All I Want For Christmas…

Merry, merry, merry wishes of joy and happiness to you and yours this Christmas season! I hope you’re feeling the spirit of the holidays and getting that decorating finished up!

All I wanted for Christmas this year was to be healthy. After months of grueling PT with “Deadly” David to fully recover from the 3rd spine surgery last December, I finally did it!!! Since August I’ve been working out with a fabulous, fun (and cute!) personal trainer I like to call “Killer” Kyle. I’m getting leaner, meaner, and stronger with actual muscles forming to support my spine. Muscles. Me! At 60 years old!!! But then on the last day of November I took a 10-lb kettle bell to the head/face from overhead that rendered me unconscious and earned me an ambulance ride. Concussion, retinal edema, multiple contusions, cuts, and bruises…just a hot mess! Surgery the following week. I’ve posted a few pics at the very end past the comments section. If you’re squeamish, easily grossed out or prone to nightmares, don’t go there.🤢 It’s pretty bad. I morphed from this picture of health at 9:30 a.m….

Me with the Miracle Worker, Mr. Abs of Steel himself, “Killer” Kyle, celebrating my post-spine surgery 30 lb. (so far!) weight loss!

…to what you’ll see at the end of this post. From regular ol’ me…to Rocky Balboa in the 15th round calling for Adrian!!!/ Worf/Quasimodo…to Sloth (The Goonies)…to Gollum…and finally to Uncle Festus within a 7-day period. Ugh!😑

Anyhooooo…Long before all this mayhem went down,  a crew from KCTV-5 graciously came out to our home to tape my segment of “Better Kansas City” so I wouldn’t have to haul everything to the studio. I never got a chance to post the details of our shoot that day or any of our Christmas decor. I hope you find these tablescape ideas handy for this year and beyond, and starting soon I’ll post ideas for around the rest of the house. First the short 5-minute video segment from the show…

And now…pretty pictures with very few words!

Lights, camera…action!

Oops, wait…I wasn’t ready yet!

I chose 222 Fifth “Holiday Wishes” dinnerware for the shoot because of its lavish design. (See this same dinnerware at “Cardinal Christmas” from 2016.) The napkins are tied with red ribbon to mimic the design in the dishes.

Glossy green-stemmed compotes for dessert service. (Also used in “Upscale Irish“.)

The luxurious white faux fur table runner is topped with a very traditional plaid runner and a length of satin ribbon.

Faux snow generously sprinkled over the centerpiece of manzanita and faux Christmas greenery.

This cheerful metal banner from Home Finishings in Lee’s Summit, MO, can be displayed just about anywhere and is one of my new favorites! (I bought several!)

The red ginger jar, carved column cap, and lavishly realistic faux greenery on the end of the buffet are all from Nell Hills.

The semi-permanent display on the china cabinet is enhanced with the addition of a well-lit faux greenery garland almost casually tossed across.

That’s a wrap!

Next post we move into the entry hall and library. Hope you’ll come back by to check it out!

OK,  now…I’m serious…this is bad.😱🤢🤕
The blood was already all cleaned up (probably left a 1/2 pint on the turf!), but still…bad. Just quickly scroll past it if you want to leave a comment but fear losing your lunch!🤮





In the ER approximately 2 hours after the kettle bell hit me – see the mash up of Rocky, Worf and Quasimodo with that massive contusion to the forehead and that eye?!!


Home from the ER. Starting to look more like Sloth. The extent of the broken nose is more evident.


Day 7 – I’ve surpassed Rocky, Worf, Quasimodo and Sloth. A cross between Gollum & Uncle Festus has overtaken my face!!!


Day 8 – Ready to head back to hospital for surgery


Trying to keep my puny veins warm so the IV will go in a bit easier. In good spirits!


The whole staying warm thing didn’t work and my good spirits have expired. The IV hurt…a LOT!!!

Back home in my own comfy jammies with nose repositioned and splinted. The headache is excruciating!!!

