Christmas 2012 – Red, Black & Silver

I said I wasn’t going to do much decorating this year. I lied. So sue me. Actually, Ramon was a huge help since my shoulders are still torn up, so I was able to do more although not as much as in previous years. So  just kick back and take a gander at our Christmas 2012 living room and kitchen decor. Next week’s post will bring photos of the dining room, library and foyer. Enjoy!
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it.
Photos by Sheri L. Grand and Alycia Nichols)

IMG_0427WMWelcome to our home! Ramon has lit up the outside just for you!

IMG_0419WMCome right on in. We’re glad you’ve stopped by!


Mantel vignetteI wanted a sophisticated yet fun look in the living room, so I went with traditional red in a snowman theme much like last week’s “Checkered Christmas” post. (You’ll also see how it fits in with tomorrow’s regular tablescaping post!) Even though there is lots of Christmas bling throughout the room, the snowmen temper that just a bit.

Thanks to my good blog buddy, Liz at Infuse With Liz, I was finally able to create the type of mantel decor I have always wanted. Liz uses those Command Strips from 3M to attach a lighted length of garland and then builds out from there. Fearing the Command Strips would not be sturdy enough, I enlisted Ramon’s help to drill small holes into the top of the mantel into which he then screwed rubber-coated cup hooks. (Our mantel sits quite high. After Christmas when the decor is gone, we’ll remove the hooks and the only people able to see the holes will be really nosy folks who stand on the hearth looking for dirt or NBA players. 🙂 ) In the coming years all I’ll have to do is screw those hooks back into the existing holes, and I’ll be good to go! I started with a 6-foot lighted greenery garland that I secured with the hooks. I then strategically nestled in individual pine branches. I finished the look off with bright red ornaments, lots of bling, and fun “icicles.” Black wrought iron candlesticks topped with red ornaments balance out each end.


Hearth urn collageTwo black urns are topped with oversized red ornaments sitting on a wreath that is dripping in acrylic icicles and bling. The “snowflakes” cosied into the top of the wreath are actually rhinestone brooches I bought at a closeout sale years ago! I actually have something similar in mind for a wedding tablescape centerpiece later this year. Stay tuned for that! (Something like this one pictured, of course, would be great for a Christmas wedding!)


Tree collageOur tree is all decked in red and silver ornaments with lots of bling this year. I wanted to make it a little bit playful, so I finished it off with a stovepipe hat just like the snowmen sitting among the gifts beneath the tree. The “tree skirt” is actually a round black linen folded in half which is a pretty good substitute!

Goose collageThe wooden geese take on a whole new look with a necklace of pine branches. Red votive candle holders with LEDs are peppered throughout the book shelves for a little extra ambience.

Hot chocolate, Stocking, Chair gift collageWhat’s better this time of year than hot chocolate by a roaring fire? Mmmmmm!!! Our first “couples” Christmas stocking was a gift from a friend. I put it up every year no matter what color the decor is!


TV Armoire collageThe television armoire is decorated to complement the fireplace and tree decor with lots of snow-covered branches and trios of red Christmas ornaments tucked here and there. Behind the lighted greenery are black wrought iron candlesticks kissed with teardrop crystals. I went with black candles to complement the rest of the black throughout the living room and nearby kitchen. I like the subtle sophistication they lend to the room.



LR window vignetteThe half console table in the south window hosts a black urn like the two on the hearth. The urn is filled with shiny red ornaments and topped with a green wreath spattered in bling. I used pieces of an old chandelier to create the small droplets hanging from the wreath and candlesticks. I used those pieces to make stylin’ little necklaces for the snowmen, too!

Stereo vignetteSitting atop the stereo case is a silver footed bowl filled with red & silver ornaments and frosted pine cones. Let’s head over to the kitchen area.


Breakfast bar vignette collage

Kitchen decor collageI wanted the kitchen decor to be a bit lighter than in the living room, but I still needed to somehow connect the two. On the breakfast bar that separates the two rooms is a length of lighted garland embellished with additional pine branches much like the mantel and television armoire. A few random silver ornaments are tucked in along with icy snowflakes for more of a 3-D look. The rear of the garland displays a parade of silver Revere candlesticks with chunky black pillar LED candles. I stayed with black to match those in the living room and to complement the black appliances and furniture in our kitchen.

A sparse “Charlie Brown” tree was my choice for the kitchen this year with just a small strand of red lights and a few red ornaments. The wreath in the breakfast nook is lit with red & white lights and flecked with more snowflakes. A single snowflake peeks out each window. Over the kitchen sink is a pair of lighted wreaths that look fantastic from the street and a beautiful poinsettia from my neighbor, Jane!

