Posted by: Alycia Nichols | April 18, 2012

Ants in My Pants Picnic

I wanted to participate in Cuisine Kathleen’s “Good Earth” edition of “Let’s Dish!” this week, so I’m bringing back a post from way back in the day when I first started blogging. For those of you who have already seen it on this site’s “Summer” page, maybe a second visit will get you in the mood for summer. For those of you seeing it for the first time, I hope you enjoy it!

As much as we wish Mother Nature would take their pesky butts back, ants are a huge part of nature! As we celebrate Earth Week, though, I’ll cut ’em some slack. (Unless I see one in my house, and then he’ll be fertilizing the good earth!!!) A picnic under the trees is the perfect way to enjoy all that nature has to offer of the “Good Earth.”
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In August, it’s still sweltering hot outside, but the retailers already have store aisles crammed with holiday decor from Halloween to Christmas. I am so not ready for that! I still want to play outside with my neighbors!

 A red & white checkered cloth lends a traditional look to this outdoor setting. I snatched up this piece of easy care poly-cotton fabric from a remnant table. My niece, sister, and Mom are all a whiz with a needle, but I can’t sew a stitch. So…I just tidy up the edges with a pair of my hubby’s surgical scissors and call it a day! Hey, after all…it’s a picnic! Rustic!

 What’s a picnic without lots of ice-cold, juicy, sun-ripened fruit for dessert? Delicious!

 The place settings stack up on this summer tablescape with black acrylic chargers from Hobby Lobby, white Corelle dinner plates and black salad plates from Wal-Mart, and the cutest little ant-covered top plates from Pier 1. Each person’s bottle of Coca-Cola is iced down in a red lacquered metal pail from Hobby Lobby. Napkins are from Bed Bath & Beyond, and the flatware is the Pfaltzgraff “Legacy” pattern from JC Penney.


As the sun sets, pillar candles set inside oversized black lanterns provide a flicker of light to carry conversation into the evening hours.

 I bought these fun giant ants at Hobby Lobby a couple of seasons ago. When I see really cool stuff like that, I just have to buy it…even if I don’t use it for a season or two! This purchase really paid off in the end because it adds a bit of the surreal, which is always fun! Happy Dog Days, everyone!
I’m linking up with Cuisine Kathleen for “Let’s Dish!”. Stop on by anytime after 6:00 p.m. CDT to see what other tablescapers have created to celebrate the Good Earth!


  1. Oh. My. Word. Alycia those ants are the best. I have some tiny ones, but those take the cake…and any other food on the table, I’m suspecting!!! Great job!

  2. Ants in your pants and ants on the plates and tables?…they’re everywhere..and cute as a bug on a rug…no table!…

    You make me want to go outside for a picnic..but you take a picnic table to another level…who now wants to eat off paper plates when they can have adorable plates with ants and REAL plastic…and love those I guess I need to ditch the citronella pots too…

    A beautiful day for a picnic…thanks Alycia!!

  3. I just have to say, Cute As A Bug!!! This is such a wonderful table! Who couldn’t love those ants? Love Love Love!!!

  4. If I wasn’t in a summer mood, I sure am now! Those are the only ants I’d invite to a shindig. Super cute!!!

  5. So cute — I don’t remember this — must have been before I met you. You can keep those ants, but I do like the little plates!

  6. Aaaand… I forgot to say, the idea of keeping a Coke on ice at each place setting is genius! I love Coke and beer icy icy icy cold.

  7. Very cute…..Perfect for a spring time picnic. Love the checkered tablecloth and the ant plates……The lanterns are a great addition.

  8. I love your picnic table, Alycia. The ants bring so much interest and whimsy to the table. The red and white checks is so classically beautiful…Christine

  9. Love love love this!!! Those ant plates are too cute and your candles-beautiful!!

  10. Absolutely adorable! How could anyone pass by this post and not open it up with that title?!

  11. Love it !!!!

  12. Too cute Alycia! We used to play in the back yard under a big old oak tree. We would lay a big blanket out and set up a play set of china and have lunch. Within 15 minutes those big carpenter ants would raid us!! We would end up giving up because of them! I think they were as big as your metal ones!!
    Love those cute plates, lanterns, tablecloth and geraniums! Totally summer looking- love it! I’m a coke girl too so this suits me just fine! I’ll have two grilled hot dogs , baked beans and some potato salad- thank-you!! 🙂

  13. Alycia this is such a wonderful summertime table and perfect for Earth Day. I need to find some red and white checks.

    We drove over to the state park this morning. I had visions of doing an elegant table set against the stone back drop of the shelter house. Wasn’t very pretty…which put me up on a soap box about Missouri’s gorgeous state parks, free to all thanks to the taxpayers of MO. And then a few don’t appreciate it. Okay…off the soap box. The shelter house did get a new roof. Graffiti free!! Yippee!

    Happy Earth Day!

