Casual Fall Harvest Dinner Tablescape

Tonight is the final night of my “Fabulous Fall Tablescaping” classes. Starting tomorrow I will  leave autumn behind and start the task of building Christmas (yes, I said CHRISTMAS…already!!!) tablescapes throughout the house in anticipation of the next class series, “Tablescaping a Winter Wonderland“. I will have just two short weeks to convert the straw bales and pumpkins of fall into holiday wonderment. Yikes!!!

In last week’s class I demonstrated to my students how the same table linens from my September Harvest Breakfast Tablescape could take on a whole new look for a fall dinner with the simple addition of another layer and some accessory changes.
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it. Photos by Sheri L. Grant.)

Last week’s harvest table used the same hunter green full-length linen topped with soft burlap. The addition of a third layer – an autumnal quilt created by my talented friend and neighbor, Barbara – creates a wonderful, rich sense of seasonal coziness as well as an American homespun feel. Layered linens are a great way to add color, pattern and texture to your tablescape.

A deep rust-colored metal charger (Tuesday Morning) is topped with a pumpkin dinner plate that I found at a Price Chopper grocery store at 103rd & State Line in Kansas City, MO. To break up the saturation of dark colors that would essentially make the places settings disappear into the quilt, an ivory salad plate (T.J. Maxx) with a raised pattern rim is used. The bowl, also from Price Chopper, is deep enough to hold the heartiest of soups on a chilly fall evening. Notice how the colors in the linens are mirrored in the place settings.

The two-tone cotton napkin (also seen here in “September Wine” and here in “Pears & Pinecones“) is folded to allow both colors to show and to mimic the triangular shapes in the quilt topper. Little details like this are not necessarily something your guests will notice, but it is a subconscious draw.

Smoky brown stemware (Old Time Pottery) picks up the deep brown in the quilt, and a simple flatware pattern, Hampton Silversmith “Patriot-Mirror”, complements the setting.

A pair of rustic pine cone-topped lanterns with pumpkin-colored candles are visually connected by a trail of pine cones and pears. Using seasonal fruit as a part of harvest table decor is a natural and inexpensive way to work with the theme. (Don’t forget to freeze those pine cones first to kill off any hidden critters!)

Try to imagine this table set up outside on a patio or deck. Can’t you just imagine this harvest vignette in a nearby corner or near the buffet table? Extending the theme of your dining table to an adjacent area really gets guests in the mood! Our weather conditions (wind mostly) here in the Kansas City, MO area last week wouldn’t allow me to set this demonstration table up outdoors, but I sure wish I could have!

This Children of the Corn-looking scarecrow freaked me out a little at first, but he seemed to just fit in somehow! 🙂 (Nonetheless, I keep him locked in a closet on the lower level! Look at that psychopathic/serial killer/eat-your-liver-with-a-side-of-fava-beans-and-a-nice-chianti look on his face!)

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I am pleased to join Cuisine Kathleen for “Let’s Dish!” starting Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. CDT and Susan for “Tablescape Thursday” starting at 9:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday. If you love looking at creative, inspiring tablescapes, you’ll love these blog parties! Join me, won’t you?

45 thoughts on “Casual Fall Harvest Dinner Tablescape

  1. I don’t look great in fall colors myself, so I love to decorate for this season and get to use these gorgeous colors. Thank you for the inspiration, truly beautiful! I can’t believe you already have to be thinking of Christmas!


  2. That quilt really gives the table a wonderful design and puts all the colors out there! The pears and pinecones look great! Love the Scarecrow and your nestles items near him! The kale looks awesome with the pumpkins and the straw bails! It even pulls on colors in the quilt! I like the napkins and how they mimic the design on the quilt- great ideas!! Lovein’ the lanterns!


  3. Beautiful quilt! I like to use quilts on a casual table. It gives the room warmth. Love the use of the pine cones and pears. But I’ve gotta say…your scarecrow scares me!! 😮 This was a fun tablescape. :o) Christmas will be here in a blink of the eye. I’m looking forward to seeing those posts.


  4. Hi Alycia,
    I am blown away by the grouping of fall harvest fruits and veggies. Is all of that real? It’s a veritable Farmer’s Market in your dining room! Unbelivable. I love the addition of the quilt and the texture it adds to the table. That truly is a “horror” movie pumpkin if I ever saw one though.


  5. A lovely fall scape for sure. I love using quilts on a table scape. Yikes that scarecrow is well…scary. I like all the rust accents. I might have to totally skip fall decor this year and head straight to Christmas so you won’t be alone starting Christmas early! I’ll tell why next week. Blessings!!


  6. Alycia…another amazing fall table…love the way you folded the napkins on the plates…the pear was a great accent….and be still my heart on that beautiful quilt….now, let’s talk about the pumpkin head scarecrow…a little on the scary side…it is pretty funny after you look at him a while…so where’s the butler?…Did the scarecrow scare him away…?..Looks like you had lots of fun doing this tablescape!..I had fun seeing this table…great finale!


  7. Love your charming table and that quilt blew me away. What a talented friend you have!!! Your scarecrow really was quite scary but cute too. A darling table and area. You are over the top incredible with all you did here!! Love every inch of it!!

    PS That cabbage is beautiful.


  8. FIRST: Congrats on your win at Let’s Dish-Cuisine Kathleen!!
    Now I can start praising your gorgeous harvest all ORANGE TABLESCAPE, which is fabulous! Very warm, lovely dishes and the harvest produce are a delight to see, specially that cabbage. I also love your cute scarecrow! I loved looking at this, dear Alycia and have a great rest of the week.


