September Harvest Breakfast Tablescape

Since I began teaching my “Fabulous Fall Tablescaping” class last week, I am suddenly in the mood for everything fall. Never mind that the cooled temperatures and shift in barometric pressure have my arthritis jacked up to full throttle. The leaves are starting to turn, the nights are ripe for snuggling, and the mornings are just beautiful!

I created one of two harvest-inspired tables for the first night of class with hopes of getting my students fired up about the season, too. I’m joining Cuisine Kathleen’s “Let’s Dish!” Harvest Theme Tablescape Challenge this week, so if you want to really get inspired to store away those pool inflatables and flip-flops in exchange for soft sweaters and penny loafers (I’m an old Catholic school girl…loafers = fall to me!), be sure to pop over there anytime after 6:00 p.m. CDT on Wednesday.
(Click on any photo to enhance/enlarge it. Photos by Sheri L. Grant.)

Ideally this table would be set up outdoors, but for class purposes (and because the winds were gusting up around 25mph!) I set up inside with the morning sun streaming in through the windows. The table is dressed in a hunter green full-length linen ( and topped with supple wheat-colored burlap. Layering linens in fall and winter reminds me of how we dress ourselves in those seasons…it’s cozy and warm!

A little something different for a charger are these fun faux cast iron skillets from Old Time Pottery. Each skillet came with one of four harvest designs that I allowed to show through by using clear glass plates. I added a bow of twine to the gingham ribbon embellishment (more layering) that plays well off the burlap topper.

The simple lines of Hampton Silversmith “Patriot-Mirror” flatware work nicely next to the busy floral pattern of the Stein Mart cotton napkin.

I love to use different drinking vessels whenever possible, and the design of a Ball Mason jar – in purpose and motif – really embodies the harvest theme. If dining outdoors (as this table is designed for), the lid helps keep the proliferation of bees attendant to the month of September from honing in on your morning juice! The miniature milk bottle with an old-fashioned metal clasp (Hobby Lobby) is perfect for individual servings of plain or flavored milk…something kids in particular would really like! (Old kids like me would love it for its nostalgic value!)

For breakfast tables I like to keep the centerpiece a bit less fussy. Here an old-fashioned moonshine jug (yes, I said moonshine! :-)) embellished with jute twine and filled with a wave of blackbeard wheat creates height for the extended centerpiece. A profusion of pumpkins in various colors and sizes mixed with pine cones wind their way down the center of the table. A chalkboard cow posts the morning menu. The absence of flowers – using wheat and seasonal fruits instead – makes this a great budget idea!

I can’t help myself. You know this would not be an Alycia creation without one of our faithful valets! Here, “Cecil” (British pronunciation of SEH-cil, of course!) wades through a mound of fall leaves on his way back from picking a few pumpkins and root vegetables from the garden. In stark contrast to his very proper uniform, Cecil has donned a saucy straw gardening hat to protect his fair English skin from damaging sun rays. 🙂

On the breakfast bar, a melange of seasonal squashes & pumpkins are visually connected by a bittersweet vine. Seasonal fruits are displayed in various baskets and a tiered stand. Napkin-lined baskets of assorted baked goods to enjoy with a steaming hot cup of Joe suggest what the wheat might produce. Miniature straw bales provide varied height for the display. (P.S. For those of you with open concept kitchen/family room areas, a display like this is a sneaky practical & attractive way to partially block the mess in the kitchen as you scurry around preparing the meal!)

Other posts on this site that are great for harvest celebrations:
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“Wondrous Wheat”

In addition to the blog party at “Let’s Dish!”, I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for “Tablescape Thursday” again this week. Hope to see you there!


59 thoughts on “September Harvest Breakfast Tablescape

  1. Oh wow!!! You have outdone yourself. I want to pull up a chair and join in.
    Your decor just really say harvest… bounty!
    Luving the use of the canning jars as juice glasses, burlap table cloth.
    Cheers, Gee


  2. I just LOVE those skillet plates!!!!!!!! CUTE!!! I, too, am a Catholic school girl and wore the penny loafers. Memories…. Love the sun streaming through. Pretty pics. XO, Pinky


  3. Those skillet plates are so charming. I’m so glad you decided to showcase them by adding the clear plates. Breakfast is always welcome in my book! The cow is so cute…Ceil is a looker! I did wear loafers with pennies.
    Always a pleasure Alycia.


