Easter Floral – Purple, Pink & White

This is nuts! It’s St. Patrick’s Day already, and Easter Sunday is just 2 short weeks away!!! I really feel like we’re in a time crunch, so I’m just going to jump right to it!

Starting this week, I will begin each post with a photo of the inspiration for the tablescape. I hope this will help novice tablescapers to expand your creative thinking skills.


This week’s inspiration: a pack of cocktail napkins with purple & pink tulips that I spied at the grocery store!

Last week’s table was serene and subdued. This week’s is its polar opposite so get ready for an over-the-top color explosion, baby!!!
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it.)





Flatware, Napkin, Stemware, Egg Cup collageI started with a full-length white tablecloth (LinenTablecloth.com) and topped it diagonally with a reversible Easter egg-colored striped cloth. I used this same topper on the flip side for an Easter buffet table last year. Rose-colored chargers from Michaels (picked up for the bargain price of just 49¢ each last year!) are the foundation of the place setting topped with a white Corelle dinner plate, a Bordallo Pinheiro green cabbage salad plate, and a Pier One white floral bowl. A pale green napkin from Bed, Bath & Beyond peeks out from beneath the plate. The stemware is the ever-familiar Dollar Tree green goblet paired with a beautiful purple number from T.J. Maxx. The flatware is International Silver “Danish Princess”, and each place setting is finished with a pink, purple or yellow sparkled egg in an white egg cup from World Market.

DSCN2418WMThe centerpiece – a melange of figurines and florals – runs the entire length of the table.


Bunny collageI love these super feminine twin bunnies all dressed up in their Easter finery! I have named them Hilary and Henrietta. 🙂 I arranged their bunny ears to look as though they’re a bit wind-blown in the Spring breeze!

Table floral collageThe main table floral is pulled together in a wire basket with woody green accents. Heads of cabbage are joined by a bunch of perky pink larger-than-life faux tulips set to give it an asymmetrical look. The basket is surrounded with pots of pink and purple African violets and white ceramic vases of tulips and hydrangea.


Buffet floral collageI’m back to my old dramatic tricks with these over-the-top floral arrangements on the buffet behind the dining table. Oversized pink tulips and cabbages spill from curvy white glass vases (T.J. Maxx) to create quite a stir!

Floral chair collageThis room is truly about florals!!! The seat of this child-sized chair has been replaced with a moss ball cut in half and topped with faux florals to mimic those on the dining table.

Tea cart collageThe tea cart holds a Ralph Lauren white ceramic cake stand with pierced edges I picked up at Tuesday Morning a few years back. The white tea pot is from Home Goods. Last, the whole inspiration for this tablescape: paper cocktail napkins with pink & purple tulips.

China cabinet collageAnother Ralph Lauren cake stand on the china cabinet holds glittered Easter eggs.

That’s one Easter tablescape down, one to go!
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Before I get out of here, I’d like to say thank you to The Home Girl for featuring my tablescape, “The Party She Deserves”. It was the most-viewed entry for her blog party, Festive Friday Fiesta, last week. That sure put a smile on my face!

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90 thoughts on “Easter Floral – Purple, Pink & White

  1. Wow….The color combo is just wonderful Alycia…..beautiful table scape as ever….the feminine bunnies looks so very cute in their shopping mood,,the flowers are adorable…..Love sujatha:):)


  2. So very beautiful. I am enjoying the lovely colors and those darling bunnies. What cute names. The eggs, the flowers, oh my! You have truly captured the color and flowers in the napkin. I am admiring this from Kauai……


  3. Alycia~ Easter’s on its way and I’m still in the land of shamrocks & leprechauns! I can’t believe how close the holidays are this year! I love your spring explosion of tulips and bulbs! Hilary and Henrietta are the most dazzling bunnies at the spring ball! Thanks for all the color and inspiration! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂


  4. Happy, Happy, HAPPY Spring/Easter table, Alycia! I love your riot of pinks & purples & all the fun additions …you’ve convinced me that I must make my lady rabbit a new outfit for this year. Yours are very snazzy!

    I missed commenting on your beautiful table that you did for your friend, but it was spectacular & I also want to congratulate you for being published in Cottages magazine! Yay YOU!!

    I got to see the clip from ‘Better Kansas City“ before they took it down plus the earlier one you did, too. I was so nice to hear your voice & get to see you in *person* You did a GREAT job!!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day,


  5. This tablescape is lovely from start to finish. The colors just give me a serious case of spring fever! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.


  6. Awesome idea with the inspiration photo! You’ve captured all the colors and your bounty of tulips are fabulous! I love your over the top arrangements on the buffet! Those are the longest stemmed silk tulips I’ve ever seen- I like the cabbages dressing them out too! Your table is decked out so cutely! I love the fabric bunnies – they’re adorable! The cabbage plates are a great accent- I like that idea for Easter! They are a versatile dish aren’t they!


  7. Alycia – love how you layered the tablecloths – I would not have thought of that – could be why you are the professional – lol!! I so enjoyed seeing all of that color and your bunnies are adorable. I like how you added the cabbages in honor of the cabbage plates. Your Easter is going to be so much fun!!


