Late Spring Lilac & Green

The neighbors’ lilac bushes are in full bloom now, and I’ve got at least 3 of the 7 Deadly Sins goin’ on over it.🫤 I can’t just run over and go all Edward Scissorhands on their property, so I suppose I must reconcile myself to the next best thing.🙄

Some prefer mini-movie clips, but some (me included!) prefer still photos to study all the details. So I will, whenever possible going forward, provide both a nutshell clip and photos for your convenience! Whatever suits you best!🙂

A massive vase like the center one isn’t practical during the meal, but it makes quite an impression when guests first view the room. Relocate the larger vase to a predesignated area just before guests are seated to provide an unobstructed view across the table.

White “doily” chargers from Hobby Lobby lay the foundation for the generous stack of dishes. Lilac Matceramica dinner and salad plates embossed with a “lace” rim play host to the royal purple glass compote and white lacy service plate from Pier 1. My Mom’s Royal Danish flatware seems right in step with the place setting.

Napkins folded into a nice tight rosebud design are nestled into the compotes.

A trio of glassware in varying hues of purple and green.

The centerpiece is visually connected by a purple, green, and white woven runner. The towering center floral spills over with faux greenery (Kirkland’s) and lilacs.

Pretty purple (faux) tulips from Home Goods in a white glass vase from Hobby Lobby.

Green glass vases cradle a mix of (faux) lilacs, citrus green button mums, and hypericum berries.

Diminutive milky white glass vases from Hobby Lobby filled with (faux) agapanthus blooms in a lovely shade of purple.

So there you have it! Another celebration of Spring…even if the fragrance of lilacs must come from a Bath & Body Works wallflower plug-in!🤭

If you would care to see more posts in shades of purple or purple & green on this site:

9 thoughts on “Late Spring Lilac & Green

  1. Beautiful layering and inspiration for this table. This is another color combination that makes my senses sing. We transplanted a lilac bush/tree from a friend and we do hope it settles nicely and blooms sometime in a future Spring. Happy weekend to you.

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  2. Gorgeous! We left our lilac bushes behind when we sold our first old house, so this is a visual treat today. I love the purple and green combination although it’s not at all what I use anywhere in my home. You know I love doilies (china or linen!), but for some reason today it’s your lavender stemware that has stolen my heart. Absolutely stunning!

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  3. I LOVE LILACS! I have tried to grow them to no avail. Sadly I just don’t have the right amount of space or conditions. This table is so beautiful and I think is one of my favorites. I do love the combination of lilac and green, and just the other day was wondering why I don’t have any dishes in lavender or purple. Your centerpiece is yet another of your signature show stoppers!

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  4. Beautiful color combo! The aroma from lilacs is so soothing even if it comes from a plugin. I have the same etched goblets in amber and one is cracked. I’d love to find a replacement. The napkin rosebud is very dainty and the large vase is a show-stopper.

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