The Party She Deserves – Birthday Dinner for My Blog Friend, Vernice

When I first started blogging about 3 years ago, I had no idea I would make so many long-distance friends. I have such a good time getting to know you! Even though I’ve only met a couple of my blog friends in person, I have still developed deep, lasting friendships with several people. One of those people, Vernice, celebrated her 82nd birthday last week. (I don’t think she’ll mind my posting her age since she has it right there on her blog, We Three Dogs and Me.) Because Vernice and I live about 1300 miles apart and I have a profound fear of flying, I have never had the pleasure of seeing and embracing this lovely lady in the flesh. I hope to remedy that some day. Meanwhile, I want to honor Vernice in the best way I know how. This is the birthday dinner I would give to celebrate 82 wonderful years of my friend, Vernice…the party I would give if I just lived closer…because in my heart, she deserves it.
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DSCN2090WMI still think of 82 as being a spring chicken! I would want Vernice to enjoy being Queen for a Day in a room filled with light, spring-like colors that express the joy and optimism I see in her personality, her heart, and each tablescape she lovingly creates. And flowers…Vernice would be treated to LOTS of flowers!!!*

IFThis table for 8 would work well for an upscale Spring birthday celebration, bridal shower, bridesmaids’ luncheon, and even a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party! Swap the apples out for eggs, and it could even work beautifully for Easter Sunday.


IFI chose to expose the bare wood of the table and use placemats, draped off the side. I used Granny Smith apple green and white houndstooth placemats and white poppy bowls from Pier 1, along with cotton napkins and B. Smith square dinner plates from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Stemware, flatware, bowl collageSimple clear glassware and stemware keep the place settings from competing with the abundance of decor. I used many of these elements in another tablescape, Apple Green Luncheon, a couple of years ago. It never ceases to amaze me how the same basic elements can produce so many different looks!


Floral, bowl of apples, pepper shaker collage

Lit candle, short floral collageThe centerpiece is made up of many different elements including fresh white bird salt & pepper shakers purchased from Pier 1 several years ago. Vernice loves birds (and all animals…especially her dogs Peanut & Bambi, and her frisky new kitty cat) so I wanted to be sure to include them! A pair of white turned wood candlesticks from Z Gallerie are parked on each side of a Ralph Lauren reticulated white pedestal bowl piled high with apples. White roses spill from the same small bowls used at each place setting and white ceramic vases from Michaels. TIP #1: Using multiple heights of flowers on the table adds interest and color.


Buffet floral collage

Buffet apple and orchid floral collageI wanted the dining table backdrop to be really dramatic, so I used a number of different white and clear floral vessels to achieve that look. Tall white ceramic cylinders overflowing with wispy white orchids, white reticulated vessels (these are actually candle holders, but you can simply slip in a clear glass vase to hold the water) filled with hydrangea, viburnum, roses, tulips and hypericum berries, and smaller containers with roses and hydrangea are scattered across the buffet. White wood candlesticks like those on the dining table create a bit of ambient light that bounces off the mirror behind. TIP #2: Using a mirror as a backdrop works wonders to double the depth, color, beauty and ambient light in your decor. TIP#3: Use a variety of flowers in the same shade for a textural bonanza!


Tea cart collage

DSCN1820WMAlways a little something-something for the tea cart and top of the china cabinet.

To my dear, sweet Vernice…I love, admire, honor and respect you with all my heart. You are a strong, sensitive, brave and giving person with untold talents and a heart as big as 1000 lakes. Happy Birthday #82, and I wish you the best year ever!

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I am sharing Vernice’s birthday celebration dinner with Jessica at A Humble Creation for her Monday Link Party, Marty’s “Tabletop Tuesday“, Cuisine Kathleen’s “Let’s Dish!” (Wednesday after 6:00 p.m. Central time), The Style Sisters for Centerpiece Wednesday, Yvonne at Stone Gable for “Tips, Tutorials & Tidbits”, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday” (Thursday after 9:00 a.m. Central time), and a brand spankin’ new blog party, “Fiesta Friday”, over at The Home Girl! You can also see my work at!

*The florals used for this “fantasy table” are faux, but I recommend using fresh flowers for real dinner parties whenever your budget allows. There’s just nothing like ’em and you can give them away as favors to the guests as they leave!

