Football Tablescape – Kansas City Chiefs in the Red Zone

Even if you aren’t a Chiefs fan (insert disdainful, incredulous sniff ;-)),
this tablescape has lots of fun decor ideas!

I wasn’t going to post this football tablescape until later in the season, but I was SO proud of my Kansas City Chiefs‘ comeback victory yesterday that I just feel compelled! The Chiefs put a smackdown on the New Orleans Saints, winning it 27-24 in overtime.

As a part of my “Fabulous Fall Tablescaping” class series last week, I created a football tablescape in honor of the Chiefs. I worked for the organization about 25 years and 50 pounds ago, and as an 11-year-old I cheered them to victory in the Super Bowl (January 11, 1970 against the Minnesota Vikings). I am now, and will always be even in the bad times, a lifelong fan and avid “television tailgater.” Kansas City is known for its legendary tailgating in the parking lot of  beautiful Arrowhead Stadium before home games. Those of us who watch the game from home get in on the action in our own way. Here’s my version of “television tailgating” with friends in front of the big screen.
(Click on any photo to enlarge/enhance it.
Photos by Sheri L. Grant except where noted.)

When guests come to help us cheer the Chiefs on to victory, I like to create an entire atmosphere using team colors (red, gold & white) and memorabilia. This table, set up on the lower level in front of the big screen TV, is dressed in a full-length white linen and topped with red to represent that awesome sea of red at Arrowhead Stadium during Chiefs home games.

I found these fun gridiron placemats at Old Time Pottery a couple of years ago. Given the saturation of deep colors on the table, I used a white ceramic charger (Old Time Pottery) to break up the color a bit. Mustard gold earthenware from Pier 1 completes the setting.

I created fun football place cards using these pre-painted wooden footballs I found at Hobby Lobby for around $.59 each. While I marked directly on them with permanent marker, you might consider using a little tape like the players wrap their hands with so that the footballs can be reused.

Mustard gold cotton napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond are folded to resemble penalty flags. The “napkin rings” are actually inexpensive wristbands purchased at Party City. The wristbands can go home with guests as a party favor after the game!

I considered trying to color the “red zone” (the area between the 20-yard line and the goal line for those of you who may not follow football) with paint or fabric, but neither of those ideas worked. Instead I placed a miniature Chiefs pendant there, making sure it actually extended a bit over the goal line to resemble a touchdown. 🙂 I chose the flatware based on the pattern at the bottom of the handle which resembles the laces on a football. (Tiny detail, yes, but that’s what theme tablescaping is all about! The devil is in the details, man!)

These beer pilsners are called “Fantasy” and were manufactured by the Federal Glass Co. back in the mid 1950s, which makes them vintage for sure and halfway to antique (like me!) 🙂 My Mom recently gave them to me, and I chose them for the pattern that reminds me of the Chiefs‘ arrowhead logo.

I like to keep centerpieces simple for sports tablescapes. True fans don’t like anything getting in their sight line so we can properly armchair officiate! 🙂 Here, observing that cardinal design Rule of Three, I put miniature pigskins from Dollar Tree on black wrought iron stands that mimic a football tee. That’s it! That’s all! There’s already enough going on around the room and enough color on the table.

On one end of the bar I have all the game munchies & “adult beverages” to soothe our throats after cheering loud and long. On the other end is our prized & beloved autographed Pro Football Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas (1989-1999) jersey to add a little ambience to the room and, hopefully, bring good luck to the Chiefs each game.

Other little touches around the room include a fun football remote control holder (another gift from my Mom), an autographed picture of wide receiver Eddie Kinnison (2001-2007), my Trent Green trading card, and the Chiefs helmet pin I was awarded after my tenure at Arrowhead Stadium.

Photos taken by my Mom in 1975…as if the furniture didn’t already give the year away! 🙂

This year the Chiefs celebrate 50 years of calling Kansas City, MO home and I celebrate 50 years of being a fan. I worked for them from 1973 – 1977 (yes, wearing these cheesy outfits in these mile-high go-go boots! Wait…did I say “mile-high?!?!?!!” Ick! Ugh! Boo, Broncos!!! :-)), but can cheer for them a lot more comfortably these days in sweats and flip-flops!

