Apple Green Luncheon

Thank you to all the new subscribers who have come on board in the last couple of weeks! I welcome you!!! And for those who have been around for a while, you know I thank you and appreciate your continued subscription!

I wanted to post what will be our Easter brunch table, but it’s too early for me to get started on it. I won’t start building it until Friday. I’ll post it next week, for sure! Click here if you missed the Easter brunch tablescape requested by a reader last week.

Meanwhile, I am so happy to be able to post a fun and colorful apple green luncheon tablescape. I apologize that I don’t have a person’s name to identify with this post request. The request came in about 2 months ago, and I am just getting around to sharing these ideas. I’m sorry it is coming so late, and I hope it is still useful!

If you’d like to see another tablescape using green, click here!

I have had lots of requests for pink & green tablescapes, but this is the first for an apple green & white tablescape. What better way to interpret that than with actual green apples!??!?!

Spring luncheon tables are always so much fun to create! This one is great for a spring or summer luncheon, indoors or out. (It could also work well in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day with a little tweaking!) I started with a crisp white cotton linen. Next comes a gorgeous Pier 1 apple green and white cotton placemat with a fabulous houndstooth pattern. Just for fun and a little added dimension, a clear acrylic square is set atop the placemat. Next comes a simple white ceramic charger, a clear luncheon plate, and finally a plain white salad plate from Corelle. An apple green cotton napkin from Bed, Bath & Beyond adds color to the dish arrangement. The stack is topped off with a Granny Smith apple under a miniature clear cloche bell jar from Hobby Lobby. Clear everyday stems for water and limeade along with contemporary J.A. Henckels “Bellaserra” stainless complete the look.

The centerpiece consists of three separate elements. First, for height, is a pair of clear square floral cylinders filled with Granny Smith apples and fresh Bells of Ireland, topped with a puffy green-tinged hydrangea head. I have used faux hydrangea and apples here for demonstration purposes, but the real thing looks absolutely incredible! If you go all fresh (and I sure hope you do!), fill the container with water to totally submerge the apples and Bells of Ireland stem. Submerged fruit and floral arrangements are so cool!!!

The second and third components of the centerpiece are small clear square votive holders with clumps of cheery green viburnum and a densely packed white kalanchoe plant from the flower nursery.

On the buffet behind the table is the beverage and dessert. Limeade served from a fancy glass decanter such as this makes it look a little more special. I bought this one wholesale some years ago, but check out places like Pottery Barn, Costco or even K-Mart. Float lime slices, Granny Smith apple slices, or a combination of both.

If your luncheon includes gifts for an honored guest, ask your other guests to wrap them in colors that correspond with the luncheon colors. Add a few random florals throughout the gifts for more color and texture so they look to be a part of the overall look and tie in with the table florals.

If you can spring for white chairs to gather ’round the table (ladder back cane chairs or garden chairs), consider weaving a length or two of apple green ribbon through the back of each just for fun.

Well, there you have it. Again, I am so sorry not to be able to say who exactly requested this tablescape. Please step forward and remind this old head, will you? 🙂 It was my distinct pleasure to work this up for you, and I truly hope it lends some inspiration for your summer luncheon. Let me know how it goes!

I am gleefully joining my fellow tablescapers at Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Won’t you please join us anytime after 9:00 p.m. this evening?

Have a Happy Easter, everyone!

61 thoughts on “Apple Green Luncheon

  1. When you said green and white I thought Daylight. I don’t know why that came to mind. Loving the plaid placemats. Wow. I can see a trip to Pier One in my future. Aren’t white dishes just the best? Your green and white turned out so beautiful. I love the apples as the green. the tall towers on the table with the flowers on top are genius! That table is so very inviting! This is a wonderful luncheon.. when did you say you were serving??


    • I know…right?!?!! I thought the same thing this afternoon as I posted this! When that request came in, however, I didn’t have the Daylight china. I wish this WAS an actual luncheon!!! I would certainly include a Waldorf salad and warm apple turnovers with cinnamon ice cream for dessert! Hey….I am going to email you in a few minutes. The email will come from table21tablescapes@gmail.


  2. I don’t think I was the one who requested this, but I absolutely LOVE your granny smith green table. I love that shade anyway, and I think every element of this table from the linens to the wonderful centerpiece(s) is wonderful.

    I also love the idea about asking guests to wrap gifts in coordinating paper. That is such an excellent one.
    I was off last week for TT so I might have missed an update, but U hope your Savannah trip was a good one!


    • Hi there, Miss Debbie! Great to hear from you!!! I’m glad you like it. As I recall (vaguely!), the person made the request via Facebook….I think…but I’m not sure. Man, I’m getting so forgetful! 😦 I need to take some gingko biloba or something! 🙂 Savannah was a fun little miniature vacation, but I’m always glad to be back home in sweet, sweet Lee’s Summit!!! “Be it ever so humble, there’s NO PLACE like home!” Spoken like a true Midwesterner! 🙂 I’m on my way over to your blog now. Thanks for stopping by!!!


