Chocolate Traditional

I couldn’t let this season of romance get away without posting a tablescape using chocolate brown & pink!!! It works not only for Valentine’s Day if you’re hosting other couples, but for a bridal shower, ultra feminine birthday celebration, or – with a few key tweaks – a celebration honoring a breast cancer survivor.
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“Chocolate Traditional” Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,

Spurred on by last week’s pinning episode with all the little rosettes, I decided to wake this plain chocolate brown linen up with a strip of pink & brown edging. Again, not willing to try my hand at whip stitching, I simply used exposed pearl head pins to affix the edging to the hem. It all tied in nicely.

“Chocolate Traditional” Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,


“Chocolate Traditional” Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One,


“Chocolate Traditional” Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.comA silverplate charger and my sister’s Noritake “Whitebrook” china are topped with a simply folded pastel pink napkin from Bed Bath & Beyond. A small silver bell rests next to the hostess’s place setting. While it would normally be used to summon staff during dinner (as if I actually have staff! 🙂 ), this bell is to signal that it’s time for all the couples assembled at the table to steal a kiss!


“Chocolate Traditional” Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, I have a lot of stemware, but one of my favorites is Godinger’s “Chelsea” collection.

Another favorite collection is the International Silver “Danish Princess” flatware my Mom gave me. Here the dinner knife rests on a silverplate knife rest.

Silver hearts hold a place card by Artifacts.

No Valentine’s Day party is complete without a little chocolate something-something!

I bought these silver epergnes quite a few years ago. They are the companion piece to the 4-lite epergne shown as a buffet piece HERE. I really like the detailing. The white silk shades simply slip over the custom-made metal case candle (outfitted with a peg votive holder) and rest on the affixed bobeche. I can also swap out the custom candle/shade option for real tapers or remove the center bowl and use the piece as a 3-lite candelabra! Quite versatile!

I think I bought this silver covered casserole at Tuesday Morning about a billion years ago. I have used it both for food presentation and florals.

What’s a Valentine party without a ton of sweets on a dessert buffet? The aroma of all the chocolate is intoxicating! (I’m one of those odd women who does not care for the taste of chocolate, but I LOVE the smell!!!)

Coffee service is set up using the Elegance Silver coffee urn I purchased years ago. A pretty silver Victorian sugar scuttle with its tiny scoop is perfect for sweetening coffee (when a dip of your sweetheart’s finger won’t do the trick. 😉 )

On the opposite end of the buffet are Godinger silver petit four stands filled with all kinds of goodies. The silver pastry tongs have beautiful Baroque detailing.

I am so excited about this new acquisition!!! My goofy/loving cousin, Dee ;- ), got this silver Lazy Susan from our sweet friend, Doris, whose exceptionally good taste shows like a Derby prize winner. You should see this chick’s house! Anyhooooooo….Dee used it to display sweets at her recent 30th wedding anniversary party and then sent it home with me! I feel like passing out cigars to celebrate my new baby!!! Thank you, Dee Bug! Thank you, Doris!

Über feminine lacy paper dessert napkins are weighted down with my Lladró “Angel Lying Down” figurine, a gift from a client a few years back.

The corner tea cart, bought by my Mom in the 1950s from the swanky House of Modern and given to me a few years ago, is a handy-dandy extension of the buffet. A fun pink moscato is iced down in a silver champagne bucket, also given to me by my Mom. The salad course will be served with forks iced to perfection in this silver mini champagne bucket that is also perfect for a split of champagne if you’re dining alone! (Icing the fork tines is a great way to keep your salad greens crisp just a little bit longer, especially in summer! Just watch the look on your guests’ faces when the fork is presented like this! If you’re not lucky enough to have “staff”, the hostess should personally present the bucket for each guest to take a fork.) See another cool way to ice forks down by clicking HERE and scrolling down to Tip #3! This is also a fabulously fun & fancy way to present dessert forks or spoons!!!

