Barton’s Easter Brunch

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Here’s a glimpse of this year’s Easter brunch tablescape at the Nichols household.

IMG_1253WMBecause I have a childish sense of humor, I just have to point out here how the Bells of Ireland in the background are unintentionally giving the bunny on the table “bunny ears!”


IMG_1263WMThis year’s Easter table for adults featured fun, durable, microwave & dishwasher-safe multi-colored stoneware from Mikasa.


IMG_1257WMI bought these Mikasa dishes several years ago and just love all the Easter egg colors! Each place setting starts with the same Pier 1 placemat and white ceramic charger from Old Time Pottery. I then mixed and matched the entrée and salad plate colors, topped off with fun ceramic eggs purchased from Hallmark about 18 years ago. Celery green napkins from Bed, Bath & Beyond, simple stainless flatware, and unadorned champagne & juice glasses round out the place settings.

My very favorite feature of the day’s place settings: the eggs open to reveal a very adult treat inside to enjoy after the kids are all tuckered out!!!


This is Barton Bunny. I bought him as a prop several years ago when I owned my fine rentals store. He makes such a fun centerpiece and is always the life of the party. Maybe it’s because he’s “stoned” from eating the adult Easter treat! Get it? Stoned? Made out of stone? Get it? Whatever. Moving on….! 🙂

Potted flowers – bright yellow daffodils, deep purple violets, and cheery pink cyclamen  – are from the local nursery. The moss table runner, purchased from a local florist, still had that distinctively woodsy, mossy smell I like so much. Barton and the butterflies felt right at home!


IMG_1247WMThe buffet held a variety of breads and pastries among the flowers. Coffee was served in multi-hued Mikasa stoneware mugs nestled in a thematic chipwood basket filled with the obligatory pastel colored “grass.”

I hope you had a wonderful, colorful, blessed Easter weekend!
Thank you for stopping by!
I’ll be taking next week off as my husband and I celebrate 20 joyous years together on May 3, but I hope you will visit again the following week of May 9. Happy tablescaping!

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I’m joining Susan and the talented tablescapers of Tablescape Thursday.
Join us, won’t you?

48 thoughts on “Barton’s Easter Brunch

  1. First and foremost: Happy 20th anniversary. may the next 20 leave you deliriously happy too. What a lovely table. The stoned bunny certainly is holding it all together for the camera! The little adult surprises in the eggs are wonderful. Well the eggs are wonderful. I now must find a moss runner! That is so lovely. I love the colors you chose, perfectly casual and yet very elegant! Happy Anniversary dear friend. Be blessed.


    • Hi, Marlis! I truly AM blessed to have a husband like Ramon. He is the absolute cat’s pajamas, and I love him with all my heart! I’m glad you like the “surprise” in the eggs. It was quite a pleasant surprise for everyone! Even the teetotaller in the bunch got a little twinkle in his eye! 🙂 As for Barton Bunny, he holds it together a lot better than Charlie Sheen on camera! 🙂 Thanks for stopping in tonight!


  2. What a wonderful brunch table…a bunny presenting eggs & butterflies, surrounded by flowers, what could be better?! The mossy runner is wonderful! Love your little egg with the adult surprises inside too 🙂 Wishing you & your hubby a Happy Anniversary Alycia!


    • Thank you, Mary! Those little egg surprises were a hit! I don’t know what I’ll have to do to top that next year. Full size one? 🙂 Thanks for the anniversary wishes. I’m tellin’ you…I LOVE that man! Have a great week!


    • Thank you! These are the plates I used for your 80th birthday celebration. Remember? When I did the grass with daisies and the cabbage leaf placemats? Yup…these are the same dishes. They look different in the way they’re presented here, don’t they? 🙂


  3. Oh, yeah! This IS eerie, my little soul sister! The mikasa and the LuRay are sooo similar. But Barton reigns supreme. Have a fabulous time with your sweetie. Any husband who guest posts for a sick wife is an A plus in my book. Spoil each other.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale


    • “Yet” being the operative word there, young lady? 🙂 Thanks so much! Even though he is making me move a million miles away, I still love him! Have a great week, and I’ll “see” you the 2nd week in May. Oh, no….I’ll see you before then. I will not be posting on TT next week, but I’ll get your post anyway. Hooray!


  4. Alycia, I can see why everyone adores your “stoned” bunny! He is just the cutest! Defintely makes a statement as the centerpiece. And I love adult suprises! lol Runner looks so cool (wondering if I could get one at the florist), entire table is so fun! Congrats on your anniversary, your hubby is a gem!! Have a great time (wink), and we’ll see you in a week!! Betsy


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  6. Lovely table Alycia. Love the placemats with those pretty pastel color plates, just perfect! Barton is so cute! Wishing you a very hppy Anniversary, God bless you both.


  7. Alycia, I got such a giggle from Barton Bunny being “stoned”.. giggle. You are so funny. I loved Barton among the flowers in your centerpiece and the moss runner is great. Love that and the placemats. And you know what kind of “treats” to fill the eggs with.. whoo hoo.
    Hope you have a good day and weren’t anywhere near the storms yesterday. Oh, I finally figured out how to get you to show on my followed blogs list. This is definitely a learning experience for me.. and a good one.


    • Thank you, Christine! Tomorrow is the big day, but we’ve had a change of plans. I will be flying out to Savannah early tomorrow morning to scout out a house. I will have to leave my honey on our anniversary! 😦 What a bummer!!! This has GOT to get done, though, since we’re moving in less than 4 weeks now. Pray for me on that airplane. I’ve never flown alone! Take care, have a wonderful week, and I’ll talk to you again soon!


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