Sugar High (Payback!)

So what do you do when you want to render a little payback to your adult children for their snarky teenage remarks regarding your parenting skills? You throw a little party for THEIR children that includes almost nothing but sugar…then send the little ones home for THEM to deal with! 🙂 That’s my plan for later this week. Bad, bad Grandma!

IMG_3249WMEven with children, I like to dress the table in washable linens. A white full-length linen is topped with a red poly-cotton cloth that is rife with whimsical gold stars and swirls. I bought several of the top layer linens several years ago on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond but have never had occasion to use them.


Lunch will start with fruit-filled red or green Jello (cut into Christmas tree shapes) served on the green glass salad plates. That will be followed by grilled cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks with ranch dressing, and crispy sweet potato fries on the white Corelle plate.

The simply folded napkins are actually plush white wash cloths tied with green and red curling ribbon. I pick the cloths up at Sam’s Club to stock our bathrooms for use as hand towels like this:

 I keep a separate stash just for little hands at luncheons (and barbeques because I’m masochistic like that! :-)). After lunch just toss ’em in the washing machine with a little soap and Clorox® to soak for a day or so, and they’re good as new! (If a stain remains, I use the cloth for polishing silver.)

The white flatware is from TJ Maxx and is just “formal” enough for 7-10 year olds.

I bought these fun ice cream soda glasses several years ago at a store that is now defunct. You can probably pick up something similar from Pier 1, Old Time Pottery, or even Dollar Tree where I bought the red & white reusable straws. I’ll be serving a choice of strawberry or chocolate fudge ice cream sodas.

I went rogue on the place card holders. I don’t know what these things are intended to be, but I thought they’d make great holders! I bought them from Hobby Lobby a few years back.


IMG_3276WMKeeping with my infamous motto of “go big, or go home”, I plopped this massive sleigh in the center of the table filled with  a big ol’ snowman and all sorts of goodies that the kids can take home after the party. I bought the sleigh and snowman wholesale about 10 years ago. The giant red, green & white Christmas candy canes are from Dollar Tree (2011). Man, I love that place! I created a very different snowman tablescape last year that you can see by clicking here.

Beneath the sleigh is plush cotton “snow” scattered with oversized ornaments that look like wrapped candy from Dollar Tree.

IMG_3226WMKeeping with the candy theme in the sleigh is a huge plush “wrapped candy.” I had 2 of them, but can’t find the other one! Maybe by Wednesday…..

I bought these fun painted wood “Ho, Ho, Ho” signs at Pier 1’s Christmas clearance last year.

IMG_3247WMI couldn’t let the china cabinet go unadorned. I bought this cute little dude at Burlington’s Christmas clearance last year for $1.97 (90% off)!!!!! This is another store that has great everyday prices and phenomenal clearance sales!

I am still grinning about the great deal these giant Santa hat chair covers were at….you guessed it…Dollar Tree! They fit nice and snug on our dining room chairs and give the room a really festive look! (I’m just praying they don’t discolor the chair fabric!)



IMG_3231WMAnd the pièce d’ résistance…the candy/dessert buffet!!! Candy, cookies, cupcakes…lots, and lots, and LOTS of sugar!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! The fun figurines on the candy bar came from Burlington’s Christmas clearance last year. The assortment of glass canisters are from Hobby LobbyTJ Maxx, and Home Goods. I created a more glamorous candy/dessert buffet for a friend’s Sweet Sixteen x Two birthday earlier this year. Click here to see it!

I’m picking the kids up around 11:30 and bringing them back to my house. I don’t want their parents to drop them off for fear they won’t come back to get them once they see what’s on the menu! 🙂 I can’t wait!!! I’ve never felt so deliciously evil in all my life!!! 🙂

Please join me at Susan’s place, Between Naps on the Porch, for Tablescape Thursday again this week to check out what other tablescapers from around the globe are doing to celebrate the Christmas season!

67 thoughts on “Sugar High (Payback!)

  1. Oh, it is all so inviting! My teeth hurt just from looking at all that candy. At least you are giving them some good for them food. Their parents can’t complain too much! haahaa. Paybacks are hell! Looks like fun to me!!