I am joining Susan’s Tablescape Thursday again this week, and I also hope you will stop by the Valentine Blog Party hosted by Bargain Hunting & Chatting With Laurie on Friday, February 10. Pop in to get tons of decorating ideas for your Valentine’s Day party from tablescaping bloggers with romance on their minds all around the world!

♥♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you!!!♥♥♥

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80 thoughts on “Chocolate Traditional

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  4. Alisha,

    I am not one to really go gaga over traditional valentine decor. In fact, it’s not much to my taste. Still, I do like a little romance around the fourteenth of February and try desperately to get with the program.

    This design suits me to a T. I am now on the hunt for a dark brown tablecloth. I have silver pieces and pink napkins. I’m nearly there.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.


  5. Are you sure you’re not a fan of Valentine’s Day?? 😉 This is lovely! You don’t miss a beat in the details. The place card holders are sweet. Love the knife rests as well. And all of that yummy chocolate and the beautiful pink roses. (Inhaling….ahhhhh…) I can smell the wonderful aroma from here.


  6. You never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous tablescapes and the beautiful items so lovingly placed with so much attention to detail…Your silver is spectacular!


  7. Very pretty and romantic, Alycia. How lucky of you to be given that pretty silver lazy Susan. It looks magnificent. What a neat cousin you have! Everything on the table is exceptionally fabulous!..Christine


  8. My absolute favorite thing is the pastry tongs! I had never heard of iced forks, wonderful presentation. Lovely table, not overdone for Valentines, just elegant.


  9. I love this tablescape and the brown and pink together is a great combination. I adore all your lovely silver pieces, especially the flatware. How generous of your mother to give you that pattern. It’s so regal looking!! I love anything with crowns.


  10. This is so beautiful. The centerpieces are my favorite part. Just once, I would love to do something that lovely and tall. It’s your trademark, I think. I love what you did to the tablecloth and the way it looks against the light china and the pale napkins. Did you really ring the silver bell for kissing time? I just love that! I want to come to a Valentine party at your place!


  11. Hi Alycia,

    My family will quickly tell you that I’m seldom rendered speechless, but this table and buffet have almost done the trick. It is truly SPECTACULAR! I LOVE all the silver pieces and your sterling flatware is lovely. I never thought of combining pink and brown, but this is so elegant — just perfect for Valentines Day.

    I just love pink so much, and surprisingly, I don’t have a whole lot of it in my home decor. But I love all shades of pink flowers and pale pink table linens, so your Valentine tables have all really struck a chord with me. Now I really wish I lived close enough to attend your class!

    Bravo for another beautiful table, Alycia!

    Thanks for your visit. I’m glad you enjoyed the Super Bowl game, too. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. We are not big fans of Bill Belichick, either, so I know what you mean about a sweet victory. Take care and have a great week.



  12. Oh my wow! First, thanks for your sweet comment and you can steal any idea you want!!! I’m flattered:) There are so many things to love about this post. Your silverware is beautiful! I have had my eye on this pattern or one very similar. Your dessert buffet is amazing! All the beautiful pedestals and serving pieces. I’m on the hunt for a pastry server/tongs and a sugar scuttle! Just beautiful!! All of it!!


  13. Wait…you don’t like chocolate??? Is that possible??? I truly believe that “Chocolate a day keeps the Doctor away…” Just sayin’. I love your table. All of your beautiful silver just made me take a deep breath. There is just something about silver. My heart skips a beat every time you use that silver flatware pattern. It’s is so beautiful and those knife rests are just perfect! I love the two different sized petit four stands. I actually have one similar to the tall one and wish I had another one every time I use it. The candelabra’s are amazing. Those tall candles, topped with shades….LOVE them. Everything is just beautiful…makes me want to go and pull out my silver…
    I may just have to set a special “fancy” dinner for the boys to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Thanks again for giving us such great ideas!


