All A’Bloom in Pink for Spring

INSPIRATION: Crunchy, ugly, brown grass that just teases us with sprigs of green. :-(

INSPIRATION: Crunchy, ugly, brown grass that just teases us with sprigs of green. 😦

It’s April 1 and still dipping below freezing each night. Would somebody PLEASE text Mother Nature and let her know she’s tardy for the party??!??!!!
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Full dining room


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Full table


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Full table lengthwiseIf Mother Nature wants to play it that way and hold Spring back a while longer, I figured I’d just have to bring my own version of the season alive in the dining room!


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Double place setting


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Single place settingEach place setting starts with a pink, green, buttery yellow and white Pier 1 cotton placemat upon the bare wood table. The placemats are turned vertically to create a slight drop off the side of the table. A deep pink Bormioli Rocca “Inca” glass charger is topped with Mikasa “Daylight” china, chosen for its graceful, leafy branches.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Cloche bell jar on Mikasa Daylight china


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Carnation in white egg cup, flatware, stemware collageA brilliant pink carnation peeks over the rim of a white egg cup from Crate & Barrel. It is covered by a clear glass cloche bell jar from Hobby Lobby. (A brightly colored egg would make a nice substitute to create an Easter brunch setting.) A soft pink napkin from is simply folded and laid alongside the dishes with Hampton Forge stainless steel “Bamboo Mirror” flatware. The simple glassware is from Old Time Pottery. (Other posts on this site using cloche bell jars include “Pleasant Under Glass”, “Spring Has Sprung”, and “Apple Green Luncheon”.)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Full centerpiece


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: cherry blossom branches and meringue candies collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: deep pink carnations in white ceramic teapotsThe centerpiece runs the length of the table so that each guest has a little eye candy in front of them. It is a melange of deep pink carnations in white ceramic teapots, white ceramic cylinders filled with small manzanita cherry blossom branches with carnations tucked around the lower perimeter, and white ceramic baskets of pale pink, yellow and white meringues. Notice how the colors of the centerpiece items reflect those in the placemats.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Full buffet arrangement


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Buffet florals collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Tray with teapots


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Mikasa Daylight teacups & saucers collageThe buffet behind the dining table is partially covered with a the same placemats as used at each place setting to sweep the color and pattern across the room. On top of the placemats is an American Atelier white ironstone tray topped with various white ceramic teapots. Mikasa “Daylight” teacups and saucers stand at the ready nearby along with a few sweet treats. The floral vessels are taller, broader versions of those used on the dining table and also contain manzanita branches. Among the branches are stems of pink magnolias and more cherry blossoms. Notice how the cloche theme from the dining table is reiterated here.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: Full tea cart


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: tea cart collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, - All A'Bloom in Pink for Spring: candlestick lampThe vintage tea cart in the corner holds a few more sweets beneath cloches, a pot of bright pink cosmos, and a stack of Pier 1 doily dessert plates. A fun chalkboard sign wishing guests a “Happy Spring” leans casually against the base of a yellow candlestick lamp. (For more candle lamps on this site, see “Raining Orchids“, “All A’Bloom In Pink for Spring“, “Should Have Put a Ring On It“, “It’s All About Me!“, and “Just Us Girls“.)

This easy-to-create table setting would work nicely for any Springtime celebration including a ladies’ luncheon or tea, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, retirement, or to help rejoice in the good news of a breast cancer survivor.


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and the “Spring” tab above for a couple of fun Springtime tablescapes


Thank you for stopping by! I’m headed over to Susan’s at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday and to How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday. I hope you’ll come with! And don’t forget to join me next week for Cuisine Kathleen‘s Spring Tablescape Challenge featuring entries from tablescapers all over the world!!!


71 thoughts on “All A’Bloom in Pink for Spring

  1. Albeit indoors, what a happy little breathe of spring with the pink, green, and yellow! I could see this as perfect for a book club, or women’s Bible study group, tea, pastry taste and book discussion. It feels good to see the spring colors. Very nicely done Alycia! 🙂 xx


  2. Mother Nature has officially been put on notice! Will you please put that cute mini white cake on your side table in the freezer for me please? I am loving the cloche at each setting and the way spring is on full display down the center of your table. High 5!!!


