Rolling Fields of Green – St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

A million-and-one thanks to blog party hostesses Marty at A Stroll Thru Life (155th Tabletop Tuesday) and Jessica at A Humble Creation (A New Creation link party #3) for featuring my tablescape from last week honoring fellow blogger Vernice at We Three Dogs & Me! I am honored, flattered, and tickled petal pink! 🙂

A portion of this post is featured in the January 2015 issue of “Kansas City At Home” magazine along with an interview regarding trends for entertaining at home!


“They say Mother Earth is breathing
With each wave that finds the shore.
Her soul rises in the evening
For to open twilight’s door.
Her eyes are the stars in heaven,
Watching o’er us all the while.
And her heart, it is in Ireland
Deep within the Emerald Isle.”
(Opening lyrics of “
lyrics by Stephanie Davis, Jenny Yates, Garth Brooks)



Charger, Flatware, Stemware collage IIThis year’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner party tablescape has a very organic quality about it, mixed with a little pot o’ gold glitz. It started with a full-length white tablecloth ( as the foundation. Beautiful rippled glass champagne-colored chargers purchased from Costco a couple of years ago lay beneath creamy white dishes from T.J. Maxx. Godinger’s “Dublin” crystal (what else for St. Patrick’s Day?!) and goldtone flatware round out the place setting.

DSCN2206WM - 2

Flower, shrub, lg. moss ball collage

Moss balls on brass stand collage

Cabbage collageI tend to use more subtly symbolic decor when decorating for St. Patrick’s Day, hence the moss, cabbage, evergreens (all symbolizing the rolling green fields of Ireland) and gold accents (the pot of gold, of course!). Florals and greenery are assembled in a tightly gathered parade of creamy, rustic stone & earthenware pots (symbolic of the many fences made of stone in the Irish countryside) that I placed on a moss table runner. Gold mercury glass votives dot the centerpiece, and a few extra moss balls show up on worn golden-colored stands tinged with verdigris.

TIP: Using lots of pots or vases in the same color family creates a harmonious look down the length of your table. You can connect the centerpiece even further by placing everything on a runner or tray.


Buffet collage - 2The buffet behind the dining table is very simply dressed with a pair of antique white stone urns topped with evergreen mounds, a trio of gold mercury glass votives, and a tray of “Dublin” rocks glasses to serve a wee bit o’ Brendan’s Irish Cream after dinner.

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I am proud to participate this week in Cuisine Kathleen’s “5th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl“. Head on over there to check out lots of tables wearin’ the green! I am also taking part in Marty’s 156th “Tabletop Tuesday“, Susan’s “Tablescape Thursday” and The Home Girl’s “Festive Friday Fiesta“.

“Ireland, I am coming home.
I can see your rolling fields of green
and fences made of stone.
I am reaching out.
Won’t you take my hand?
I’m coming home, Ireland.”
Ireland” chorus)

68 thoughts on “Rolling Fields of Green – St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

  1. Stunning! I love all the “vegetation” and the beautiful elegance. I’m always amazed at how you pair bargain finds with your “fancier” pieces and come up with such lovely creations. Wish I had the eye for design that you do, Alycia!
    Where will all the plants find a home when the table is taken down?

  2. Top of the mornin’ to ya ! As a fan of the “Holiday” St. Patrick’s Day, I love your tablescape ! I’ll be “wearing of the green” this week-end how about you ?
    May the luck of the Irish be with you. 🙂

  3. Totally lovely Alycia, all of the organic elements are beautiful and seem to envelope your table with a serene and dream like quality. Perfect for any Spring occasion, the nods to St. Pat’s are subtle and fun. Loved the poem too!

  4. Gorgeous, Alycia! The addition of the beautiful green elements lends a lovely touch for St. Patrick’s Day without going hog-wild with the leprechauns! Very elegant!

  5. Welp, you did it AGAIN! This is absolutely marvelous! I love those moss orbs, the Beautiful large urns on the buffet, the TJ Maxx “plate perfection” and all of the beautiful subtle tributes to the “motherland” haha! Love, Love, LOVE!!!

