Waking Up to Christmas – Master Bedroom Decor

We’re eagerly counting down the days to the 25th, and I wanted to share our master bedroom Christmas decor. I didn’t do the entire master suite as in years past because of my aching shoulders, but I just couldn’t let the season slip away without a little something-something nice to wake up to! 🙂

IMG_0361WMC’mon upstairs! No running in the house, Kathleen and Liz, or there will be coal in your stocking on Christmas Day! 🙂

IMG_0439WMAt the top of the steps is this little arrangement that lights up the hallway.

IMG_0527WMLet’s head on into the master suite.

IMG_0519WMBefore you ask….no, there are no window treatments up here. There is no fabric on ANY window in the house. If I had my way, there would be no blinds, no nothing…and there’d be a bank of French doors leading to a deck!!! I just like the sunshine to stream in. Ramon, on the other hand, begs to differ on that issue! So…I’m dragging my feet finding just the right drapes. And I’m gonna KEEP draggin’ ’em! 😉


TV Armoire Wreath collage

TV Armoire top collageOur television armoire is decked in shades of gold and cream. The faux pine wreath is on an iron wreath stand from Pier 1 Imports. I applied ornaments of different sizes and hues in a way that would create a bubbly 3-D look. A shimmering gold bow with trailing tails finishes it. Gold-painted reindeer in two sizes prance around the “Merry and Bright” placard, announcing the feeling I wanted to evoke with this vignette. (I used these reindeer in a 2010 tablescape called “Roman Holiday” that you can see HERE.)

Stocking collageI bought these beautiful white lace Christmas stockings years ago while on our honeymoon in New Orleans, LA. I think this is my first year to use them for holiday decorating!


Tree table collage

IMG_0312WMA tabletop Christmas tree (rather than the 6-ft. tree originally planned for this corner) is adorned in the same gold ribbon as the television armoire wreath and lots of soft white lights. Ornamentation includes Christmas bells for a topper and balls similar to those on the wreath with a few vertical ornaments added for visual interest. The bed of greenery beneath the tree is laced with ribbon, pine cones, ornaments, and a string of lights. Gold reindeer prance in the center.


Linen Armoire collageThe glass-front linen armoire on the north wall of the bedroom sports a pretty miniature version of the larger wreath across the room. (Somebody needs to straighten those towels!!!)


IMG_0416WMI don’t suppose there’s any question as to which side of the bed is mine? 🙂

Bedside Table collageA photo of me and my forever love that I keep bedside!

That’s it! That’s all! I couldn’t do anymore!!! Maybe next year I’ll be up to doing the entire master suite which includes our bathroom and my private dressing room (the only room in the house that gets a totally “girly” treatment!) I love waking up throughout the Christmas season to lots of pretty seasonal bling! (Ramon actually asked if we could keep this up year round!!! God bless his silly little heart! :-))

If you missed the living room and kitchen decor for this year, click HERE for “Christmas 2012 – Red, Black & Silver”. And for a glimpse of last year’s Christmas decor, click HERE for “Really Red Christmas”!!!

I hope your decorating is just about finished up and that you are enjoying the merriment and blessings of the season!

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36 thoughts on “Waking Up to Christmas – Master Bedroom Decor

  1. I have seen several master bedrooms dressed for Christmas so next year I will do that!!! Now that our master is on the first floor, I really should! I love the gold and white! And the SPARKLE!!!! I, too would forgo window treatments. I didn’t have them in the last house (we were in the woods), but now we have close neighbors so I HAVE to:( XO, Pinky


  2. Alycia,
    You’re unbelievable! I never thought about decorating the bedroom! I’m just wondering which side of the bed you sleep on?
    Love your designs…next year I’ll decorate the bedroom!


  3. What??? No running!!! 🙂
    Seriously Alycia, what a pretty room!! Your tabletop tree is beautiful and so are the wreaths. Those white stockings are precious! I love that glass door linen armoire! You did far more than I did which is nothing in our bedroom! I never decorate in there. Would be nice though! You and Ramon are a nice couple! Now which one is naughty??? 🙂


  4. I look for the year my home get’s the lovely, “whole house” treatment. I’ll be patient Alycia and thankful for the beautiful tree and foyer decorations this year. You are a genius. Mom


  5. OoOooh preeeetty! I’d not want to get out of bed. Love the gold bells atop the tree, and the Battenburg Lace stockings. Santa needs to place a little sumpin-sumpin in a Tiffany blue box in your stocking, because I’m pretty sure you sleep under the “Nice” hat. {giggles} I didn’t even notice there were no window treatments. Is it wrong to not have window treatments??? 😉 I have a room that I choose only to have blinds. Geoffrey must have put those towels away while he was in the whoopie juice. Good help is so difficult to find these days. 😉


  6. Ok, you win! I have not one decoration in our Master bedroom! Yours is gorgeous! I love love love the elegant gold and sophisticated decorations, You realize of course that my FAVORITE part is the naughty & nice hats over your bed. That is just too hilarious cute!!! I know you are on the naughty side, right? The white lights are so pretty and romantic, I am going to have to stop being such a slacker next year! Wow, love it! Thanks for inviting us into your home.


