Pink Plaid & Posies

I’ve created a bonus tablescape this week so that I can participate in The Tartan Parade co-hosted by blogger buddies Babs (Upstairs Downstairs), Sarah (Hyacinths for the Soul), Delores (Vignette Design), and Alison (The Polohouse). Stop on over to see the other fabulous and fun tartan plaid tablescapes! I’m also linking up with the fun weekly party, Pink Saturday. If you like pink like I do, you’ll love this party!

Celebrate National Tartan    Day

I wore a plaid uniform nearly every single day in grade school and high school, so a tiny masochistic vestige of tartan plaid clothing remains in my closet. I don’t, however, own much of anything that is plaid in the way of decorating. When I found these pink plaid salad plates, though, I knew I was in like Flynn! (Or “Flint”, depending on which camp you belong to!) I could do a Spring tablescape in pastel pink plaid for the Tartan Parade! I decided to dress the table accordingly using various shades and widths of pink ribbon in a woven plaid design.

I liked the way the ribbon treatment came out over the white full-length table linen, so I just kept running with it! (My husband – the infamous “Tablescape Whisperer” – wanted me to do the entire table in this ribbon plaid treatment. He must be trippin’! ;-))

A white ceramic charger (Old Time Pottery) is topped with a plain white Corelle dinner plate. The pretty pink plaid salad plate is topped with a neat little bowl from Pier 1 that cradles the napkin.

A white cotton hemstitch napkin is gathered up with a bright pink glass napkin ring from Bed Bath & Beyond.

International Silver’s “Danish Princess” flatware rests comfortably atop the ribbon treatment. You can see more clearly here the use of two shades of pink ribbon.

Everyday clear glass stemware from Old Time Pottery is perfect for a pared down Spring luncheon without a lot of frills.

Using two shades of Gerbera daisies lends depth to the bouquets plopped into a parade of curvy white ceramic vases from Michael’s.

What’s a Springtime luncheon without a little take home gift for your guests? Again, two shades of ribbon to make it look just a little more interesting.

So there you have it! A Spring (or Summer!) luncheon (that would also work well for Mother’s Day, a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or to celebrate a friend who has battled breast cancer) in pink plaid with posies! I don’t think you’ll ever see this plaid in a Scottish kilt, but I think it works for lunch!

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I’m also hooking up with “The Tablescaper” for Seasonal Sundays this week! Check it out to see a variety of tablescapes and ideas for Spring and Easter!

57 thoughts on “Pink Plaid & Posies

  1. Alycia, this is the cutest spring tartan table! I love that you used ribbon to create your own plaid. How clever! It looks gorgeous too. In love with the pink plaid plates. Where ever did you find them? Who is the maker?
    Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade with this fun post.


  2. Wow, love this ribbon treatment Alycia. So Spring and so plaid. Perfect table for a Springtime luncheon. i love the pink on white, cute pink plaid plates and the take home treat for your guests will be a hit. Everyone loves a present. You always have beautiful tablescapes, you are an expert. Thanks for sharing, enjoy Easter with you family.


  3. You are so very clever!

    I am in LOVE with the way you have woven the ribbons for your tablescape!
    I have never seen that before! Do you use double stick tape somewhere to keep it from slipping in the center?

    It turned out stunning!

    So glad you came by and shared this with the Tartan Parade.

    Love the unusual pink twist you have added instead of the red and green normal shades. Genius!

    Love it all.


  4. Alycia, your pink plaid is the bomb! You are very clever with the ribbon on the table! My husband is a Tablescape Whisperer also ;o) Gotta love them!


  5. Alycia, this is one clever use of ribbons to create the woven look of plaid and I love it! I love the look of pink china on white and the pink daisies in the white vases. It is just beautiful and you really hit the plaid theme out of the ball field on this one. Beautiful tablescape.


  6. Oh my- his is pretty amazing!!
    I’m trying to imagine you creating this design and all the weaving and fussing it must have taken!
    Those pink plaid plates with the Danish Princess flatware are perfect! Love the Gerbera daisies and all the Old Time Pottery pieces! What a fun entry to the Tartan Parade! Your imagination is huge!!