  6. Gorgeous with all the rolling green down the center of the table…I love it! Simple,
    yet elegant.
    Are you going to be serving corned beef? I can hardly wait for the 17th…don’t care so much about the cabbage, but love the corned beef!

  7. Oh Alycia.. not one “St. Pat” item on the table and yet you’ve transported us to Ireland via the textures and colors. I am totally smitten with your centerpiece. I was going to use cabbage, no shamrocks to be found, but was stuck in the house with an abscessed tooth and high potency pain killers – so sad!! The dishes are quite wonderful too. I haven’t been to TJ’s in a while and must get my shopping shoes on! You always do the prettiest sideboards to go with your table.. You rock girl! xo marlis

  8. Love how you incorporated the moss into your St.Pat’s table. I like how full the center of the table is, too. Very pretty!

  9. Once again, you blow us away with a marvelous tablescape! You really add so much character and heart into these tablescapes by using your own unique and exquisite style while incorporating elements of your theme, St. Patrick’s Day, to create a beautiful and astonishing tablescape. It is simply spectacular that you were able to stay away from the traditional symbols and still be able to bring St. Patrick’s Day to the table! Very elegant and tasteful. Thank you so much for sharing, you really are an inspiration to others, so keep them coming!

  10. I love the Alycia. It’s just the perfect touch of green without being over the top. I really like those chargers from Costco, really, Costco? I never go down the dish aisle at Costco, but I will now. Beautiful job as usual. Dianne

  11. Alycia, this is another stunning tablescape. I love the simplistic feel of the stone pots filled with greens. Simple, but elegant! My favorite look. I have been buying small urns when I find them and have topped each with preserved boxwood balls. Love the idea of setting these on a mat of green moss. The metal stand with the figural legs is a clever addition and unexpected. Yes, this just may be my favorite tablescape!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful inspiration. ~ Sarah

  12. So very elegant! All of that lush green vegetation looks very inviting right now. Well done! Your talent ceases to amaze me. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  13. Hello Lady A!
    This is one of the most greenie/healthy/organic tablesetting I’ve today.

    Look at the urns? I could do anything to have them “NOW” §:-) I am drooling, pls send to Sweden— LoL*

    Perfect setting in every angle. So gorgeously done (evah).

    Happy Day, to you and your sweeties.

    /CC girl from D´Box

  14. I like your “symbollic” St. Pat’s table, Alycia, because it could be used at other times of the year as well. And I like your tip as well–a nice addition to your posts now. The rolling hills effect is evident and lovely. Happy St. Patrick’s day at your house from ours! ~Zuni

  15. Beautiful!!!…but than, I don’t spect anything less from you my darling! I love the dishes you chose and the centerpieces with the moss orbs, are just fabulous! Your urns..SWOON…You made a quite simple and yet so elegant, with the addition of the gold stone flatware.. and with such taste and class, that it really overwhelms me. I’d love to sit there with you and chat and have some wine together! Happy St. Pat’s Day.

  16. What a great nod to the holiday without a leprechaun, top hat or shiny metallic green. And not a four leaf clover in sight. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that. This is different and that’s what makes it so special. Other than the fact that my sister from another mister put it together!:)

  17. Alycia~ Your table is so elegant with your pots of mixed greenery! I think I’ll chime along with everyone and say this may be one of my favorite tables of yours! Love your subtle golds at the table.

  18. I love all the natural elements!! Who knew cabbage could be so beautiful!! Gorgeous table. Hey! I opened a magazine at the store today and there was your tablescape article!!! I got so excited all over again!

  19. Oh Alycia, your centerpiece reminded me of the patchwork fields in Ireland. I love all the textures and various shades of color. You put together the prettiest tables. Can I be a guest??

  20. Always a wonderful surprise to see what you have created! This is a very natural tablescape with the great touch of elegance. The addition of gold is so subtle. I love your greens with the differing heights of the containers. Glad to see your lovely magazine article and it is wonderful you are recognized for all your talents in creating thel tablescape.