Six-week recovery ahead. Hoping to get cleared to go back to working out in the gym mid-January! Meanwhile, nothing gets in the way of daily exercise!!! (Even if it is just walking and the recumbent bike.)

32 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas…

  1. The square cardinal plates, the green stemware, you’re killing me, smalls! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, accident-free holiday season. Stop hurting yourself and messing up that sweet face! Love to you and yours! Pattie


  2. Oh my goodness. What are we going to do with you? I’ve been wondering where you’ve been and now I know. I hope that you are getting better by the day. I just can’t believe this has happened to you when you were doing so good from the back surgery. Take care of yourself. Hope you and your family have a “SAFE” and Merry Christmas. Love ya, Sandy


  3. Oh, sweetheart, I hurt for you (wish I could!)! NO MORE KETTLE BALLS. You have the most wonderful positive attitude of anyone, ever. Take it easy, get plenty of rest, let that handsome man wait on you, and know there is a lot of good wishes and prayers and love coming your way from all the people you have touched! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and lots and lots of love and good wishes.


  4. WTH…. get out!! You really have an exciting life…good and not so good. Your spirits are high and that’s great. Glad you are doing better. Beautiful tablescape as always. Happy holidays. 🌹😘🌹🌹🌹


  5. Oh my goodness Alycia!!!…you were on the road to recovery and then a set back…this is why I stay away from my hubby’s kettle bells!!!…I am soooo sorry this has happened to you……so tell me…it’s that hospital food you missed!!!….I loved the video and hopefully soon you will be up and around and showing that Killer Kyle that you are Super Woman and climbing back to a full recovery!!!….Now lay back and let everyone else do the Holiday cooking for you!!!…You rest up and I pray for a most speedy recovery for you!!!! xoxoxoxo’s If I don’t talk to you sooner, Have a very Merry Christmas with your family and here’s to a happy and HEALTHY New Year!


  6. Hello Alycia, it’s been a long time. I was happy to see this arrive. I have been out from posting for a while.

    I couldn’t look at all those pictures but I looked at the last few. I can’t look at people hurt. Makes me edgy but I’m happy you’re recovering well. Happy to read your last surgery was a success and you can move.

    Exercising you go girl. My MS has improved from a new biologic and I’m back to working out 7 days a week and posting. Boy have things changed in blogland.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and healthy new year. You so deserve a break.



  7. Oh my goodness gracious! Alycia! You were a hot mess. Your table is gorgeous – but it’s you I’m worried about! I hope all went well with the surgery and you are on the mend now. This scares me because I started a kettle bell class about 3 months ago. Did you run into someone swinging it? Heavens that baby did a number on you. Take it easy, don’t try to do too much. In the mean time I hope you are able to enjoy your Christmas even if you do look like you got ran over by a reindeer!! I hope the new year brings you much better luck and good health. Liked your video!! Always fun to see you on these TV segments!


  8. I had just wondered how you were doing. So many have back problems these days. I have opted to not have anything done with my back, but might try stem cell. The table was just beautiful. I fixed a pretty table with the Better Homes and Garden dishes. Wish I had seen the Firth 222 at Home good, but didn’t see them until last night and they had only 4 plates.

    Take care of yourself and leave those kettle balls alone. Blessings and good wishes


  9. Oh, Alycia!! How on earth did that happen?! Lady, I knew I was keeping you on my prayer list for a reason but…oh, dear!! I’m happy you were able to share your great ideas for holiday entertaining before this mishap. Love your gorgeous table and all of the great ideas! I hosted our retired teacher craft group last week and we had a lot of fun, but could have used a couple of your tips. Thinking of you and saying more prayers for a speed recovery! Merry (and SAFE) Christmas! Zenda


  10. OMG how awful ! So glad you are doing better after that. I think you’ve had your limit of hospital stays and hopefully 2019 will only bring blessings.


  11. As always, your table settings are right on, but goodness, girl friend, what a year you have had. I hope that next year will be pain free and free of accidents. You’ve paid your dues and then some. Take good care and enjoy the holidays.


