Peacock Pizzazz!

 Peacock feathers. There’s just something about them. They’ve just got that snappy, snazzy, razzle dazzle kiss-my-foot-and-call-me-Your-Highness pizzazz about them. This time of year a peacock feather centerpiece or side piece can really jazz up a tablescape as well as add texture, height, and implied motion.
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No table linen or placemat for this one. The natural wood of the dining table just felt right. What I did for this tablescape, however, was to mix colors and china patterns to mimic the pageantry of the peacock. A goldleafed glass charger is the foundation for an American Atelier “Florentine Gold Scroll” dinner plate topped with a 222 Fifth “Ornamental Scroll” salad plate. The white in the dinner plate helps to break up the heavy concentration of color in the place setting.

The deep teal poly-cotton napkins from Home Goods are cinched with a Pier 1 “Beaded Circle” napkin ring that reminded me of a male peacock’s tail feathers when I first saw them. (Would someone please explain to me how it is that the male peacock got to be the showier one??!?!?! What a rip off!!!)

This goldtone flatware really gets a workout around here in the fall and winter months!

A mix of teal blue stems from Stein Mart and Dollar Tree green stemware pulls from the colors of the male peacock’s plumage.

I found these jeweled peacock place card holders at Tuesday Morning many years ago. For this occasion, a faux gemstone, like those in the holder, is added to the place card.

The peacock feathers I have are 52″ in length and interfered with the light fixture above the dining table. I did, however, want to capture the colors of the feathers in the centerpiece, so I used a single teal glass cylinder with a floating candle centered between clusters of goldtone candlesticks. Like the dinner plate selection, white candles were my choice in order to break up the high concentration of deep hues.

The peacock feathers, arranged in large Vidrios San Miguel green vases from TJ Maxx (also seen HERE), were moved from the dining table to the buffet behind it with a repeat of the teal glass cylinders and goldtone candlesticks. It took a total of 50 quills (25 each vase) to achieve this look. A feather, cylinder, and candlestick display similar to this would look great down the center of a reception buffet table, too!

As a side note, I wanted to demonstrate how this table could be easily transformed to a dramatic Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras look with the simple addition of a mask adorned with peacock feathers at each place setting. This would also make a kickin’ New Year’s Eve tablescape!!!

I hope your Mardi Gras celebration is a safe and fun one! When you finally wake up from your hurricane-soaked gumbo coma, please join me for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch!

Another tablescape on this site using peacock feathers:
Proud As A Peacock!

52 thoughts on “Peacock Pizzazz!

  1. LOVE THIS! Oh my! You rocked this one girl! The colors are wonderful! My dishes are all packed up till next week. We will be in Basehor soon. I have the stemware in both colors too. Those napkin rings stole the show! The scroll patterns were a great addition. You are genius!


  2. Hi Alycia,

    This table is wonderfully creative. It’s great to see how you converted this to a Mardi Gras table with just a few changes/additions.

    Boy, those peacock feathers are definitely tall! I think the colors of the goblets tie in beautifully with the peacock colors, and those napkin rings and place card holders are gorgeous! I especially love the combination of the scrolled salad plates with the dinner plates. The colors and patterns are beautiful together.

    You have such a creative mind for tablescaping. I just know your class will be a success. 🙂

    Have a great week!

    Denise at Forest Manor


  3. You have certainly captured the Peacock’s beautiful jewel tones. I love your gorgeous plates.. The name card is darling and the napkin with the napkin ring is absolutely perfect! It’s great how you added the mask for Mardi Gras.
    Perfection as usual…..


  4. Well for starters the dishes rock! They are beautiful and with the gold chargers their colors show off beautifully! I love how the big green vases on the buffet are a reflection of the stemware coloring on the table. That mask on the plate that is beautiful and it’s wonderful how it brings in that Mardi Gras flair! Your peacock name card holders are a so cute- I’m amazed at the things you have! 50 peacock feathers? Holy wow! They look fabulous in the vases!


  5. fun, fun, fun…that’s what this table is, plus beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! Even the peacock placecard holder–un…be…liev…able…. Some day I want to go see where you store all these beautiful goodies to meet your every whim. Love it all, Alycia! And it was great to see how you “converted” this table to a Mardi Gras one–seamlessly!


  6. Peacock feathers are certainly Mother Nature’s masterpiece, and make a stunning theme for your table. And, the gold takes it up another notch to elegant. I love the scrolls in the plates, and I completely agree about the addition of white. It’s that white blouse worn with a black suit. I also love how you increase the impact of the table by repeating elements on the buffet. It’s just gorgeous, Alycia!


