Celebrating Longview Farm

I’ve been in a kind of funk lately. When I’m feeling down, it’s hard for me to write. It has been tough just to get out of bed most mornings, let alone share thoughts and witticisms with others. Things just pretty much suck right now. Not Hurricane Sandy sucking (may God bless and protect all of you guys!), but y’know…they just suck!

Because I’m trying to be a trooper, though, I thought I’d at least share a couple of photos with you of an autumn reception buffet tablescape I created a while back. The event was to commemorate the release of a PBS piece supported by the R.A. Long Historical Society. We live at historical Longview Farm in Lee’s Summit, MO, a.k.a. “The World’s Most Beautiful Farm“, and I love our community, so I was more than happy to help out. Show horses have long been associated with the Robert A. Long family’s empire (and is a prominent part of our community’s official horse and buggy logo), so I knew just what to use!
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it.)

The public reception and documentary screening were held at the historic Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, MO., which is a monument in homage to the men and women who lost their lives as well as the surviving veterans of World War I. Dedicated on November 11, 1926, the Liberty Memorial also houses the National World War I Museum (as designated by the U.S. Congress in 2004). Robert A. Long contributed a substantial amount of money toward the building of the Liberty Memorial and served as president of the Memorial Association for a time. It was, therefore, only fitting that the screening and reception be held in this awesome place. (Honestly, folks…if you’re ever in the Kansas City, MO area, this place is a must see! The glass bridge and field of 9,000 poppies alone is worth the ticket price!!!)

The largest table held a bounty of wonderful desserts not prepared by me! 🙂 I displayed the sweets on silver pieces of varied levels for the most impact. This large wooden horse (also used for posts Carousel Colors, American Royal TablescapeDerby Day Dining, Kentucky Derby Buffet, and Run for the Roses) served as the centerpiece, surrounded by scads of autumn foliage, flowers, berries and pumpkins. Tall silver candlesticks added shine and elegance as well as ambient light to the centerpiece.

The beverage table displayed a smaller horse (which I have since foolishly sold) with similar silver and autumn embellishments.

That’s it for this week, folks. Best wishes for a fun, safe, and happy Halloween. And to all my friends on the east coast of the U.S., please be safe as you ride out Hurricane Sandy. That chick is not playin’!!!

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