IMG_0327WMThat’s it! Next week, the front rooms of the house just might surprise you! Meanwhile, happy shopping and Merry Christmas from the Nichols family!!! 🙂

To see last year’s Christmas decor, check out “Really Red Christmas“!!!

This week I’m joining host Kathe With An E for a mantels & tablescapes “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” blog hop and The Tablescaper for “Seasonal Sunday.” LOTS of talent shared there, so check it out!!!

42 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 – Red, Black & Silver

  1. WOW, Alycia!! For someone with “bumb” shoulders, you really did a FANATASTIC job!! You make the rest of us look like we have “no arms”!!

    Happy Holidays, Rene


  2. How gorgeous your house looks my friend! You did a fabulous job decorating it for the holidays..just stunning! I love the lights Ramon did, what a job! All the vignettes and details are lovely! I hope you’re not in any pain with your shoulder, after such hard work. darling. Happy holiday season for you and yours.


  3. Wow! Absolutely stunning!! Inside and out! And there’s more to come?? May I please come visit and sit and stare in wonderment at all of the lights and bling? You really put me to shame. I love the mantle and hearth decos. Did Geoffrey misplace his stove pipe hat atop the tree? 😉
    Sending Christmas Cheer and wishing you a Happy New Year!


  4. I do believe that you are good to go for Christmas. The urns flanking the fireplace make my heart go pitty pat, and the Charlie Brown tree…we’ve had that tree before, but that’s another story. Everything looks beautiful! Tomorrow I host the first of three luncheons between the 11th and the 19th. I love the Christmas season. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  5. Honey, for a crip with bad shoulders, you do awfully good work! I made about 4 passes through this, made Ray look about six times, and I see so many components that are definitely going into my list of things to try. If you could see what I have done this year, you would laugh yourself silly! I just had some grown-up eggnog, so to me it looks OK!


  6. Again…you’re at it AGAIN….This is all sooo pretty and festive, Alycia. Let’s see, where do I begin?? The mantle–OMG, it’s beautiful, DRIPPING with bling! I love it! And the tree is gorgeous, with the topper hat? Too cute/clever! It made me think of New Year’s, so a few changes and you can keep your tree up for a fabulous party! I’ve never thought to completely decorate the breakfast bar–it looks great! I can see it as the base for a buffet! And I love that darling Charlie Brown tree. I don’t know how you managed to do this with your sore shoulders…you are one amazing, talented lady, but I repeat myself. A merry Christmas should be had by all in that warm and inviting home so lovingly decorated. Hugs to you and Ramon, and top hats off to you both for a great job! ~Zuni


  7. Your home is so elegant with silver and red, but also looks cozy and inviting at the same time! I cannot believe this is a toned down Christmas! You make good use of your pretty paned windows,I love the black candles in the front. Love the snowman tree!


  8. Alycia, everything looks so beautiful! Love the color scheme!! What the heck do you do when you “go all out”…LOL!!!! Gorgeous!!!! I’m gonna have to go back up and look again to take it all in! So pretty!


  9. Alycia, I think we are too much alike! We couldn’t not decorate if we had to! This is stunningly beautiful yet with touches of whimsy! Those urns are just magical, their dripping crystals would be so perfect somewhere in my home! I may have to try that if I get any more energy. The tophat is just so original and fun. Every surface is perfectly adorned. I love it all and I especially love that handsome elf!


  10. I love it all Alycia. I absolutely enjoyed the tour of your gorgeous home. It is so pretty!! Loved seeing the exterior too.

    Your fireplace is a lot like ours in the hearth room. I used little finishing nails to secure the garland this year. I have to stand on the hearth to see the top of the mantel and so does Jim, so no fear of seeing those tiny holes.:-)

    Last but not least…what a beautiful couple! You look fabulous!


  11. Alycia~ You have decked the halls~ everything is so festive and welcoming for the Christmas season! Your mantle is a thing of beauty and I’m over the moon over your wreath studded urns with your wonderful red ornaments! Your adorable kitchen “Charlie Brown” tree doesn’t look a bit Charlie-Brownish 🙂

    What a wonderful photo of the two of you~ Ramon is as photogenic as your are!


