and fleece would have worked out really great!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Place settingMen kind of like it to the point, so I started with a wood slab charger and topped it with a plain white Corelle dinner plate. You can buy wooden chargers from the Internet or places like Z Gallerie, but this option is less expensive and just as workable: it’s a natural wood slice from the wood crafts department at Michael’s priced at just $10 which becomes just $6 when you arm yourself with a 40% off coupon! That’s quite a bargain compared to the $91.80 for a set of 4 at Z Gallerie!!! I love Z Gallerie, but c’mon!!! I’ve also seen these at places like Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann’s.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Flatware, Stemware, Napkin & Favor collageThe flatware is Hampton Silvermith’s “Patriot” and the clear glass pilsner is from Tuesday Morning‘s clearance section this past Spring. Now let’s talk about this favor/Christmas gift at each place setting! Guys may or may not take to the notion of a little gift, but if it’s something that doesn’t challenge their manhood in any way, they’ll probably be OK with it. Here I have wrapped in plain brown paper a small Swiss Army pocket knife. That’s a pretty manly gift, right? The package is simply tied with twine with a crudely hewn tamarind tree pencil as a little somethin’-somethin’ extra. (They can throw it in their toolbox and use it for marking measurements!) I bought these pencils at TJ Maxx.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Full centerpiece

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Centerpiece vases, burlap votives, antlers collage

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Sled, greenery, burlap votive collageI wanted to bring lots of rustic elements into the centerpiece. I started with 3 bark-wrapped vases, one filled with snow-kissed pine, one with pine cones, and one with fresh green moss that gives off that terrific woodsy scent. I added a pair of antlers, a miniature replica of a crudely crafted sled, and a few burlap-wrapped votive candles.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Christmas tree

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Gifts, owl in tree, twine ribbon collageI have always wanted to do a rustic-looking Christmas tree but never tried until now. I didn’t want my first turn at it to prove a disaster, so I kept it very sparse. (Look out next year, though! I’m goin’ for broke!!!) This 4-ft. tree is adorned only with white lights, burlap (Hobby Lobby), hardware store twine twisted into ribbons, and a few wide-eyed owls peeping out from the branches. The packages beneath the tree have the same wrapping paper as the favors on the table, are all tied up in twine, and dressed up a little with ornaments.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Tub of pine cones, owl collageOn the secretary next to the tree is an aluminum tub filled with pine cones being visited by a woodland friend who just flew in from Home Goods. 🙂

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Top of secretary collageThe top of the old secretary has a tiny forest of trees in vases made of birch bark. A lone burlap-swathed stag (Home Goods) stands among the trees.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Side table

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Beer, burlap wreath, pocket knife collageA side table holds the pitcher of beer for the guys atop two wood slabs. A burlap wreath created by internationally acclaimed floral designer Kelly Acock of the Monarch Flower Company is the backdrop. I added just for fun this cool Swiss Army-style camping tool that belonged to my late father-in-law, an avid outdoorsman.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Reindeer wreath, owl on sled collage

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, Woodland Men's Christmas Tablescape: Leather chair with side tableLast, a comfortable leather chair to kick back in after dinner.

This tablescape would work great for the “civilized” part of a modern day bachelor party where guys mostly just want to get together to eat, have a few drinks, and good-naturedly mourn the death of bachelorhood. 😉

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I’ll be joining Cuisine Kathleen for her weekly blog party “Let’s Dish!” on Wednesday after 6:00 p.m. CST and Susan for “Tablescape Thursday” on Thursday anytime after 9:00 a.m. CST. Join me for lots of great ideas from tablescapers all around the world!

60 thoughts on “Woodland Men’s Christmas Tablescape

  1. I think this is my favorite now ! I like rustic elements and nature inspired Christmas decor. Will you come do my whole house this way ?


  2. Manly yes, but I like it too! You took that fleece and ran with it and the results are fantastic. You also sniffed out a good bargain with the slabs, love those 40% off coupons. I love the fact that your themes aren’t just for the dining table. By carrying it to surrounding areas the perfect ambience is created. Kudos to you!!!


