Christmas in the Library 2020

Again…not a lot of words. (I am STILL trying to understand this newest version of WordPress, and I’m not doing very well! I keep losing content!😳)


Newly installed hardwoods on the main floor of our home that REALLY open up the space! (And yes…those stairs are next!)

I love this year’s tree in the library! The traditional red and gold are so pretty, and the bold ornaments on the tree really stand out as something special! I used bright red drums and burnished gold stars on the tree and stairwell décor, and this year’s library tree is topped with a vintage topper that has a very nostalgic feel to it. Instead of ribbon, I went with generously sized metal “ribbon” banners all over the tree that say “Merry Christmas”.

So now THIS is the view from the entryway with a clean segue from the hall to each room. I’m in the market for a striking area rug for this space, but so far nothing has wooed me enough to take that plunge. The gallery wall in here has been replaced with a single oversized mirror, and the vitrine on the south wall – now relegated to the dining room – is gone. In its place, a behemoth 9’H x 8’W structure filled with my favorite blue and white dishes!!! I’m going to have a BLAST in the coming years redefining this piece over and over again. I have an uplight trained on it for the interim this holiday season but will be adding permanent lighting inside over the winter months. The lumbar pillow is from a terrific place in Kansas City’s West Bottoms called The Painted Sofa. If you want to do some serious shopping for home décor, THAT’S the place to go!!!

The secretary remains on the north wall, now semi-permanently decorated with more from my blue & white collection. The big foot tub is filled with Jeffrey pine cones with a trailing evergreen garland and a sprig of red berries. The tea/bar cart from the dining room has found new digs in the library to display a few more blue & white pieces that look so pretty with the greenery and red accents at Christmastime!

I haven’t been able to put this oversized photo of my Mom into storage just yet, so here it sits. I created a little tree with cardinals to commemorate my parents that includes a very thoughtful ornament my sister sent. Next year when I’m a little less raw I’ll create a fully decorated tree to honor both my parents and Ramon’s.

Santa is on his way around the world!

The foyer table leading into the family room is heavily decorated (again!) this year. Colossal red temple jars a from Nell Hills flank a traditionally-styled clock given to my Dad some years back. Lighted greenery garland, a small bowl filled with pine cones, and peppermint trees fill out the space. A jovial Merry Christmas banner found its way to the lower front side of the table.

I chose a voluptuous blue & white vase from my stash for the high boy in the foyer. A tall spray of red berries and an evergreen skirt make it extra special, and the convex mirror behind the arrangement doubles back the striking image.

A traditionally styled chair that once sat in my Mom’s senate office now graces the entryway of our home. It is festooned with evergreen garland and a fun Christmas sign, another easy and inexpensive way to add little touches around the house.

If you would like to see images of library and foyer décor from Christmas in the recent past, check out “Better Late Than Never, Part II“.

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14 thoughts on “Christmas in the Library 2020

  1. I love seeing everything that you do. I am such a slacker compared to you. Begrudgingly, I put up a small tree in the dining area. It used to belong to my mother, and would be placed every year in the bay window of the breakfast nook. I used all of her ornaments on it as well. It looks a little puny here, but that’s all I’m going to do in the way of trees.


  2. No matter what colors you choose you always get the setting just right. Your mom was such an outstanding lady. I can see why you honor her. Hey, you honor her by being you!


  3. I love your new flooring, it really does open up the space. I’m currently, looking for a new area rug for our great room, too. It’s a little like looking for a wedding dress…you’ll know the right one when you see it. HA! I’m also really loving the addition of blue to the Christmas color scheme. I’ve seen several of my favorite bloggers doing this and I may have to try it next year. I’m still enjoying silver, gold, citrine and a bit of red. Your bold reds and blues look so happy!! The tributes to you beautiful mother are perfect, Alycia!! The cardinal tree near her portrait and her subtly decorated chair…just perfect. {{Hugs}} to you dear friend! Zenda


  4. Nothing like a little redecorating to get the adrenaline pumping! Good luck on your rug search, and your huge cabinet is going to be much fun to style and change up with your pretties! Your mom was a beautiful lady!


  5. The floors look great! Your blue & white chinoiserie collection is to die for! I completely understand the raw feelings of the first Christmas……hugs.


  6. As always you have done a beautiful job. I’ve missed your creativity. I am also a lover of blue and white. I have that same butterfly 🦋 teapot. I look forward to your future post. Have a blessing filled day.


  7. Again, it is wonderful to see you posting again! You are jumping in showing us your beautiful Christmas decor. I love blue and white and it works perfect with Christmas. Keep those posts coming our way!


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