  4. I don’t know how you come up with all these fabulous ideas! You are a walking encyclopedia for the Tablescape world! I got a kick out of those chargers! What a great idea to use the big clear plates so you can still see what’s underneath! Everything on the table is the cutest! I think this would rock for a large breakfast gathering! I love all the country cozy textures like the burlap and the wheat! The cow and the moonshine bottle really add some fun. I’m visualizing everyone digging in to a heaping plate of flap jacks and the rest of the works! Love the mason jar idea too- in fact we have a restaurant that serves coffee in handled mason jars! I bet your class enjoyed this!


  5. Hope you are having fun with the classes….another fabulous table!…Those faux skillets are the greatest….I love seeing Cecil … he is like a friend!
    As always, you have paid much attention to gorgeous detail…love the burlap tablecloth too….and the napkin is perfect…love the design…Have a great day Alycia!!!…


  6. Well, Miss Alycia, it certainly looks like fall over there! I love this table with the burlap and skillet chargers…too cute! And Cecil looks fabulous in his straw hat, with his bounty! As always, you have thought of everything!!


  7. Another Catholic school girl here, but I didn’t get to wear loafer, we had to wear black and white oxfords. This table screams harvest and you have put together the most amazing details yet again. I love those skillets and the whole table is just fall indoors! Dianne


  8. So nice of “Seh-cil” to be of service! This has to be the most unusual charger on the planet. Way to think outside the tablescape box Ms. Alycia. Love the throwback to the penny loafers. I went to Catholic school also. Our penny loafers were paired with wool knee socks. Talk about prickly legs!!!!


  9. You have just officially received the “over the top”, “ingenious” and “best theme” awards!!! Love those faux skillet chargers. That is just too clever. Not for a kids table.. I’m just sayin! LOL. The clear plates let the designs shine right through. I too equate penny loafers with fall, although I didn’t go to catholic school. Sehcil is fabulously decked out too. I love his hat. When we get our Garden Ridge.. I will have to get myself a butler. Someone has to do all the dirty work! Great job.. xo marlis


  10. Ooh, Alycia every week you out do yourself!!! This one is fabulous beyond fabulous!! Those faux iron skillet are the cutest things ever. I love the canning jar drinking glasses and of course, Cecil is all decked out. I love the wheat, the chalk sign, the centerpiece, the spread on the buffet……….. I could go on and on. I want to come to your party.


  11. Gorgeous simply gorgeous and fun too. I LOVE the vegie plates and that cow blackboard is ‘over the moon.’ (No pun intended 🙂 Every detail of this table just shouts beautiful fall has arrived here. Hey girlfriend what time is dinner. I’m ready to sit down to a feast. Your table warrants the absolute best in food!!! N.


  12. Hi Alycia, I need my own Cecil! Pour me a glass jar of moonshine and we will talk a trade! You have set a wonderful and interesting table. I am really liking the burlap/linen tablecloth!! And I miss my penny loafers too. We also wore saddle shoes (this was mid 70s) with our little pleated skirts that we rolled up at the waist, until Sister Marjorie (we called her Marge DeFarge because she was always knitting) made us unroll them! Linda


  13. Hi sweetie! Sorry I haven’t visited, but I was so busy, I explain on my new post. So, let’s get back to your FABULOUS table! I love, love those pretty dishes, The centerpiece is terrific, along with the mason jars and milk bottles, just perfect! Your skillet motiff chargers are very smart, since you are one, great ingenious and clever lady, which you’ll do us a great service editing a tablescaping book…I’m signing immediately and I’ll need for each daughter and for myself; thank you and please dedicate it to me..thanks! Yeah, penny loafers I have and with a penny too, although my daughter says they don’t put the penny on the shoes anymore!! Ha! Ms. Alycia, you got talent to last a life time and beyong. I’m loving your harvest, fall tablescape. Lots of hugs, pretty lady.


