Black, White & Red All Over Christmas Tablescape

I am all over the snowmen and glass cylinders this year! I pulled them out for “Winter Wonderland”  tablescaping class demonstrations and they never made it back into storage. Even after classes were over, they became a part of our Christmas 2012 decor.

Last week I posted “Checkered Christmas“, a table for four in the library in which I used a squatty clear glass cylinder to display a jaunty snowman for the centerpiece. This week, I am taking that concept a step further with another black, red & white tablescape that uses the same snowmen and lots of the different sized cylinders that are so versatile year round. Well, just take a look and see for yourself!
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it.
Photos by Sheri L. Grant and Alycia Nichols)


IMG_9837WMThis black, white & red table starts with two 6-ft. oblong tables kissed together vertically to create a luxuriously long Tuscan-style table for 12. Cheery red floor-length tablecloths from yield that instantaneous holiday vibe. Note how cool the place settings look all lined up like Christmas nutcrackers! Holiday tablescaping is about whimsy and fantasy, so think about incorporating artistic touches hat will convey the magic of the season.

IMG_9817WMLast week’s table in the library featured round white chargers with black dinner plates. This week’s version flips the script with square black chargers and white dinner plates. The black against the expanse of red makes for a pretty dramatic look.

Napkin collageThe next bit of drama is introduced via the napkin. A simple black napkin is folded twice lengthwise and a length of wide red satin ribbon placed on top. I then looped a small red ornament onto a length of thin satin ribbon and tied it around the napkin to give it a cinched waist look. Tuck the ends beneath the plate and add a sprig of snow-frosted pine greenery to finish the look. The simple and inexpensive step of adding the holiday ornamentation and cinching the napkin kept the table from taking on a decidedly Asian-inspired look.

Flatware & menu collageLast week I liked the checkered pattern brought to the table via the linen and the snowmen’s scarves. This week, however, I kept the pattern a bit more subtle by creating a menu on my home computer with a black & white checkered backing. Using a ribbon hole punch that creates two evenly spaced vertical holes for threading, I tied it all together with a piece of thin red ribbon to complement the napkin treatment. Menus are a cost-effective (approximately 20¢ per menu including cost of colored ink) and easy way to not only let guests know what’s for dinner, but to give them something to take home as a memento of the evening. They are also a way to bring additional color and/or pattern to the table.

Sleek and simple Hampton Silversmith “Patriot – Mirror” flatware is used because of the squared off handle that works well with the square of the charger and dinner plate.

IMG_9517WMAs with last week’s tablescape, simple clear glass stemware from Old Time Pottery is used. Stemware needn’t always be expensive to look good!

Centerpiece cylinder collageThe same squatty glass cylinder used on last week’s table appears here, and this time he’s brought his posse! 🙂 Two smaller, thinner cylinders and two tall, slender ones have snowmen inside on a cloud of snow. The amount of pine greenery in each depends on the cylinder size. The small ones have a mere sprig of greenery, while the squatty original still has a long branch curled around the base inside. The tall ones are outfitted with long, full branches in an upright position. All are brightened with a few size-appropriate red ornaments. Lots of votive holders in a shape similar to that of the cylinders dot the table.

Ornament and snowman collageNote the black & white checkered scarf that mimics the design of the menus. On each end of the table is yet another small, squatty cylinder filled simply with “snow” and a cluster of shiny red ornaments. These complement the snowman cylinders without matching them to the letter.


Fireplace & mantel collageThis is how the mantel looked before I decked it all out with bling and greenery for our personal Christmas decor. More streamlined, simple. Oversized red Christmas balls are placed on each end atop short black wrought iron stands. Smaller ornaments on stands and on the mantel are placed in between with a few votives. On the hearth are two rustic Z Gallerie black hurricane lanterns filled with assorted sizes of red ornaments.


Tree collageA stovepipe hat tree topper works perfectly with the snowmen on the table! This was just for my tablescaping class. I later added more ornaments and a few snowmen to the tree for our personal decor which will stay up until January.

