Lettuce Talk About Easter!

I don’t know where 2021 is on its way to so fast, but it sure is putting the pedal to the metal! I can’t believe it’s almost April!!! If you’re still looking for Easter tablescape ideas, I hope this post will help get your creativity wheels in motion. I’m still awaiting delivery of our new dining room chairs and artwork, so please just continue to overlook the absence! BTW, I’m also on Instagram now, so please find and follow me! (tablescapes_at_table_21 or Alycia Rodriguez Nichols, or just click on the Instagram block to your right on this page!)

Pink and green with shots of yellow prevail on this bunny-laden tablescape.

Bordallo Pinheiro green cabbage plates and bowls (tuesday Morning) take center stage atop plain white ceramic chargers (Old Time Pottery). White ceramic bunnies hold a head of seasonal lettuce and a few blooms, while the place settings on each end get a cupcake! Soft pink napkins (Bed Bath & Beyond) anchor each place setting.

Gold flatware complements the gold lining of the bunnies’ ears. Green stems are from Pier 1 and both styles of the pink glassware are from Home Goods/TJ Maxx.

The beautiful thing about these bunnies is that you can fill them up with everything from flowers to falafel! Here, faux heads of Romaine lettuce are styled with pink carnations and ranunculus.

I think these laid out bunnies are the only Easter think I bought this season. They’re from Home Goods, and I’m sorry they only had 2. I would have like to have 4 more for dinner parties to serve salads or appetizers, or even dessert! How fancy would THAT be?!!

I bought this long, low wooden piece from Nell Hills several years ago but have never used it. While doing some spring cleaning, I rescued it from the bowels of my flower decorating space. It’s filled with faux (although you could certainly go with the real stuff and cook with it all the next week!) cabbages and artichokes along with soft pink carnations and ranunculus to complement the place setting arrangements.

On the vitrine awaits dessert in fun cupcake holders from Home Goods to be served on more Bordallo Pinheiro plates.

I’m really trying to do better about blogging, but I have so much trouble sitting for very long. I promise to do better, and will have a couple of additional Easter posts in the coming days. Have a fabulous, safe, and blessed Holy Week!

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20 thoughts on “Lettuce Talk About Easter!

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your tables always amaze me. You are so clever with centerpieces. I wish I were as clever. I’m not doing Easter this year, but did host my aunt today for a Palm Sunday brunch. It was very simple and nostalgic. It would’ve been nice to have had those white bunnies like you have. My table needed a little extra oomph.


  2. Love, love, love! The flower arrangements with artichoke and cabbage are divine–would never have known they were faux. I so admire the beautiful way you layer dishes and top them off with something spectacular. The bunnies sitting on the green lettuce plates make the whole setting so memorable!


  3. How right you are about time passing so quickly. Even with all the restrictions seeming to limit time, We are already well into 2021. It gives me pleasure to see your tables appearing again as there is always inspiration. I suspect our Easter table will again be nonexistent as again we’ll again be at a daughter’s enjoying the energy of 3 boys.


  4. No matter how often or infrequent you blog, it is ALWAYS special and full of beauty, Alycia! The table setting is lovely with the Bordallo Pinheiro, and those bunnies are full of fun besides whatever food or flowers they might hold. The centerpiece is stunning – beautiful faux items (I thought real!). No chairs? No problem! We’ll just walk around and graze like bunnies! Happy Easter week!


  5. Alycia, it is always a treat to find a post in my inbox from you! I love your Easter table…so pretty in green and pink. The centerpiece was a great rescue from your stash, it is lovely! Happy Easter!


  6. Oh how I love that centerpiece and the mix of faux foliage in it. Very full and lovely. Fun collection of stemware. A very springy table setting for sure. Fun! Happy Easter to you!


  7. The pastel colors scream Easter!!! The colored glass, the napkins and centerpiece as well as those amazing lettuce bowls with those fantastic bunnies 🐰 Pure invitation to enjoy a visual feast as well as the culinary feast to follow!! Pass me a cocktail 🍸 and let me enjoy this feast for the eyes. Well done and very elegant 👏👏👏


  8. Wow Alycia, this is stunning, I am a big fan of pink and green and oh those white bunnies look so adorable! I am mad about your centerpiece of cabbages, artichokes and blooms, so fabulous!! Have a wonderful Easter, I hope your chairs arrive!!


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  11. The bunnies are adorable! You can style a table like no other and that centerpiece is a beautiful focal point. At first glance I thought the artichokes were real. It also reminded me that somewhere in a stashed away bin I too have some faux ones. While running errands today i will make my way to Home Goods for those bunny cupcake holders. Take Care!


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