Spring Has Sprung Tablescape

I start teaching my “Art of Tablescaping” class through Longview Community College tonight. I’m sure you can probably smell the fear through your computer screen. (Don’t worry…a little Febreze® will take care of that! ;-))
Wish me luck, folks. I’m really going to need it!

To get a little break from preparing for class, I was thrilled over the weekend to create a Spring tablescape for the 13th Annual Taste of Lee’s Summit event hosted by the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation, Inc. (LSEF). My table was part of a prize package in the live auction offered by an LSEF board member which included a gourmet 4-course meal with live music and a relaxing pontoon ride on the lake. (Click HERE to see the winners’ table, “Surf & Turf Dinner.”)
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it.)

The table for the prize dinner will be quite different from this one and will reflect the menu/theme of the evening. For this night, however, I chose a beautiful crushed poly full-length table linen in “Citrus” in an effort to make it really stand out in the large room. As it turns out, the overall decor theme for the event included a similar color paired with a bright aqua blue, so it blended right in! Oh, well! 😉

The creamy white dishes are “Empress” ironstone from American Atelier. I used a small grapevine wreath that resembles a bird’s nest (Hobby Lobby) to infuse color and texture between the charger and bowl.

A clear glass miniature cloche from Hobby Lobby stands guard over the crushed poly napkin, rolled & tucked to stand at attention. A single butterfly dances on top.

IMG_5228WM“Cambridge” dark faux bamboo flatware is a nice contrast to the acidic color of the table linen and works well with the oil rubbed bronze-colored centerpiece.

The hostess for the planned evening created this beautiful menu to complement the tablescape. (The tablescape I eventually create in her home will be more in line with the fabulous surf ‘n turf meal.)

Simple clear glass stemware from Old Time Pottery.

The ceilings in John Knox Pavilion where the event was held are soaring, so I wanted to build something that would not be dwarfed by them. This oil rubbed bronze centerpiece (also used HERE  but flipped upside-down with glass floral globes) worked well on the small table space allotted.

A glass vase is filled with a wild, untamed profusion of fresh curly willow tips and creamy white faux orchids. The piece stood just over 6-ft. off the table. An arrangement like this would work well for an outdoor Spring luncheon, too, or you can go as high as you wish indoors depending on the height of your ceiling.

I wired on lots of pink & green faux butterflies to add color and whimsy to the arrangement.

The iron piece is sold with clear glass globes suitable for holding florals or candles, but I wanted to do something a little different. I subbed these gazing balls which made a remarkable difference in the overall look.

When I set up the day before the event, I didn’t think I wanted to use candles. Overnight I thought about it, and sure enough I went back on Saturday to add these chunky LEDs that were an almost perfect match to the linen color. The candles sit on oil rubbed bronze convertible candlesticks.

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I hope you’ll join me at Tablescape Thursday again this week. Just log on anytime after 9:00 a.m. (Central time) to get an eyeful of tablescaping talent around the world! Also linking up with the Style Sisters for Centerpiece Wednesday! Check it out!
See you after class! 🙂

44 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung Tablescape

  1. Love the spring table. If I still lived in the KC area I’d be attending your class. I hate that I’ll miss it ! I know everyone who attends will walk away enriched !


  2. I just emailed you to wish you the best because I’m on the fly today, but here I am–I couldn’t resist 🙂 Your tables are too much of a temptation. It’s absolutely beautiful. I WANT that centerpiece (can you see the pout and hear the whine in my voice, and a little foot stomp to go with it all??) I love that fresh-grass, spring-green shade of green. Awesome!!


  3. Alycia, I love that yummy citrus green and the contrast of the wreath/nest with the sheen of your table linens. I really like the cloche with the napkin tucked inside and butterfly on top. So unexpected and pretty. Too bad the colors “blended” with the over all color theme, but I’ll bet it stood out in creativity! 🙂


  4. This is so tablescape is so fresh and springy! Well done Alycia. And, you are going to do GREAT teaching your class!!! Wish I could be there. xx


  5. Yipeeeeeeeeeee…this email posting came through beautifully! Whatever you did, it worked Alycia!
    This whole scene is just luscious…that citrus green says “Spring” to me & I love the little butterfly accents & the gazing globes, plus those perfectly matched candles…what luck finding those!

