40 thoughts on “Boys of Summer – Baseball Tablescape

  1. My family would love it if I did something like this, we are huge baseball fans! But for us it can be nothing but the SF Giants. Remember we won last year? 😉 Clever centerpiece!

  2. This is the greatest! Love the centerpiece and I would also have shrieked if I found the baseball plates. They are perfect. Love all your memorabilia. What treasures to have. Have a blessed week, Ginger

  3. You hang out with some big time people don’t you? No wonder you are now a TV star in your own right! Seriously, I love the back stories in all this — and the table is pretty great too. I can’t imagine having the patience to make that carnation baseball.

  4. Being a baseball girl!!! Having spent 26 years on the bleachers with my boys!!! I. LOVE. THIS. TABLE!!! I have to do this next year for first day of opening season when it doesn’t coincide with EASTER!! We did watch that evening after watching the Bible. but oops so far the Rangers lost, the Yankees lost.. be still my breaking heart!! I am going, no running to Hobby Lobby for acrylic squares. How brilliant is that. And the flower baseballs.. well just the icing on the cake. The figures help too, but the flowers reign supreme. Love the plates! Alycia, you hit the home run with this one!!

  5. You found BASEBALL plates!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? That is amazing! LOVE the centerpiece too, I bet you had some sore fingers though! Great idea to fold the napkins like that too. I’ll tell Joe what you said…and Ramon too:):) XO, Pinky

  6. Oh what fun, I bet the idea would work for softball too. (: You got me with the ball plates. Those are something I’ve never seen and they are great. Houston Astros will be playing Royals this year as they’ve just been moved to the AL. We’ll have to have a little something going on those games.

  7. Alycia, you never cease to amaze me! I love this tablescape (and I’m not even a real baseball fan)! The flower baseball is so ingenious and all the details make me want to go out to the ballfield. Thanks for sharing this inspiration!

  8. As much as I love the elegant tables and the holiday tables, my favorite ones to look at are the theme tables. That’s where the real creativity comes in. I love this!

  9. Cute cute cute!! What a fun change up! I know you we’re jumping up and down when you found those baseball plates! Score! Your centerpiece is adorable, it was worth all your hard work!

  10. Love your baseball enthusiasm Alycia! Your carnation baseball is amazing! I love your creativity with the paper and acrylic square mats~ I bet your students are blown away by your classes! Do they get to partake of the stadium fare of peanuts and lemonade? 🙂

  11. My hubby is such a baseball “nut”…give him some peanuts and cracker jacks and great seat at the ball game and he is a happy camper….I love, love the tablescape…You have given me inspiration to do one this summer…but I must say that he is a loyal Yankee fan…Cannot believe that you found those great plates at Tuesday Morning!…Love all of your memorabilia…and must say that I have so enjoyed visiting Cooperstown a couple of times for the Induction Ceremonies…a beautiful town and love the Hall of Fame…Really enjoyed your pictures Alycia!!

  12. The blue in the tablecloth seems suspiciously similar to Cubbie blue! So very cute! I love the carnation centerpiece.

  13. Good thing I don’t teach tablescaping or else I’d have to build on an extra room to house my dishes! Fun baseball theme, Alycia. I like the “base” that is angled like the infield!

  14. I am a huge baseball fan – my Atlanta Braves won on opening day – yeah!! I love your idea – everything is so cute. I, especially, like the centerpiece and the peanuts – great touch. What a wonderful photo of you and your son with Mr. O’Neil. I am sure he has some interesting stories to tell. A “Home Run”, my dear!!

  15. Aww what cute pics of you and your dear son, Alycia! I would’ve loved to have seen you in Tuesday Morning when you found those darling baseball plates!!! The floral baseball is sooo pretty. What a perfect theme for your favorite team!

  16. Alycia….this is awesome!! since I have 5 grandsons, my idea turned immediately to how wonderful this would be for one of their birthdays…I like so many things about your table..the carnation baseball….ingenious….I surely enjoy your creativity and your love of life. it comes through all of your words and I can almost hear your laughter….
    Love, Mona

  17. I can just see you, running out the store with those baseball plates, Girl! They are soooo perfect for this & any other summer time event.

    The centerpiece was a brilliant spark of creativity.
    I got to watch the KCTV-5 episode & it was so fun to hear & see you. You did a great job, too.

    Congratulations on being featured in the magazine too. You’re becoming quite the celebrity. May I have your autograph??? *wink*

  18. Boys will be Boys but that isn’t to say you can’t guide them through a Life of Beauty and Creativity 😉 and bits of Glam.
    Turned out lovely and yes very manly 😛 (men don’t see carnations as flower; or at least they consider it “muscle flower” which it is, and perfect for the arrangement you had in mind)
    Your pictures on the beggining of the post are amazing to watch. True Beauty never fades as your “ancient” photos prove ahahahahah
    Thank you for sharing,

  19. Hi Alycia
    The detail in your tablescapes is truly amazing. I love the baseball plates. I can see why you went crazy when you found them! And I love how you put the peanuts at each place setting. And the floral baseball. Just incredible. Your are an amazing tablescaper. The college is lucky to have you teaching there!

  20. You are so clever and creative. That baseball centerpiece is adorable. Another fantastic table, Alycia. Lucy ones who get to attend your classes.

  21. OK, Alycia…enough is enough!..now you have baseball plates?????!!!!!! LOL…I love those plates!! The baseball centerpiece is fabulous, I never seize to be amazed by your creativity and this table is terrific, any mail guest would be so pleased! You look soo pretty in those “ancient” photos, my friend…I still think you are one very pretty girl, darling. What a great idea for the college to have you teaching..never heard of a class like this around here!!

  22. It is wonderful! I have some baseball plates, must use them! I have 4 gsons, so it will be appropriate! But my gdau is a sports nut too!
    Love your centerpiece.
    DH is a big Red Sox fan, not easy when you live in Yankee and Mets land!
    But decor would be easy, socks died red, lol, filled with popcorn as favors, haha!
    Thanks so much for linking this fun table to Let’s Dish. A snow ball table would be more appropriate here!
    May I have your autograph?

  23. Hi Alycia,
    what a cute idea………….so neat you found those baseball plates…..you sound like me, when I am trying to decorate for a special occasion and score on something that works well………lol …. isn’t that such a joy!!
    LIked how you made the baseball out of flowers, so pretty.
    Bet all your baseball fans loved it. That royal blue was both of my kids
    high school colors, Blue and white, and I have done some Blue and white
    tables for graduation celebrations, and they were fun just because it wasn’t
    the normal colors I would use. Well done sports table hon.
    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    Blessings, Nellie

  24. Loved the centerpiece..Wow!!! How creative!!! However, we’re prepared to go bat-to-bat today in Philly! Welcome, but we gotta do what we gotta do!!! Just selling a few “wolf tickets”. It’s all good! PEACE & LUV!!! Danni

  25. Home run for sure! I love the way you carried out the theme in a classy way. Incorporating a few tasty treats always works. So you say your lips are sealed huh?

  26. This is such a fun table! Love the baseball plates and all your cute details! Not loving that you’re a ROYALS fan, though! That’s only because we’re CARDINALS fans here! hee hee! Just teasin’! =D

    This would be such a fun table to put up for a baseball game get-together! Thanks for sharing it on the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! =D

  27. You hit it out of the park!! Great table. I have LA Dodger plates and set a baseball table during last years All Star game. Great post!

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