  14. Well first of all I have to say- if this is what you can do with something you don’t like- like Valentine’s Day I can’t imagine what you can do with things you do like!! You really went to town with all the foodie items- I think you should start there and work your way to the dinner course afterwards!!
    Your epergnes are really beautiful- I love their little shades and your floral arrangements are gorgeous!
    I see good taste runs in the family! Your Danish Princess flatware from your mother are so elegant as well as your sister’s Noritake china! The new tray from your friend Dee is gorgeous! (You’re so spoiled!!) That cake with the little shavings of chocolate is decadent!
    I like your idea about the serving forks on ice! Brilliant! You must have attended hundreds social events- you are so full of good ideas and class!
    Now about that bell….. how about some handsome men, dressed in black tuxedo pants, little neck ties…..oh wait that’s a different kind of event!! LOL


  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! The chocolate bar is DIVINE!!!!!! and of course, you have such lovely touches that make the whole evening an EVENT!!!! The LAZY SUSAN suits you to a T and displays your talents and imagination and I know we will see this often!!!!! How I love your silver candlesticks and the lovely centerpieces with the flowers….always, always in such daring colors. Always outdoing yourself…. I WANT SMELL-O-VISION……


  16. Beautiful table as always. I think mixing the two colors is outstanding. The silver is lovely and the I love the height. Those pieces would be fantastic to have. I am sure you are putting to good use all of your fabulous pieces.
    The dessert buffet is so eye catching. Every little detail is wonderful…


  17. Iced forks, your new lazy Susan, the sugar scuttle and that epergne… They’re all jumping out at me this week, and I’m loving them! Even in my year of decluttering, I have a friend who has TWO sugar scuttles (and I have none), and I’m wondering if we can make a trade… LOL! As for chocolate, I’ll eat your piece! 🙂


  18. What a beautiful table! I just love how you can convert the candleabras. I need some of those metal tapers and shades to convert mine. I have 12 that I used for my daughter’s wedding reception and this would make them so versatile!

    All of your china and stemware and flatware are so pretty. Yes, this could be used over and over again! Lovely.


  19. Wow, you really gave us a treat this week! You’re going to make a name for yourself, embellishing linens so prettily! The chocolate and pink look wonderful together — and everything looks extra-special and elegant. I must admit I spent a lot of time gazing at your pretty dessert buffet. Any time you need “help” getting rid of chocolate, I’m your woman!


  20. You have the coolest stuff ever. You know how I feel about epergnes and those are magnificent. Can’t say it enough. Love love love!! So you might have to make a road trip one day when my daughter gets married. Oh wait, she needs a boyfriend first. Anyway, the brown and pink are awesome, love the flatware, and of course “our” stemware is magnificent. I love all the silver, I have been collecting lately and have found some cool pieces at auctions. Boy, you’ve been busy!! I’m so impressed!!


  21. Chocolate brown with either pink or turquoise are among my favorite color combos, and I’m not surprised to see how beautifully you’ve created yet another stunning table with all the just right things to eat. I’ve never seen a silver lazy susan, but that looks like something I’d definitely be attracted to. By the way, desserts are my favorite kind of buffet. Just this morning a friend and I were talking about a Valentine’s dinner and we had so many dessert ideas, we said, heck, why not skip the real food and just do the sweet stuff! One of these days, I’m actually going to do that.


  22. Beautiful as always! I love your knife rests and the kissing bell! I have a buzzer I can step on for the staff – but no one ever shows up! Oh well! Love the chocolate and pink theme!


  23. Hi Alycia!

    I love all your silver pieces… how sweet of your mom to contribute to your collection! The Danish Princess flatware is so pretty… as is everything about this table setting!

    You sure know how to throw a party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean


  24. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to love! I adore chocolate brown with pink (and with aqua and copper and pale blue and orange and white and…..with just about everything!).