  14. This is darling…I’d love to come here for a picnic lunch! Thankfully those aren’t real ants! lol! Love your simple and cute dishes and all of your details. Very sweet!


  15. Nothing says summer like some ice cold watermelon and ants!! 🙂 I love your setting, I remember seeing those dishes at Hobby Lobby and just loving them! Another fabulous post Alycia!!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  16. I think this is just the most adorable table. Those ant plates are just the cutest things. The cloth, geraniums, lanterns, buckets with the cokes…. every detail is just so delightful and fun! Love it all. You sure know how to do it girlfriend!!!


  17. I love the red gingham, Alycia. I would love a big piece of sweet juicy watermelon too. xp

  18. Alycia~ I’m so glad you linked this post, I had missed it before! What a fun & cheery picnic, ants included! I can so identify with picking something up and not using it for awhile, but when inspiration strikes, you’re so glad you did! Love your adorable pails for your Coke bottles 🙂

  19. What a fun picnic themed tablescape! Those plates are adorable and I love the lanterns.

  20. Hey, hope those ants don’t crawl away with the watermelon or the coke. How cute your table is, Alycia. Your tablescape is a perfect one for a great summer picnic with family or friends. The lanterns and white candles are just fabulous. Love them on this tablescape. I think mine need a little black spray paint to freshen them up. You always have such wonderful ideas for your tables and always impress me.

  21. Wow, Alycia, if I saw an ant of that size I would be running in the other direction! Think of all the fertilizer he would make for the good Earth! Your plates are adorable!!!! It would be so much fun to picnic at this table. Linda

  22. Alycia, this is a clever title. Love it! I actually started to create a table using my dishes, tablecloth, and ants for a table today. Ran out of time so it will have to wait for later. This one is darling. All your details are perfect for a picnic and for celebrating Earth Day.

  23. Love those ants.. must be Texas ants.. no wait those are from Florida.. I’m sure of it. The red gingham is wonderful.. I keep looking for some myself. I think the black with the white and the ant plates is fabulous.. you have the best design sense and style! Happy Earth Day. xo marlis

  24. Ants on the red and white check table is great for summer. I am already buying watermelon for my family loves it. I like your picnic for summer and the cute ideas. Pam

  25. I really could see that first photo as a book cover or chapter page. 🙂 Delia

  26. I usually get the heebie jeebies from insects but your ants are just too darn cute! Love the little red buckets, and your lanterns are awesome! I’m ready for picnic season now!!!

  27. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love the ants and anything red and white is a winner in my book! Great picnic!

  28. I love your table and I of course love your table cloth. Those Candles are wonderful. Great table.

  29. Oh Alicia, I love it! I just adore the cokes in the cans. Genius! Those giant ants are scary though. I wouldn’t want to be inviting any of those to my table. LOL! Everything is so well designed right down to the size of the lanterns balancing off the size of the ants. It’s perfect! The wagon setting has me drooling though. I love watermelon! This is probably going to be one of my favorites from you….this week. Have a great day!

  30. Oops! I meant the watermelons in the bucket. haha!

  31. As always simply fabulous. I love those checked plates and the addition of the coca cola bottles in their own ice buckets is fun! Way to go Alycia!

  32. Hi Alycia,

    I love this picnic tablescape!! I can’t remember if I’ve seen it before, but it makes no difference; it’s still so cute. I always love red and white gingham for summer picnics — it’s so cheerful. I love the little red buckets for the colas, and the lovely basket of fruit. Your plate stack is just right, and I really like those lanterns. I’m on a lantern kick right now. I’m looking for some, but so far, haven’t found the right ones (at the right price).

    Thanks for sharing this again; that must have been a fun picnic! 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend!


  33. Makes me want to be sitting at this table under the trees…love it! I use pinking shears so things don’t ravel so fast…and my late mother and sisters were/are wonderful seamstresses, me..I can’t sew a straight line!
    Have a great weekend, Alycia.

  34. Everything including the ants! LOVE the lanterns!

  35. Ok, so I saw ant salt and pepper shakers yesterday at Home Goods, it bugs me that I didn’t buy them! I love those antsy plates! Great table and you gave me an idea! Going back for another look! Fun table! Get the Raid!
    Thanks for linking this to Let s Dish! Mom’s day theme for the table challenge next month. Or will you be doing July 4 th by then! :). You are always so far ahead of me! You already finished Derby Day!

  36. This is such a fun table! So cheerful and playful. I love that! I have the same ant plates and you just reminded me that I have them. LOL Have a wonderful day!

  37. Hey Alycia, when I saw the theme I said I’m going to send her a picture of my ants & lo and behold you have some, however mine are a little rusty as they stay outside, I think I got mine from some mail order site. Luv the plate I was out at WardParkway but I KEPT WALKING can’t go into the Pier store yet reading your blogs your spirit may attach itself.

  38. Just saw this one. It is so fun. The ants are perfect! I ran to a local grocery store last year when they advertised fun ant picnic ware but they didn’t have a thing this reminded me of it!

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