So…there you have it! A variation on a snowman theme! Many of the elements for a round and intimate table for 4 tweaked to create a long and lush table for 12. Kinda like Burger King, y’all…have it your way! 🙂

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If you would like to see another way to make glass cylinders really come to life on a table, check out the “Wedding” page. Scroll down to the 3rd post called “Love & Orchids“, and you’ll see how a variety of sizes are used.

I am happily skipping along to Cuisine Kathleen’s “Let’s Dish!” on Wednesday (anytime after 6:00 p.m. CST on Wednesday) and Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” (anytime after 9:00 a.m. CST on Thursday). Join me! My blog buddies can really rock some holiday tablescapes!!!

70 thoughts on “Black, White & Red All Over Christmas Tablescape

  1. I just love this.. totally. I think it’s the elegant snowman that you managed to pull off. His top hat is out of silk and his scarf cashmere. This table is classically fabulous. The ribbon on the plate.. wow. stunning. you are right, glassware does not have to be expensive to look good. Love love the look you created with your tall cylinders. And the snowmen. Come do my house.. would you? xo m arlis


  2. This is great, Alycia! I just love, love snowmen in the winter time. I think yours would look perfect with my little collection. 😀 This is a very snazzy and grownup table. I think the white plates look like gifts tied with a bow, an ornament, and some greenery. They make for quite a visual impact. I love all your red ornaments scattered throughout the room.

    I enjoyed seeing this; hope you have a very Merry Christmas!



  3. So, these glass cylinders – where can I get some. Did you pick yours up near where you live, or did you have a favorite place you use online?? I need to own at least three. How tall are the tall ones?

    My biggest problem will be how I’m going to store the puppies until I’m ready to let my husband know I’ve acquired yet ANOTHER table setting item.
    The “Oh-Those-Old-Things? I’ve-Had-Them-For-Years” trick quick working years ago.


  4. Sorry about my previous short comment, I hit post too soon. What I wanted to say is that you’re the hardest working woman in tablescape-land. This red and black creation is oozing elegance and I love what you did wih the napkins.


  5. Lovely. I like the napkins tied with the red ribbon. So many great ideas here and so little dinners to plan! :0)
    You really dressed up the snowmen for this fancy table. I like it…


  6. I was sitting at the edge of my seat…my nose pressed up against the computer….WOW ALYCIA!!!…incredibly beautiful table….I love how you “dressed” the plates….amazing, amazing!!..I guess the top hat serves two purposes…one for the snowman and to let you know that the tablescape is definitely tux, top hat and gloves required!!…


  7. Wow I love the black, white and red theme, Alycia. The menu is super cute and does add pattern and a pop to your setting. Those cylinders sure come in handy and are stunning. I wanna come for dinner!!!!


  8. Alycia, I love the red and black and the napkins are to die for! I really like the addition of the greenery and the red ball, so simple, but conveys just the right festive touch. The table is very elegant an then the snowman add that touch of fun. Dianne


  9. so very pretty. i love the festive flare. i am down with a very badly broken right wrist, so my decorations, tables and quilting are all on the back burner. wishing you a very merry and blessed Christmas.


  10. This is so elegant and fun. The snowmen in the cylinders are the cutest! I love how you wrapped the plates like a gift with a bow and ribbon! When I first saw the plates wrapped I thought of Tuxedos! This would be such an awesome table to set down to with a large family gathering. My aunt used to have our group over and we had the long table like this. She always made a hand made placecard for each person and I stil have them all in a box for memories! I’m confused with the mantel…where did all the greens go!! You work too hard! I don’t remember those tall black lantern style pieces on the hearth- they are awesome!


  11. I know that I’m constantly telling you that a table is my new favorite, but this one might actually be my new CHRISTMAS favorite here. (It’s easier to pick lots of favorites when you sub-categorize. heh heh.

    I have already pinned those wonderful place settings. The ribbon tied with the ornament is one of my favorite Christmas table ideas ever.


  12. Alycia~ I love your napkin & ribbon treatment tying the plates up like packages with ornaments and greenery! The snowmen in the cylinders are the cutest! I need to get a jump start next year…can I audit your class next year so I get a jump start on my Christmas decorating? 🙂


  13. Wow! The black, white and red are show stopping. Love the snow men and the dramatic place settings with the square plates and chargers. The napkins and ornaments are so creative…another A+…:)


  14. I love your versatile tablescape from last week to this week! I still love the snowman so cute. The plate looks like a black tie afffair with a touch of red and oh so elegant! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips.

