Wondrous Wheat!

I hope your Thanksgiving was one filled with love and laughter and lots of fabulous food! Ours certainly was, and I was thrilled to be surrounded by family and friends whose love I treasure.

With 28 tummies to fill, we had to set up in various locations around the house with a different theme in each area. The lower level had seating for the football enthusiasts, while the main level had a table for 10 in the living room and one for 6 in the dining room.  It is my understanding that wheat symbolizes prosperity and blessing. The dining room – with all the homemade breads and desserts on the buffet – seemed the perfect place to celebrate the fall harvest.

IMG_3130WMWhile black and creamy white may not be a traditional Thanksgiving decor combination, I decided to buck the system and go for it!

IMG_3171WMInspiration for this black and white tablescape came from my Royal Stafford “Herdsman” dinner plates. The rim is peppered with stems of wheat among the bounty of fruits and flowers. The braided rope rim of the charger imitates the design on the inner circle of the plate.

The black napkins are folded twice lengthwise then doubled over inside the silver napkin ring. I fanned out the bottom for a fuller look of this simple napkin fold.

IMG_3167WMKeeping with the very traditional look of the table – color scheme notwithstanding – I chose Mikasa’s “Jamestown Platinum” stemware. The name “Jamestown” just evokes thoughts of colonial Virginia! (Fun fact: Jamestown celebrated their first Thanksgiving 401 years ago in 1610.)

IMG_3132WMOf course, Hampton Silversmith “Patriot” flatware seemed absolutely right for this traditional Thanksgiving tablescape! (Hampton…yet another Virginia city!)

IMG_3127WMAn image of wheat on the menu furthers the theme. (Find recipes for the Drunken Peach Cobbler, Sweet Potato Pie, and Apple-Walnut Cake here or by clicking on “Recipes” tab above.)

IMG_3144WMThe centerpiece was kept simple with a few silver candlesticks and blackbeard wheat in square vases. The very center of the table was reserved for a silver bread basket filled with cornbread muffins and my sister’s fabulous yeast rolls.

IMG_3152WMThe buffet piece is a blackbeard wheatsheaf adorned with a simple black bow. No one was more surprised than I that it turned out as nice as it did…and didn’t fall over! 🙂

Thanksgiving 2011…out!



29 thoughts on “Wondrous Wheat!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Alycia!

    Look at all those smiles! That photo must have been taken AFTER dinner! I have never heard of that wheat! I think it was invented just for your Thanksgiving table! LOVE the natural elements, the elegance of the dishes and chargers, AND the American history connection of your choices. So glad you included recipes for the cobbler and sweet potato pie. They just might show up on my Christmas menu. 🙂

    Creating Wonderful Spaces


  2. Looks like your house was the place to be yesterday!

    I think this table is inspired — and I am not copying, it is just that great minds think alike, you know. I am doing black and white for my DR for Christmas, since it’s bones are already black and white. Now if I can just figure out where to put the white tree I have in the attic…


  3. Wonderful presentation with the Transfer dishware.
    The black and white is so different than traditional.
    It’s great to think outside the box. Looks like a great family and friend event.
    Thanks for sharing such a special holiday. Linda


  4. Hmmm….which table to choose? They are both spectacular! The black & white with the wheat ties your theme together and looks just lovely for Thanksgiving. It appears all went well as your guests are smiling. 🙂 Now get some rest my sweet friend before the next holiday arrives. xx


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  6. I was kinda wonderin’ if there’d be enough food…then I saw the crowd assembled. The tablescape was lovely, but you had me with the menu. So glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and friends.


  7. Fabulous!! The black worked so well with your plates. Honestly, the photo at the end says it all.. smiles, happy faces, and it turned out soo nice. Great photography. Okay back to the table.. the wheat on the buffet is amazing.. wow.. what an eye popping arrangement. Your crystal is so pretty. I love the candlesticks.. they are absolutely stunning pieces. Another winner dear Alycia!. xo marlis


  8. WHAT LOVELY IDEAS YOU COME UP WITH!!!!! Stunning arrangements that so complement each other to make your meal an EVENT!!!!! AND WHAT A MEAL…. THREE CHEERS FOR THE CHEF!!!! Just when it can’t be outdone…you do it again and again….. Once again….MARAVIOSAMENTE!!!! Put your feet up, GLOW and think of the WOW for the next HOLIDAY!!! We had a Happy Thanksgiving at my mothers with lots of family and food, and thankfullness for so much. Thank you for sharing….. Happy Holidays backatcha!!!!


  9. Hi Alycia! I love your wheat theme and how it’s echoed with your bundles & Royal Stafford dishes! You certainly are brave hosting Thanksgiving with 28 mouths to feed…I hope you had some help with preparing your feast! I love seeing everyone’s smiling faces 🙂


  10. Hi Alycia! I’m back…!! I am amazed at all the work you did for this holiday! I can hardly believe you had that many people over to feed! Your house must have been wall to wall people!
    Love your table, and the wheat theme was a great idea! Your selection of dinnerware was perfect! Everyone must have felt very special.
    Most of all I love seeing your family and friends picture on the back deck! That’s awesome! We never appreciate these pictures until 5 to 10 years passes and we see their value.


  11. Glad to hear there were no more catastrophes, and as expected, you pulled it off!! Your table is beautiful, and the wheat is perfect; I didn’t know that there were different kinds of wheat, but the blackbeard is stunning! Interestingly, one thing I noticed right away was the bread basket…it added some texture or something that was interesting. Love that you do menus for all your dinners! I didn’t get to that this year! Beautiful, Alycia.


  12. I would have loved to see your football inspired table. Your harvest table looks beautiful and your menu indicates you truly had a feast. Macaroni and cheese? Do you have young ones that request that or is it a tradition for the adults in your family?

    I love the family shot. So lovely and a precious memory for you.


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