  12. OMG Alycia, I had no idea! What an ordeal. Sorry you are going through all this. I so admire your good humor and positive attitude when faced with surgery and recovery. Really hope someday we can meet in person. Wish I could stop by with a meal and chit chat. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Do want to tell you how much I love your tablescape. Never saw those dishes before — good thing because I’d have a tough time resisting them! All your tables have such a creative flair.

    Merry Christmas…and gentle hugs!


  13. My God, Alycia! No! This can’t be. After all you’ve been through! I am so sorry about this latest mishap! I don’t even know what to say! Praying for you, dear friend. May recovery go smoothly.


  14. Since I knew about this I am not shocked to read this but it is still unsettling to see your face after the accident. So glad your nose could be repaired but it’s too bad you’ll have the long recovery period.
    Loved the video. Your table was beautiful. Good thing you did all that prior to the accident! Now PLEASE stay safe and no more of this!!
    Love ya girl, Liz


  15. Oh my friend, you poor dear!!! A kettle bell to the face was way more than you needed!!! Goodness, but you endured it, and got through it. God bless you, Alycia.
    Your table and the surroundings were so beautiful. Congratulations on your 30 lb. weight loss. You’re looking great! Happy weekend to you. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Alycia, NOOOOO! You have such a good attitude, but seriously… I was so hoping your comeback was getting close after the back surgeries, and now this. Praying for a complete recovery, friend. And a very Merry Christmas. Your “no detail missed” tablescape certainly does put me in the holiday spirit. Thank you! I needed that today after a week of scraping wallpaper in our new small-town Victorian. (Yeah, so much for our Finally Farmhouse. Life and its unexpecteds, huh?)


  17. Oh Alycia, You have had a series of rough patches these past few years, I have been wondering how you were/are…I know you were completely devastated by this set back after working so hard!! Your spirit and attitude is amazing, hang in there and keep up the good work! Merry Christmas,


  18. Gurrrrrl! So very thankful you are once again on the road to recovery. How many lives now have you expired? You better be careful One like that could’ve taken you out for good! You could’ve had a subdural hematoma and died! Stop that silly kettle ball crap, right now (I bet that’s what your mama said too, am I right??)
    Alycia, seriously, you’ve got an overall attitude and spirit that obviously can heal anything. I wish you all the best, so you can keep showing us the best of what you’ve always got. That segment was delightful. I love your delivery and the decor is beautiful. Merry Christmas, my friend.


  19. Oh my goodness dear Alycia! Oye, I’m so sorry for this injury. Your poor nose and head. I don’t have enough sympathetic words to express my feelings. And wow about your determination and weight loss! Good for you!


  20. I wanted to pass out when in saw your injury.. dear god alycia..I’m sorry this happened to you.. I mean after such a smiling moment (I was all giddy looking at you on tv… ..i’m so proud of you.. my guru girlfriend) and then my mouth dropped completely open and got scared and teary for you.. ..i’m praying for a speedy recovery.. you’re doing so well with your work out regimen.. hang in there lady.. sending warm hugs and prayers to you.. merry Christmas…


  21. Oh Alycia, I am so sorry this happened to you. After recuperating from your back surgeries, something else happened to you. Glad to see you are on the mend again thanks to working with that cutie.You are such a trooper and seem to be on the mend. Your video is perfect! Take care and keep on punching back.


  22. Alycia, I’m back for another visit. Don’t think my comment went through the other day (needed a Word Press password). Anyway, I just can’t stop thinking about you and the 10 lb weight. I hate this happened to you and after all your surgeries and working to hard to build those muscles. You are such a trooper! Merry Christmas and take care.


  23. Gurrrlll!!! You have been through the grinder, haven’t you?? What have you ever done to be getting this kind of Karma?? You seem so sweet and kind. 🙂 I really am so sorry. Keep that sweet smile on your beautiful face.


  24. Oh, my, I am so sorry to hear about the untimely meeting with the kettle bell…I have heard it said that exercise can kill you!!! Your home looks beautiful and you have such a flair for setting the table! Wishing you a happy New Year!


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