  2. You are truly diabolical dear sister!!!! Loving this though, not matter how diabolical it is. Look out parents. You definitly give credence to the expression payback is a ________________, (fill in the blank)!


  3. Oohh…you evil one!! LOL… devious and creative! Watch out Grandmas having fun! (You’re a Grandma?? – didn’t figure you for that just yet!! – I mean you are only 38 right??? 🙂 OKAY enough of that!
    Love the big sleigh on your table….I have one too but never thought of doing that with it!! Now the wheels are spinning! Cute ideas even if they are inspired with a little devilishness!! (Gees what did your kids say that got you fired up!! LOL) Have fun with it!!


  4. Alycia – this setting is sooooooo cute! And that candy display is gorgeous! I’m thinking ADULTS would love it too!! Nothing surprising, coming from your creative mind!!! I hope the kiddies AND YOU enjoy the day…you will be making precious memories (for them, not their parents!! 🙂 )


  5. You wicked, wicked girl! Their parents may be upset, but your grandkids are going to build a shrine to you! I don’t even know where to begin! I guess the first things that caught my eye were the chair covers. They are so adorable! Next would have to be the almost life-size sleigh! What fun! I was going to lead up to it slowly, but I’m too excited! That candy buffet blew me away!!! Are you sure your maiden name isn’t Wonka? Anyway, it’s all so magical, and obviously created with love. Please report to us how high those kids got!



  6. This is FABULOUS!!! I love your spirit, even if their PARENTS might not appreciate it:):) LOVE the sleigh on the table! The candy theme is so beautifuly done. Perfect, love the candy buffet too. XO, Pinky


  7. You are cracking me up! I love the table and the fact that you are feeding them candy! One of the funniest memories I have of my Grandma Ann are going to visit her and the candy dishes that she would sit around the house. My brother and I would empty them every day and the next morning when we would wake up they would be filled to the brim again! It absolutely drove my parents CRAZY, but we loved it! Your table is very festive! I love those chair covers…I may have to see if I can find me some of those. Hope you grandkids enjoy! What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season.


  8. Alycia, this is just too cute…despite your warped intentions! LOL!! I look forward to the days when I can do the same things! I have already warned my daughters that their kids will LOVE coming to my house! I think that sleigh in the center is fabulous! And what kid can resist the candy buffet?! This is awesome!


  9. Oh! I want pictures of the children! Smart move about picking them up…..then you can take them home whenever you want! Are you sure you want to do this before you’ve received your Christmas presents from your children, though????????
    Linda @ A Toile Tale


  10. I thought you were a genius after last years snowman table for the kids. I think that was like my 2nd fave table of yours. But now I am not sure because I ABSOLUTELY love this one because it is simplified but has just as big of an impact. I love throwing parties and dinners for kids more than I do adults so I am so geeked. I love it. Thanks for getting me in the Christmas spirit.


  11. I do a appetizer buffet and cookie buffet every Christmas Eve. I’ve already found two great little paper plate inspirations and couldn’t decide which one to do. Looks like its gonna be the snowflakes and blues upstairs and the red and black in the lower level . . . thanks for the inspiration! I’ll send pics (with requests for suggestions I’m sure!)


  12. A very fun party for the kids. I love the payback theme.
    You are so right. Spoil the kids and then send them home to
    their parents. Lots of goodies…wow! You have some great finds here.
    I hope you are feeling well Alycia.


  13. Oh drats, I should have spent my birthday with you! That table is amazing! what a treasure it must be to be a grandchild of yours! I’m with you, feed them sugar and send them home!! The sleigh is so amazing. and the dishes are perfect in their simplicity. Your finds are perfect.. you do give lessons in making a memorable event don’t you? can I sign up??? xo marlis


  14. Adorable and the kids will have a wonderful time, even if the parents will pay!!! Ha ha! Everything looks Great to me…the cookies are adorable and the chocolate…well, what else to say…CHOCOLATE. Great table and very kid-friendly!


  15. Those Santa hat chair covers are just to die for! I am going to have to go looking for those. The kiddies would love them. What a fun table. Your sleigh is huge and wonderful. A perfectly magical table.


