Fete Noir et Gris

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I was so taken with the black and white components of last week’s table! So when I volunteered to host an intimate dinner for friends who are running off to New Orleans to get married, I thought I’d use those colors again, this time infused with silvery gray. (Seriously, though…do you really “run off to get married” in your 50s? I’m in my 50s, and it would be more like “leisurely strolling off”…or “limping off.” I actually added the silvery gray to complement our hair color!) 😉  This time the colors are paired with more upscale china, stemware, flatware and other decorative accoutrement. I hope you like it!

This would also make a great New Year’s Eve tablescape!!!

Click here or on the “Wedding” tab above
to see detailed photos of “Fete Noir Et Gris”.

I’m teaming up again with Susan and the other tablescapers at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursdays. After perusing my photos, you’re invited to join us there!

43 thoughts on “Fete Noir et Gris

  1. Alycia.. you’ve blown me away. I love using the shades on the table! What a lovely idea. I love that runner too. Wow it’s so beautiful and classy. Your silver, dishes and stems are perfect with each other. the centerpiece is absolutely stunning! Anyone who sits here would feel like royalty. Fabulous…. a masterpiece!

    • Hi, Marlis! Thank you!!! They had a good time despite my repeated referrals to how old we all have gotten! I love using lamps on the table. Unless you are using a patio table with a hole in the middle of both the table and the linen to run electricity, it can be tricky to use lamps. (Although I have used real lamps with “puffy” runners to hide the cords.) This was a fun table to do! Have a good one!

  2. Alycia–
    You are just sooo chic! Do you really have friends with names like Ellington and Jasmine???? I want them too. Love,love love that runner. I want that too. That glassware is fab. I want that too.
    hugs, Linda

  3. Alycia,
    You’ve done it again! An elegant tablescape filled with just the right amount of bling to make it sparkle and yet remain understated. Well done!

    • Hey, Denise! I actually just purchased the lamp shades a few weeks ago at Old Time Pottery here in the Kansas City, MO area. They were $12.99 apiece. I HAVE had the candlesticks for years (used to rent them in my fine rentals business), but you can use just about any candlesticks. Be sure to take one with you when you go shopping for shades so you can be sure the proportion is right. As for the followers, take a look on the “Table Tips” page to see what they look like. You can probably pick those up at a store like Hobby Lobby, I’m guessing. Again, I bought them wholesale a thousand years ago, so I’m not sure exactly where to get them retail. Oh, by the way…you can also use wine bottles in place of candlesticks! Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Alycia!!! This is beautiful! And your blog is amazing! I clicked to see more and I am so impressed with your organization and your tips, and the beautiful tables you have set! I like the idea of converting the candlesticks with that “device” and the LEDs and the shades! I will be back to explore more! Linda

  5. I think those shades together are so gorgeous and elegant. Timelessly chic!!! You have a wonderful post–how kind of you to throw the couple a dinner party!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment on my post!!


    • Thank you, Lana, and thanks so much for stopping by to take a peek! I really appreciate it! Throwing parties for friends and loved ones is what keeps me ticking in this “post-grown up career” life!

  6. You have put us all in the shade today with those fancy lamps today. Seriously this looks like a fancy supper club with jazz playing in the background and all sorts of glamourous movie stars in attendance! I love everything!

    • YOU are much too kind! Thank you!!!! I know I felt kinda fancy sitting there all evening. Really hated to tear it down at evening’s end. But there’s always next time…! Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week!

  7. This is a very pretty table scape! I would like to invite you to link this up to my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at Boogieboard Cottage. The link will be up all week. Take care, Mary :O)

  8. This table is just gorgeous. I adore the black and silver napkins paired with the beautiful napkin rings. The tall lamps really add to the drama of the table. How fun to have the placecard in a frame that dresses it up just a bit more. Fun and flirty yet elegant. I think in my 50s I could still run off someplace warm and romantic! Maybe not my 70s, but we will see!!!

  9. The table is very romantic, Alycia, just perfect for a running off to be married couple. And yes, I would run off to be married too in my 50’s, in fact, I did!…Christine

    • Hey, Christine! I have seen pictures of you, and you are VERY youthful-looking. I can see how you were still able to “run” off and get married in your 50s! Again…I would have to hobble at this point! 🙂 Have a great week, young lady!

  10. Ms. A, I adore this table and I LOVE Old Time Pottery. Quick question, I liked the doubling up on chargers, is this to add demension to the table or color? Should you only do it for a formal table? You are still my She-Ro. Tell Ms. Sherry I said hi. Have a good day?

    • Ebony!!!!!!!! Hi, baby!!! How are you??!?!?!! I think about you every time I go to the Price Chopper near you! I hope you, Steve, and the kids are doing well. I double up on the chargers for both dimension and color. It’s really not a traditional formal table practice, but the rules have relaxed a lot. It’s more important to me for a table to be interesting than “correct.” I’ve doubled up on chargers on a couple of other tables that have made the cut to the blog (See https://tabletwentyone.wordpress.com/fun-stuff/ – “Proud as a Peacock” and https://tabletwentyone.wordpress.com/wedding/ – “Rhapsody in Blue”). The salad plates are on top of the dinner plate just for the photos, but removed before guests arrive to chill in the fridge so as to keep the salad cold & crisp. The dinner plates are also removed and put in the warmer so the entree will stay hot longer. All that remains when guests sit down are the 2 chargers. The first one remains throughout the appetizer course (not to be confused with hors d’oeuvres which are served during cocktail hour), and then is removed at the conclusion of that course. The second one is there for the salad or soup course and then removed at the end of that. There is no charger (as formality dictates) for the entree or dessert courses. Of course, you can relax those rules however you wish, especially if the chargers are really fabulous and you want them to stay throughout the entire meal! It’s 2011…go for whatever makes you feel good! Love you! Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Alycia, yes I do like it a lot! And do you know what I really like? I am in love with those silver sheer napkins and also with the little feet on the candlesticks among other things. It’s funny how one or two things will just grab me, and those were mine this time. The whole scheme works perfectly, and I love how you matched it to the bride’s hair. 😉 You are too funny. And yes, at this age, I’m more like ambling off to NOLA! LOL!


    Sheila 🙂

  12. Hi Lady A,

    Am always late but at least I came to visit you, anyways. Just too much to cope with family, the holidays & of course the winter sickness stroke D´Nics and it’s hard to rid of it. Cough & colds are really a pain…

    Anyhow… OMG… what an elegant settings. TY as always for giving me the American inspirations. So much to blend in my 2 styles but I am loving with the 3rd one.

    Have a blessed week, dear…

    • Hi, sweet Chie! I hope everyone in your household feels better soon! I know what you mean about the crazy holidays, etc. Very hard to keep up with everything. Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart to stop by! I’m so glad you like the tablescape! Take good care of yourself, and I hope to talk to you again soon from halfway across the world!

  13. So glad that I stopped by this evening. Gorgeous, sophisticated tablescape…perfectly suited for the event. I’m going to dig out the candle holders and add my LED votives…what a great idea…can’t believe that I’ve never thought of it. Using the followers with regular candles just always came with more issues than I was willing to tackle. Thanks for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  14. Thought his table was created a very long time ago but I can’t stop my hand in writing a simple complement with what you did here. The table is so fabulous and elegant. You are awesome and that what I like on your blog co’z I found a lot of inspirations especially on tablescaping. You are heaven sent to us. 😉

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