  12. Well Alycia you’ve been holding out on us! Not only are you a fabulous Tablescaper you are fabulous at decorating too! First- I love your home! I never knew what a classic design it is! Your mantel is fabulous and your tree is too! Love the stovepipe hat- what a cute idea! Your transition from the family room to the kitchen looks awesome! Beautifully done!


  13. Shut the front door!

    The Maggi are coming earlier and determined to wait for the Star in the warmth and cheer of your Home.

    Absolutely Adorable!

    May the Lord Bless you and your Lovely Family!

    P.S. need to visit your settings on the right: need inspiration for my ChristmasTablescape. Love You and I so Apreciate you sharing your Art with us :love:


  14. So, when are you getting around to decorating?
    OK. The house looks beautiful. I am especially impressed with the mantel. I’ve always liked extra large tree ornaments, but never know how to use them.
    As everyone has mentioned, the snowman hat adds a little kick in the pants.

    Thanks for the tour.


  15. Absolutely beautiful! You continue to inspire! Each room is just perfection. I am stealing your giant ornament in the urn idea. I have never seen that done! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  16. ha ha ha, I knew you were going to change your mind and do some fab decorating! I think the snowman hat on your tree is my favorite! So so cute, and I am a huge fan of red & silver. I have serious icicle envy, those are gorgeous gorgeous. I still have my dining room to do, and want to hang icicles, I’ve been debating about skipping it but you have inspired me on! My sister just went to KC to visit her daughter in Fairway, is that close to you?
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home decor!
    fa la la,


  17. Very pretty ! I especially like the mantle. I’m always trying something different with mine. You’ve given me an idea since I have some snowflakes and icicles similar to the ones you are using. Can’t wait until your next post !


  18. Alycia and Ramon..Fabulous!! The red, black and silver color theme is gorgeous and so sophisticated. I’m loving the urns and the table with the snowmen vignette., and the urns by the fireplace. Did I say I LOVE urns? 🙂
    I hope your home is on the Christmas homes tour in your town. If it isn’t, it should be. Can’t wait to see the rest of the house.. Love the photo of you cute.


  19. For a girl who wasn’t going to do much, this is a lot and looks merry and bright. Your house lends itself beautifully to holiday decor. Kudos to Ramon for lending a helping hand and making the outside as cheerful as the inside.


  20. Love it all starting with the outside! Well done Ramon. I also love your smiles. I’m just going to sit here and enjoy all your decorations and not stress about mine! Blessings!


  21. Hi Alycia. Wow! I love the idea of the top hat on the tree, that is genius. Your snowmen are so cute. The outside of your house looks warm and inviting. You need to thank, from me, Ramon for all his help b/c it allowed me to see what a Queen of Decor you really are. I love the photo of the two of you, but why are you hiding behind Ramon? 🙂 Dianne


  22. Gorgeous as usual Alycia. I love your mantel….I anchor my garlands with pavers hidden in the back. That way, there are no holes, hooks, etc.
    I love the bling around the urn. So clever that you put that hat on the tree, Your colors are so lovely together and i adore your family picture. Happy shopping to you too…..


  23. One of the reasons that I don’t show a lot of my Christmas decorating on my blog is because in my head, I want it to look like yours, and it doesn’t ever look even remotely like that. I LOVE every square inch you showed. It’s all just beautiful. The mantel is my very favorite part of all. Fantastic, just fantastic.

    And I love the picture of the happy Christmas couple, too.


  24. Alycia, your home looks gorgeous all dressed up for the Holidays. Beautiful decorations. Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your sweet comment about my mantle. It is not much and very simple, just haven’t had the time for much else. Things have been very hectic around here.
    I am glad you like it. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I am your new follower, Have a great week!


  25. Your home is so lovely and so cozy and the Christmas spirit is showing all over. Tnanks for the tour, Alycia. I love your pic with Ramon, you both look so happy. Love the way you decorated the mantel and everything else!…Christine


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  27. Alycia, I just wrote a long comment and lost it! Does that ever happen to you? If it does I am sure you can pound out a new one quickly. You are such a good writer.

    Anyway, I was saying how great your home looks all decorated for Christmas. That hot chocolate looks wonderful! My favorite thing is the picture of you and your husband! Both of you look so happy and if he is half the fun you are you are a great pair!

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your home. Those black urns are fabulous! You have a great flair for decorating.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!! Bonnie


  28. I LOVE your mantel, dripping with crystals! So elegant and festive for the season! Your bum shoulder is not slowing you down. If anything you seem to be picking up pace and letting those creative juices overflow! I love it all and I look forward to the following pictures you will post! BEAUTIFUL!


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