  16. This is just adorable! What lucky kids to have you as a grandmom!! I am sure they loved every minute, very sneaky I must say! You think of everything, I’m blown away… I’ve got to visit Dollar Tree more often, not sure that I could come up with something this cute, though. Heck, I’m not a kid but I’d like to attend that function. What a neat idea to use washcloths, and that sleigh is too cute!! The chair covers really give this table a festive feel, and those little place card guys are divine!! You’ll have to let us know how it went and if you broke down and told their parents! lol great fun! Also, don’t think i got around to leaving a comment on your 2nd Thanskgiving table, but I loved it! The wheat centerpiece was perfect–gotta love those dishes!! Beautiful! Thanks for reading my longgg post, didn’t mean for it to drag on and on, sometimes I get carried away! Hope you are feeling better, have a great week, can’t wait to see what’s next!!~~Betsy


  17. Oh, I want to go to your house too! Your great tablescape is full of yumminess and the centerpiece is fabulous, my goodnes Alycia, you sure went all the way out with this and I can see you’re in perfect shape now pal…I’m so glad! This whole table and plans are adorable, just what every grandkid wants from the grands, we are BAD that way too, we’re staying with the girls for a week, I have a post before this last one….parents went to Florida. Enjoy the holliday season my friend and I love your buffet! Lots of hugs and I’m also at TT. FABBY


  18. Christmas is here, Christmas is here, FaLaLaLa, FaLaLaLa, Ding Dong, Ding, Dong, Rumtummy Rumtummy, Rumtummy, Ho,Ho,Ho. Revenge is sweet, Revenge is sweet, Yum,Yummy Sweet, Sicktummy Sweet, Ho,Ho, Ho, Oh, No No Sicktummy sweet, FaLaLaLa, ……;-)


  19. Oh those Santa chair covers! I missed those at Dollar Tree~ how festive & fun! Your candy buffet is over the top~ I’m on a sugar high just admiring all the beautiful jars of sweet temptations! Love your sleigh centerpiece~ the kids are in for a treat!


  20. Details, details, details…so many things to like and smile about! Love the seat covers and candy jars…the fake snow and sled… The green glass plates and the milk shake glasses…if only my kids would buckle down and give me a grandkid…I will be just like you. If they have a problem with that, I will send them your way. (lol)


  21. Oh, I wish I could see your grandchildren’s eyes light up when they see your table! Mine would be thrilled to see that gift-filled sleigh, especially, not to mention the candy! I agree that grandchildren are MADE to be spoiled — the rules are different at Grandmama’s.


  22. Cute table, Alycia…love the sleigh piled high with gifts driven by a snowman… Look at that candy bar…the grandkids are going to go home in a sugar coma!
    Thanks for sharing, you devious Granny!


  23. Hi Alycia, If I didn’t know better I would think you a wicked Grandma, but since I do know you that’s not possible. Gotta laugh because that sugar will do just that. It happens to my three year old grandson too.
    Your table of red and white is gorgeous. I love all the containers and the sleigh is awesome! Of course I wouldn’t expect any less from you. Have fun with the grands………

    The French Hutch


  24. Love your red and white table! It looks so cute and festive. I’m going to share it with my children (8 and 6 years old :)).
    Every time I visit your wonderful site, I get hugely inspired. Thanks a ton for your kind comment on my humble site. I’m truly blessed to have friends like you. See you soon as I’m back from India.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



  25. Alycia, Whoo! I got a sugar high just reading your post. Great tablescape and candy bar. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂 You sound like you are, you naughty girl..


  26. omg, how adorable! I love those santa chair covers. That candy table is amazing, my newphews would GO NUTS! What a fun idea and I’m sure the kids just loved it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all your kind words :-)! I’m loving all your table ideas!!!


  27. Alycia…

    Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane today and leaving such a lovely comment. Your table looks so festive and that candy on the dessert buffet would last about 5 minutes in my house! Actually I just decided to set the buffet in my kitchen as a dessert station for Christmas eve dinner…great minds think alike!!!

    Those Santa hats on the chairs are adorable…can’t believe they are a dollar store item…wow!

    Here’s to some happy holidays…cheers!


  28. Thanks for stopping by this week. Yes, I’ve finally started decorating. Not doing quite as much this year but I’ve got my favorites out now ….and the boxes back in the storage shed. Now just a bit of tweeking here and there.


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