Hometown Pride: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Football Tablescape

INSPIRATION: My camera-shy long distance buddy and fellow Chiefs football enthusiast, Miss Mona, half-jokingly suggested that the chair covers used in my post “Blurred Lines With Shades of Pink” looked much like a referee uniform.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Front door wreathYes, I realize we just got our butts handed to us in our home opener, but it makes no difference. I’m still a Kansas City Chiefs fan through and through. (#Chiefs/Arrowhead/Kansas City Pride!) Always have been, always will be. Next Sunday we will face our arch-rivals, the Denver Broncos. Despite what recent history has shown, I am a believer that we will emerge victorious. I am so much a believer that I have created a football tablescape with that triumph in mind!
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Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Full deck



Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Full DeckThe back deck is all ready for a Chiefs at-home tailgate party!

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Full table



Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Place settingEach place setting has a black dinner plate topped with a salad plate in red with a black and white rim.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Napkin fold, Chiefs cup, flatware & rim shot collageI found these Kansas City Chiefs reusable tumblers at our local grocery store. Dishwasher safe and a perfect for all kinds of get-togethers, I picked up a bunch of them at just $1.49 each. The deep yellow-gold napkin from LinenTablecloth.com is folded in a traditional design and mimics the flag used by referees to call a foul. The design on the stainless steel flatware reminds me of the laces on a football.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Full centerpiece


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Football, pendant in grass, ticket sign collageThe centerpiece started with an oversized “ticket” sign I found on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. It is flanked by long rows of potted grass, some bearing miniature Kansas City Chiefs pendants. A miniature football (Dollar Tree) adds to the look.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Chairs with black & white striped stretch chair covers from LinenTablecloth.comAs my buddy Mona suggested, the chairs dressed in black and white striped chair covers from LinenTablecloth.com look very much like the referees’ uniforms! (If you’ve not seen it, you may want to check out “Blurred Lines With Shades of Pink” to see how these chair covers take on a completely different vibe when used in a more formal setting.) The table is layered in black and red linens from LinenTablecloth.com.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Sitting areaI created a comfortable sitting area on the other side of the deck for guests to enjoy the game on a television set up in the concealed corner.


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Side table


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Side table collageThe side table in the living room area of the deck is set up with a 90″ round white tablecloth from LinenTablecloth.com. It is topped with an autographed picture of wide receiver Eddie Kennison who notoriously “retired” from the game after only a few months with the Denver Broncos only to resurface and bring his powerhouse moves to the Kansas City Chiefs for five years. Tee hee hee! 🙂 I won this picture at a charity auction, and it is a prized possession. Uh oh….is that a 10-yard penalty for taunting? 😉


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Settee and Chiefs body pillow collageI couldn’t believe my incredible good fortune to find this cushy Chiefs body pillow at Wal-Mart for less than $20!!! It’s so comfy, and it gives me something to hit when we’re losing! 😉


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Coffee table, plush toy collageThe coffee table is set up with game favorites beer and popcorn. I found the resin football sign in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby at 90% off because it’s missing something that used to be on top of it. I like it “as is”, so it’s all good!


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Kansas City Chiefs garden bannerMy flowers and herbs love the addition of our Kansas City Chiefs garden banner!


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: "Buffet" area


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Buffet table, up closeRed and gold Chiefs pendants dangle over a mock buffet table topped with gridiron placemats from Old Time Pottery.

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Buffet table collage


Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Kansas City Chiefs tailgate menuBronco meat, anyone? 😉 I’m just having a little fun here, so don’t go calling the PETA people on me! I’ve used the whole horse that goes with this head for several posts including “Carousel Colors”, “Kentucky Derby Buffet”, “Run For the Roses”, “American Royal Tablescape”, and “Celebrating Longview Farm“. I’ve also used it to prank my husband with the old Godfather-horse’s head-in-the-director’s-bed thing. So the horse is obviously very versatile! 🙂 I came up with the menu based on our (now broken…curse you, Seattle!) record-breaking 137.57 decibel Twelfth Man ruckus. Just tell me how you like your Bronco meat served up, and…

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Bronco head grilling…I’m on it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tablescapes at Table Twenty-One, www.tabletwentyone.wordpress.com, Chiefs Pride: Kansas City Chiefs flag

I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a while, but it’s with good reason. I’m preparing for a couple of upcoming fundraisers for which I’m doing a LOT of decor AND a tablescaping workshop in November. The prep work is exhausting both mentally and physically, and 90% of my day is consumed with it. I promise, however, to post as often as possible in the coming weeks. I have several fun posts already photographed and ready to rock. It’s just a matter of actually posting them!!!

If you’re looking for more sports-themed tablescapes, I have the following for your enjoyment:
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Boys of Summer
Football Tablescape – Kansas City Chiefs In the Red Zone

Happy Fall, y’all, and I hope you’ll join me over at Christine’s Rustic & Refined for Table It! tonight and at Susan’s place for Tablescape Thursday later this week!