  3. This is so lovely. I’m getting things together for my tea table at our church’s friendship tea this Saturday and it’s all pink and green to go with my Moss Rose Royal Albert China. I love seeing your inspirations! May Spring come your way to stay…soon!!!


  4. Beautiful spring greetings here! Those big floral branches are amazing! I like the floral colors repeating the colors in the placemats. The Mikasa Daylight dishes are perfect. Spring may be dragging its heels but we’ll pretend it’s here! The little cloches are adorable!


  5. This blog post is tonic for the soul, Alycia! So pretty in pink. Loooooove those adorable cloches and happy to know they are from Hobby Lobby. I had bought some at JoAnn’s but they were too small to get even a small bloom under! The striped placemats keep the table from getting too sugary-sweet and give it a modern and fresh touch. Congratulations on another great inspiration!


  6. Alycia, You brought the springtime inside beautifully!! Your table is refreshing and full of vitality and excitement. I would be excited to indulge in those sweet treats too. Your colors, textures and patterns say spring perfectly. I love love your white containers of different sizes and heights with fresh flowers as your centerpiece. Fabulous focal point.
    Hope the outside will be spring very soon.


  7. gorgeous! I am so happy spring is here (at least in TN) and you have captured what it looks like all along my drive to work just perfectly. You know I am a fan of a big old centerpiece stretched all the way down the table. Love those Pier 1 plates too. Dianne


  8. Beautiful table, Alycia…I did pink and green last week. Love the way you made a bold statement on your sideboard…gorgeous!
    Brown really is not becoming, but green is…Mother Nature is really slow this year.


  9. Alycia, This is so beautiful. I really needed this tonight. Bob is not doing well and I am tired, very tired.
    I just love the china and the mini cloches are so neat. We are finally getting a Hobby Lobby, provided they are able to stay in business. Are the pink magnolia real or faux, if faux where or where did you get them? I have a set of dishes with that flower and I have been looking for some to pair with that tablescape. Just sic me in the right direction.
    Hope you, Ramon and Mom are doing well.
    Oh BTW those meringues look delish.


  10. Judging by this beautiful tablescape, it looks like spring has sprung.. Where do you live(because it’s been in high 70’s here in SC)..not trying to rub it in.. 🙂 … But I love those cherry blossom branches in the big white vases. As always, you choose the best accents for your tablescapes…(boy would i love to see your storage area).. i’d be a kid in the candy store


  11. Ok sister now I get why you like carnations…that type I like! A lot of the times here in my local grocer, I only see the small dyed ones….they are dyed a navy or royal blue? and it’s a bad dye job at that!

    You’d never know pink was your favorite color by this table I love it and those chargers and placemats are great!


  12. Simply beautiful! I love the soft and vibrant pinks with bits of yellow. Even though spring is being not showing us much right now. This table setting certainly makes up for it.


  13. Loving the pink and that Mikasa pattern. This table is scrumptious.

    Before we decided to reschedule today’s St Luke’s trip, sandals were in my outfit plan. One foot onto the back porch told me I should rethink the shoes. Then another thunderstorm rolled in…forget the footwear…that storm clinched a reschedule! Hoping warm weather is here by the 23rd of April, when we really must show up for that appointment!


  14. Wonderful fun Alycia! I am crazy about pink and just love what you have created here~the hot pink blooms under the cloches on the green leaved plates, swoon! You have eye candy in every corner, not just in the creative collection of things in your centerpiece! Spring is definitely in full bloom in your dining room, hopefully Mother Nature will get the hint!


  15. It’s all “pretty in pink!” Nothing like pink to brighten up things for spring! I hope Mother Nature gets the message and is not tardy to the party! LOL!



  16. So, what time is the Spring brunch?…I will bring the pink lemonade!…I love those cherry blossom branches…it may be brown and yucky outside, but it is a sensational Spring indoors!…I love how you placed the cloches over the carnations….I think we are skipping Spring here and going straight to was in the low 80’s here today!…ugh!!…Beautiful table Alycia!


  17. What an absolutely perfect table to introduce spring, a sesason that is full of pink and lime green of barely leafed out trees. Seeing how you’ve used the cloche makes me think once again that I need a few of those. I love seeing all the ways a cloche can be used.