    I love the flatware from you Mom and that bell to signal the kissing time is fantastic!!! (they had those at my cousin’s wedding and it was SO FUN!!!!!)

    And the glorious flowers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fantabulous–I love making words up!



  25. OK, Alycia you totally crack me up!!! I read the comment that you made on my blog to my husband in the car and I thought I was going to die laughing. I just LOVE you and your sense of humor. You must be a real kick in the pants in person is all I have to say! You make me smile 🙂 Most of all thank you for calling my Hips “little” with all this blogging nonsense I’m not sure that they are anymore. 😦
    XOXO Cindy


  26. You didn’t! Yes, you did! You upped the benchmark yet again. I have Nana’s silver bell…she really did summon the staff with it. LOL. Cherry Kay


  27. Oh my goodness! You have so many pretty things, and use them with such style and panache. My favs in no particular order: pink napkins and brown cloth, flaware, knives resting on silverplate rests, coffee urn, and sugar shuttle, crystal goblets, and sideboard filled with silver and treats. When can I come over for a party?! Have a creative and delightful week. ~CJ


  28. I am fascinated by the epergnes. I’ve never seen any with such tall candles but I like how that gets them up out of viewing/conversation height. I was interested in how you put the florals in the center but couldn’t see many shots of that. On the chocolate and pink, I like seeing tables done in colors other than red on Valentine’s Day. I think tables can be romantic in any color depending on the styling. What a nice gift you got from Dee/Doris and the Tuesday Morning piece. Lots of good looking items on the buffet!


  29. My oh my!

    Every time I come here, I feel like I have snuck into someone’s fancy party where I have no business being. You are sooooo creative, and I can only imagine how popular as a wedding planner you were. If I ever get married again, I will be begging you to come out of retirement!

    A knockout!


  30. Stunning tableskape , stylish and elegant ! You really make a statement with these gorgeous colors ! Thank you for your visit ! I am touched by your comment , the best compliment I have received recently.
    Wishing you a happy, lovely Valentine’s Day!


  31. LOVE it! I love brown and pink together….that was my color scheme for last year at Valentines.

    All of your silver pieces are just perfect as well and I love the little lying down angel. All of your sweets look amazing!!

    Thank You for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment!
    Have a wonderful weekend…



  32. Beautiful table and buffet! I’ve been looking for an epergne ever since I watched the “Upstairs Downstairs” DVD where the table was set for the King’s visit.. Yours are absolutely beautiful, and so versatile. Love that Lazy Susan, too. You’ve got the neatest stuff!


  33. Your table is amazing, you have thought of every detail from silver to flowers. And how wonderful you were gifted new tray. I love the ice tea spoons too, I could have used those at my luncheon. Thanks for stopping by, it is gloomy and cold here in Michigan too. Let’s hope for a sunny weekend, Laura.


  34. Your table is gorgeous, I love the silver and the roses!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your adorable comment on The Childrens Nest!! Oh I grew up watching the Patridge Family… ha ha ha and now that you say that, my header reminds me of that too!! Now I need to go check out more of your beautiful blog!! Have a great day and thanks again for stopping by!!


  35. Hi! Gorgeous table! The details at each pic are exquisite! I love all of of the silver…I like to attend hat one! Happy V Day! Sunny109 ps whats in the boxes with the cute pink ribbons. You have great style! huggs


  36. This is beautiful! You have already caused me to buy one set of taller crystal candlesticks, and now I feel the need for your gorgeous silver one, and knife rests. I love pink and brown, and pink with light blue too.
    My mom had a tea cart like that too! Then she replaced it with a beautiful antique, which sadly we let go when we had an estate sale. Good thing I wasn’t blogging then, or I would need a warehouse.
    Another beautiful table, A! And your buffet looks wonderful too!
    I forgot to ans your ques. Yes, just salt on the pan for the filets, and some pepper and whatever other seasoning you like.
    Did you ask me something else, I forget!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and R!


