Plum Perfect for Early Fall

I DO NOT like to jump the gun on seasons. I take each one as they come, savoring the best of it and slogging through the worst toward the light. But I do believe seasons are “sectional” with early, mid, and late portions. So before I start hauling out the pumpkins and corn stalks, here’s a little something-something for late summer/early fall.

And for those of you who, like me, like to closely study details on still photos…

Shades of plum and blue-violet are tempered with white, luscious peach, and citrus green. I’m not quite sure why I went with the blue & white chinoiserie. It just felt right.

Each place setting starts with a gold leaf glass charger topped with a purple Bormioli Rocco glass charger. I used gold-rimmed white china to temper the depth of the purple tones. Gold flatware compliments the stack.

Starched napkins in deep, moody eggplant are wrapped up with a shiny golden ring.

Of course, bowls of plums had to be included!

I SO loved this floral arrangement and hated to disassemble it!😖 The faux flowers came from many sources including Nell Hills and Charmed House Interiors in Kansas City, Petals & Potpourri in Blue Springs, McKeever’s grocery floral department and Cameron’s Home Furnishings in Lee’s Summit near where we live, and Hobby Lobby (those berries hanging off the side). Massive arrangements like this are moved to a side surface after guests have ooh’ed and ahh’ed over it before the meal is served.

This white-painted pheasant has been with me for a good while and looks great under the floral fronds.

This will be among the final pics of my beloved Louis XVI reproduction vitrine as I have sold it. It has been a faithful servant for more than 20 years. Here it plays host to a dessert setup with a Nell Hills basket backdrop.

A side chest is treated to an arrangement of coleus, hydrangea, and plums in a mini silver ice bucket.

With temperatures headed back into the upper 90s and near 100 over the next few days, it’s tough to get into the fall mood. This “fall lite” works for me!

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10 thoughts on “Plum Perfect for Early Fall

  1. Oh my heart! That’s just GORGEOUS Alycia! I love the purple, and it’s perfect with your blues. Plus the peach adds a lighter touch without jarring. Absolutely beautiful. If I were at that table, I’d make sure I was sitting on the side that got to see the flower arrangement after you’d removed it! 🙂 Thanks for yet more fabulous late fall inspiration!


  2. Alycia, this is beautiful setting perfect for late summer! I love the muted colors, especially the purples and blues. What? You’ve sold the vitrine??? Whatever will you put it it’s place? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned. 😉

    I was all ready for fall last week but the upcoming forecast is dragging us back in the heat. Try and stay cool! Zenda


  3. What?! Bormiolo Rocco makes glass chargers? I had no idea. I have a number of their pitchers, I have their spring loaded glass canisters, canning jars, I love their glassware. Honestly though, I didn’t know they made chargers. Game changer! That color is so rich and beautiful, and they are known for quality.

    This is the perfect table for fall (if it ever gets here). Purple, and all of its variations, is a favorite color of mine, so you outdid yourself here. Yes, I am one of those people who examines the minutia of pictures like this so that I can see every tiny little thing. I love your baskets, the China, those stemmed dessert dishes, everything. You know how I am head over heels about your centerpiece already.


  4. I’m sorry to see your vitrine go, it’s beautiful and I love how you always set it up with dessert and coffee/tea with your tablescapes. Didn’t you move it from its previous spot in the family room? I wish you good luck in finding a new place to store all the items in it, it looks like it holds a ton! Hopefully you’ll find a new piece to replace it with…


  5. Just beautiful! I love the floral arrangement, perfect colors and textures! Your vitrine is a beautiful piece, I can’t wait to see what you will put there in it’s place!


  6. Beautiful transitional table, and sectional is an excellent word for the variations in each season. The rich purple hues put me in the mood for soup and lots of bread. The lighter colors while still striking are a bit muted which works perfectly with this table. Kudos on the gorgeous and selling the vitrine.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I couldn’t imagine disassembling that floral masterpiece.. my gosh it’s beautiful and so striking. Another plum perfect table setting my dear!


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