  8. Wow, a floral egg-stravaganza! Love the Spring flowers mixed with cabbages and cabbage plates.,and Hilary and Henrietta are so cute in their Easter finery. Thanks for all the inspiration.


  9. Fabulous Alycia! Love the over the top color explosion, baby! And I can’t imagine you not going back to your old tricks of dramatic. I’m so impressed that you pulled together this lovely table from the simple inspiration of a tulip napkin! Makes me want to go back and actually finish my Easter table sometime in the next 2 weeks. H and H are adorable in their finery and I love the added touch of windblown ears…hee hee. Thanks for brightening up my weekly party with your Easter joy!


  10. This is so beautiful Alycia! So skillfully done. The colors really brighten up the space…..soooooooo Spring like! The beauty of outdoors brought inside with class and care.


  11. What a beautiful spring/Easter table. Since Easter is so early this year I believe that bunnies will need to stay up and out at least through April. I love yours and their ears blowing in the wind. Thak you for such a cheerful pop to my day.


  12. A spring color riot ! Love the bunny twins in their finery. The windblown ears is a nice touch since March is so windy. I enjoyed your post since this today is so gloomy. 🙂


  13. Ohhh, those bunnies are adorable in the table, like special ladies! I love this gorgeous table as it’s sorrounded by your lovely estaer decorations around your house. The egg bowl is so prety, along with the one with cupcakes! The color explotion girl friend, it’s the crown of this fabulous tablescape and of course, the lovely layer of dishes. As always, no-one can top your tablescapes pal!! Hope you’re feeling better. Have a super week.


    • You cracked me up with not eating pineapple pie because you’re sheltered, lol…I usually make it cause Alejandro loves it, it’s his favorite one, but he’s very partial to ALL pies, even the chicken pot pie, which I have to also make it for him, lol..


  14. Hello from Milan! Oh what fun the idea of the inspiration shot for the table. Your table is so springy. I’m going to have to hit the deck running when I get home to get ready for Easter. Blessings…


  15. I am in complete awe of you…I’m sure you know this….but it certainly bears repeating yet again with this fantastic tablescape!!!! This is just so adorable! Those flowers are gorgeous! Those large white vases with the tulips…oh-my-goodness…those cute bunnies on the table, so sweet! Everything is so expertly crafted…and in just a few short days since we JUST got done doing St. Pats Tables!!! Just wonderful in every way! =D ❤


  16. Alycia. Your table explodes with happiness! Thank you for explaining the steps as you create. Your inspiration napkins got your juices flowing superbly. I love the adorable bunnies and the colors with your dynamic floral arrangements. The diagonally placed striped Easter fabric cloth is so perfect to pull it all together. Then the cute egg cups. You have the talent with textures that I want to learn to do. It would take me months to put half your table together and you whipped it out in no time.

    Thank you also for your sweet encouraging comments. You are such a good writer and encourager.


  17. Oh my goodness Alycia, you weren’t kidding about explosion of color! This is a gorgeous Spring and Easter tablescape. I love it, the colors are just beautiful. All those pink tulips, green cabbage plates and those rabbits are just adorable!!!! I love the flower chair with the moss bottom. I wish we were neighbors so I could watch you create your magic. I’m on a rabbit mission now for a tablescape!!!
    Have a great week.


  18. Hilary and Henrietta are adorable! Love those names! Your pink is showing once again, not that I blame you, I’m partial to that color myself! What a delicate pink on those cupcakes! I love it. Ever since we moved away from the city of Chicago proper, I have had a very hard time finding a good bakery. My local grocery store makes cupcakes, but they frost them in the most shockingly bright colors, forget it if you are looking for something delicate and dainty. That reticulated cake plate is divine!


  19. First of all,congrats on your feature…I can understand why it was the most viewed!…Your inspiration napkin certainly turned the table in to a tea party at Mr. MacGregors garden….Harrietta and Hilary are the perfect hostesses and I let them know that I have dibs on that Ralph Lauren cake stand…H&H really know how to throw a great garden party..They learned from the best!


  20. Good Night & Good Morning Dear Lady A—

    Thank you so much for your time for coming and visit me @D´Box.

    I really love when my fave well-know bloggie friends visits me. It feels that I am a member of the well-known clan i Blogielandia. Isn’t it amazing?

    Yeah! My heart still not recovered but I know it will not recover. I will and still missed dad, for better or for worst. I just keep the sweet bitter memories in my heart and that keep me going.

    It is unreal knowing that I am an orphan. Dad was 90 yrs old when he left us and Mum will turn 90 yrs old this coming June. So, both came up in the right age.

    Anyways, thank you for making my evening/morning happy for your visit and that is really the truth.
    Hope you like my so-so setting in the honour of St. Patrick’s. Fun time though.

    Have a great night and hope you will have a blissful week ahead.

    Hugs from D´Box.
    /CC girl


  21. You jumped right in, pulled out all the stops and hit it over the fence!!! I love Hilary & Henrietta’s dresses and all the flowers. Your floral arranging is off the hook!!!!