  3. Now, you KNOW I’m am apple green girl! Dishes, wall, fabrics, you name it, I’m all over the color. So….I’m in love with this. I have the perfect dress to wear to this party and I can even bring a gift wrapped any way you want!!!!!!! Just ask me, ask me, ask me! I was thinking this morning about doing an April in Paris post, but I think I’ll run out of time before April is over. I was flashing back to your Eiffel Tower table. Loved it! You should repost it ASAP. Can’t wait to see Easter at the Nichol’s house.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale


    • Hello, my apple green lovin’ pal!!! Man, how I wish this would have been set up for a real event at our house! I love doing tablescapes at readers’ request, but it always seems such a shame that no one is there to actually enjoy it up close and in person! 😦 I may have to start making my friends come over “just because.” You have PLENTY of time to do an April in Paris post! Oh, wait…it’s the 21st. Well, still…you can do it! We’ll have a simple, sparsely attended Easter brunch here. I think just 6 of us, possibly 7. Still working on a menu. I usually go WAY overboard with the food, but I don’t think so this time. We’ll see. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  4. Hi Alycia~ I love the green & white! Your houndstooth check placemats are so fresh & fun and I LOVE those miniature covered bell jars presenting an apple at each place setting! Wishing you a Happy Easter!


    • Hi, Mary! Thank you! When I saw those placemats, I just about went crazy in the store! Made my heart do a little dance and my feet just had to follow! 🙂 Same thing with the miniature cloche bell jars…I had just never seen them at such a good price. I had to go to several stores to amass an appreciable quantity, but it was worth it. Happy Easter to you and yours, too, and thank you so much for stopping by! Enjoy Easter by the lake! 🙂


    • Good morning!!! Thank you so much! Hey…I was just at your site and it would not let me leave a comment. I don’t know if something is weird on my end or with Blogger. I saw where another person was having trouble with Blogger eating her photos last night! At any rate, I just want to be sure you know how pretty I think that table is. The linens are gorgeous, and I’m so glad you were able to discover the wonder of Hobby Lobby! 🙂 Happy Easter to you and yours!!!


  5. Alternating the crisp white with the clear glass plates is such a subtle, effective choice. I love the Belles of Ireland in with the apples…and Hydrangeas are always wonderful. I think that I’ll need to drive to Pier One tomorrow…like the placemats a lot. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay


    • Hi, Cherry Kay! I got my hair cut kind of like yours this afternoon! In fact, I described the cut I wanted with your cut in mind. Getting ready for hotter, more humid weather! 😉 Thank you so much for stopping in. I’m still stuck on those Belles of Ireland ever since St. Patrick’s Day. I hadn’t used them in forever, and now I want to use them all the time! They just seemed to go so well with everything else…couldn’t help myself! I hope you have a joyous and blessed Easter weekend! Thank you again for visiting!


  6. Your apple green and white tablescape is so fresh and just screams SPRING!
    What a clever idea to put the apples under cloches. I have not been to Pier 1 for awhile, I guess I’ll be making a trip!
    I love your gift wrapping idea!


  7. Oh…this is perfect! You know I love green and this is just mouthwatering!! Great job Alycia as always! I am so going to do the fruit in the vase thing SOON!


    • Sweet Donna T.! How are ya? Thank you so much!!! Yes, I KNOW you like the green. It is such a wonderful, happy color! I hope all is well with you and everything you’re planning for this upcoming Easter weekend. Have a safe, joyous one!!!


    • Hi, Shirley! Thank you so much, and thank you for visiting. I had to collect those mini bell jars a few at a time. We have several Hobby Lobby stores here locally, but they always had just one, possibly two in stock at a time. Weird. Anyway, I have 8 now and hope to get a few more before all is said and done! Thanks again for stopping in, and I wish you and yours a wonderfully joyous Easter weekend!


  8. So very fresh and crisp looking. The cloche bell jars are adorable! With very little effort this could be a pink and green tablescape, pink napkins and hydrangeas perhaps? Well done as always my friend. 🙂


    • Thank you, Mona! You are so right about the easy addition of pink! Pink & green is right up there at the top of my favorite color combinations! Thanks for stopping in, and I wish you and yours a blessed, peaceful Easter weekend. Take care!!!


  9. I LOVE apple green and was excited to see this tablescape! Great idea to “stockpile” the apples in the tall vases, very dramatic! The houndstooth placemats in green/white look fantastic with the white dishes. Hydrangeas are the perfect floral to add to this look!



  10. I love this apple green and the way you’ve done this gorgeous table! Terrific idea to stack a pile of apples, I may want to copy this, it’s great! The place mats green and white are just so with your dishes. Very beautiful!
    Have a nice and blessed Easter.


  11. Alycia, apple green and it and the colors are so appetizing for a luncheon. Love the floral arrangements and your tips on using fresh apples and flowers (fresh is always my preference,too, if possible). I thought I signed up a couple of weeks ago, but I’m not getting the reminders. I probably did something wrong in the process. lol
    This time I’m putting you in my favorite places just in case, so I don’t lose you. I’ll try to “follow” you again and follow the instructions better. I hope this doesn’t mess up your mailing list.
    Wishing you a wonderful Easter,


  12. So utterly delightful as always–i LOVE the apple green! I love the floating items/lime aid in the decanters/apothecary jar dispensers!!!

    All the de\tails and little pops of that vivid green are so very inviting!!!




  13. My AKA friends Liz, Karen, Gail and others would love this – only they would want you to throw in a little pink somewhere.


  14. Hi There Alycia,

    Your apple green and white table is soooo pretty!! I can’t believe how fresh and springy it looks. You are one talented lady. Hope you’ll get to visit my blog this week. I didn’t get to post my Easter tablescape until this morning, but I’m on Susan’s TT waaay down at the bottom. Hope you have a very Blessed Easter.

    Take care,



  15. Oh, Alycia, this is just stunning! Apple green looks so fresh and inviting, and those centerpieces are amazing! I think I need a pair of tall vases! Love the houndstooth placemats, too, and wish I’d seen those in the store!


  16. The apple green is just such a happy color and set off by the great white, I just love it. Those apple and floral arrangements are truly inspired. I love your pairings. So pretty as always Alycia. Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.


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