  9. That scarecrow is spooky, but it looks like he did his job, because the harvest is abundant…great baskets of fruit and veggies…love that gigantic kale…also the candle holders. Great tip on freezing the pine cones. Never thought of freezing them. I usually put mine in the oven for a while. Freezing would be much easier.
    Happy Harvest and watch out for that scarecrow.. )


  10. Hi Alycia!
    I always learn so much and also have fun when visiting your blog! I just love your sense of humor (children of the corn)! That idea to freeze the pine cones is brilliant.

    xoxo Bunny Jean


  11. Hi Alycia, congrats first of all in being the winner at Let’s Dish! Woo hoo for you. Every week you just amaze me. That quilt is a wonderful backdrop for your Autumn table. I want to be in your class. Your students must be in total awe of your creativity.


  12. Hi Alycia, If I opened a closet and found that guy staring out at me, I’d be passed out on the floor. After letting out an ear piercing scream. But I do like the decor around him! So pretty and welcoming! But maybe my favorite things here are the lanterns!!! My oh my I MUST find out where you found those! Please tell! Good tip on the pine cones! And congrats on the win at Let’s Dish! Love your table. Linda 🙂


  13. Alycia.. this is the most amazing table.. The quilt does add the warm, familiar feeling. I love the scary scarecrow, but he’d be living in my storm cellar! I love the addition of the white plate to the stack, so soothing to the eye. Great lanterns!! wow. so glad you won that great giveaway.. congrats!!! xo marlis


  14. Oh boy… he really is a bit on the spooky side isn’t he. Well described 🙂
    The table however is awesome!!! What an amazing setting. The quilt colours are so warm and denotes the feel of fall/harvest. Topped with the beautiful dishes and stem ware. The lanterns are great as well. I luv the way my eyes bounce all over catching little things and settling down on others.
    Freezing the pine cones… now you tell me… you should have seen me throwing a vine last Sunday when I fund a wee caterpillar crawling on it as I was about to bring it inside…. Poor Virginia creeper is still sitting on the patio… all alone.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Cheers, Gee


  15. Wow, just look at that awesome harvest table! So warm and beautiful. Are you from TX? You do things in big ways. That harvest vignette is huge! Love the quilt and the pears and the napkins and the plates. Such pretty and warm colors!…Christine


  16. Alycia~ I love your Children of the Corn Scarecrow and can’t wait for his Halloween transformation 🙂 Love this cozy, homespun table! I have never heard your excellent tip on pinecones~ which is probably why I have hitch hikers crawling across my table when I bring them in to use 🙂 Congratulations on your gift card!


  17. The colors on this one are absolutely gorgeous! I just love the use of produce beyond the typical fruit. Then, to add the pine cones? Just perfect to me. I have only set one piddly little fall table so far, and this is making me want to really go to town with the wonderful fall colors.

    And I will be looking forward to the Christmas ones you’re already conceiving. I have a picture in my head of you standing by the table with ornaments hanging from your ears for inspiration.

    I’m so glad to be BACK to blog land with time to visit. I have missed my regular dose of your inspiration.


  18. Well, your scarecrow does look a little spooky, but I laughed out loud at your description of him! This is another beautiful Fall table. All of the colors just evoke the feeling of cool nights. What a great Fall vignette beside the table. Your students are so lucky to get to see all of this in person. laurie


  19. You are an amazing tablescaper. The quilt is so pretty and everything goes so well together. Your descriptions are as amazing as your pictures. Thanks for the tip about the pine cones. I didn’t know about freezing them!


  20. Wow Alycia, what a very fun way to use the produce. Your table is amazing as always, and your scarecrow display is ingenious. Love all the creativity you bring to these table. You are always so inspiring!


  21. Hi Alycia,

    As always, you’ve set a warm, inviting and beautiful table. I love layering and love how you’ve layered the quilt over the burlap. The scarecrow and produce are just gorgeous!




  22. Alycia, I love all the layers and colors of this table. I love the glasses and the acorn topped candleholders. The pears are a great accent. Oh and thank you for the stip with on the pine cones!!


  23. Thank you thank you for your lovely comment.i really love the way you express things and for having patience to leave big note for everyone. so kind of you.i love the autumn colour display in this post of yours.they look awesome.candle holder looks very everything on the scape…Love sujatha.


  24. Tablescapes are one area of decorating I struggle with, so I enjoy seeing how others decorate their tables. Yours really is inspiring. I love the baskets of fruits and vegetables and of course the scarecrow. I also enjoy seeing how you used the quilt and burlap on the table. Thanks for sharing with us, though I have to admit it seems a bit early to be thinking about Christmas decorating as you mentioned! Feels like we’re just gearing up for fall, or maybe I’m behind as always. Have a great day!


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  26. Yikes, that pumpkin is evil looking!
    Wonderful table, every little detail! Your students are so lucky to have someone as creative as you are to teach them!
    Love the colors and the lanterns and fruits add so much!
    Thanks so much for linking to Let’s Dish!


  27. Oh, that quilt is lovely. It is PERFECT for a fall breakfast or brunch, or even a homespun dinner of bean soup and corn bread…. It’s lovely as always. Thank heavens there are so many appealing features to this table, because I agree that that liver-eating guy is quite scary! Love the “running” centerpiece, and the lanters are wonderful, as is the stack of interesting plates. Your descriptions, of course, are the best–you’re a good teacher, Alycia. You guide us through all the details that might otherwise be missed. Now on to Christmas, huh? I can’t even imagine!! ~Zuni


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