46 thoughts on “Hometown Pride: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos Football Tablescape

  1. Oh dear friend, I know you will understand when I say there is not much I can like at your party today 🙂 Yes, I am and always will be a Denver Bronco fan! (Although, with a few changes in color and other decor, this would be a perfectly lovely setup at my home 😉 ) We’ll just keep it a friendly rivalry 🙂


  2. Love, LOve, LOVE it!! Thank you for the shout out my friend. Look at all the beautiful Chiefs accessories. A mini sea of red here. This post will definitely ROCK Chiefs Kingdom! The ref chairs look even better than I’d envisioned. And, I adore those gridiron placemats. Today’s game was depressing. Hopefully, the boys will re-group and jerk a knot in the Bronco’s tail next week!! Bronco meat. 😀 And how dare those Seahawks steal our thunder! You may have to toss one of them on the grill as well. 😉 Just kidding people. GO CHIEFS!


  3. Alycia, this is the most fun setup that I have seen in a long time! You have thought of every single detail! I can only imagine the fun to be had there. Now, I just need to translate this to a SAINTS setting! Lol!


  4. I was starting to get worried about you, Alycia. It’s good to know that that you’ve been busy with a fund raiser, but hopefully you’re not overly exhausted. Your KC Chiefs table is such a winner! You’ve, as always, thought of every detail. What really caught my eye was the “turf” on the main table. How cute is that idea??!! What fun you give all your guests to be invited to your deck for the game. I love it all! Take care, my friend, and please don’t over do it. xo


  5. I love the football theme! I have been a football fan all of my adult life. We got our backsides beat today too (as usual on opening day – eleven in a row I think) Everything looks fantastic. I just wish the Chiefs had won, that would have made your football party totally perfect!


  6. Your fans missed you! So funny how those chair covers looked so French before and now they totally look like referee shirts! This is a tailgate full of fun and spirited. I’m not a Chiefs fan but could be convinced to become one just to get in on the festivities. Go Chiefs!


  7. Fund Raisers are exhausting when you aren’t just attending for sure. Hope all goes well as you bring things together. What a fun Chiefs themed setting for a party. Football really brings out the fans…


  8. Go Team! Your t’scape and surrounding décor are so fun and coordinated! Love all the little touches and details that make everything “party ready”. How creative to have that menu sign with the “rare, medium, well done, etc”! You are truly amazing to think of all this and then do the work to get it ready. We appreciate your efforts though as your blog is full of inspiration for any kind of gathering!



  9. Hi Alycia – Wow, now that’s a team fan if I’ve ever seen one! I’m not a big football person, but I would totally enjoy tailgating on your deck and if you feed me, I promise to be the loudest one cheering for your team. GO TEAM!!!! Good luck with all of your upcoming events and can’t see what you have up your sleeve. Happy Day! Hugs, Holly


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  11. Good Morning Alycia, it’s so good to hear from you – I was wondering how you were and glad to know it was work that was killing you, not some dreaded medical thing.

    All kidding aside, you are one detail-oriented tablescaping guru! Consistently, when you plan a tablescape, you think through the most mundane of details, and manage to weave in humor, style, frugality, class, and enthusiasm. This is wonderful. Best line (besides the entire menu board!), “it’s so comfy, it gives me something to hit when we’re losing”.

    Be sure to take lots of photos of the project work you’re doing – I’m sure it’ll be great material for a few posts. Good luck!


  12. SHUT UP!!! Is there no end to your creativity?! Every minute detail has been thought out and executed to perfection, as always.

    I have to say, like Mona, I too thought of a referees uniform when I saw the chair covers. Great minds…;)

    Btw, the visual of you punching that pillow does my heart good. lol

    So glad to see you’re back in the saddle and riding high!



  13. And here you are, just working your ass off! I thought maybe you were on vacation, sipping drinks with umbrellas or something, down in the Bahamas.

    This is so cute — I had to show it to Ray. He was most impressed!

    Can’t wait to see your fundraiser decor — I am sure it will be spectacular.


  14. Your are amazing and your creativity amazes me every time. I love the fabric that resembles the ref shirts. You have detail nailed down. Superstar. Too bad we can’t muster that feeling for the Jets. To pitiful but we keeping thinking maybe someday they may not be one of the worst teams, LOL



  15. After seeing this tablescape and all of its creative elements, I seriously felt like I got nothing accomplished today. You are amazing. I can only imagine what it would be like to plan the events you are working on, but you know you HAVE to do this like some people MUST paint or write music or design clothes.


  16. You hit a home run with this one! Oh wait that’s the wrong game! LOL…. they should pay you for this tablescape! Those chair covers do look like referee’s tops and so much more with this tablescape. You have the best accents for your tables. Don’t work too hard although I know that’s like talking to a brick wall!