    Well done, Honey….you are a pro at this & I sure wish I lived closer to you, so I could take the class from you. I’d even bring you an apple. *wink*

    Good Luck & Break A Leg,


  6. Alycia Ilove it! It’s dramatic and refined! I love the height you got with it and I also love that it allows the guests to see each other. For such a small table it really is impressive! I really like the green linens you used and the napkin under the cloche is so cute! The grapvine piece under the salad plate is perfect and pulls together nicely with the butterflies and willow stems. I love those orchids mixed in there- it draws your eye and allows the willow stems to show even better! The gazing globes added into the iron piece was brilliant! Super job! Love it!
    You know I’m rooting for you and your first class tonight! You’ve planned it out well and I know it will go smoothly! Next thing we know you will be writing a book!


  7. Alycia..first of all, you are going to knock their socks off at the class..No need for luck as you are extremely talented..So go and mesmerize them with your beautiful tablescapes…What a great thing you are doing..

    Your tables were gorgeous for the event…I am sure everyone was in awe of them!


  8. I am super excited for your new venture. You are an expert at what you do so no luck needed. This scape is gorgeous and the shade of green you’ve used is a perfect preview for spring. I look forward to hearing about the class and want to pick your brain later on.


  9. You come up with the coolest centerpieces ever!! The gazing balls are so clever, they are fantastic!! The color is so springy–it makes me happy!! And the “nests” between the plates?? SOO creative. Good luck tonight, I know that you will be fantastic!! I am so excited for you! Wish I was closer, I’d be attending that class!! Go get ’em, girl!! xoxo Betsy


  10. Oh Alycia you are going to rock that class, I would have been the first one registered if you were here in Texas!! I know those folks are in for such a wonderful class with you, yes I am about the color of your linens with envy!!! This table is wonderful, and the use of the gazing balls is absolutely genus! Totally takes it to another level. I hope you have a wonderful week my dear friend.


  11. Gorgeous color and design! Definitely Spring has sprung. You are great Alycia and am sure your class will be fun and rewarding.
    Love the centerpiece…..I love curly willow….especially with some height. The butterflies and or orchids make it pop! The Grapevine makes you feel like Spring is here…..Very fun, whimsical and elegant.
    I am leaving tomorrow morning for the Bridal Shower. It’s on Saturday.
    The wedding is the end of March.
    I have the menu all planned out for the shower. I will do a post on it.
    Enjoy your week and have fun teaching.


  12. Alycia, I would love to take the class your teaching on tablescapes, you will be terrific. Im sure your students will finish with an amazing love of this art! What a gorgeous Tablescape you’ve created for spring. You have such a talent for this. Way to go Alycia!

    The French Hutch


  13. I love your table ~ the butterflies are my favorite… and the napkin comes in on a close second. That is so very pretty ~ It makes you feel Happy!!!! 🙂 Love it!


  14. How fun to be teaching your class! You will be so charming and magnificent and you have so much to share.

    What a spectacular table. When I saw the long tables, I thought you had coordinated the colors so that turned out perfectly. Your tall centerpieces is magnificent and what creativity to place the beautiful napkins in the cloche. I just love everything you did. Of course, as a lover of butterflies – I think they were the perfect touch.

    I would love to be able to sit at the “real” table for the surf and turf. I know it will be wonderful.


  15. The table is stunning, as usual! I bet you caused the auction bidding to soar.
    Oh gee, I can’t say good luck with your class because it’s already happened! But I know it went great and you were a huge success. You are so funny and entertaining, so creative, and so knowledgeable about your craft!


  16. Great table. The tablecloth is amazing. Love the flatware, particularly the color. Where did you find that???

    I’m sure you are a total pro at your classes. I have no doubt.

    – The Tablescaper


  17. If your classes are half as delightful as your posts and tables, your students are lucky and will learn loads and have a blast!!!


  18. How very exciting everything I read here is! First off, let me just say the tablescape is so enchanting. Those floating globes on your centerpiece are amazing! I love the combinations you used here with the plates and the nest. Lady, this is why you should be teaching the art of tablescaping because you are so very creative and inspiring! Best wishes to you, I am sure you are going to be a success!!! I hope your auction was successful too!


  19. Absolultely lovely I always love your tablescapes. Such detail but never over the top – meant to enhance the celebration and pleasure of the meal itself. I am always inspired when I visit your website.


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