    Thanks. Pam


  15. This is a beautiful reminder of your impressive skills. I don’t see how you come up with some many awesome ideas. I would never have thought of the ribbon to cinch the napkin. Genius. I love all of your cylinders and there again you use them in so so many ways. The neat thing about this table is that at first glance it looks formal. You take a second look and the snowmen bring in whimsy. Kinda like going to formal affair, looking around and suddenly discover you best friend is there. Of course “Frosty” is everyone’s best friend.
    Once again a home run, girl.
    Love to you, Ginger


  16. It is so elegant!! Now I know what to do with that box of “snow” I have. Thanks for the ideas. If you don’t get to talk you. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


  17. I’m in love with the napkin treatment that you’ve used. You’ve turned a plain white dinner plate into a work of art! Consider this idea captured and saved. Marvelous tables cape…we both took a big bite of reds and blacks this week. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay


  18. Oh, your table is so elegant with the black, white and red. The place settings remind me of tuxedos! Festive & elegant. I love the faux snow under the red ornaments in the glass…what a wonderful holiday warm space!


  19. Hi Alycia! When it comes to tablescaping, you give it your all and it really pays of! I love how you decorate the whole room to match it and it it all looks very pretty and festive. Great idea on the napkins, looks fanttastic! The color combination with the little touch of checks is perfect….Christine


  20. I LOVE SNOWMEN! You have me inspired to rip down all of my decor this year and put up my snowmen! But only 2 weeks left until the big day it probably will not happen! Your table is so elegant and fun! Place settings are so fun and inviting! I love how you have pulled the checkered black and white all together. Brilliant! Merry Christmas Alicia and Ramon!!!!


  21. I’m so glad you continued with your black and white checks. They make my heart sing and with the red addition, well, it’s da bomb! You know I like playing with napkins so your treatment of same is indeed a gift. If I keep paying attention I’m going to learn something from you and I’m not even in the class!


  22. Hello gorgeous,
    B&W is so fab this season, right? I saw this colour combo in the whole blogieworld.

    Unfortunately, did not cope up my black/pink theme due to a sad reason. But I will be doing that whether Christmas or not, as promised.

    Have a blessed TS & w/end ahead.



  23. Alycia, your snowman theme is darling. Of course I love red! the tall cylinders add so much drama. Such a unique way of displaying the napkin.
    The table looks gorgeous near the fire. Tell Ramon to add on to your diningroom, especially since you are the tablescape queen…..


  24. Wow, such a dramatic and gorgeous table Alycia! I love snowman and it just perfect for C’mas. Those cylinders are fabulous, you have the most amazing things for tablewscaping, Alycia Style! I love the tables you sit by the fire, so romantic, warm and festive..aaand inviting! Love the color theme, like I said before..very dramatic and elegant. Happy holidays my friend..give Ramon a hug for me too.


  25. So absolutely perfect with your decor girl! I just love the swanky ribbons on the plate. What an easy way to get dressed up for dinner! This fits your top hat to a tee! You always have something so unusual and fun. You are amazingly talented and just keep me guessing each week!


  26. Wow! Love everything but specially the Christmas tree and mantle! This Christmas tree is fabulous! I love the silver and red together, and, of course, that hat is just . . . perfect! And those menu cards are wonderful! Love, love, love! Can you say love too many times?


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  28. Alycia, Thanks for another nice comment on my blog. I must say, your Christmas decorations are breath taking! Very elegant and I love the idea of having large bulbs at the top of the tree getting smaller as they go down, very creative. And such a sweet little “Charlie Brown” tree. You two have a Happy New Year!
    Thanks again, Adam


  29. Girl, you knocked this one out of the park. I just love the snowmen theme, and as a matter of fact, I just encouraged one of my Jewish friends with small children to start collecting snowmen, since her kids are feeling left out of the whole Christmas decorating thing. I have a set of snowmen dishes that I love, but they seem a bit lame here in Georgia……know what I mean? Gotta go pin that napkin treatment now! Hope Santa was good to you.
    Hugs, Linda


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