Summer’s Last Hurrah

Lawd, have mercy…where’s my funeral home fan??? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m about “summer’d” out!🥵 It has been hotter than a jalapeño‘s armpit with humid, icky conditions here in the Kansas City, MO area all summer…except for the times it was pouring near record buckets of rain. While I’m in no particular hurry for winter’s chill, I am ready for something different. So as the Labor Day weekend approaches, I’m anticipating and celebrating summer’s last hurrah.

Summer’s Last Hurrah – Alycia Nichols, Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One

And if you prefer still shots to video…⬇️

Each place setting is grounded with a one-two punch of a red, white & blue striped placemat topped with an easy, reedy woven brown one.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this year’s Dolly Parton line at Hobby Lobby! For a citified country-adjacent gal like me, it’s right on target! Dishes boasting deep red poppies with blue & white accents, these sweet floral napkins…Yes, please! The blue-rimmed chargers and flashy red pedestal bowls are also Hobby Lobby finds.

Poppy napkin rings from Bed Bath & Beyond many moons ago.

Ya ain’t really country unless ya like your Mason jar of tea sweetened with half a pound of sugar. Or at least that’s what my Kentucky born and bred great-Grandmother used to tell me. Hence the “country adjacent” description I’ve assigned myself as I defiantly stir in my Splenda.🤣🤣🤣

Somebody come get Dorothy and Toto out of the poppy field!

I can sit down with a whole pie and a quart of vanilla ice cream and just GO. TO. TOWN!!! (Again, as my great-Grandmother would say!)

All the usual country picnic fixins including peanut oil-fried chicken (seriously…is there any other way?), and the juxtaposition of heavenly biscuits and deviled eggs.

Now y’all KNOW I have to have my “adult beverage” of the Kentucky bourbon variety to help make suburban life bearable!🥃 I love it here in the heartland, but a “little nip” every now and then sure helps me love it even more! A napkin from the Dolly Parton line at Hobby Lobby pairs nicely with a placemat to line my bar cart.

Whatever you do this Labor Day weekend, please be safe! If you would like to see more ideas for picnics, check these out:

14 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Hurrah

  1. This is beautiful! I asked you a question on Facebook, but now I see that those metal poppies are actually napkin rings. I love those. Honestly, I had no idea that Dolly Parton had dinnerware. This is really pretty. So summery and fresh looking. The whole table looks amazing with all of those red poppies. I also like the way you put the food on the table. It looks so inviting.


  2. These are all such cute elements so well put together, Alycia! Oh my goodness, your commentary cracks me up, snorting at jalapeño’s armpit right at the start. Your party style makes me wanna come crash it, it all looks so good. Have a great end of summer bash.


  3. Alycia, Thanks for the pretty table scape. You are my favorite. I live in Dallas area where it has been dry and hot, hot, hot all summer. I am sick of summer too, bring on football season.


  4. Summer has been hard on so many, but in Maine it’s such a short season that is held onto as long as possible. Hurrah for you for having a wonderful sense of humor!


  5. Looks like I missed the summer collection at Hobby Lobby. I only get to go every few months or so. Your patio setting is so inviting and I see why you like the Dolly line!! Your summer treats look amazing. That heat you are enduring sounds yucky. Hope you get a nice cool down soon. Here we are on the cusp of September!!


  6. You make me laugh so much, Alycia, which is good for the soul! I’m with you on being over the heat of summer, but I think I have it awhile yet. Your table on your deck looks so cool and comfortable. I haven’t seen the Dolly Parton line at Hobby Lobby, but I love yours. Your poppies as a centerpiece look so pretty. Wish I could stop by for the fried chicken and a big piece of pie. I take Splenda in my iced tea, too, so I’d be right at home!


  7. “Country Adjacent” is the PERFECT descriptor Alycia – I love that! 🙂 And what a wonderful table. The poppies have my heart! I just went to Hobby Lobby for the first time a couple weeks ago and vowed to go back when I had hours to peruse. Dolly Parton, here I come! Plus next time my musician husband asks me for a band name or album title, I’m going to suggest Jalepeno’s Armpit! Thanks for ALL the inspiration!


  8. Alycia, you are just so funny. I love your one-liners. How did I miss Dolly’s line at Hobby Lobby? It is fun and you have styled it perfectly. Love the red poppies! You must stay off the Splenda, and use the sugar in your iced tea! Country people don’t use Splenda😂


  9. Sitting at this beautiful table would make me forget about the heat. The pops of red are so summery and as usual, your styling is on point. Pass me a piece of that chicken please and have you tried Uncle Nearest?


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