Coming Up Roses

 As I work to soak up every last bit of warmth Mother Nature has to offer, I continue to entertain on our deck. Last week offered a seesaw of daytime highs, and this 74 degree afternoon seemed perfect for a cup of warm mulled cider in place of tea to go with our (bakery) apple strudel and very lively conversation.

If I could dress every tea time table in pink and white, I would! There is nothing so feminine as the soft color of pink!!!

I had not used these wonderful Maxcera “Victorian Toile Rose” dishes since my Mom’s birthday party in early spring. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it still seemed appropriate to introduce lots of pink into the tablescape. (Click here to see a slightly more over-the-top table for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You can also click visit “Princess Pink Birthday Dinner” and “Pretty in Pink” whose color scheme and elements are also appropriate.)

I just love little touches like this!

This “Danish Princess” silverplate design is among my favorites and such a great match for the very feminine dishware.

Each delicate cotton luncheon napkin was rolled and “tied” with a garland of euonymus from the yard.

The gorgeous pink roses were sent earlier in the week from former clients commemorating their six-year anniversary. (It’s so nice to be remembered. I was truly touched by the gesture!) I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to share their beauty and wonderful fragrance with friends. The roses are displayed in a Godinger crystal rose bowl with the classic “Olympia” design.

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Au Revoir!


Even though apple cider was on the menu this past week, I am so happy to once again join in with the discerning women at Lady Katherine’s Tea Parlor for Tea Time Tuesday!


13 thoughts on “Coming Up Roses

  1. Alycia, I just checked out all the tables under your ‘fun stuff’ tab and oh my! There is not one setting I would not love to have on my table. You are so talented! You make me want to run out and get some pink dishes to set such a pretty table. The Paris table setting is breath taking , especially the night pics of the lit candles, truly dramatic. I am checking out your site for the next tea party I host. The ideas for food, settings, etc….well, you’re the place to see.


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