  18. Alycia, You do spring so well. The table settings are lovely with the little bell domes capturing the pink flowers. I love the manzanita and cherry blossom centerpieces. Beautiful color pallet of pinks and greens.


  19. Now this looks like spring! Those carnations are such a pretty pink and they just make me smile. I love them down the table and in the cloches too. You always take the whole decor throughout the room – you never cease to amaze me!


  20. So glad you are sharing a spring tablescape with beautiful pinks in the mix. It certainly shows you are ready for Spring so bring on the warm weather. Let the jonquils and tulips begin to bloom. I always enjoy seeing a cloches and now I get to see not one but six of them. Love how you have tied in your sideboard and cart into the pink theme. Take care.


  21. We must have the same “Mother” since it is still below freezing each night. I won’t complain since we had four sunny days this week in the 50’s. Pink is a girls best friend, and the hot pink blooms under the cloches are just perfect for chasing away the cold nights. Spring has sprung in your dining room, and you should text Mother Nature to remind her that it is Spring! Your table would also be beautiful for Mother’s Day.


  22. I love the striped placemats between the dark wood table and the more delicate floral place setting!! I had some faux cherry blossom/twiggy things in my hand at the store the other day and put them back because they looked a little too fake, your branches look beautiful and I like the way you filled them out with more flowers, great job!!!! Looking fabulous Miss Alycia!!!


  23. OK… the vine of leaves across the plate with that flower in the middle is just flat out perfect and gorgeous. I LOVE that. You actually had me with the first shot of this table, with the pinkness on the side board and the whole burst of spring on the table. I need some springtime in my life. This table gets the creative juices going.


  24. Alycia, thank you for bringing some Springtime into my world this morning! Your pinks are absolutely the perfect blend of rustic and frilly — and the perfect visual treat during this time when Mother Nature can’t seem to get her act together. Your placemats were the perfect starting point! They caught my eye immediately… 🙂


  25. I’m running a little behind this week, so I’m a little late getting here. Your carnations are the perfect pop of color to accent your table, and I love them paired with the green. Your white egg cups and tea pots are beautiful, fresh, and clean, like Spring! I really like how you displayed the cups and saucers on the buffet and how it carries the dish pattern across the room. Great move, placing the side place mats the opposite direction. The view from table’s end shows consistent stripe direction – love the symmetry of that! Your cherry tree branches and blooms are amazing! Are they the real thing? Did you get those from your yard? Your tea cart is perfect, with the matching floral arrangement. Love the lacy plates there, and the twig flatware is a long-term wish-list set for me. 🙂 Adorable sign, even if it is more of a wish than reality. I hope your Spring comes very soon! Happy Sunday, my friend! 🙂


  26. I was on a cruise this past week and am just now seeing this pretty in pink table. Every time you do a tablesetting, I think to myself that this is my favorite one, Alycia. The Mikasa plates are perfect with the carnation on the cloche!!! It makes it look like a flower is growing right from the vine… perfect! The centerpiece is wonderful and the pastel meringues blend so nicely. Oh, to be a guest at your delightful tables… here’s wishing!! xo


  27. Always a delight to visit Alycia!! Love love love the pink. Did you know nearly all the flowers in my gardens are pink? 🙂


  28. Oh, Alycia! You have outdone yourself with this tablescape! Your attention to detail is impeccable and I love your colors that you have chosen. Everything—from the china to the placemats to the cloches!! And the way you have extended the theme throughout the room is wonderful! Bravo for a job well done and one that that honors all that is good about spring…… Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


  29. Those manzanita cherry blossom branches are absolutely stunning! I think it sets the tone for the entire tablescape with such a high drama look that also captures that feeling associated with the first blooms of spring. Also, I love the bell jars at each place setting–such an elegant detail. This tablescape is amazing as usual, Alycia. Thanks for sharing!


  30. Pink Perfection! I love all the branches and the deep pink carnations. And the Daylight china is a perfect complement to all that pink! Love, love, love!


  31. You have achieved “pretty in pink” beautifully, Alycia!
    The whole setting is so joyful with these gorgeous colors and lovely details.
    Love the lamp shade detail , the floral branches are amazing too.


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