  21. Absolutely stunning! LOVE LOVE the organic elements and stone pots symbolizing the countryside of Ireland. This may be my favorite of all your tablescapes.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  22. Alycia, Just when I think you can’t top yourself, here you come with this GORGEOUS table!!! I love the centerpiece. I always think of cabbages for the fall, but this is brilliant and perfect for the theme. It makes me think spring and outdoor time is just around the corner. Beautiful! Linda

  23. Absolutely beautiful Alycia! I love your flatware. So shiny gold! And I’ll chorus with the others, your centerpiece is magnificent! I have the same Godinger stems. They are perfect on your table!

  24. I look forward to your tables every week, and you never let me down. I know you put a lot of time into this, so I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I love your flatware, and the florals and greenery are a perfect touch. I’m looking forward to some fields of green soon! xo Debbie

  25. I love all the organic touches. The green makes me think~ Health for some reason. Your commentary flows like music and takes us to Ireland in our thoughts. Perfect tablescape as usual!

  26. And we have yet another centerpiece that is going into my borrow/copy/outright steal file. This one is glorious! I just bought some moss balls this week for my Lenox urns that I use incessantly. I’m now even more excited to use them. I really like the assortment of greenery. Superb, Ms. Alycia! Cherry Kay

  27. Beautiful table, Alycia. Love all the shades of green, very elegant. Gold flatware too!
    Thanks for joining in with this masterpiece. I am sending 20 of my rowdy relatives over, hide the topiaries, they may want to eat them! 🙂

  28. My dear – you really know how to set a table! This one is so elegant and I love how you incorporated the cabbages and all of the greenery. Love those chargers and the gold flatware. Gorgeous, as always!!!

  29. Alycia,
    I’m swooning over your Emerald Isle tablescape, dear friend!!!
    My favorite color palette and so elegantly mastered!!!
    The antique urns are exquisite!
    Thank you for sharing your design talents with us!

  30. Ho Alycia….This is yet an other beautiful green scape by you.very elegant.Napkin fold is very pretty.A perfect table for the evening…Happy St pat day to u…:):)

  31. Alycia,
    How I have missed you! Your tablesetting is just beautiful……I just love all the colors and details. Thank you for sharing ! I will be back in a few weeks and share my story…..

  32. Oh, my! What a fabulous table! I love that it feels Irish, and yet, there’s nothing really Irish in it! I’m in love with those moss balls!!! The Costco chargers blew my mind. I’d never have thought to look for chargers at Costco. Is no place safe for my wallet??? I’m going to go to Costco with a whole new attitude from now on . . .

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  34. Absolutely beautiful table! I love all of the different heights you’ve added with the various urns and pots. You found such an elegant way to incorporate the Irish greens with the mosses, cabbage, and evergreens! So pretty and a gorgeous table setting to share with company for St. Patrick’s Day!

  35. Such an exquisite St. Patty’s table…no, St. Patrick’s…can’t use the casual “St. Patty’s” to describe that elegant table….I love those urns on the buffet!!!…so majestic!!…and the combination of the flowers and the mosses is just breathtaking!!…love, love the table!…Happy St. Patrick’s Day Alycia!

  36. St.Patrick’s Day….is it already that time? I usually have corned beef and cabbage, but my time clock is so screwed up that may get put off until Easter! As always your table is just right for the occasion. I like all the growing things you’ve added.

  37. Another great table, Alycia! You make St. Patrick’s Day look so elegant and festive, at the same time! I love all of the floral elements and the greenery. Everything is just perfection! You are the queen of tablescapes, my friend!!

  38. Love the mossy orbs! They give a real Irish fields feel to your table! Your beautiful dishes and stemware give it that extra sophistication for a terrific contrast. I enjoyed my visit here!


  39. This is beautiful, Alycia! It’s so very elegant. I love all the moss & greenery for the centerpiece. I love how it represents the rolling green fields of Ireland, yet it could just stand alone and be nothing more than a beautiful centerpiece. It’s very smart.

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  41. Ain’t nothin’ but FABULOUS going on at this table! Love it!

    Thank you so much for linking up at the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA Link Party! And thank you so much for all the hard work you did on that button! You’re the best, girl! =D

  42. Just stunning! Seeing this took me right back to Ireland. I think you covered all 40 shades of green and then some! Stopping by from Kathleen’s St. Pat’s blog crawl! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely table!

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