  7. Alycia~ Your woven pink ribbon table design is so beautiful & feminine~ I shudder to think how time consuming it was to weave that satiny, slippery ribbon the length & width of the table! The result was definitely worth your efforts~ and I love your pink Gerberas!


  8. I agree. the whole table in ribbon and woven in and out perfectly.. spectacular indeed.. and we’d have picked you up at the funny farm huh? It’s gorgeous.. It’s such a beautiful idea! I am loving this table! The white and pink are especially affective. I think the two colors of ribbons keep the bubblegum from invading the theme! Perfectly carried out. I have had to come look twice.. it’s amazing.. xo marlis


  9. Love it! Perfect shades of pink. Sophisticated, but soft. Love the Gerbera daisy. Works for mother’s day, easter…….Have you thought about doing a “coffee table” book of your work? Delia


  10. Now this is quite a take on Tartan. Your tablescape whisperer should get into cahoots with mine! He is offering opinions lately here and there. I hope it doesn’t become a trend.


  11. How lovely, elegant and sweet. I would always love white and pink, it’s so fresh and crisp. I love the dishes too my friend. Your tables are always so special and creative. HAPPY PALM SUNDAY.


  12. You continue to amaze me, Alycia. I, unlike you, simply thought, “I don’t have anything plaid,” but YOU, creative, lively, fun YOU, comes up with even a plaid tablecloth!! It’s beautiful, Alycia…beautiful!! And creative! ❤ ~Zuni


  13. Alycia, this is amazing! I am awe struck at how you created your own plaid table cloth with the ribbon. I love,love,love your pink plaid plates. The whites you used and the clear glasses are all so very well thought out to keep the emphasis on the pink plaids too. This is such a creative and beautiful tablescape!!


  14. LOVE this pink plaid! So fresh and pretty! Very creative treatment with the ribbons, and those pink flowers are gorgeous!

    I would have been thrilled to have a school uniform. I would try at least ten outfits on every morning, before finding one I liked! I’d like to have those hours back!


  15. Alycia…just got to see your table…it is one amazing table!! I am going to have to study the way you made the plaid out of the ribbon…Unbelievably creative..but then again…you are always have the utmost creativity…I am so in love with that table!!!…Happy Easter to you and your family!!


  16. Wow! This is so pretty… I adore the colors! Pink and white, it looks simply delicious! I love love love they way you used the pink ribbons on the white linen… looks stunning! And I have to say the pink plaid plates are just plain gorgeous,looks adorable with the whites. Feels like I’m in fairyland:) Beautiful post! Thanks for your loving words, Alycia! I appreciate your visit! I have subscribed to your blog so that we can stay connected:) Have a wonderful evening!Hugs, Poppy


  17. Love it Alycia! The pink is so soft and romantic too. Love how you draped the table with ribbons. The Gerbera daisies are delightful. Those pink plaid plates are amazing. Girl, you have got some serious dishware. I would love to be a guest sitting at this beautiful table. Happy Easter…..
    P>S. The wedding pictures are posted……


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  19. Alycia, those ribbons criss-crossing the table. What a great idea! Your table looks so pretty and perfect for a spring time celebration. What cute plaid plates! laurie


  20. Alycia, How sweet with the pink plaid and gerber daisies. I love the way you wove the different widths and shades of ribbon to make a pink plaid tablecloth. You’re so creative! Thanks so much for joining the Tartan Parade.


  21. Kim,
    I love this table! I love the pink and white and the plaid design you created with ribbon. The plaid salad plates. It’s very pretty.


  22. Happy Easter Alycia — What a show stopper. I love how you made plaid out of the pink ribbons and using different widths of ribbon and not over doing it was a good thing! Your photos are for the pros. Hope you win — I mean it is all in the pink plaid plates girl! Blessings Terri


  23. What a lovely tablescape! Love the plaid plates. And Danish Princess! My mothers silver. I have half of a set…my sister has the other half…now where did I put that???!!! Happy PS and a Happy Easter as well!


  24. Alycia, you had me “Ooohing and ahhing” through your whole post. Everything is just so perfect. The ribbon is such a great idea. I love the simplicity of it but at the same time the ribbon is glamorous too. And the pink, don’t get me started. I think pink is such an under appreciated color. I can totally relate to your “Tablescape Whisperer”, my husband likes to um “help” too, LOL. Have a great week!


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