Purple for Spring


INSPIRATION: Fun, lightweight plaid-rimmed pots in purple, green & white!

As I am writing this, the temperature is hovering right around the freezing mark with expectations of it dipping appreciably below that in the wee hours of the morning. Spring? I don’t think so! Be that as it may, I wanted to participate in Cuisine Kathleen’s “Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees” blog party this week. I braved the cold temps to get out on the deck to put together this purple, green & white tablescape that welcomes Spring…whenever it decides to finally show up! 🙂
(Click on any photo, then click again to enlarge it & see up-close details.)

IFA stark white palate shows off the very vivid purples used for this Spring tablescape. A full-length white linen from LinenTablecloth.com covers the 6-ft. table from head to toe.


IF(Don’t let those blue skies fool you…it was COLD out there!!!)

IFEach place setting begins with a lavender acrylic charger from Michaels. Purple is one of those colors infamous for coming in a-billion-and-one different shades that are difficult to match. So – like green – I simply use shades of purple ranging from light to dark. Creamy white plates from TJ Maxx are separated by a royal purple napkin from LinenTablecloth.com that gracefully drapes off the side of the table.

Flatware, rim shot collageI chose silver flatware with a pattern that complements that of the plates.

DSCN1651WMWhen trying to draw out more than a single color in a design, I like to use more than one color in either my dishes or stemware. Here, a luscious purple goblet from TJ Maxx is paired with a green flute from Dollar Tree. TIP: Use wine glasses for water. Why, you ask? Why not? 🙂

Floral & butterfly collage IIUnlike our more fortunate sisters and brothers in the South and on the West coast, the Kansas City area is still devoid of all the fabulous fresh blooms enjoyed in those warmer climates. (We actually had snowflakes mixed in with the rain on Tuesday!) These faux floral arrangements boast a wealth of hydrangea, lilac, purple star blossoms, and tulips. Fun purplish butterflies hover overhead. TIP: Keep a few realistic-looking faux floral stems on hand to create spur-of-the-moment designs or replace suddenly wilted blooms in your fresh arrangements.

Moss ball, fleur de lis collage IIA large iron fleur de lis symbol anchors the center of the table and is flanked by two smaller ones. Various sizes of green moss balls are tucked in here and there to add color and texture at the lowest level. The cotton runner is woven in shades of purple, green and white.

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In addition to Cuisine Kathleen’s fun blog party this week, I am joining Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday“. Join me, won’t you?

60 thoughts on “Purple for Spring

  1. I love this deep purple! Thank you for enduring the cold for our benefit, Alycia. Everything is beautiful! And there’s your moss again – love that, ’cause I’m a green girl. 🙂 Hopefully, things will warm up and you’ll get to enjoy a real Spring soon.

  2. Luvly table. Purple…. hmmmmm, never would have thought. Luv it with the green flutes.
    Must have those plates!!!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Hugs,, Gee

  3. Purple….the color of royalty…you are one of the Queens of Tablescapes..and I admire your tenacity of braving the cold to set the table for Kathleen…I love that you can match your pattern on the dishes to the flatware…I cannot imagine how many sets of gorgeous flatware you have!…The flowers are beautiful and look very real..so happy that you used them so that the real ones would not freeze…I wish you could have taken a picture of yourself setting the table with most likely a coat, hat, and gloves on!..Great job Alycia..I curtsy to the Queen!

  4. Another tablescaping hit, Alycia! Love purple and green together. I am amazed at the crazy weather in parts of the country. The cold, the never ending snow, floods, wow, Mother Nature is still upset for some reason. xo

  5. Really pretty, Alycia. I love the deep purples and I love the contrast with the white plates, which are very pretty also. I have them in turquoise. Of course the addition of green really goes well with the purple. Hope it does not freeze there. It’s been raining hard here since I got up…Christine

  6. Ditto to what shirley said!
    I really love this shade of purple and you used it perfectly. It comes off very pronounced and creates that regal, royal and elegant atmosphere that this shade of purple is really about. As tactful and beautiful as ever, thanks for sharing this gorgeous tablescape Alycia!

