Au Revoir!

I can only live vicariously through others since I have such a profound fear of flying. Thank goodness I have lots of friends and family who are ready and willing to hop on a big metal bird at the drop of a hat! Their adventures become my adventures, and this time is no different. As our pals head across the ocean to Paris, France, they can reminisce about the bon voyage dinner held in their honor. And as they wine & dine in the great restaurants, they can giggle about my lame attempt at recreating the fine cuisine.

I am a pink freak, so it’s always exciting to do a table for someone else who shares that passion.

I always knew this “Eiffel Tower” would come in handy for something! As my globetrotting friends set out on yet another wonderful cross-Atlantic adventure, we said goodbye with a dinner featuring tidbits of decor and cuisine they will likely encounter in “gay Paree!”


We have said au revoir to summer here in the Midwest, but the outdoor temperatures belie that fact with daytime highs in the 70s and 80s. So to bring in a bit of autumn and tone down the pink a bit, I used chocolate as the base color for this tablescape.

Atop the creamy chocolate table linen are gleaming silver chargers & flatware to keep the brown from washing out and looking so flat. A plain, creamy earthenware with a decorative rim was used to show off the food.

Menu and napkin

I created the fun little menus on my computer using cardstock and fleur de lis brads from Hobby Lobby. The pink toile scenes reminded me of the French countryside in a time when men and women actually strived to be described as “genteel.” The fun font I used reminded me of the font used on the posters promoting the 1958 movie “Gigi”, set in turn-of-the-20th century Paris.

I recently bought another book on napkin folding. (Shh! Don’t tell my husband!) This cute little fold looks like a “petit pain.” (Translation: bun.) It was a lot easier to create than I thought it would be and looked really sweet at the top of each plate. (Check out the “Books That Make You Go “Ooh!” tab at the top of the page for more information “Napkins With a Twist” by David Stark.) For a complete tutorial on how to create this napkin fold, click HERE and scroll to Tip #33. To see other posts on this site using the rosebud napkin fold, see “Cupcake Colors”, “Springtime in Paris Mother’s Day Buffet” and “Mother’s Day Luncheon in Pink”.

This night was a little warm, and that just brought the sweet smell of these pretty posies to the fore. Wonderful! I chose roses and carnations because they are so pretty together, and the variation in the depth of pink in the roses was interesting. Both were clipped within an inch of their little lives to create the mounding effect at the bottom of the tower and to float in the clear oyster votive cups. Stray rose petals helped to fill out the look.

To add just a bit of height and visual interest on the outside of the tower, I arranged the roses and carnations in clear vessels with a just a teensy bit of greenery.

What’s an evening celebration without a barrage of candles, especially when the honorees’ destination is the city most commonly referred to as La Ville-Lumiere (City of Light). The background music included a little Celine Dion, Eartha Kitt, and the soundtrack from “Something’s Gotta Give” (one of my all-time favorite movies!)

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Please pardon my French, but I am plein de joie to once again be a part of the Style Sisters’ Centerpiece Wednesdays and Susan’s Tablescape Thursdays.

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23 thoughts on “Au Revoir!

  1. ANOTHER beautiful tablescape! Love the tower filled with floral and candles! Perfect for a send off! The chocolate linens make the pink pop ~ love the folding of the napkins!


  2. Wow you are one talented lady. Your tablescapes are breathtaking…I love the Eiffel tower used in the centerpiece with flowers and petals. The pink and brown are scrumptious. I love the napkin fold!! You need to do a tutorial on that one! Thanks for linking up to Centerpiece Wed and sharing your creative ideas with us.



  3. Ooh la la! Très magnifique!! Pink, chocolate, fleur de lis and toile. Very romantic. What’s not to love?!! Adorable napkin fold. And while the Eiffel Tower made a fabulous centerpiece. I can appreciate that it also served a safety feature, keeping the tablecloth from the flames. Well done Table Twenty-One!


  4. Thanks, Mona! You’re right…I didn’t need another disaster like last month when the gust of wind caused the table to go up in flames! I would have had to change the name of the post to “Paris is Burning!” like the movie!!! Have a great weekend, and thanks again for keeping up with my blogazine!


  5. Tres Jolie! J’aime all these lovely elements on your au revoir table! Pink & Chocolate what a yummy combination… from your rosebud napkin fold and your Eiffel Towel centerpiece, it’s all a lovely evening in Paris 🙂


  6. I have so enjoyed going through your tablescapes and think how lucky friends are to have you do such wonderful presentations. They are simply scrumptious, and the food looks good, too! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Oh…what a lovely tablescape. I love the brown with the pink, the roses under the tower…perfection! I don’t fly either…not me, no way, but I still find myself traveling all the time. I’m pretty content seeing the good old USA!

    Thanks for visiting me today, I hope you’ll come again!


  8. An extremely well conceived tablescape. Balance, color, continuity….this one has all the bases covered in expert fashion. I love it! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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