Are you ready for some MORE football…this time in Honolulu Blue? Click HERE (“Fun Stuff” page) and scroll down to “Home of the Lions”. And for another sports themed tablescape, click HERE for “The Boys of Summer”!

I will be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday again this week!

39 thoughts on “Football Tablescape – Kansas City Chiefs in the Red Zone

  1. Wow Alycia-Touchdown! I don’t follow football except the Superbowl…I’m a fair weather fan I guess! They ought to pay you for this post! Your placemats are so cool and the idea of the little flags is adorable! I am sure I would catch the football bug if I was near you and got to enjoy a table like this! You know I have to be devoted to the Detroit Lions since I’m a Michigan girl…. but I couldn’t even tell you a players name on the team! Shameful I know!! Anyway….back to your table- the footballs on the stands are adorable and the Jersey is awesome! Now who’s that cutie in the white outfit with go go boots! You have such an interesting past! Great post!


    • It’s cool that you cheer for the Lions, Liz. As you know, I have a friend who works with that organization, and I cheer for them, too! I even have a Lions tablescape on this blog!!! So it’s all good! 🙂


  2. Alycia! How fun! Hopefully this Tablescape will be shared to the Chief’s Home page. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a phone call to do their events. I’m just say’n . . .


  3. Go, Chiefs! I hope that you’re really going to get to use this great tablescape for your friends and fellow fans. I love the idea of the wrist bands as napkin rings…and the mini footballs on tees! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay


  4. Perfection setting for your team! Love those cheesy outfits!! You really have some great history with your home town team. It would be fun to sit at this table on cheer on the team! Enjoy…


  5. My foxy little cheerleader! This is a really cute tablescape. I am so oblivious about football it is pitiful — I only know people kick or throw the all and guys wind up in a big pile on the ground. Your attention to detail is astonishing!

    You may have noticed that my blog is hidden, and I am off FB and Twitter for the moment. I am having an awful time with spammers and porn sites. I am going to have to get a web designer to revamp the whole thing or just say the heck with it altogether I guess. I am still reading though — I will let you know what I decide to do.


  6. GO CHIEFS! REally not a fan of any sport unless I am participating, but I have to say, I will party with the best of them. Way to go! Also, I have to add about your 1975 outfit and look……….you were loooking “fine” Miss Alycia! THANKS FOR SHARING!


  7. This is really fun. Next time, stop by to use some of my Chief’s memorabilia. I have a football with signatures of the players, a Chief’s tie for Geoffrey, and much more. Alycia, you are the greatest!


  8. Go Chiefs!!! The perfect Monday after a win post! Now let’s hope ‘our’ Chiefs can keep it up. (Note last week I referred to them as ‘your’ Chiefs. LoL)
    Wrist bands for napkin rings…love that! A fun sporting tablescape. I’ve come across some green & white football field printables for water/beverage bottles that would work perfectly with this theme. Let me know if you want the link.
    Look at you rockin’ those go-go boots in your Chief’s uniform lookin’ all hot! Who knew?!?


  9. Hi Alycia,
    You cheered for the Chiefs??? What an incredible experience that must have been. You were something else in that Chiefs uniform! That table is also something else. You continue to blow me away with your attention to detail on your tables. I I agree that the details matter, but you take it to a “whole ‘nother layer”. I can totally see you setting up tables for Chiefs events. Well done. Dianne


  10. So glad the Chiefs won and that table got a PROPER workout!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL AS USUAL!!!!! Fabulous idea with the Footballs for decorations as well as the wristbands for napkin holders. Love the color scheme that was carried throughout and the footballs for nameplates….PERFECT!!!! Must have been that DERRICK THOMAS jersey that ooozed the luck….or you digging out those 1970’s looks with those go-go boots….omg :^) Love you GF……THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!! You look WONDERFUL!!!!! I remember that look!!!! Chu


  11. You certainly went all out….I would expect nothing less….ha ha.
    Love the theme and everything so perfectly coordinated. Cheers for the Chiefs! Love your cute photos from the past…Go go boots and all….