73 thoughts on “The Party She Deserves – Birthday Dinner for My Blog Friend, Vernice

  1. Wow! Gorgeous! You really transformed that quaint room into a regal dinner party! I love the inviting spring colors, they just really set the mood. Your friend Vernice sounds like a wonderful person and this is a beautiful tablescape that anyone would love. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Alycia, I love this nice spring table. You are such a lovely person to create a special birthday table for Vernice. Love the simplicity of the white and green apple. The flower arrangements are beautiful, even if they are faux. I loved seeing the wood show through on your table. The way you displayed the placemats is so different. Such a bright and cheerful table for Vernice. I hope she has a fabulous birthday.

  3. I would love to be one of the guests and meet Vernice who sounds very special. The green and white is so fresh and feminine and timely. Where did you find those pierced cylindrical pieces on your sideboard? They look like my jars in the DR — I need to get a couple like yours for flowers.

  4. What a dear and sweet friend you are. This table is so beautiful, springlike, fresh, crisp! Love it and your inspiration for it. Blessings to both you and Vernice, and wishing Vernice a very happy birthday. xo

  5. So fresh and pretty. I think this is one of my favorites yet! I love the draped place mats and off-center napkin and bowls. Beautiful! All of it!

  6. You are certainly a blessing to all of us bloggers!!! This is a beautiful, lively spring tablescape. The abundance of flowers on the buffet is gorgeous.. and I love the hanging placemats in what seems to be the same shade of green. The plates have a gorgeous form to them too. What kind of cake is that under the dome? Did I miss that tidbit? Must go back and look. Happy Birthday to Vernice.. a beautiful table for a beautiful lady! xo marlis

  7. Awesome job Alycia! Lots of wow here! I love all the flowers on the buffet and all the white and fresh green coloring. I like how you placed the mats and the dinner plate with the bowl tucked at the corner on the napkins. You have such a flair for details. I love how you used those white reticulated pieces for flower vases! Great way to get more than one use out of a product! Happy Birthday to Vernice and I’m sure she loved this!

  8. Alycia,
    This is such a sweet gesture. You are such a dear. I know Vernice will be thrilled. I have watched her blog and love her posts. Your table is excellent! I love all the white flowers and the green just pops. Happy Birthday to Vernice! Dianne

  9. So lovely. I’m sure your friend loves this. That cart in the dining room corner from Hartsfeld’s must be every bit of sixty years, It’s as if I made the purchase yesterday, You have kept it in such good shape. I could not think of a better person to have inherited it.

  10. This is a wonderful tribute to Vernice. Meeting friends on-line has proven to be one of the best experiences as a result of technology. Alycia, you are a such great friend and distance, in this case, does not matter because you have shared your heart and talent, and showed her you were thinking of her. I just know she is pleased with such a nice birthday gift. Everything is so beautiful.

  11. Perfect for our friend Vernice! The setting is cheerful, and filled with items she loves. Best wishes for a happy, healthy year Vernice!!

  12. Happy Birthday to Vernice! When you visit Vernice, let me know. I can get to the Thousand Islands in less than three hours. (I think)

    Alycia, you are such a great friend, and Vernice will be over the moon when she sees this. Wishing Vernice a year filled with everything she desires.

  13. Happy Birthday Vernice!!….I can say that you have a wonderful friend in Alycia…she is the best….Alycia…the table is certainly honored your friend Vernice by presenting her with this fabulous table in her honor…I love, love the buffet…the vases are beautiful and I love your tip about varying the size of the arrangements…I always pay close attention to your scapes…I learn so much from you!!…

  14. Stunning! I love the combo of crisp white and that apple green! What a dear friend you are to celebrate Vernice’s special day from afar in a truly unique and beautiful way! Every detail is perfect and really getting me ready for spring! Thank you for brightening my day and happy birthday to Vernice!

  15. So fresh and beautiful! Apple green and white are stunning together, and those placemats are gorgeous! Vernice will be honored, indeed, by this pretty birthday tablescape.

  16. I can’t find the right words to tell you how much I love and appreciate this post. It is filled with eye candy, wondeful tips, and the glowing admiration of one friend to another. Beautifully done!!!

  17. Wow! What a lovely table for Vernice! You’ve done it again: What I intended to be a quick peek, has turned into an hour of surfing on your blog, going from link to link. So fabulous. It’s so funny because I’ve been playing with a tablescape for St. Patrick’s Day, and I was thinking that I wanted to place a small salad bowl to the side, instead of the center of the dinner plate, and here you are, doing just that! I hope I can pull it off as well as you have. Love the white bird salt and pepper shakers and all the reticulated pieces. I saw some reticulated urns at Ballard Designs that would fit in with your collection beautifully . . .

