Coming Full Circle

Whether you’re just bored stiff with nothing better to do this weekend, you’re just curious, or you’ve been looking for a solid reason to have me committed…I now have an updated “About Me/Media” page that lets you in on how I came full circle to create Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One. Some of the pictures are good for a belly laugh. 🙂




Thanks for your visits and support. It gives me something to look forward to each day!

10 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

  1. Here I sit on a Sunday morning trying to finish up a lesson I’ve been working on. (Yes, still sitting on the fence…) I decided to spend just a few minutes in blogville, and I came here. How in the world did I miss that post about your storage? It was wonderful!! I’m not only impressed but your little poses along the tour make me giggle.

    And the “about you” page was such a wonderful read. I loved hearing the whole story of how you came to be wonderful you. Fantastic!! And the name “Something Borrowed” is just plum perfect. Perfect!


  2. Wow Alycia, that is an impressive career story! Parts of it I had learned from reading your blog, but I really enjoyed reading the entire version and learning so much more about my amazing blog friend…I am so sorry about your back, it is so difficult to realize that our bodies won’t cooperate any more…but look at the new door that opened for you, your blog and more intimate tablescaping! You are a delight in your honest and open way, and talented in so many ways. You have been inspirational and encouraging to me since the beginning of my blogging days and I can never tell you how much I appreciate it. Stay well my friend, we have much to learn from you!


  3. ooh, can’t wait to head over and read it Alycia! I always enjoy your humor and learning more about you plus I was just thinking to myself this week that I needed a reason to have you committed. Who am I kidding…the world would miss you and your beautiful tables if you were locked up!


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