My Sister’s Wedding China

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Family photo

INSPIRATION: My sister’s wedding, 1973. Pictured here are my little brother, Jay; my Daddy, my sister, Berishia (I’ve referred to her by the nickname I gave her as a teen – Barf – in previous posts); my Mom, and; me – just 14 – with cotton candy hair! 🙂 (Dig those funky-fresh platform shoes and “Granny” glasses!)

My sister’s first marriage was in December of 1973 on the eve of one of Kansas City’s worst snow storms on record. Hint much? Anyhooooo….As you can tell from the photo, I was a little less than thrilled with all the pomp and circumstance of it all. (I was far more focused on packing up her stuff and assuming sole ownership of the bedroom we’d shared for 14 years!) The wedding Mass, with nearly every seat in the church occupied, was followed by a lovely celebration in the church reception hall. The next day it was time to open gifts, and THAT got my attention! The marriage eventually ended, and as luck would have it I got (temporary) custody of the wedding china! 😉
I’m showcasing my sister’s wedding china today and participating in Cuisine Kathleen’s “Wedding China Challenge” along with tablescape bloggers from all over the world.
(Click on any photo, then click again to enlarge/enhance it.)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Full dining roomI started this table with a 90″ x 132″ white tablecloth from I first considered using one of their fabulous taffeta pintuck tablecloths, but decided to do something a little different. I placed a 13″ x 96″ French blue quilted runner from Z Gallerie on each side of the table, leaving the center a pristine white for the centerpiece.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - TableThis tablescape would work nicely for a wedding reception or any wedding-related event. It would also be perfect to celebrate a special birthday, promotion, or any special occasion.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Multiple place settings


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - single place settingThe runners are a wonderful backdrop to the shining silver metal chargers and my sister’s Noritake “Whitebrook” wedding china. The china pattern includes a thin platinum rim and clusters of tiny bouquets.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - stemware, flatware, & napkin collageI chose Cristal d’Arques “Longchamps” cut crystal to complement the diamond shape in the runners. The  silky French blue napkins from Z Gallerie are simply folded into a rectangle and finished with a single pink cymbidium orchid bloom. Why not white? Just look how that pink pops against that French blue!!!


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - full centerpiece


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - table level centerpiece elements


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - short floral and floral bling collageThe bright pink florals used here for demonstration purposes are a mix of real and faux including peonies, cymbidium and dendrobium orchids, ranunculus, hydrangea, yarrow, and dusty miller. I hung strands of bling that included a diamond-shaped piece that would complement the design of the runners and stemware. The graceful gooseneck glass vases are perfect for creating an arrangement that appears to “rain” overhead, while the simple silver pilsners are great for a “pouf” of flowers. Using three levels of height adds to the visual interest. (NOTE: The wildly windy weather here kept me from setting up outdoors as originally planned. When creating your “real life” tablescape, the flowers should never make contact with the lighting fixture!)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - tea light


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - white pillar candle on crystal Mikasa candlestickI have had these crystal “Diamond Fire” candlesticks by Mikasa for upwards of 20 years but have rarely used them. They seemed perfect here to give a lift to white pillar candles. Small glass votive holders add a second level of light to the tablescape.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Chair collageStandard round top banquet chairs are prettied up with white stretch chair covers from A coordinating stretch chair sash is gathered in the center to accommodate a bling strand like those used on the table florals.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Buffet table


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - champagne tray on buffetThe buffet behind the table holds a silver tray for serving the champagne. Using a tray is not only utilitarian in nature (it keeps condensation from marring the wood of the furniture, catches any spills when the champagne is being poured, and makes serving the champagne a snap), but it also helps pull the elements together for a pleasing look.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - vintage tea cart


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - coffee service on vintage tea cart


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Noritake "Whitebrook" creamer & sugar


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - individual cake on Noritake "Whitebrook" dessert plate, silver forks in silver mini champagne bucketThe vintage tea cart in the corner holds accoutrements for after-dinner coffee service with dessert including a miniature champagne bucket for dessert forks. (TIP: If serving a chilled dessert, add ice to the vessel holding your forks [or spoons]. It will chill the metal and help your dessert to stay cold a bit longer. Chilling the plates or bowls in which the dessert is to be served will also help, especially in summer!)


