It’s All About Me!

You’re not seeing double, folks. My darling “helpful” husband mistakenly sent this unfinished post out last year as I was recovering from shoulder surgery, but then quickly deleted it when the error was discovered. Sigh! It’s all done now and ready to roll out!

As we prepare to whisper farewell to the last vestiges of Spring and start the Summer fun, this “All About Me!” pink, brown & white tablescape is one that would be fun for Mother’s Day, a birthday party, a bridal shower, a bridesmaids luncheon,  a singles Valentine get-together, or to celebrate the strength of a breast cancer survivor.
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INSPIRATION: Fun note pads found in the clearance bin at Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store

In recent times I’ve had only a little money to spend here and there on fun new things. I spend a lot of time sifting through clearance bins, and sometimes I’m really surprised at the neat stuff I’m able to find! These note pads, with their pink polka dot on brown frames and slinky striped tops, gave me instant inspiration.

It's All About Me - Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Full dining room

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Dining tableThis table for 6 started off with a full-length brown linen. I used two pink satin runners from on each side of the table to add color and give it a striped effect.

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Double place setting in pink, brown & white

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Single place setting in pink, brown & whiteI used a deep pink Bormioli Rocco “Inca” glass charger from Burlington to perk up the setting and complement the paler pink runner beneath it. Plain white Corelle dinner plates get a facelift with chocolaty brown napkins laid across and tucked beneath, keeping with the striped effect.

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Flatware, Rim Shot, Favor BagI used a contemporary flatware pattern, J.A. Henckels “Bellaserra”, with a mirrored finish. The paper favor bag on the plate complements the notepad.

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Stemware, rim shot close up collageA smoky brown stemmed glass from Dollar Tree and stemless martini glasses from Pier 1 complement each place setting. TIP: Stemless martini glasses also make great punch cups!

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Full centerpiece in pink, brown & white

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Table floral collage with pink hyacinthThe centerpiece of the table starts with this wonderful pink, brown and white polka-dotted cloth box from Michael’s brimming with pink hyacinth. For demonstration purposes here the flowers are faux, but when setting the table for guests I splurge for the real deal!

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Table "lamp" made with candlestick and lamp shade

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Lamp collageI created the “lamps” flanking the floral arrangement with white turned wood candlesticks from Z Gallerie and a brown bell lamp shade from JC Penney. An LED candle of your desired size/intensity is all that’s needed to lend flickering ambient light. (To see other candle lamps on this site see “Raining Orchids“, “Should Have Put a Ring On It“, “All A’Bloom for Spring“, and “Just Us Girls“.)

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Pink & white M&MsBowls of hot pink, pale pink and white M&Ms in white poppy bowls from Pier 1.

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Brown & white striped pillowsA fun little accent in the chairs: pillows striped in shades of brown and white to complement the stripes on the table.

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Buffet

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: Cake, plates, server, marshmallows collage

Candles, cupcakes collageAs always, the buffet behind the dining table gets a little special treatment. Cupcakes are served up on a creamy white American Atelier “Empress” ironstone tray. A brown-tinted glass urn from Burlington holds miniature marshmallows, and lacy white porcelain “doily” plates from Pier 1 stand ready to serve cake. The white pitchers are from Home Goods. Candlesticks like the ones on the dining table hold chunky pink candles from Tuesday Morning.

It’s All About Me! – Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One: White hyacinth in pink vases on tea cartInspiration is everywhere! Don’t forget to check those clearance aisles…you never know what you might find there! 🙂

Other pink & brown posts on this site:
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I am joining Christine this evening at Rustic & Refined for her brand spankin’ new link party, “Table It!”. Tomorrow I’ll be at Susan’s at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday” (anytime after 9:00 a.m. CDT). Come on and join me! You’ll meet some of the most talented tablescapers the world has to offer!

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!!!

26 thoughts on “It’s All About Me!

  1. So very pretty Alycia. Love the color combination of pink and brown together. Your clearance shopping created a beautiful table. The lamps are so cute. I hope you are feeling much better. xo


  2. Oh Alycia..I was so happy to see a post of yours appear in my email!…The table is gorgeous as everything about it…from the colors to the great detail of the centerpiece in that cute polka dot box to the adorable box on each place setting…love that you used lamps on the table too!…Hope you are feeling better and better each day…welcome back Alycia! Have a great weekend!!!


  3. YAY!!!!!!!!! You’re back! I am so glad to see you posting again. I was just thinking about you yesterday.
    I love this table and the lamps/candlesticks are genius. As usual you coordinate everything perfectly from glassware, flatware to favor bags.
    Our girl is back!!!YAY!!
    love to you, Ginger


  4. Some of us have slept since then, so it’s a “new” post. LoL This is a yummy tablescape! For some reason pink and brown just say “box of chocolates”. Happy Mother’s Day!


  5. Beautiful table .Everything goes so well with each the glassware a lot.unique color. Lovely mix of colours.Your side board and the cushion too look great.Nice to see your table top once again…Love sujatha…:):)


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  9. beautiful..They look soooooo real! I definitely need your eye for tablescapes.. Have you ever thought of publishing a book?? Really, you should.. people like me need instructions on how to create such beauty on the table.. every single one of your designs is just draw-dropping. I get soooo excited when I see your site appear in my feed..I can’t click quick enough to start oooooin’ & ahhhhhhin….. I’m wishing you and your mom a happy joyful mother’s day!


  10. This is so you, my pink loving friend! I remember when Ramon sent out the post, bless his heart he was trying to be helpful. You have just rekindled my love of lamps on a tablescape, these look like the real deal. I’m also head over heels in love with the cloth box you’re using for the centerpiece. Gosh darn it woman you’re going to have me hitting up all the stores, this is a ton of inspiration!!!


  11. Thank you Alycia to stop by to write few words for me.I feel special and honored person to send my post to your friend for the tea party tip.So sweet of you Alycia.Hope you are having fun and have a wonderful mothers day..Love and hugs sujatha…:):)


  12. There’s something about brown and pink together that is so romantic. The perfect balance for a sweet and dreamy table. and I am loving those stemless martini glasses!

    Thanks so much for joining my link party, it just wouldn’t be a party with you (and for the shout out at the end of your post) That was so sweet and a great way to wake up seeing that when I hopped over here!


  13. How much total fun! The centerpiece is such an eye catcher, and the all about me pads are perfect! Boy do I know some women I would give those to! You always have every corner covered with your professional eye, down to the pink and brown desserts! Great table! I love the lamps, somehow they remind me of a New York restaurant~


  14. As soon as I saw the pink hyacinths I thought of Paris, where the city gardeners plant the bulbs just as they are starting to bloom and then dig them out when they are done. I always think of Paris when I see pink hyacinths. The care that went into making and decorating the sweet little cakes is also very French baker-like. My favorite aspect of this setting is the buffet. I admire the subtle beauty of the simple objects and their colors. Another thing I like is that you show the buffet set in a realistic manner as someone would actually use the top at a party. The desserts and the beverages without a lot of design over-kill. I was just thinking that if I had someone like you to set up the table tops in my shop, they would sell the pieces and then I had to laugh when I thought that I never even looked at the buffet, I was too busy admiring the things on top!


  15. Chocolate and pink is such an underappreciated color combination! As always, this tablescape is an absolute knock-out.You’ve managed to throw in stripes, polka dots, and solids all together, and blend them together seamlessly. What a beauty! 🙂


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