  37. I’ve been looking for your post, Alycia! I saw it in my email, but it got away from me and 1) I wanted to comment, and 2) I wanted to see it all again. It’s beautiful! Brown and pink…lovely. And where do I begin with all your beautiful pieces?! And the chilled forks??? Too, too, too perfect! And the tiered servers on the buffet are wonderful–I’ve been looking for one for a long time, as I gave one to my mother years ago (silver), and a beautiful pewter one to a friend–and none for me!! What was I thinking?!??!! I can hardly believe you went for the tablecloth work again…it sure is striking, though! 🙂 Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and hubby!


  38. Beautiful table! I really like the idea of icing the forks. Never heard of that before but I think I will use it this summer. I really like the brown and pink together too, feminine but not overly so. I am going to have to take a cue from you and add some hieght to my tables. It really adds alot of dimension to the table and the drama I have been looking for, thanks!


  39. Alycia, I knew you would have a wonderful tablescape for V’tines, and I wasn’t wrong! Love the brown and pink, and oh my godness! Those roses in the epergenes are gorgeous! What a fabulous idea to be able to conert to a candelabra and I love the pretty shades! How clever of you to pin that trim to the tablecloth. Love it! And I’ve never heard of icing the salad forks. I’ll have to remember that idea. The “kissing” bell is another clever idea! I wish I could take a plate to your buffet, because I am one of those women who DOES love chocolate! Thanks so much for linking this beautiful post to the party at my place.


  40. Hi Alycia,
    Sorry for the late reply. I’m off to Cambodia, yes Angkor Wat calling..:)
    Thanks for your beautiful words on my humble space. I’m so lucky to have friends like you my dear.
    Gorgeous, elegant table as always! Very romantic pink. So much to learn from you.

    Enjoy a lovely day on 14th.



  41. The best Valentine’s table ever! Stunning and gorgeous, when you get to it you come up with always amazing tables and this one is perfect! The china, the gorgeous glasses and all the silver items are making me zoon! Loving the pink and all the yummy food! OK, what time can I get there?! Just got back from visiting our daughter and grands, so sorry I was a bit late my darling Alycia.


  42. You’ve certainly out done yourself on this beautiful tablescape.. Your attention to detail is incredible.. You make each of us feel so special each and every time we visit you. Now.. if the silver covered serving dish is missing you know that I have it… oh my goodness I’m still drooooooolllling over that beauty. hugs ~lynne~


  43. Beautiful as usual, Alycia. I love the combo of pink and brown. It’s very romantic and yet not too girly for the guy. I love your silver pieces! Looks like we used the same flatware pattern this time. “Great minds think alike!” LOL….Christine


  44. So exquisite! So elegant! You’ve rendered me speechless, Alycia! Beautifully done! I love the combination of pearly pink accents with bold use of silver wares:) love the pretty details: the elegant knife rest, the pretty heart and doily place cards,little white packages tied up with pretty bows and your mom’s silver bucket and tea cart make this a beautifully elegant tablesetting. Love the centerpiece, what a beautiful way to combine silver candlesticks and pretty pink roses:)Thanks for the inspiration and for such a sweet and loving comment on my tulip vignette. Always an honor to have you visit me, lovely lady:) Have a great weekend!Hugs~Poppy


  45. Another GORGEOUS table….dah..ling…Really! You have the talent have the talent. I am trying for the life of me to understand why your posts just don’t automaticly come to my email. I always have to find you! I’m looking into this.

    And about the Tartar sauce…..I thought the very same thing you did when I first read the recipe. But I kid you not its for real. And to really think about it that’s not really much sugar. But it DOES make a difference in the recipe. I promise you, PROMISE you it will blow you over. So go on and try it. What do you have to lose accept those little fried shrimpers taste of so yumsum!!


    PS THANKYOU too for all the other comments you’ve made on my posts lately. I just haven’t been able to keep up with it all. Family stuff! N


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