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - candlestick with cut crystal peg votive


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, My Sister’s Wedding China - Diamond design collageThe sconces on the wall hold silver Revere candlesticks with a cut crystal peg votive. As you can see in the final photo, the thread that tied this room together was the diamond shape as seen in the peg votive, the bling on the chairs and floral, the stemware, and the quilted runners. (TIP: Using a host of similar shapes, colors, or other design element helps to subtly create a seamless look in your overall table or room design.

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Peek & poke around here, and then be sure to join me over at Cuisine Kathleen’s for the “Let’s Dish! – Wedding China Tablescape Challenge” anytime after 6:00 p.m. CDT tonight. I’ll also be partying this week with Christine at Rustic & Refined with her new blog party “Table It!” which goes online every Monday at 7 a.m., and at Susan’s place, Between Naps on the Porch, for “Tablescape Thursday” after 9:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday. Finally, I’m linking up with How Sweet the Sound for “Pink Saturday”!

Have you checked out I link up there, and it’s a great place to get inspired for everything from cooking to fashion and beyond!!!

69 thoughts on “My Sister’s Wedding China

  1. The pink DOES POP, Alycia! You have such an eye for contrasts that pop without jarring the eye! This is a beautiful table! As I think of the colors, I think it would be great for a very sophisticated baby shower too! Love the runners (smart woman to have bought two–or who knows how many you bought!! LOL), and the flowers too. Thanks for the links to the tablecloth and chair cover source–may need to place an order soon! Thanks for a lovely visit, Alycia! ~Zuni


  2. First I’d like to say I seriously chuckled at the picture (the cotton hair) but it was most adorable. But joking aside.. seeing the beautiful table design featuring the classic elegant approach was simply beautiful. You nailed the blend of marrying the old and new together perfectly. The silver was polished to perfection, crystal sparkling like diamonds and the simplistic colors of pink and baby blue were very eye appealing. You chose the perfect tones of each color. The orchids and peonies really romanticized the entire look. Good luck in the competition – I hope you win.. If I were the judge.. you would – hands down.


  3. “Liking” just doesn’t cut it to express my enthusiasm for this elegant and beautiful tablescape, Alycia. I LOVE it!!!!!!! Looks very French(am I rubbing off on you?)! This could be Springtime wedding in Paris with the soft grays and pinks. That bling chain on the runners? Awesome! Just the perfect amount of restraint to keep it elegant and not fussy. Wedding china often does outlive the marriage. Hope Barf is blissfully remarried and still using this classic pretty china!


  4. I’m crazy about the way you did your flowers, tall and out of the way but definitely as elegant as everything else on the table. The runners are perfect backdrops for the china as well as used in an unexpected manner. Do you still have the china or has your sister reclaimed it?


  5. Spectacular, Alycia! I love that you began with that wonderful family photo! Not everyone would post a pic of herself at 14! You really set an elegant table with your sister’s versatile wedding china. I do love the pink against the French blue!


  6. Your family photo is so cute- it speaks clearly of the times doesn’t it!! I remember when my sister moved out and I finally got the “big” bedroom! Being number 4 is was always fighting for my position! Love the table- the fine china she selected was soft and elegant. Btw- she looks beautiful and so innocent. I like the runners set on the sides for the placesettings- what a great look. The centerpiece florals are stunning and with the glow of the beautiful crystal it’s all so elegant. 🙂


  7. Loved your family photo, and those platforms–how cool are they?? Your tablescape is beautiful as as always–I love the long blue tablerunners–really a neat idea to use them in this fashion to form a placemat-effect down the length of the table! Hope all is going well with you!


  8. The quilted runners are smok’n hot! I’ve never seen those before. Love the tall elegant flower holders, the sparkle of it all and the crystal. I’ll pop over and see the competition and hoping you win.


  9. You’ve done it again and I’m not surprised. What an exquisite table with your sister’s wedding china. I love all the extra touches. Oh and those glasses…I recognize them from my photos from 1973! The blue quilted runners really add a nice dimension to the setting. Love it all, Alycia!