  7. Gotta love purple. I think every woman alive loves purple. The combination of the purples, greens and whites made a perfect spring setting. You always set an enchanting table.
    I sincerely wish spring would break for you there, you have such a pretty deck and yard for dining.
    Love to you, Ginger

  8. Sorry that Spring has not sprung for you in MO…Mom said they had snowflakes in southern Missouri this morning, too. I guess it would not be very nice of me to tell you that we were running in the back yard yesterday afternoon with shorts and bare feet 😉 Sorry! On a positive note…since your trees are not blooming yet, you are not sneezing your head off like we are either…
    On a nicer note…I love your table, as always. I love the green and purple together. I really love how you layer the napkin in the plates. Very crisp and tailored look. Love that it doesn’t clutter the space with the flatware. Just Beautiful! Thanks for showing us another beautiful table…Hoping that Spring weather comes your way soon so you can enjoy eating outside in your lovely back yard.
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. You are one brave sister!!! That’s what I call taking one for the team. It is a gorgeous table and the colors work so well together. I would have never thought to pair the purple and green glasses. Each time I’m in the dollar store I look for those green classes. I think they’re hiding from me!!!

  10. Your purple spring table is speaking to me. You would never know it wasn’t a pleasant spring day. I think you should come on down to Alabama and play with my dishes and warm up. I love your plates, chargers and those divine napkins. You know all the tricks to a pretty table.

  11. Love love love!!! I keep thinking I will take the purple plunge. But not yet. I do love it. It’s so elegant. I do believe you’ve frozen your tookis off. I know that weather. My sunshine table was just that.. sunshine and cooler temps. Shhh… it’s a secret. The runner and those dishes have me in their grasp! Perfectly accessorized with the flowers.. Awesome!! Stay warm, I hope we had our last freeze this morning! xo marlis

  12. There is not one thing about this table that I don’t adore….and your so sweet to brave the elements to make it for us….I hate to ask if you were able to sit out there an eat at it…but it’s probably the same there as it is here…chilly! Love those green and purple goblets, the chargers and that table runner!

    The only thing the chilly weather has done for me is kept me doing stuff indoors….I cant wait to show you my latest purple tablescape with some new dishes I got…cheap! I am just waiting on some sunlight so they photograph well.


  13. Alycia,

    I am sorry to hear that the temperatures are still freezzing,…that is a bit of a downer when you are trying to celebrate spring with tablescapes. Today, is the first day we made it to 70, I can’t belive it. Girl, you have out done yourself I love the purple and the white together it is just stunning. Love the touches of green. Thanks for going out in the cold to set this beauty up for us to see!


  14. You should have kept your little secret about the weather, your table looked like it was sitting in the middle of a beautiful warm spring day! I thought your flowers were real too! It all looks so elegant, like a table for an outdoor wedding! I have never seen spoons set like that, cool! Setting flatware in unexpected ways makes tables more interesting. I love the moss with the rich purple especially in this outdoor setting. You are just like the postman, neither wind or rain or snow will stop you! ha ha! Beautiful table Alycia!

  15. Beautiful…love the deep purple against the white…very striking. And the centerpiece is stunning.
    Alycia, you were pretty brave doing a table outside this week! It is like winter here, even snowed last night/early this morning and cold enough there was ice on the windshield early this morning! I am so weary of a nice day then 6 cold ones…whatever happened to spring? My lilacs have tons of little clusters, wonder if it will warm up enough for them to blossom or are they going to get frozen…

  16. Oh so pretty, Alycia, and thank you for braving the cold (brrrr!). I love the purple, green and white table. Aren’t those dishes beautiful?? The flatware does compliment them so nicely. I also love the way you drape the napkin. That just adds more beautiful color!! Yes, why not drink out of wine goblets? I even love iced tea in them. It makes me feel special!! Your faux flowers look perfect. Hope your Spring warms up soon!!