  18. Hello, I love your Tablescapes!! I have always wanted to be an event planner, but I need to cover the family health insurance and cant go out on my own. Anyway, I love throwing theme parties and I am in the process of surprising my daughter on March 30th (she will be 23 years old) with a fortune teller birthday theme. I have some things planned already – (which includes a fortune teller coming to read palms), but I’m not sure how to decorate the table. I have some tulle thoughts that will cover a glowing glass ball, an apple at each place – to have the girls cut open and count the seeds – each number represents something… do you have any suggestions for me? Joanne

  19. hi Aylcia, What a wonderful post and birthday tribute to Vernice! I know she is overwhelmed with that gorgeous table. Apple green is one of my favorite colors and I love your simple pairing with plain white. Elegant is the word that comes to mind! The way you offset the napkin and bowl at each setting is a fab detail, so contemporary. The tips are great, love the texture “bonanza!” Thank you so much for sharing your talent…I’m off to peruse your other green & white creations!

  20. November 8…you have plenty of time to plan…:-). This one really grabbed me; I’ve now come back to it three times. I saved pics of the table and buffet…the composition of both is superb! I don’t usually buy/use pillar candle sticks, but that is going to change. This is beyond gorgeous. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  21. Alycia, you are a beautiful person ad caring person to think about wanting and not being able to do this for a dear friend. I feel honored and lucky to know such a wonderful person. I am afraid to fly too maybe some day you will take the plunge.


  22. What a beautiful scape Alycia….i was seeing it again and again….like the way you have put the table mat.The colour combo just superb.Everything looks stunning.Those flowers so very pretty..Indeed a grand celebration for a great friendship..A tablescape filled with lots and lots of love and beauty…i am touched..Thank you Alycia…:):)

  23. The green and white is gorgeous and your tablescape is stunning. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  24. You are so sweet, Alycia. This table is gorgeous and so fresh as spring. I am sure Vernice is smiling from ear to ear and so happy you set this fabuous table for her. Happy birthday, Vernice!

  25. Well, this tablescape is just divine!!! Thanks for sharing all of your tips with us. I love how the bowls and napkins are offset to the side. I saw your post over at “A Stroll Thru Life”.

  26. Oh gosh, Alycia, this table setting is gorgeous!! What a lovely way to celebrate a dear friend; and so perfect for all the occasions that you mentioned! The green and white color scheme is so fresh and crisp! You did a beautiful job, as always!

  27. Hi Alycia, I think this tablescape moves close to the top of my favorites. This is spring perfect with this gorgeous green and white. The shape of the plates is so nice and I love how you placed the napkin and bowl off center. A beautiful presentation. The sideboard is equally lovely with the flowers. What a thoughtful way to say hello to your sweet friend. She may surprise you with a visit. This is lovely, I wouldn’t expect anything less with your flair and talents!

  28. Alycia, as always you have created a beautiful theme and shared your loving spirit with us. I love the bright green — and I think you’re going to be jealous of the greeny napkins I scored from Tuesday Morning. Watch my space for them… 🙂

  29. Alycia, Such a crisp and clean table setting for your friend! I love apple green and your pictures look like I can just reach out and grab an apple! I am honored to have met you thru blogging. You are such an inspirational person with so much talent!

  30. Happy Birthday to Vernice! What a beautiful table and sweet celebration for a blogging friend, even if only virtual! The green and white is so crisp and fresh and I love the houndstooth check mats draped off the edge of the table! I always enjoy seeing your creativity at the table and reading your witty commentary. I know Vernice must be thrilled! Feel free to thrill me April 27th 🙂

  31. What a beautiful table Alycia! That wonderful green just pops and is great with the white. The houndstooth is a fun addition for sure! A very happy birthday to Vernice!!

  32. OK, I am loving this one in the biggest way! I was just sitting here staring at my mantel last night and thinking that I wanted to stop the kitchen train long enough to make it pretty for spring before summer gets here. This was the look I was dreaming up in my head, right down to the apples. And then, HERE IT IS! I love the gingham placemats and the way they hang over the edge. One of my luncheon buddies did that recently, and I’ve been planning to copy cat it. It’s just wonderful and so springy and happy.

    The very first thing that I did was try to pin it for inspiration. And doggone it, wouldn’t you know it? Something is “up” with my computer, and my pin it button disappeared.


    Happy Birthday to Verice!