  10. Totally gorgeous as always. Loved seeing the “retro” family photo — you were a cutie even then, and I see your mother has always been a beauty.

    This table gives me some ideas, as my own wedding china was ivory with platinum rims.


  11. Gorgeous!!! Your sister’s china is beautiful. I’m assuming you still have custody? I love your “plate runners” – the name I dubbed them last year. 😉 I love the tabletop left open for the centerpiece. The repeat of diamond print in the runners and stemware is lovely. The pops of pink look so elegant with all the crystal. I love sparkling crystal! The jewels on the back of the chair covers are the perfect touch. As always, your tea cart is the icing on the cake!
    I had full intentions of joining Kathleen’s party tonight, but I didn’t get the planned sewing accomplished in time. Oh, well…there’s always next time. 🙂


  12. Nothing says 1970’s like platforms and ‘fros! And look! You were wearing white gloves!! I’m not sure if you, or your brother looked less interested in being there. LoL. Seriously, it’s a precious family photo. Everyone looks lovely. Thank you for sharing. As for the wedding china, great choice Barf! Simple elegance, never goes out of style. I know Alycia could use this china in multiple tablescapes, and it would work well. Such a beautiful table! The centerpieces are interesting in that you don’t block the guest view, by making taking higher and using the crystal for the transparency illusion, and bling. Thank you for sharing the tip for keeping the utensils chilled. I must file that one away for future reference. xx


  13. I like the look of runners on either side of the table as accents and used like place mats. The french blue color and texture of the linens add so much. The hot pink orchid on top of the napkins pulls the pink color around the table and gives it that professional designer look. Of course, your tall vases and flower arrangements down the center of the table look wonderful. Candlelight seals the ambience and you have left no detail unturned. Perfection as usual. I enjoyed your tablescape, Alycia.


  14. Oh Alycia, No one does a tablescape better than you. The elegance of the white tablecloth with the stunning blue runners on either side of the table is beautiful. The crystal, silver and flower arrangements all lend their elegance and glamor to this beautiful table. The orchids do add the perfect pop of pink to carry the eye all around the table. I do adore the wedding picture. Are platform shoes really out of style?


  15. It was such fun to see the family photo at the wedding, Alycia! How lucky you were to receive your sister’s china. I guess she didn’t want the memories of her first marriage?! It’s such a timeless pattern and oh how you’ve enhanced it with the blue and pink. No one does such striking centerpieces as you do, my friend! I love how they’re so tall and everyone can still converse. I love the shiny champagne bucket and good tip with the tray. I love it all. xo


  16. Well, I’m sorry that your sis’s marriage didn’t last but I’m glad you got the china! I always marvel at your tables but I think this is one of my favorites! Well done!


  17. First of all, Alycia, I LOVE the family photo!! Look at that veil! Gorgeous! And the expression on the little brother’s face is priceless. I’m sure you have heard it before–you look just like your beautiful mother! I love the pink and blue and the height of the flowers on the table, out of the way of conversation but still filling the room with color. Hmmm, I’ll have to have a chat with my own sister. She kept her china from her first wedding and I’m sure it would be happy living with me! Beautiful and inspirational table, as always, Alycia. Linda


  18. I was married the first time (barely 20) and my wedding china was similar, Noritake Marseilles and I still love it. It’s very similar to your sisters. White on white with platinum rim. It goes with any color which I loved back in the day when I only had one set of fine china. Now I have several and seems like since I have most holidays covered with other sets, I rarely use my wedding china. Still like it though!


  19. well, the table is beautiful, the pink with the blue is a brilliant choice. You know I am a huge fan of the double runner thing and I especially love the quilted runners. The picture of you made me smile and I love seeing your Father and absolutely stunning Mother, but the expression on your brother’s face just cracked me up! Dianne


  20. Thank you for visiting Slice of Pie and leaving such a wonderful note for me! Your post is beautiful … stunning. Every element of the tablescape is perfect. I have truly enjoyed this challenge!


  21. Love seeing the family photo! You have a beautiful family!!!
    I chuckled that you got “temporary” custody of the wedding china. You’ve used it to set a stunning table. I love the way you did the flowers. The elevated arrangements are so elegant. Love the pops of pink in the flowers too. Great job, Alycia!