  17. First of all, thanks you for sharing the website for the royal purple napkins. I will be spending some time on LinenTablecloth.com. The prices are reasonable!

    Thank you for setting that beautiful table just for us in the freezing cold! My neighbors would think I was nuts if I did that. LOL

    I love the purple, green and white table, and the dishes are lovely. The flatware is stunning too. I always drink out of my Dollar Tree wine goblets. You should be warming up soon 🙂

  18. Alicia, You knocked it out of the park with your purple! Such a gorgeous table, well worth freezing over. Wish I could send some spring your way.
    It was in the 70’s here today. 🙂 Pam

  19. Alycia, my dear! Your tablescapes are so sophisticated! I want to be you, when I grow up. Love the shades of purple with those pretty white plates. No one should have to endure cold weather this time of the year. You are awesome to brave the cold weather for us!!

  20. Soooo Pretty!! I love those white plates. I am so into moss lately – I am enjoying the purple with it. Thanks for freezing your tush off to put together such a wonderful table. It was well worth it, but that is easy for me to say – I wasn’t the one out in the cold!!

  21. I’m so sorry to hear of your terrible weather, but you certainly are ready for Spring with this fantastic table. Love all of the pop of color! we’re both using the same Dollar Tree glasses in our current tables!

    – Alma, The Tablescaper

  22. You are bringing spring to Kansas! I love the colors in the plaid rim pots for your inspiration. The purple napkins is the spark of color that creates a brilliant tablescape. I love how you coordinated the china and silverware pattern. It is a lovely and elegant spring table with the addition of the gorgeous centerpiece. You have done it again and even in a cold environment.


  23. Ah, I see you went outside too for the table this week. It was a little chilly for ours, but I just had to since the sun was out. The purples are fabulous and so rich. Your flatware is so rich too. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  24. Dear Alysia..purple is such a lovely, elegant and great color and it looks wonderful in every season, specially the way you create your gorgeous tablescapes, as this one! I don’t have anything really in this color for my table, except four chargers in purple, which I love with white. You have inspired me to make something in table linens. Yep, I love it for Mom’s Day. Big hugs,

  25. Ah Alycia, beautiful as usual!!! Purple and green are my favourite colour combinations – kind of looks regal to me. Are you sure it’s cold??? Looks like the perfect day from here! Finally our weather is starting to cool down after such a long hot summer – won’t be long and I’ll be hanging out for spring. I can’t believe just how fast the seasons are flying by.

  26. Beautiful colors- nice and earthy! You’ve got a great mix of your purples and greens. I agree- why not use a wine glass for water! I like the texture of the runner and all your accents! Too bad it was so cold- but you know I can relate. (We just got our snow melted!). Lets hope for some real green and purple in the landscape soon!

  27. OK, do you want to know something really pathetic? I want to pin this in the biggest way, but I don’t want my fellow luncheon club girls who are coming next week to see any ideas I might steal from you before they get there. I really (as. in. really. really.) love this table. I clicked it twice to get it twice as big so I could drink it all in. Don’t know what it is about it love so much in particular. Maybe it’s just the whole kit and caboodle.

    A beautiful job.
    And in return, I pray you get some SPRING your way!

  28. Glorious! Just the perfect combinations of colors & textures, Alycia…you are SO good at this. I’d like to know if your white plates from T.J. Maxx were purchased recently? I have a few of them & would like to find more. Should I make a shopping run today & hope to find them?

    Also, I saw you mention “surgery” over on Cuisine Kathleen’s blog? When? Knee??? Shoulder?? I can’t remember you saying for sure, but then I’ve been away from blogland, helping my sister with her TKR. Ugh! I sure hope you don’t have to go through it.


  29. Alycia, this is gorgeous! I love these colors so much. I have to say for it being cold outside there you certainly created a very elegant and enchanting spring scape. Loved your tips on the floral arrangements and the wine glasses too. Why not? This really is all so beautiful, one of my favorites!