  14. Alycia~ I adore your skillets~ so clever paired with your clear plates! We have an OTP but it’s an hour away, I need to make field trip! I’m sure your students were blown away by the bounty at the table and bar! I love your wonderful linen cloth! I was thinking I needed a Cecil too~ love the hat or should I say “chapeau” he’s sporting?!


  15. Alycia,
    This is a great table with little prep! I want pretty tables without dragging out and running around like crazy. This is perfect! I love the centerpiece of wheat and all the fall pumkins. Your skillets are so adorable! Great idea! I just love you to pieces for all your ideas!
    Blessings My Friend,


  16. OMG, dear Alycia! I’m gone for 2 weeks and now you call me Christine! Cracked me up hon, don’t worry, we do have our “senior moments”..hope you meant Christine from, CH and T Adventures, she’s my good friend, so I don’t mind, lol..xoxo


  17. Hello my Lady A!
    How’s the beautiful lady over the Big Apple? Hope everyone is in the best of everything.
    Now, back to your table and NOW, your talking? Wow!!! what a bountiful table. Harvest time is the best time of the year, in every human being and every culture. So much alive. I love everything you laid on your table.

    Lady, you never stop me drooling. I Scrolled down, drools, scrolled more, more drools… §:-)

    TY for the never ending inspiration your given to us (at least specially to ME). I really do, honestly.

    Hope you have an enjoyable week-end and hope to see you while I am in Asia, travelling (sweating).

    GB & much hugs,


  18. Oh to be able to be in your tablescaping classes…sigh…
    This table is just beautiful. I would have never thought about using those little pans as chargers…I have got to start thinking out of the box! I am so ready for the cooler temperatures of fall…I am loving seeing all of the pumpkins and fall tables! Thanks again for sharing another great table@
    Have a great weekend!


  19. You created a wonderful marriage of rustic and elegant! Love the “farm” feel of the skillets and mason jars, and the jug of wheat is the perfect centerpiece! Thank you for sharing this great breakfast table with us! Like you, I am coming around to embracing the fall spirit. The change in the weather helps!


  20. Alycia, I love how you always come up with original, unusual ideas. My favorite this week is your cow proudly displaying that you are serving pork for breakfast! I have a busy weekend planned involving some entertaining, I may borrow your straw bail idea. but for some reason I have this urge to go shoe shopping now-maybe for penny loafers!?!


  21. Farm fresh and so much fun! Love this harvest tablescape with the cow chalkboard, the mix of rustic and elegant flatware, napkins and of course , Cecil with his straw gardening hat, and a great tip for hiding the kitchen clutter. I can really use this tip…Hide the clutter and bring on the biscuits and gravy! 🙂


  22. You are so unique, love your harvest breakfast table. The skillets are such a cute idea and the glass plates, so perfect. The different jars for drinking are the right touch for fall. I found myself drinking out of a mason jar the other day, I made fresh tea and used a mason jar. Your harvest elements are so right for the season and make the table inviting. Hey, I was a loafer lover too and had several colors.


  23. It’s hard to pick a favorite from you always terrific tables, but this one has to be among my favorites. Every detail is one that I like. How envious I am of those who get to take your class with you having so much to offer.


  24. Where to start! Ok, I covet those skillet plates, so different!
    The centerpiece is great and oh so many special touches!
    Your students are so lucky to have such a talented teacher!
    Catholic school for me too, right through to grad school.
    We had to wear saddle shoes right through high school!
    Polishing them was a pain!
    Thanks so much for linking this wonderful Harvest table to Let’s Dish!


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  26. Alycia, it’s been way too long since I visited your blog for inspiration. I was looking at your current post and clicked to see the Sept. breakfast, and I have been scrolling up and down through this post, just trying to take in all of the wonderful ideas. Love the skillet chargers! I’ve used skillets as chargers in a cowboy tablescape before, but I never thought of using them in a harvest tablescape. How clever. Love the cow chalkboard too. This entire table is just a wonderful mixture of Fall delights. laurie


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