  22. Alycia,
    Love the colors of this one and the layering! Those table runners and pretty pink flower sprigs as a finishing touch really hit home with me. and of course you know I have to have me some bling so those great chair sashes!
    Thanks so much for linking up with me….it just wouldn’t be a party without you!


  23. Hi Alycia – The tablescape is stunning, and Noritake must be the wedding china of choice for Kathleen’s party! I love all of the flowers and other embellishments you added. And the story and picture – oh my goodness I am so glad you shared. I hope you are still rocking those shoes! Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Hugs, Holly


  24. Hi Alycia,

    You’ve set another amazing table, my friend!! The single orchid blooms in pink look soooo pretty against the French blue napkins! All the sparkling crystal and candles make the table look so very elegant, and your sister’s china is beautiful. I LOVED seeing this cute family photo with you at 14. I was so awkward at that age; I’m not brave enough to post a photo of me, so you go girl!! 😀

    I like the tip you gave on using a tray to hold the champagne bucket and glasses — great idea. And you’re right, it really looks lovely. I also like the tip about keeping the dessert forks cold. As usual, you’ve thought of everything, and I’m so impressed. Thank you for your visit and sweet comments. I’m glad we both misunderstood the challenge — makes me feel better. I hope you have a great day; we’re having thunderstorms here today, so there go the rest of my pretty rose blossoms.

    Big Hugs,



  25. I-love-this-table!!! This feels elegant, refined and comfortable. The quilted runners are beautiful and the bling is out of this world. High five, and a fist bump to you! We’ll talk about those platform shoes and granny glasses later! 🙂


  26. Calling dibs on the platform shoes – they’re coming back you know?! still not sure how I feel about it but want dibs and then I’ll decide 😉 – and WOW all around for each and every detail on this tablescape.

    I was sorry to read the marriage didn’t last but then looking to the pic I think you sister deserved another opportunity :D.

    I have those glasses Longchamps :happydance:. Unfortunetly only 6 for wine, champagne and liquor but I love it. More now that they showed up in an “Alycia’s Creation” :teresa-feeling-very-smug: – and I’m moving them for the top shelf ahahahah

    I love the blue you chose. Really love it!

    Thank you!!!


    PS – are those small glass votive holders from IKEA? I believe I have ones and they’re from IKEA but I didn’t use them that “way”… need to go home and check if I can use mine that way…


  27. Beautiful Table.Everything looks great.Love the tall flower arrangement.Beautiful tall flower arrangement and goes so well with everything.Nice to see the family photo and more nice and fun to see you as a teen.Lovely.Have a great day.Love sujatha..:):)


  28. Alyicia what a pretty, pretty table. Love the color of those runners and the diamond look. The flowers are so pretty and would have never known they were real mixed with fake. Mt hubby would appreciate the platform shoes. He wore they quite often as a teen.



  29. Well, I’m later than I wanted to be getting around, but it was certainly worth the wait. THIS is stunning. I love so much about it from the china itself to the gorgeous way you fashioned the center of the table. I just kept staring at it to take in all the detail. (I really do want some of those high thingies you use in your centerpieces.) The flowers are beautiful, and I loved the tip about cooling the forks. I am going to remember that!

    Your sister was a beautiful bride… nothing Barf about her. Grin.
    You may have been only 14, but I can definitely see the pretty woman I “know” in that 14 year old face.

    (And frankly, it was your little brother’s expression that was my favorite thing about the picture. Priceless.)


  30. Gorgeous as usual. The china is beautiful. Love the photo of all of you. How fun is that? I too had some awesome red flower platform shoes.
    I still love those chair covers, elegant with the crystal hanging. Truly a beautiful table to enjoy and celebrate.


  31. The teal and silver is a wonderful color combination. This would be a great look for any special dinner. So does your sister’s china “live” at your house, or did it come to visit for this post. Cherry Kay


  32. Just stunning! So many wonderful details that add glam and sophistication! Thanks for the tip on placing two runners along the edges of the table to open up the middle space – great idea and one I might just have to borrow!