  3. Oh wow….now you knew that this one would be considered an all time epic favorite right? I don’t know what it is, but I always love a masculine feel to décor, it always comes across so damn sexy! Your table reminds me of a gorgeous double breasted suit…Smokin hot!

    But I have to ask rather cheekily, where’d ya get the antlers? You and I sister are not going to put cammo on and get our “Duck Dynasty” on… Well I would for a great clearance sale at Juliska…LOL


  4. This is a beautiful subdued rustic winter look. It could definitely work for more than just the Gentleman’s Rustic Retreat. Perfect for a log cabin in the woods!
    Very nice Alycia.


  5. I’m sitting here just in “Ah” shaking my head! I love this and would love to do this for my husband. Thank you for this. And the natural wood tree slices, I have always wanted to use them…love it! I asked my brother to save me part of his tree when he had it cut down. So I could do slices, he looked at me as if to say “yeah right”. 🙂 One day he is going to catch me in his back yard with a saw! Love this! Thanks for showing us!


  6. Wow, does this table evoke a wonderfully rustic-woodsy-cabin-outdoors feeling! My brother, the hunter would LOVE this!
    Bunny @ La Sewista blog just made some neat pj’s for her grandson out of this same flannel. I’m going to send her over to see how YOU used it.
    Awesome job, Alicia…so very glad you’re back blogging!


  7. Alycia, This is wonderful. You know I love manly and rustic and you have created it perfectly! I love the colors, Reminds me of the Blue Spruce I grew up with. I have a “manly” tree in front of our fireplace, but I am not taking pictures of it this year, as my Man decorated it. Good to see you posting again. Dianne


  8. I really like your masculine woodland table, Alycia. The centerpiece is just perfect and I love the tiny little touches. Beautiful rustic tree also. I am sure Ramon is very pleased with the look…Christine


  9. Excellent job Alycia! That would fit in up north here real well! The wood plank chargers are perfect with this look. I like the antlers and the greens and the little packages! Your tree is adorable. I have a few of the big eyed owls too and love them. Your library room looks like a calm area to read and relax.


  10. What an awesome masculine tablescape! I love how you see inspiration in the most unusual and often overlooked (by me) things. I would have passed right by that fabric. Love, love the rustic wooden elements. So many ideas to “borrow”..Thanks for the inspiration!


  11. Alycia, this table turned out fantastic. Every picture I rolled over I said, I like this one the best, then the next on the same things. This is so festive and may I say pretty. I will use my masculine voice, LOL. The centerpiece and the little sleds are such great additions. You so rock girl.



  12. Hi Alycia, I just adore this table. Any man or woman would love dining in this cozy atsmophere. You have created a cocoon from the wintery weather. Love the use of the slabs, I will have to pick some up from Michael’s after Christmas. I don’t want to go near there for now.
    I love the deer covered in burlap. You always inspire me…now if I could just get one of those “round tuts”!
    I am so glad you are back to making your special magic on tabletops. Love ya girl, Ginger


  13. Meet me there at Midnight ;). Let’s kick the men out and grab hold of that wonderful setting. L Girl, that’s too good for them anyway ;). We’d be Woodland Fairies :).
    I absolutely love this. Every and each detail.
    I bow to you, Fairy Queen 😀


  14. What a great idea! I am sure that our husbands get tired of all of these “girly” tables!! I love the gift idea and all of your wooden accessories. Beautifully done, as always!! Merry Christmas!


  15. Alycia, this is wonderful…I love your rustic Christmas tree..and everything that you did..those wooden chargers are calling my name..LOL really great table..
    Love, Mona


  16. I never pegged you for a nature girl Alycia, but you have pulled it off with your usual style and flair! I’ve had my eyes on those wood slices at HL for a while, how great they look in your scape! My very favorite [of many many things] part of your post is the full beer glasses on the wood slice on the side table and the utensil too~ I feel like I am spying on your party! So many wonderful things to look at, you have thought of everything!
    Merry Merry my friend,


  17. I am not a frilly girl, so this table really appeals to me and I know Howard would love it…he’d think he was at their hunting camp 50 years ago! You come up with some of the best themed tables, Alycia…thanks for sharing each week.


