Solemn Stars & Stripes

This 4th of July (and always) I pray for peace, true freedom, liberty and justice for all souls on this earth.

Placing the ceramic foot bath on a silver gallery tray adds another dimension and a bit of formality to the centerpiece.

Kate Spade for Lenox “Rutherford Circle – Navy” salad plates and “Rutherford Circle – Red” dinner plates atop white ceramic chargers. A mix of alternating red and blue Pier 1 star shaped bowls and a star-studded napkin folded flag style round out the place setting. I first did this napkin fold for “4th of July – Coastal Style” back in 2014.

Hampton Silversmiths “Patriot” flatware.

Mikasa “Jamestown Platinum” stemware.

Faux floral stems and blue & white chinoiserie foot bath from Nell Hill’s (Kansas City).

My Mother’s American flag is displayed on the vitrine in her honor.

Don’t forget to share in the abundance of the season including fresh fruits and pies! My favorite: blueberry! What’s YOURS?!!

To see other patriotic tablescapes on this blog, just click below. Have a safe and happy 4th!

14 thoughts on “Solemn Stars & Stripes

  1. This setting is so elegant! The simplicity of the plates work to highlight the napkins and their shape helps to highlight the extra-special folded flag, your mother’s! I love how you are able to subtly include her in some of your posts. She is always with you and it’s beautiful the way you share that!! Now, about my favorite pie(s)?!! Well, there’s blueberry, blackberry, black raspberry, cherry, peach…… maybe not apple. Oh, how I LOVE fruit pies! Wishing you a safe, blessed and festive 4th of July!! Zenda


  2. Alycia, this may be one of my favorite tables that you’ve put together, and, you have quite an impressive repertoire. Perhaps the colors and theme touch deeply for me. There’s so much to like! And your mom’s flag put a lump in my throat. Happy 4th!


  3. Alycia, that’s beautiful. Before you even mentioned the source of your centerpiece, I thought your table looked like something Nell Hill’s would feature in their styling. Love how you folded your napkins and the rich colors of the KS for Lenox plates. Really nicely done. Happy July. Have a safe weekend.


  4. Those napkins folded like flags really got to me. I was just moving my dad‘s flag to a new location, along with the cartridge shells from the military salute. Patriotic holidays always get to me because I think of him, and miss him so much. On the plus side, you gave me a giggle by saying that the centerpiece was a foot bath! Get out of town! Really? If I need my feet soaked, I use my car wash bucket. LOL! Happy Fourth to you and Ramon!


  5. What a beautiful Stars and Stripes tablescape. I really enjoy decorating with red, white and blue. The way you folded the napkins is the solemn part, yes? Happy 4th of July weekend to you and yours. And on the subject of pie I think fresh strawberry or fresh peach are my favorite.


  6. Awww Alycia, what a beautifully done, patriotic table you’ve designed. The centerpiece is stunning, and the napkin gold is so pretty. Seeing your mom’s flag on the buffet was such a tender hearted touch. Happy 4th of July ❤️🇺🇸💙


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