  7. The table is gorgeous!!!..I really love the peacock place card holders..They are unique…You manage to set the most elegant tables…


  8. Hi Alycia!
    Wow! You are sporting a lot of Peacock feathers there! Really strutting your stuff! I am coveting your glassware today (I’m always spying something of yours that I am going to sneak in and steal). I need new colored stemware and I am too cheap to buy it!!! Lovely Table
    XO Cindy


  9. I am really loving all of the color on your table. For some reason I have been drawn to all shades of blue lately…I love the peacock feathers in your beautiful green vases. They are stunning! I really like how you can change a little and make this setting for more than one occasion. Love it, Love it, Love it! Thanks for sharing and have a great week.


  10. I just adore your peacock table! The gold swirl plate and the peacock blue swirled plates are fabulous! How fun to show the addition of the mask. This would be fun for a masquerade party too. Your peacock feathers are so majestic! Wow.


  11. Pulling out color from the peacock feathers is terrific! I so often like having nothing under a place setting and here letting the wood be the backdrop for the blue and green tones. This table definitely falls into the elegant category and I will dress appropriately!


  12. Love it!!!! This table is screaming!!!! I saw those peacock blue plates and resisted. Now you make me wish I didn’t ! But the star of the show is those amazing place card holders. What a find! Love it all. Great drama.

    – The Tablescaper


  13. You can be very proud of the peacock theme tablescape for it is gorgeous! The colors of the vases with the feathers are so lovely displayed on the buffet. I adore the peacock place card holders. Very Beautiful! Happy Tea Party! Pam


  14. Hello my fave Lady A…

    Goodness! What a dramatic settings. I so love the feathery touch.
    The sallad plate is to die for §:-( they are so beautiful as well as the stemware.

    I been missing your post lately, I just too lazy to loitter around the bloggie world lately.’

    Anyhow, I always enjoy everytime, I visit you. So much inspirations to bring me back home.

    Enjoy your day Lady A and take an extra care.



  15. Hi Alycia!! OOh, I just love peacocks!! The placecard holders caught my eye, they are just too cute. Your colors look so great, and this entire table is just beautiful. I am always amazed at your decorating, and this is no exception. China is gorgeous, just so elegant. I appreciate you always stopping by and leaving such nice comments. Girl, I don’t know how you do it. I need your energy level, could you send some my way, and while you’re at it, those lovely vases, stems, napkin rings, (any of the above) would work too. Have a great weekend!!–Betsy


  16. Hi alysia First off I should have explained that was the most snow.we have had this winter. Since then what snow we got soon melted. I love the theme with the peacock feathers. They are a most beautiful bird. Love the plates and napkin holders. Very dramatic


  17. Hi lovely lady.
    Wow this Tablescape is gorgeous!!!..I really love the peacock place card holders..and by putting the Mardi-Gras Mask on your dishes this was a great Idea…You manage to set the most elegant tables…I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane


  18. What wonderful colors, very regal indeed! The feathers are wonderful. The plates are gorgeous! Your tables always have so much drama. Beautiful job, and the napkin rings are outstanding!
    What’s for dinner? I’m ready! How about pheasant under glass? 🙂


  19. Peacock feathers, love that idea (never would have thought of it on my own), simple, elegant and I do like the hint of movement. I love your table, you used my very favorite colors. I especially like the mardi gras setting, FABULOUS :)!


  20. Hi Alycia~ I adore your pageantry of the peacock along with the beauty & warmth of your wood table! Your scrolled layered plates are perfectly beautiful too~ Your jeweled peacock place card holders are the crowning touch~ it reminds me that I need a trip to Tuesday Morning and see what’s new! Hope your Mardi Gras celebration was memorable 🙂


  21. Alycia, The peacock theme it awesome. I absolutely love the dinnerware with the beautiful gold, teals, and scrolls. Don’t you just love the Dollar Tree? Someone breaks a glass who cares! You and your guests are comfortable and you are able to create so much loveliness. The addition of the mask was so clever. Love the placecard holders.
    Love ya girl, Ginger


  22. Breathtaking, Alycia! I adore that deep teal color but I only own CLOTHES in it…no dishes. ??? Hmmmm.

    The AA plates with all the gold & white were a perfect backdrop for the dramatic salad plates. LOVE all those fully feathers, too!

    I have some cobalt blue stems from Dollar Tree but I’ve never seen the turquoise ones. Are they new? (I hope, I hope, I hope) ~insert crossed fingers~~



  23. I’m late to this party because of stinking computer woes, but I’m so glad of the old adage, better late than never because I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it completely. I’m totally jazzed by this one. I love peacock feathers and a peacock theme anyway. There’s something just quirky yet lovely about them. (Have you ever heard one call? )

    I love the look of the table in its entirety, but my very favorite things are the individual place settings and the place card holders shaped like peacock feathers. Loved that!

    I can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up this week.


  24. Dear Alycia,

    Its always so so good to hear from you, its been awhile since I visited or posted anything in the blogland but you are always in my heart, thank you for visiting and for your lovely words really means a lot to me.

    Your peacock settings are just beautiful I loved it the glasses are perfect colared and the card holders to die for, your table is always elegant and lovely .

    Lots of love,

    Karin Sen Cankan


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