  17. This was so much fun to look through! You are SO creative!! I can’t decide which I like better – the table with real grass (!) or the recipe for “Bronco Meat!” We’ve got the Rams over here on this side of the state but can’t say I’m much of a fan. (Baseball and hockey are our games.) I would love to sit in on your tablescape workshop! Sharing anything about that???


  18. Touchdown Alycia! Wow, you have embraced football fan mania with all senses! First, I must say that Mona had a brilliant idea for the referee chair covers! Your deck could be KC chiefs fan headquarters! It is all SO much fun, it is hard to believe you are just now catching football fever! I have a feeling you have uncovered a new passion, and I would love to come to your house for game day!!


  19. Alycia…so glad you took a break from your charity work to give us this fun table with the “referee chairs”…Mona is right!!…You think of every detail…this looks like it is a setting in the “suites of the stadium”…I love that you are such an enthusiastic fan!!…In high school we were “The Chiefs”…Chiefs are the best…I would say this table is a 99 yard Touchdown with a 2 point conversion!!!


  20. I just discovered this post in my email in-box. How did I miss it? Anyway, I’m so glad I found your post, because it is a winner! In your first table picture, I noticed the bench in the background, and it looked like a special set of team cushions! It was actually a relief to find out it’s a body pillow. You must have collected for this tablescape post for months! I love it all! I remember those chair covers, and they do look like referees. 🙂 Great call on the napkins – no foul there (hee-hee). Hey, the way the napkins are folded reminds me of playing table football as a kid. My brothers would fold paper to look just like your napkin fold, and we flicked it with our fingers across the table. (Random, I know, but it goes with your theme.) The black, white, red, and pops of gold are so striking together! Your team must be happy to have at least one die-hard fan! 🙂 Oh, I almost forgot to mention the grass is perfect, and those football field place mats are so fun. I’ll stop here before I comment on the whole horse-head thing. BTW, you didn’t surprise Ramon with that thing! Please, tell me you didn’t…he could have a stroke! Great table, friend. I’m so glad you aren’t leaving us completely while you stun the rest of the world with your talents.


  21. You didn’t miss a beat with this one. I can’t think of any game related item that isn’t here. This post was well worth the wait and we are always left wanting more. So happy to know that your amazing talents are in demand.


  22. Touchdown Alycia! What a fun post, your football and Kansas Chief’s enthusiasm is contagious! You’ve thought of everything for an at home tailgate party! Your Walmart body pillow find is perfect for your bench, what a score! I am lovin’ your referee chair covers 🙂


  23. Your backyard is definitely the place to watch a football game! We are not football fans, really, but always watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. But whenever football season rolls around and I see all those marvelous football party recipes, I’m tempted to adopt a fan, just so I can have a party! I love all your details, Alycia, down to the flatware “shoelaces!” Good luck to the Chiefs this season!


  24. Alycia,
    “T O U C H D O W N”!!!
    Dear friend, you scored BIG on this Chiefs tablescape!!!
    No “Pentalty Flags” on any of these plays!!!
    WIN or lose in the real game. . .I’m a Chiefs Fan, too!!!
    Thanks for sharing your Chiefs Spirit!


  25. I want my bronco med-rear, please…lol! Wow, your Chief’s table is fabulous, girl friend! I love the happy look to it all and the colors in the dishes are just perfect! Wish we could watch football here with someone! People are only interested in Soccer, though. Ramon must be so proud of you and now I want popcorn and beer!!!
    Loved your visit darling, you made my day!
    Big hugs,


  26. Once again a grand setting Alycia.Love the cute grass pots lined up on the table.Hope you had a great time with everyone out there.Have a beautiful day..Love and hugs sujatha..:):)


  27. I love how you pay such close attention to detail! This looks like such a fun time and I love seeing the chair covers used in such a different setting! The red dishes are so cute (and will look fabulous on the Ikea dishes when your store opens!!!) AND…how did yo ever get your basil to grow so tall?? Mine are just pathetic this year. This is certainly a touchdown!


  28. Do the Chiefs have any idea the fan they have in you? You should have the team over for an after game party. Wait until after they win though so the atmosphere will be festive. The porch is fun for sure, and the chair covers add some sass. Those I predict you will find many uses for.


  29. I remember those chair covers and they do remind me of umpires in this tablescape! Amazing how versatile they are. I love your team spirit and how you “roasted” the broncho!!! My favorite detail is the row of pots with grass growing!!!


  30. Gorgeous setting as usual Alycia. I love the theme and such a wonderful setting to honor your team. The Chief’s table is awesome, with your perfect attention to details. You never miss a beat and it definitely shows. I love those chair covers. I only have 4 folding chairs. I can see so many possibilities. The grasses make a great centerpiece. What’s not to love here? Kudos again….


  31. Darling! You’ve made a fan of me! 😉
    I love, love, love the striped chair covers! How very clever….I wish I’d seen these earlier, they’d have been perfect for one of the tables I’ll be doing for Halloween. Thanks for sharing your source….looks like I’ll be checking out linentablecloth.com very soon…..


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