  18. Your man’s table is beautiful….uh, I mean handsome. 🙂 I really do love it, and all the detail. I want some wood chargers now. Love the aluminum tub filled with pine cones…everything is so creative.


  19. LOVED seeing all the fabulous details you’ve created for this “manly rustic” look! I’m usually a “girly-girl” but would be thrilled to dine at this terrific table and relax in the surrounding ambiance. I’m going back to check it out again!



  20. Alycia… I visited another post by mistake, but I love them both! You are rocking my world tonight!

    Glad I hooked up with Kathleen to see these cute tablescapes. You are so good!




  21. Oh Miss Alycia, master tablescaper, I’m so happy to see you exquisitness posted here before the year is over! Your ‘manly-rustic’ table is stunning and all the C’mas decor,amazing! Great manly details…clap, clap my sweet friend!
    Merry, Merry C’mas!


  22. This is awesome, Alycia! I love the Swiss Army Knives as favors!! Those pencils on the packages are perfect, too. All your burlap and bark elements add so much texture and manliness. The sled is wonderful, too. I love how you decorated the entire room with rustic items and natural touches. Your tree is complete, in my view. But, if next year you go all out, I’ll love it even more, I’m sure. What a load of inspiration you have here!
    Christmas blessings!


  23. This is such a cooooollll table, Alycia!! I love that you utilized the perfect space for it–your den/library–instead of the traditional dining room. That, and of course, all the details, made a lovely marrage.

    Thanks for stopping by and your always-sweet comments about my neighborhood tour. You need to come visit and see it for yourself!

    I wish you a relaxing, pain-free Christmas, doing only what YOU want to do! ~Zuni


  24. This is wonderful Alycia! I love the woodsy outdoors theme and those little brown paper and twine packages with pencils are the perfect touch! Dear Santa: Please bring me some wood slice chargers 🙂 Wishing you and Ramon a very Merry Christmas!


  25. It all looks so pretty and yet masculine, I love the table cover and the wooden chargers, I’d love to get some of those. Don’t you love Home Goods, we have one but I hardly ever get over there! I host a link party Tue-Fri, would love you to join sometime, called History & Home. Merry Christmas to you. Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com


  26. What I hope is that the guys appreciate the table with all its woodsy, masculine elements. My favorite part is the wooden chargers and you can bet I’ll be looking at Michael’s for something as wonderful. As I look through the photos a second and third time, I see yet another detail and I’m thinking I’d like to sit in that leather chair and just take it all in.


  27. Wow! What a fabulous table. Love the wood slab. I am sure I could use that a lot!! You have done such a perfect job — love the take home gifties too. Love all the natural elements. Can I come drink some wassail in the library? Joni


  28. This the most manly tablescape I have seen! I love the flannel fabric with the winter scene. The bark wrapped vases are the great accent to your tree and green moss. The other man decorations add so most atmosphere to the room! You hit this one out of the ball park! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for the kind comments!



  29. Oh wow such a wonderful decor for the season Alycia.It’s so different and love all the elements you have used for the table.Hope having great season with family and friends…Love and hugs…Sujatha…:):)


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  31. Alycia,
    This is “perfect” for the gentlemen in your life, dear friend!!!
    I adore all the natural elements!!!
    I decorated our Lodge Tree with a Rustic Luxe appeal this year.
    By the looks of your beginning rustic Christmas Tree,
    I’d say you’re on a roll!!!
    Thank you for the subtle reminder to do something special
    for the men in our life!!!


  32. Love this theme! You carried it out beautifully with all the rustic touches! Great idea with the fleece too! The trees in the logs are terrific!
    We have to have a big tree cut down. You should have seen the guys face when I was explaining I wanted tree “slices” to use on my table. I am sure he went home and told his wife about the nut job he met! Hey, for 1000 dollars I should get something besides sawdust!
    Thanks for linking this manly masterpiece to Let’s Dish!


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  34. What a fun manly table! I just adore the wood chargers and the beautiful centerpiece scaping! All the men in our home would go crazy over this one. It is a fun change and I love all of your natural elements. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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