  7. You can’t do any more? Oh, puleeeeeezzzzze! I don’t think that I’ve ever put a single Christmas decoration in our bedroom. This is gorgeous, and I can’t imagine that it would need any more added to it. The creams and golds are perfect with your gorgeous bedroom. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay


  8. Gorgeous Alycia!….now who is Naughty and who is Nice?…Shall I guess?…love the tree….your talents are many!!!…Now, I really would love to see your “girly girly dressing room”….I can just imagine the “bling” going on in that room!!….Thanks for presenting your beautiful room!!!


  9. I’ve often thought of decorating our room but somehow baking always takes precedence. You’ve created a beautiful space to wake up to. Now go put some ice or heat on that shoulder and relax. Have a peaceful and Merry Christmas!


  10. I’m so glad I came here this morning because I love your MBR. The decor all by itself is really lovely to me, but with the Christmas touches added it’s even more wonderful. I love, love, love the naughty and nice over the bed. I want to copy cat that. It would make my husband laugh out loud, literally.

    Love this!
    (And if I were not so afraid of scary faces in the window, I wouldn’t have a curtain or blind up either. I wish I had more windows and more light around here. )


  11. I so needed you today!
    I cried, I smiled, I laughed (need to stop hanging around you when I should be working 😉 this people DON’T have the same sense of humour ahahahah).
    I won’t comment on the decor… ALL too lovely and magnificant for me to utter a word…

    “Beauty is not caused. It is.
    Emily Dickinson”

    I think Ramon doesn’t really mind the non-existent-drapes – he loves the Sun. The one that enters through the windows and the one that shines from within you. :love:.

    Be Blessed, Dear Lady!


  12. Thank you for sharing your bedroom decor with us ! I love the arrangement at the top of the stairs. I too have no curtains on most of my windows. I live in the country so who is going to see in but the critters outside. I do have mini blinds on the bedroom windows for sleeping though. 😉


  13. Alycia, Even your abbreviated version of decorating puts me to shame! I love the soft lights from Christmas strings and I can see how that would glow in the Master bedroom. You actually have something from your honeymoon that you have never used? My husband would agree with you, he wants the sun streaming in. I have blinds and sheers on my windows so I can let in the sun when he wants and make it totally dark when I need it that way. Beautiful linens on your bed too. Dianne


  14. I don’t know how you do it! Your master is perfectly decorated for Christmas..and New Year. LOVE, LOVE your linen armoire and the bed linens…and of course, the gorgeous decorations. I’m assuming the “nice” side of the bed is yours. 🙂


  15. Thanks for the tour, Alycia! Your bedroom suite is gorgeous! I love the sweet touch of the honeymoon-souvenir stockings, and I think my own DH would love the Naughty-Nice hats!


  16. Oh, gosh, Alycia…really?! LOL!! You just put us all to shame! Your bedroom is gorgeous, all decked out for the holidays. Love the serene colors, with just enough bling!! Just beautiful! Hey, if Ramon wants to leave it up…you won’t have to do it next year! LOL!!!


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  18. i love how you decorated the bedroom. my favs are the reindeer and stockings. I’ve searched and searched. Where do you find such wonderful reindeer?


  19. Alycia, I love your master bedroom all decked in creams and golds. It’s so serene and wonderful. The cutest part were the hats above the bed…just made me smile and I needed that right now. Your pic with you and Ramon is adorable. Merry Christmas, dear Alycia!!


  20. Alycia, your touches of Christmas for your master are a nice touch. Love the naught or nice hats and the white stockings. Merry Christmas to you and your family………..Sarah


  21. It’s absolutely beautiful! Even without the Christmas decorations, it’s a lovely room! I would love to find a coverlet like yours for my room!
    Visiting from Seasonal Sundays.
    Cindy @ Art,Books,Tea


  22. Looks like we all love your bedroom all decked out for Christmas and the Naughty or Nice hats are a big hit, I can see it now, everyone is going to add those to their Christmas decor for next year. Now give us a peek sometime of the girly dressing room.


    • Hi, Judy! I sure hope my body feels up to getting the dressing room done next year. It takes a bit of work in there since there’s so many shoes and hats and bags and stuff. I don’t know why I hang onto all of that…I don’t really go anywhere anymore!

      My folks are coming for a dinner party this evening. Ramon just left to pick them up. I’m glad they’ll be here. My Dad hardly leaves the house anymore. It’s nice when he does. With his Alzheimer’s you never quite know what exactly he’s going to do or say, but we’re all used to it by now. I’m just glad he’s here!!!

      I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas! Take good care! Alycia


  23. I have no neighbors so no window treatments at all except for the living room…just for looks. Your bedroom is just beautiful and I love the white stockings on the armoire and the naughty/nice hats. LOL I used to do a pink and white tree in our bedroom and I just loved the mood the twinkle lights created. This year I just put a blingy hot pink tree on the mantle. Alycia I hope you and Ramon have a wonderful Christmas and holiday. Thank you for the gift of your friendship. xo


  24. Alycia, Every time I visit your blog I am amazed and inspired by the beauty you create. If I could get half as much done in our MB as your little something-something in yours I would be overjoyed. May you be blessed in the new year.


  25. Alycia, I am in awe of all you do. You absolutely amaze me. Lovely master decorations. I think you have several posts after this one and as you can see I am behind. Can’t keep up with you! You are inspiring!


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