  30. Alycia,
    Purple for Spring is such a gorgeous acknowledgement to the Season!!!
    I think you certainly caught Mother Nature’s attention ( and mine) with this color palete!!! I love the blends of purple and greens together!!!
    Thank you for lifting my Seasonal Spirits here on the farther side of the Prairie!!!

  31. Purple for spring or any other time is going to work for me and you know I love the mixing of colors. Cute that you went out into the cold to do this table, and I see from your photos that spring has not sprung yet in your area. No leaves on those trees. Oh, I had to look twice to realize those were faux flowers. Faux has come a long way.

  32. Suuuuuper Pretty! I love it! So beautiful! I need to go to “linentablecloth.com” and get me some of those gorgeous napkins!! So sorry the weather has been so yucky for you!!! Hope you have a great weekend! ❤

  33. Love this color combination a lot. The details on the plates are very pleasing to my eye. Sorry that Spring is alluding you. I was wondering if we’d be seeing sunshine here in Southern California but I didn’t need to wait long…
    I’m impressed that you braved the weather and went outside to create this beautiful table!

  34. Love your deep purple Alycia in contrast the the white tablecloth! Your long tables always looks so festive and impressive! Sorry about Mother Nature not providing you with spring weather! We’ve had a roller coaster of a spring, but fortunately no freezing temps or snowflakes.

  35. Beautiful purple tablescape! You are brave to have it outside in the cold!

    Thank you for your comment and sharing your bluebird story with me. How sweet to have your bluebird honoring your brother. I’m sorry my story made you cry. My brother died when he was only 52. All of my family has passed now, I’m the only one left. I do have my own family with my husband, children, grands, etc.

    Keep up the good work with lovely ‘scapes!!



  36. Beautiful Alycia! One would never know how cold it was setting up that table as it exudes warmth and celebration! We had a snow storm on Tuesday and now are expecting temps in the 70’s this weekend! Perhaps we will get a few weeks of Spring after all 🙂

  37. I never think of purple for Spring! Even though there are purple flowers all over my lawn. Oh wait, those are weeds. Oh well, if anyone could make me think of purple as a spring color, it’s you and your pretty setting.

  38. Alycia,, this is beautiful..can’t believe you had such cold temps..we are warm down here in the south..hope you are warmer by now…I love the purple on white..it is so crisp and sophisticated….so much fun to look at your tables…so many ideas and inspiration…
    Love, Mona

  39. Hi Alycia,
    So sorry I am so late getting around to visit, but work is brutal lately and I am brain dead when I get home. Finally, though, a day off and enough brain cells to say, “this is totally awesome!”. So glad you braved the freezing temps b/c it’s really beautiful in the natural outdoor light. I have those same dishes in green and I love the texture they bring to the party don’t you? I hope it is warming up for you by now. Dianne

  40. Alycia – you need to write a book on how to use white tablecloths correctly. I never get tired of the endless variations that keep your tables so classy and timeless. I like those dishes, especially the salad plate with that center medallion, and you, wisely chose not to cover it with anything. We haven’t had much of a spring around here either. I sure wish it warms up soon.

  41. Gorgeous table as always, Alycia! I also loved the tips interspersed. I agree…why not use wine glasses? They are so pretty, plus maybe if you drink your water, you get wine next 🙂
    I always learn something about tablescaping from you. Just hope I can remember it all to put into action some day. Hope spring makes its way to you, my dear!

  42. When I read the title “Purple for Spring” I thought “not even Alycia can pull this one” ahahaha 😉 Wrong, you did. I love it! It’s so elegant that one almost forgives the lack of Spring.
    I have a thing with the glasses too. And after reading many of the comments above you’ve just gave us the excuse – if Alycia can :P…
    Lovely, lovely. Hope weather is better now. It’s getting ruined here, so if it has to go somewhere I’m sending it your way.
    Take Care, Sweet Lady!

  43. I can’t believe you braved the cold to do a scape!
    Your table is beautiful, I am fond of purple and you do it grandly! Love the detail on the plates, the medallion looks so regal.
    I hope Spring arrives there soon!
    Thank you for linking to Let’s Dish!

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