  22. You truly are a tablescape artist! As always, you pay attention to every detail of your set up and come up with a marvelous looking table! The colors really bring a lot of light to the room and that’s exactly what Easter is about. Your expertise really shows in this Easter tablescape, it really is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, Alycia.


  23. Wow Alycia, pink profusion! I love masses of tulips everywhere! Are they all faux or did you mix in some real? The cabbages in the flower arrangements look fabulous. My favorite part is the moss ball in the chair seat with the florals tumbling out, LOVE that! Great table, you are ready! oh and great idea with the inspiration photo, it’s always exciting to see where we end up from where we started!


  24. Oh how pretty, Alycia! First, I love Hilary and Henrietta! All of the floral arrangements are gorgeous! how cute is the little chair filled with flowers! So clever. Love the different colors of stemware too.
    P.S. I had to laugh about your comment on my post about the green and gold glasses. You hit it perfectly when you said they look like the 60’s. They were a wedding gift in 1969. I did have 8, but my set has dwindled down to 4. laurie


  25. I just haven’t gotten back into tables yet so I will get my pleasure from looking at yours which are always a delight. I went crazy on the trip buying table runners, placemats, etc. Don’t know yet how they will be incorporated but they are lovely pieces.


  26. I thought that I was the only person inspired by napkins. I once designed an entire room after being inspired by a West Indies theme cocktail napkin. I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone. Your table is lovely. I love tulips.


  27. So cute and so Easter! I love the cupcakes on the darling cake plate. I think I have the same one. Your bunnies are beyond cute and I love all the pink and purple. Perfect to use the Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates, I can just see the bunnies munching on them now. Dianne


  28. Wow…all that from inspiration from a pack of napkins!!!! It’s so colorful and full of Springy goodness, Alycia. Hillary and Henrietta are absolutely adorable beyond words. The hyacinths are the perfect centerpiece to enhance the twins’ beauty. As always, I want to take a seat at your table. xo


  29. Just stunning – perfect for Easter. Love the pairing of the stemware and how the colors match the dinnerware so well. The RL stemmed dessert dish is gorgeous and the dessert is to die for! LOVELY!!


  30. They say that copying is the highest form of flattery.. I might have to borrow this idea for our Easter. I love this for so many reasons. the cabbage, the tulips, the basket, the glasses, dishes, table topper. I just love this! You have certainly set a very high mark! Happy Spring!! xo marlis


  31. Hey Alicia, as usual everything is beautiful. You never cease to amaze me. I love, love, love the vases with the over sized tulips. They look marvelous.


  32. It is snowing here, so your table has really brighten my outlook!! It is a beautiful tribute to spring with all the wonderful florals! I love the little chair, very cute!


  33. This table is all-out Easter and spring and beautiful and fun, Alycia! Those dressed up bunnies are darling, and set the perfect tone for your famous center arrangements! The overflow of flowers is such a breath of fresh air (which some of us desperately need!). What a fun and pretty table! Hugs, ~Zuni


  34. Easter surely did explode on your table. How fun is that! You have truly inspired me Alycia. With no outdoor flowers blooming at my home to pick for this early and cold Easter we will have next weekend (supposed to snow again this weekend), I have been in a quandary as to how to decorate my Easter Table. I am having a family and friends brunch. I am going to do a conglomeration of items including the cabbages or kale as you show. Thank you! 🙂


  35. Oh my friend, I love the tons of pink tulips around your house! We don’t have tulips around here, so I really wish I could find faux ones at least, lol.. Your beautiful table screams SPRINGggggggg!!!!!!!! I love the dishes, just perfect! Thanks for dropping by, I so love it when you do! Take care and enjoy a warm and rested weekend.


  36. Hi lovely lady.
    Oh my goodness Alycia, you weren’t kidding about explosion of color! This is a gorgeous Spring and Easter tablescape. I love it, the colors are just beautiful. All those pink tulips, green cabbage plates and those rabbits are just adorable!!!! I would like to thank you so much for your comments on my new Tablescape for Easter. Hoping you and your family have a wonderful Easter next weekend.
    XXOO Diane


  37. Alycia – I know that I have previously commented on this post – I still love it. I just wanted you to know that Johnny Mathis said that he loves it, too – hahaha!! Happy Easter!!!


  38. This is gorgeous! Love the color combo. The napkins were a great inspiration. I usually take one thing and run from there. Love the bit of fluff and bling that the cute bunnies bring. I love the flowering Kale too!


  39. Thank you so much for posting this FABULOSO Tablescape at the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA this week! Everything about this table is so great!!! Love it!!! Hope you had a great weekend, girl!!! =D


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  41. Alycia, everything is truly stunning…as usual. I am especially smitten with the gorgeous winter cabbage and the tulips. That is magnificent! I also appreciate the tip of using napkins or something similar for an inspirational springboard.
    Hope your weekend has been extraordinary!


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  44. Love the inspiration napkin with the beautiful flowers. Everything is so lovely and we love the bunnies all dressed up! Oh, come over and share those wonderful cupcakes on Dessert Sweeties – how cool is that!

    Thanks for sharing all of your creativeness on your gallery at #simplybebetsy.
    Sharon and Denise


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