Just Us Girls

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This has been a mercifully quiet week. March and beyond promises to bring many get-togethers, and this little breather will be looked back upon fondly. Not that I don’t enjoy it all. It is always a joy to share the company of family and friends. But even the most adept host/hostess needs a break every so often!

This week’s post is of a quiet, simple dinner for “Just Us Girls”. I hope you enjoy its simplicity.

Be sure to check out the newest Table Twenty-One Table Tip, too! Coincidentally, it’s #21 on the tip page! Click here to find it or on the “Table Tips” tab above. Once on the page, just scroll down to Tip #21!

Click here or on the “Fun Stuff” tab above to see all photos for this week’s post!

I am joining Susan and the bunch at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

23 thoughts on “Just Us Girls

  1. I so love the pilsners as table lamps.. way way way cool. Oh my. I’ve seen those plates and they are absolutely scrumptious. I love the modern feel of the table. The flowers even fit in with their edgy ways. Great table!!!

  2. So pretty! Love the look of pink and brown together, very contemporary. The lamps really add a dramatic flair and those dishes are terrific! I checked out your “Tips” – how did I miss that before!!?? So glad you mentioned it now and I read every one – very helpful!


  3. I gotta try that! LED light…..upside down……way cool! You certainly tortured me this week with the menu card that couldn’t be read. Don’t you know by now that I’m a total voyeur with your tables and I study every little detail? I double and triple clicked and still couldn’t read it. Come on girl…give!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

    • Hey, Linda! The menu was so blah, I didn’t think anyone would be interested. We started with a potato-leek soup. Main course was sweet mustard glazed ham, tomato au gratin, a medley of winter vegetables (most of which I personally can’t stand…but it’s all about the guests, right?) :-), and plain ol’ sourdough rolls. I had an apple walnut pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. The food was really good. I may have to do that pie again!

  4. Great minds must surely think alike. I’m currently waiting for the arrival of a service of Coalport Athlone in the chocolate brown. I can hardly wait for it to be in my hands and on my table. I have so many ideas. Your page of tips is great. The pilsners with the followers and LCD candles is sheer genius. I’ve had a sack of six followers sitting in a closet for years. Now I feel like I can use them safely. Thanks for sharing your charming design and your wonderful ideas. Cherry Kay

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my new little blog and leaving such a great comment about my first tablescape. I had to laugh about what you said about my husband’s excitement about all of this leading to cooking on my part. He actually asked if he could sit at this table to eat. The answer was kind but firm. NO. I reminded him that, while we were dating, he actually spilled spaghetti that went down into his shoe! He is the person for whom the Tide to Go pen was created!

    But, he is cute and he puts up with me, so what’s a girl to do?

  6. Alycia! I love the colors of this table and I love the “lamps”. Gorgeous!

    I have pilsners somewhere around here or at the lake. Can’t remember where I put them! Anyway…I am going to make some of those lamps. I have an idea twirling around in my head.

  7. WOW! As usual, every detail is STUNNING! Those vases with the shades just floored me! LOVE IT!!!!!! Gosh, I just love stopping by!!!!! The colors are wonderful. Your guests were truly lucky to have a seat at the table!!!

  8. Alycia, whatever you do, you do it with style! I love this “casual” table for a night with your girls. It is so elegant to me. I am sure everyone had a wonderful time. Love your idea of using the mirrors. Thank you so much for including your music selections too! Music is such a big part of a dinner at our home that I love hearing what you are playing – some of my favorites. I can’t seem to have a dinner lately without Billie Holiday! 🙂

  9. Hi Alycia! Elegant and beautiful table! You are so clever to ‘invent’ the pilsner table lamps! This may have been a quiet week for you, but every detail seems well thought out and right on!! I have been craving female companionship lately, but this is just as good! I love the mirrors and your gorgeous new plates are to die for. It’s so fun to have a night with friends, yours are very lucky!!

  10. Glad you got the dishes you were longing for — I know that feeling! You get a bee in the bonnet and it just will not go away till you get what you want. I think I am as intrigued by your playlist for this party as I am the table — quite a mix. You really do offer up the best ideas.

  11. Alicia, you get many wonderful comments on your tables, deservedly so, but what I really want to compliment you for are the thoughtful comments you leave people. They are so much more meaningful than “Pretty”, “Nice”, or whatever and take considerable time on your part.

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