  33. As usual, gorgeous table…love the tall pink centerpiece and the blue runners. The wedding china is lovely and adaptable to so many settings. As for the picture, my sister also married for the first time in 1973. The guys in the wedding party had extremely wide lapels! However, we did not wear gloves and I love that you are wearing yours! I also had, as did most of the girls in the wedding party, long “hippy” hair instead of the bubble do. Kind of glad the 70s fads are behind us!


  34. Oh, Alycia, what an exquisite table. I really don’t know where to start: I LOVE your blue runners and dish stack and crystal and chair covers……everything makes the final picture a true work of art. Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch


  35. Your table setting and your (sister’s) china is beautiful! The whole table is so elegant and wedding appropriate! Love those candle holders and your vases.
    Happy Pink Saturday,


  36. Love your cotton candy hair A, you are a brave woman! I am so sorry your sister’s marriage didn’t work out, but I sure enjoyed the stories~ the table of course is fabulous, I just adore those blue quilted runners with the silver white and pink~soooo elegant and the stretch chair covers and sashes are really cool~


  37. Absolutely charming—so perfectly arranged and chosen, and with the history as well. I DO love a good family history story, and am guilty of sharing mine in TOO TOO many words, but love to hear them. Our families ARE our history, and the days we shared, the things we used together, the things they loved and passed down—those are the WE of us as much as the names carried from generation to generation in the long lines stretching back far as we can discover.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful ( you know, I just made a typo and made that “OWNDERFUL”—wouldn’t that be a good word for all the things and history of our pasts?) story and showing the beautiful provenance of the precious items.

    Looking forward to coming back to delve into your delicious archives of all your own OWNDERFULS.,



  38. Happy Pink Saturday, Alycia. I am so glad you linked with us this weekend. I appreciate you making Pink Saturdays special.♥

    Oh how I smiled seeing your 70s look. I probably owned a pair of shoes just like those. Your table setting is elegant and stunning. I agree that the pink was the perfect pop to accent the blues, whites, crystal and silver.


  39. Congratulations on the feature at Simply BeBetsy Friday Features! Your tablescape is absolutely gorgeous. All these years later, your sister’s wedding china looks as fresh as it did in 1973. The marriage may not have worked but hey, her china got you a feature 😉


  40. So sorry your sisters wedding mass didn’t take good and the marriage broke however glad to see the wedding china made it to your house for safe keeping and using also.
    The table is beautiful. My sister got married in 1971 and I think her china was the same white plate with the silver rim her marriage didn’t last either .
    I am glad you came over to say HI now I know where your at and will visit again



  41. Hi Alycia, the table is gorgeous, you never leave a stone upturned or a detail missed. Your brother is precious but your shoes and hair take the cake. ;). Your tables are always stunning.


  42. Your “diamond” detail was the first theme I noticed, and you KNOW I agree with the importance of that kind of continuity. 🙂 Sometimes subtle… but never unnoticed by the trained eye, huh? Gorgeous tablescape with your sister’s wedding china. (And the pops of pink are so much more festive-friendly than white!)

    I recently offered my 1979 wedding china to my daughters, but they didn’t want it, so my niece is the one to benefit from my downsizing. The Noritake Marywood is all packed and ready to take on my next trip to Texas…


  43. Beautiful table scape and great tips ! Gotta tell you , I’m 5 ft. so loved me some platform shoes! Just found a pair of Tom’s that will add a few inches so I’m happy happy happy :))


  44. I love this color combination! Your flowers looks beautiful too. You have done a wonderful job with your sister’s china. Does it live with you, LOL!
    Loved the pictures of the wedding, I remember nearly falling off my shoes in the 70’s! Now I go for comfort!
    Thanks for taking the challenge, and for always leaving such wonderful comments on the others’ blogs. You are a treasure!


  45. So just temporary custody huh?…the china is exquisite and you created the perfect table to be just as exquisite…I love the choice of the colors you used…of course the centerpieces are elegant and with that certain charm that you always present…Now, to the picture…I love that pic of you….great shoes!!…and Jay…well, typical pose of a little brother…so “not into” the tux thing!….hope you can get full custody of the china!


  46. Oh, such a pretty table…Love the flowers at each setting and the crystal reflects all the light, so brilliant!! The color scheme is so romantic, too! As always, a wonderful and inviting table


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