  33. Thank you so much Alycia to mention about my blog in your last post.So kind of you…it’s a great feeling to be with other talented bloggers around the world..thank you…love …sujatha:):)

  34. Awww Alycia, that was the sweetest party for Vernice!! It’s amazing the connections we get with our dear blogging friends, isn’t it?? Your table looks so clean and fresh. I love that granny apple green color with the white. I’m loving the placement of the placemats. Your buffet table looks spectacular with all the variety in heights and textures. You always amaze me with your unlimited talents and inspiration. xo

  35. Alycia – what a beautiful tribute to a person who must be pretty special. Happy Birthday to Vernice! Your table is lovely and the display on the sideboard is spectacular! Loved all of the tips, but you ccould “tip” me to death and I could never pull off something that grand. You truly are one talented gal with a fabulous sense of humor and I am so glad that I have gotten to know you in blogland!

  36. Alycia,
    I can’t think of a nicer present to give Vernice in light of her amazing birthday celebration than a gorgeous tablescape as you’ve created, dear friend!!!
    I simply adore the flowers set in front of a mirror!!! Breathtaking, indeed!!!
    Love, the houndstooth placemats draped off the table!!!
    This color palette is soothing and yet enlightening for the onset of Spring!
    Sheer perfection!!!

  37. who knew when we all started blogging the precious friendships that would be cultivated. I am meeting a blogging friend tomorrow. I love the apple green apples with the white tulips and roses and I know Vernice did too. Happy Happy Birthday Vernice. xo P.S. That’s fabulous you are in C & B….wowzer

  38. I love the spring-like feel of this table. I love the colors, and the angle of the placemats. Then I think about all of the men in my family and how they would no doubt knock these placemats to the floor and the dishes with them. LOL, but true!

  39. You are such a wonderful internet friend to all, Alycia…and great tablescaper. You know I love this table with all the bright green! Thanks for sharing your talent and tips each week. One day we will meet!

  40. Such a sweet post, Alycia. I’m sure Vernice is very happy and touched by the way you chose to honor her. Every detail is beautiful, but the wild and crazy profusion of flowers is what really takes it over the top. The color scheme is also smashing. Love it as always! ~Zuni

  41. Okay, I am officially a fan!!! I love tablescaping and have spent untold hours browsing through many websites. Yours, Alycia, are always the best. Please, keep posting the wonderful tablescapes you create.

  42. Alycia,this is a favorite for me. I love the fresh green for spring. Like you, I often like to let the rich wood tone of the table shine through. The houndstooth check cloths are a great choice. You are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing……..Sarah

  43. Oh, girl…you KNOW I LOVE THIS!!!! This is absolutely fabulous! But I never expect anything less from you and your awesomeness!!! =D

    I LOVE those beautiful white candleholders and the gorgeous flowers everywhere! I know Vernice must be very honored and touched! Hope she had a great Birthday!!!

    You know…MY birthday is coming up in OCTOBER (hint, hint!) haha! Just teasin’! Thanks so much for sharing this on the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA link party, my friend! You Rock! =D Have a great weekend!!!

  44. Hi lovely lady.
    Elegant is the word that comes to mind! The way you offset the napkin and bowl at each setting is a fab detail, so contemporary. The tips are great, love the texture. Thank you so much for sharing your talent…I love the green & white colors. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Also thanks so much for your sweet comments on my “Dinner La Chef ”
    XXOO Diane

  45. Loving this!!!! the apple green and white looks so crisp! I live the way you off set the apple to the side, it adds a certain sense of classiness that you have!! thanks for sharing your tips and knowledge.

  46. Another of your amazingly elegant tables that at the same time is filled with warmth. A fabulous birthday gift for a friend you’ve never met.

  47. What a beautiful tablescape,love the colors. Good luck with your home repairs, mine are causing me pleasure and stress LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  48. What a beautiful table….those colors just suit me to a Spring tee! What a wonderful tribute to Vernice….she’s a remarkable woman….certainly someone to celebrate. Thanks for your visit to my rooster table….I agree about the chicken recipe on the calendar….I think I will pass….

  49. Swooning here! It is so fresh and crisp, I love it. The flowers are fantastic!
    And yes, I could see it for St. Pat’s too.
    You did a great job, the table is showstopping. Take a bow!

  50. LOVE the tablescape from the fresh green and white colors to the off-center placement of the bowls and napkins. Beautifully done!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  51. Hi Alycia. What a loving tribute to Vernice. Your table is just scrumptious. Love the color and textures. You always describe your tables capes so beautifully. I feel the same way you do about blog friends. I have only been at it for a year and am already so attached to some of the bloggers. 🙂

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