  12. What a way to start my day! If the Chiefs only knew about your table, every last one of them would show up to join the fun, maybe even forgetting they had some football to play. BTW, my son in law wasn’t too happy about your team beating the Saints, but glad the Texans took care of the Broncos. Love your sense of fun, Alycia, and I think you should have found some go go boots for old times sake.


  13. Your KC Chiefs table is just fabulous! I might even start liking football, if I could watch the game and dine in such style! LOVE the placemats, and your eye for the details shines through! I found a set of brand new KC Chiefs mugs at Goodwill ($2 for a set of 4!) and I have been waiting for a week they win to mail them to my son! I’d better hurry! 😉


  14. I still love the Snicker’s commercial where they show the guy painting the end zone and the guy walks by and says “who are the chefs?” and the big announcer voice comes over and say “missing something…eat a Snicker’s”…cracks me up! But you would never leave something that important off of your tablescape. I love it! Not too fussy for the male football fanatics. Austin is a big Patriot’s fan so maybe I can round up some red, white and blue and set a table for him one day 🙂 but now college football in this house is another story…yes, we have ALL things Auburn that would set a lovely table! Lots of footballs and lots of Navy and Orange! Just goes to show that you can always set a lovely table…no matter what the occasion! What a fun way to sit back and enjoy a game with family and friends!


  15. Ok…I always start out by saying what a magnificent table you created…but oh no…not this time….Alycia….is that you?…that so very adorable girl in the go-go boots?!!!…Oh my, you have led such an interesting life I would say…I am sure you have a plethora (love that word) of stories…one day I would love just to sit with you and listen to all the amazing things you have done in your life!….Oh, the table….now, you can make a football themed table look like you are dining in a 5 star restaurant… do not miss a thing with your decor…you think of everything….So, can you come up with a fabulous Miami Dolphins table?…


  16. How FUN!!! YAY Chiefs! Alycia you are one hot mama in those gogo boots! I love it! We are going to next Sundays game! Can’t wait! Love your Home Tailgate Party! That’s the way we usually watch…in front of the TV.


  17. Alycia~ Touchdown! I’m not a big football fan but I do love a tailgate and I love all your fun memorabilia surrounding your TV tailgate! You never miss a detail~ the game on pause in the background is such a fun touch along with your wristband napkin rings!The photos of you at the bottom are the best 🙂


  18. Hi Alycia,

    Your team and my team have something in common; they both gave the Saints a big ole smackdown this season. The Carolina Panthers beat the Saints 35-27. Woo Hoo!!

    This is a great table, Alycia! It must be so much fun to live at your house with your creativity and your funny sense of humor. 🙂 For some reason, I hadn’t pegged you as a football fan, but more of a girly girl because of your elegant tablescapes and your catering business. This adds YET another layer of interest to your personality.

    We love football at our house. I root for different teams, often based on how cute the quarterback is. So that would make the Green Bay Packers at the top of my list at the moment. 😀 Isn’t that silly? They do have a good team though. And boy did they get shafted by that ridiculous final call on Monday night. The internet and sports channels are still buzzing about that one. Time to end that referee strike — pronto!

    You look soooo cute in those old photos. Wow! Don’t you wish we still had those youthful figures? I just discovered we’re almost the same age. Hint: I was ten years old in 1970. 🙂 I really enjoyed this post, and your tablescape is terrific, as usual. I’m thinking Super Bowl worthy. I’m glad you’re teaching your classes again. Take care.



  19. How funny I remember tryingout for the Chiefs (way before you) threw my leg up once and pulled a muscle. Love the table I used to be a die heart fan myself but after sitting in snow and rain the couch was much better.


  20. Hi Iam not sport minded but you sure know how to decorate a football table. What a cutie you are. Those must have been fun times.I am many years older then most of bloggers but wore the penny loafers and saddle shoes.


  21. The most beautiful part of this post is YOU!!!!! What beautiful pictures, Alycia! I’m so glad you added them!! The table is of course great, and fun, and your commentary made me chuckle often–lighthearted comments from a serious fan!! I can’t get over the placemats. I would’ve grabbed those too! I hope your shoulders are better. And thanks for visiting me–I’m glad Balboa Island gave you a little reprieve 🙂 . ~Zuni


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