Christmas 2020 – Bedrooms and Dressing Room

Well, it’s crunch time! So here are the last photos of our home for the Christmas 2020 season! Our bedroom suite and one of the bedrooms are good to go! And for a little something-something extra, there are pics at the end of the outside décor which netted us 2nd place in our neighborhood Christmas decorating contest!

Also, folks, I still have absolutely NO idea what I’m doing with this new version of WordPress, so please bear with me. I keep losing content, thinking I’ve posted one thing but it turns out to be something totally different. It’s so aggravating!!! I’ll try my best to get better for upcoming posts.


My inspiration was a little different this year. With in-person shopping and other activities severely curtailed, I’ve found myself spending a lot more time upstairs in my bedroom and office over the last 9 months.

Top of the stairs with a peek into one of our guest bedrooms. I decided to keep the décor more traditional in the hallway and guest room as a smooth segue from the entry hall down below.

The vintage tray belonged to my Mom. She bought it from a swanky store called The House of Modern back in the late 50s/early 60s.

My final Pier 1 purchase before they closed the doors on the brick & mortar stores: battery operated candles with VERY realistic flames. The sign on top was a gift from my Mom.

This guest bedroom is my favorite in that I have had many treasured guests bunk in here. While there can be no guests in this year of COVID, I still wanted to treat the space to a few decorative goodies. I really like the double wreaths at the foot of the bed!

Our bedroom décor is fairly simple this year. I was starting to run out of steam! I love this little “Charlie Brown” Scandinavian-style tree. Something about it always makes me smile. The ornaments are always kept to a minimum on it. A decorated swag is perched atop the armoire and gracefully hangs down one side. I used 2 sizes of lights to give it depth. Layered shades of white all over the bed make it so inviting!

Finally, my dressing room/closet! I’ve wanted to decorate it in pink for a long time, and this year I just went for it! I already had the French poodle (longtime readers may remember her from my “French Poodle” tablescape back in 2013 and my 60th birthday celebration “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” in 2018), the pink feather boa I used as a tree skirt, the Paris sign I used as part of the topper, and the hat box. They were the inspiration for this space. I found the fun poodle and Eiffel Tower ornaments at Walmart this year, so that sealed the deal! A long strand of pink lights along the top shelving illuminates the room and makes me feel ultra-feminine!

And that concludes the inside Christmas décor for 2020!!! If you’d like to see bedroom décor from a previous holiday, check out “Waking Up To Christmas“. Keep scrolling down if you would like to see pics of the outside that garnered us 2nd place in the subdivision contest. The photos really don’t do it justice at all, but what the heck!


13 thoughts on “Christmas 2020 – Bedrooms and Dressing Room

  1. Beautiful as always, you always outdo yourself. Hoping you are feeling the best and wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday and a beautiful new year!


  2. You have inspired me once again with your pink! The pink poodle is cute and I do remember your 60th birthday post. I’m convinced, I’m bringing out some pink from my Christmas boxes next year. Stay tuned for Christmas 2021!


  3. You really have a talent for decorating. So many special details. I enjoyed my tour. Congratulations on getting 2nd place on your decorations! I’m guessing that’s your place. Fun. Love the wreaths made into a snowman for the front door!! A very merry home for sure! Merry Christmas!


  4. Oh that guest room looks so cute. That’s a beautiful tray your mom got, hard to believe it was from the 50’s! OMG that pink tree is the cutest darn thing! You can leave that baby up all year! The outside of your home looks fabulous, that is so nice that you took 2nd place in the neighborhood!
    Wishing you blessing and a Merry Christmas!


  5. Oh my goodness pretty Alycia, you never disappoint. You are a great tablescaper, the best ! But it seems you got talent for everything my friend and your decoration thru your house are fabulous !
    The tray from your mom, ( I remember her ) looks lovely and your house decor outside your beautiful house are amazing. Love it all my friend !!
    Wish you and Ramon a wonderful Xmas and many blessings for the New Year. Let it be safe and healthy specially.


  6. Once you got started, you just kept going and created a very festive and happy home. My decorations are minimal but I’m OK with that. I send love and best wishes for a merry Christmas. You are one of my treasures.


  7. Wow! Girl! Every bit of this is sensational. That bedroom is to die for. The garland and lighted wreaths really blow my skirt up. Next year! I also love that red Adirondack chair. My dad made me two Adirondack chairs and matching footstools. When I first moved out here I painted one bright blue and the other lime green. I think I’m going to paint one red and decorate it next year for Christmas. You are such an inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwww!🥰 Thank you! I’m transitioning that bedroom from multi pastel colors to soft grey and white with punches of a yet to be determined color. Whatever the new color scheme, I will make it work every year at Christmas by way of ribbon and ornaments. As for the Adirondack chairs, I’ve always wanted red! How NICE and SWEET of your dear Dad to have made you a pair with his own hands!!! We have 5 white ones in the back yard. Next year I plan to leave them out and decorate each one with complementary vignettes. So the electrician will have to come BACK out here AGAIN to run a couple more lines. I’m sure he’ll be thoroughly thrilled.🙄

      I’ll send you pics of our new basement level flooring!!! Installed yesterday, and I am over the moon! Hope to have this all back in order by Spring. I’m old, so it takes that long!🤣🤣🤣 Have a happy weekend!


  8. You haven’t missed anything and I’m here for all of it! The wreaths at the foot of the bed are such a fun and festive idea and they look right at home. I really hate that Pier 1 closed. Most of my shopping there was during sales but they were a great source of inspiration. After watching lots of YouTube during quarantine I discovered the wonderful world of decorating your closet. Yours is so girly and festive and I just may give it a try. I hope your holiday was peaceful and that your New Year is off to a great start.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Alicia, even though it’s January, I have so enjoyed this post of your beautiful Christmas home. Thank you, my soul needed a little refreshment and I just got it from you! xo Ldidy

    Liked by 1 person

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