Christmas in the Kitchen 2020

I’m especially pleased with the kitchen this year! I spend so much time in there (always!), and I wanted it to be as festive as possible. And for those of you keeping score…yes, the woodwork has been painted white, the walls pale grey. And the floors have been refinished. BIG, MESSY, expensive job, but necessary.


I’ve been churning out SO MANY desserts this Christmas. Baking has been Job 1…which has made exercising Job 2!

A compilation of leftover decorative items made special with the addition of lighted “snowballs” and bright berries.

We have a light-filled eat-in kitchen area that is so nice to spend time enjoying the view as well as the food. The bunny, Barton, is a perennial staple, changing his “uniform” on a whim for Easter, Christmas, summer, fall….you name it! To see other holiday décor where Barton the bunny makes his mark, check out “Better Late Than Never – Christmas 2016, Part 1“, “Spring & Easter Around the House“, “Easter Bloom“, “Easter Brunch“, and “Barton’s Easter Brunch“.

The combination of a Spiced Gingerbread candle from Bath & Body Works, gingerbread houses, and the gingerbread bakery pot for the little jingle bell-filled tree left me no choice but to ACTUALLY BAKE gingerbread! I hadn’t made any since…what, maybe high school???

The towel hanging on the side of the table says “Sorry for What I Said During the Football Game”. It’s a gift from my super cool friend, Liz, at Home & Gardening With Liz. She knows my rabid (and perhaps a teensy bit unhealthy!) affection for my hometown Kansas City Chiefs all too well!

This little area is always fun to decorate, but especially at Christmas when I can go completely overboard! A simple string of 50 white lights adds a glow beyond that of the the Hot Cocoa & Cream candle from Bath & Body Works. (This candle REALLY smells like cocoa!!!) The peppermint trees add color and are continued across the room in the kitchen windows.

This 4-ft. tree is laden with ornaments that represent my time spent in the kitchen at Christmas. I found the little rolling pins in the woodworks department at Hobby Lobby. The checkered “Merry Christmas” ornaments are actually just gift tags. The crystal platter behind the snowman chef in the window is from my late Mom’s Mikasa collection.

Other touches around the kitchen include small trees and boxwood wreaths EVERYWHERE!!! I added red jingle bells, like the ones on the breakfast bar tree, to each teapot already situated on the window shelves. The boxwood wreaths and peppermint candy trees add more color and texture to the space. The top of the refrigerator gets a simple greenery arrangement that can continue to enhance the space throughout the winter months.

Our little half bath off the kitchen even gets a little something-something for Christmas! The little ornament on the tree is from my good friend (from way back in high school!), Joan Payne Walter, who said she saw it and thought it looked just like me. It IS dressed like me, too. Wild!

That’s it for the kitchen. Next post we head upstairs to the primary bedroom suite and guest bedroom. I just HAD TO spread a little cheer up there, too! Don’t worry…after Christmas the posts will be much fewer and farther apart!

If you’d like to check out other fun Christmas kitchen posts on this blog, try “Better Late Than Never – Part 4“, “Christmas Coffee“, and “Timberland Christmas“. If black & white buffalo check is your jam, peek in on “Better Late Than Never – Part 2“, “Checkered Christmas – A Snowman Theme“, and “Black & White Barnyard Breakfast“.

16 thoughts on “Christmas in the Kitchen 2020

  1. As always I LOVE, LOVE your decorations style! I bet your house looks amazing since the updates! Miss you girl and you need to tell me your secret on the lighted snowballs you have pictured.


  2. Hey, if my kitchen looked like yours I’d spend even more time in it than I already do! The remodeled kitchen looks terrific. We did ours a while back and it made the house feel like new again. No matter the mess, it’s well worth it. Merry Christmas, friend, and keep on cheering those amazing Chiefs.


  3. Your house looks lovely with it’s updates. The baked goodies are calling my name…How festive everything looks. The buffalo checks and those darling gingerbread houses are so sweet. The lights add the sparkle. A pleasure tom visit. Merry Christmas


  4. I love your kitchen tree! As I was putting up our one and only tree this year, I realized I have enough glass fruit and vegetable ornaments to start a farmer’s market! I think next year I’m going to put up a kitchen tree. Also, way back in August I started updating the first floor Powder Room, and I’m still waiting for the mirrored medicine cabinet! The delays are COVID-related, and, hopefully, I’ll get it before the end of the year. I also got a new shelving unit. I can’t wait to show it all to you! You’ve done a marvelous job in the kitchen. There’s nothing like a good remodeling job to lift our spirits! Last Christmas I did a black and white theme for the tree and table. I’ll hope you’ll take a peek. I feel like my girlfriend has come back after being abroad for a while, and now we’re catching up!


  5. Absolutely beautiful amiga querida !!
    I’ve missing you and all the beauty you create. Your kitchen is gorgeous with no exception ! I love all your creations and inspiration for next year.
    Merry Xmas and many blessings to you and yours.


  6. Your kitchen (and goodies) all look wonderful! I haven’t baked at all since I am the only one who will eat it. I did find my FAVORITE cookies (sand tarts) at my grocery!!! Have a very merry Christmas!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. That’s a kitchen I would love spending time in. I could be your taste tester! Very inviting, and the descriptions of those candles sound like perfect accompaniment to your talents honed there!

    Liked by 1 person

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