Wildflower Easter

Here is the 3rd of 3 tablescapes I’m considering for Easter Sunday…and just in the nick of time! I’ll have to decide by Friday so that I can get the ball rolling! If YOU have a favorite of the last 3 posts, please drop me a comment to let me know which most tickles your fancy! I’ll combine your votes with those from my Instagram account for the final decision!

The inspiration for this tablescape came from my Mikasa Stone Craft dishes in mixed and matched hues of mauve, pistachio, cornflower, and green. SO MANY tablescaping opportunities with a mix!

The Mikasa plates and mugs are paired up with 222 Fifth Bunny Land bowls (Home Goods) that also have varied color checkerboard rims to mix and match.

Bright lavender napkins from LinenTablecloth.com sprout from each coffee mug, and the egg cups are filled with pastel M&Ms that mimic the melange of colors in the dishes and centerpiece.

The mix/match of dish colors at each place setting is unified with uniform white ceramic and rattan chargers, bamboo stainless flatware, napkins, egg cups, and glass cloches from Nell Hills in Kansas City, MO.

The “grass” centerpiece, purchased for a mere $10 at an estate sale some years ago, has been punched up with a variety of Spring “wildflowers” in colors that complement the dishes. You’ll notice the same daisies on the plates are in the centerpiece to tie it all together.

On the vitrine behind the dining table are colorful cupcakes (in cupcake cups and on a ceramic cake pedestal from Home Goods/TJ Maxx) with another small arrangement of daisies. (All flowers used in this post are faux for demonstration purposes. I’ll use the real deal for my Sunday tablescape!)

So…take a peek back at the other 2 entries – “Lettuce Talk About Easter” and “Artichoke Easter” – then let me know which is your favorite. I’ll post the winner!

Looking for more Easter tablescape inspiration? Look no further! See if one of these floats your boat!:

16 thoughts on “Wildflower Easter

  1. I love, love, love all three, and although I’m very partial to the Artichoke Easter because I have those beautiful doily-inspired plates from Pier 1, I’m going to have to vote for the first – Lettuce talk about Easter. Your beautiful, over-the-top tablescapes always, always brighten my day and inspire me to play with my dishes.


  2. You’re making us decide?! That is too big of a burden for me. They have all been beautiful. This one and the one with the bunnies on each plate and the pink napkins are tied for first place for me. I do love the artichokes here, and the color combination. Green and lavender are so beautiful together. Happy Easter to you and Ramon!


  3. I do love this one, and really like that grassy centerpiece. The flowers look so believable! The napkins are very eye catching and I love the mix of dishes. Lettuce Talk About Easter is my favorite!


  4. All three are beautiful….my favorite is Lettuce Talk About Easter. It makes me smile bigger and love the bright spring colors and don’t get me started about the bunnies! Let’s just say it puts a hop in my skip! I don’t have Instagram. Do you put theses on Facebook?


  5. Love all three, but Wildflower Easter is soooo fresh and instantly cheering after my bleak Pennsylvania winter. Thank you for sharing❤🙏👏


  6. Hard decision I love them all! If I had to pick it would be the first one, Lettuce Talk about Easter, those sweet white bunnies filled with lettuce and the beautiful pink and green stemware, the long and low centerpiece overflowing with artichokes and blooms…I loved that one so much! Happy Easter Alycia!


  7. If there were a Nell Hills near me I’d probably have to go back to work. Those Cloches keep calling me! I love this color palette for this time of year and I may borrow it for my family room decor. I’m still smiling and Ramon’s tablescape 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! You CAN shop Nell Hill’s online. Just sayin’!😊 Ramon’s “tablescape” was certainly one in a million!!! I finally dismantled it. I’m encouraging him to create another one. I must be insane!!!🤣🤣🤣


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