Better Kansas City Morning Show


I’m just back from making my third appearance on the “Better Kansas City” morning show here in Kansas City! Even though I have to get out of bed before dawn to make that long drive into the city, it’s totally worth it when everything comes together. Sheri and I were able to get this morning’s table up in less than 45 minutes, so I even had a few moments to actually study my script!

The look for today’s show is similar to the one I did back in mid-March, “Rolling Fields of Green“, which captures the versatility of a table that can transition from Easter to Spring and right on into summer.

I mentioned fellow blogger Vernice of We Three Dogs & Me during the segment. Vernice is a very special over-the-miles friend who is very dear to me and who recently celebrated her 82nd birthday. Listen for her name, and then drop by her blog if you have a moment. Vernice puts her heart and soul into her tablescapes, and she always appreciates a visit!

A few pics that Sheri snapped….see if you can figure out what I forgot!
Horrors!!!! Too late to turn around and go back home!
(Click on any photo, then click again to enhance/enlarge it.)


Starting the table set up…moving much faster than this photo depicts! 🙂


Getting closer to completion…and running out of breath!


Who’s letting me play with sharp objects??!?!?!?


Place setting. Have you figured out what’s missing yet?


All done! Off to powder my nose, slip into my high heels, and take a breath before air time!

The finished table is created with a full-length white linen from topped with a moss runner, gold glass chargers from Costco, white dishes with scrolled edging from TJ Maxx, Godinger “Dublin” crystal stemware, lots of moss balls, faux cabbages, evergreens and spring florals in rustic pots.

Reviewing the script with producer, Sherie (not to be confused with my best friend, Sheri, who was on set taking photos of me!), before the show.

Reviewing the script with producer, Sherie (not to be confused with my best friend, Sheri, who was on set taking photos of me!), before the show.


Cameraman Chris is the best! He always gets my good side…even if he has to search for hours to find it! 🙂


Lovely producer’s assistant, Lauren, gets me mic’d up.


On the set after the show with co-host Lisa Holbrook

On the set after the show with skinny (I’m so jealous!) “Better Kansas City” co-host Lisa Holbrook

Many thanks once again to producer Erin Cansler for inviting me back! I had a blast and a half!

Thank YOU for stopping by, and I’d like to invite you back for my regular weekly post tomorrow!

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48 thoughts on “Better Kansas City Morning Show

    • You guessed it! Napkins!!! Got back home this afternoon to see the neatly pressed stack sitting on a dining room chair! 😦 I felt like such an idiot when I started setting up and realized they were home. Oh, well…I hope there’s a next time to redeem myself!!! 🙂

  1. Napkins…Oh dear. Someone forgot the napkins! Okay, well we wouldn’t have noticed had you not pointed out that something was missing. LoL. Vernice is now famous! She should feel honored with her name being mentioned right along with the Senator’s. Alycia you did a fabulous job as usual! Such a fresh sunny looking tablescape with the use of yellow and green.

  2. Your table was beautiful, even without the napkins. And, you did a fabulous job. I think your tips would apply to many areas/vignettes around the home. Thank you so very much for sharing them.

  3. Oh yes, you forgot the napkins, but seriously, if you did not ask the question, I would have never noticed….love, love the segment…just send me your autograph…!!!…the table is gorgeous!!!… are a natural…I look forward to another TV segment…and maybe one day you will have your very own show!!!…

  4. I did notice there were no napkins while watching it live this morning, but didn’t mention it in the email…everyone has a sleeve they could use!
    I am still laughing about your comment about not going out to buy dishes for every season…coming from you who has a room with just dishes and accoutrements is pretty funny!
    You did a fabulous job, girlfriend!

  5. Great job Alycia! Congrats on the magazine spread, too. I wouldn’t have noticed that the napkins were missing if you didn’t mention it. Hope you had a nice Easter.

  6. What a wonderful segment! Alycia, you gave some wonderful tips and insight. I really liked this particular tablescape, and it is awesome to hear how it all comes together and how you can tweak it for various holidays and themes. As always, I look forward to more from the master tablescape artist! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Awesome! I love all the tips you shared (lucky KC viewers) and happy to see I did at least a few things right this morning when “un” Eastering my table. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your successful day. You are an inspiration! Oh, and congratulations on the morning show visit AND the magazine article. I’m thinking there will be many more in your future. 🙂

  8. You’re so pretty in your yellow blouse on television. And yes, I noticed right away that there weren’t any napkins.

    XO Jennie

  9. I love it! For one thing, you look maa velous and have such great stage presence. I’m so glad they had you on again. I think they should make you a regular. Tell them I said so.

    And the table was beautiful with all the natural elements in the middle. I loved the use of the cabbage. I used those very goblets on my table this weekend. I love them because they feel so hearty. Your tips were spot on, and I feel so glad to have you as my “claim to fame”.

    (I tried to go to Vernice’s blog from here but my computer rebelled. I’m going to try to visit her by googling her blog name instead.

  10. PERFECT outfit, Alycia! You look wonderful. I haven’t watched the video yet but I will. I can’t image not forgetting something. Great tablescape and fun pictures as everything happens. That was a great idea to give us. The View will have you on before long!

  11. Great as always, you need to let us know ahead of time when you’re going to be on the show, I would have stopped everything I was doing (watching something else) and watched my friend.

  12. Oh Alycia, you were fabulous! By the end of the show you looked like the host and your host looked like the guest, you were that relaxed and confident! Great tips too, that I know the general audience could relate to and use in their own homes. Stellar job, I knew you would rock it! The table looked amazing and I predict there is going to be a huge run on moss balls in KC!

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  14. Alycia, I wanted to let you know I’ve put a link to this post in my blog post today, to share you with my readers that don’t know about you. Your table with all the moss was beautiful! Don’t fret about the napkins – just makes the rest of us feel normal, ’cause we do things like that, too. We tend to like “imperfect” people because we can relate to them in our own imperfection!

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  16. I cannot believe how composed you are on TV, this is getting to be old-hand for you! Very lovely setting and excellent points for the hostess. Going seasonal and using just a few holiday specific items is also the way I like to go, makes decorating much less expensive and easier! Plus you don’t have to store so much. (From me, who has too much seasonal already! I wish I had listened to this wisdom years ago!) Excellent again!

  17. Who needs a napkin anyway?! Congrats on another segment, your work deserves to be recognized. You put together some fantastic centerpieces that make a statement without being over the top. Also, love your bracelet!

  18. I can’t believe you forgot the napkins…….I would have forgotten my head!…You looked great in your outfit and the table was over the top……I do wish they would make you a regular and by the way, can I have your autograph???? I swear as soon as thister is able to leave the old boy for any length of time we will be cruising our way down to KC…..much love J.

  19. Well only because you mentioned it . . . I didn’t noticed the napkins were missing until you mentioned it. I watched the segment and you were great!

  20. Such a star! I’ve done some nutrition things on TV, so I know how hard it is to remember everything and get it all together in such a short time and still look composed and hide the sweat! You did it all. Just remember the little people who helped you on you way up (lol). Dianne

  21. What Spring? Where are you??? 😉 Stay put, I’m heading your way… 🙂

    You looked wonderful, Alycia. :lovely:

    The table – Perfect!
    One thing I like in these appearances of yours is the way the presenter cracks up with the things you bring to make the winner tablescapes. And the way she surrenders to your “power”.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    P.S. You’re SO right: there’s no need for new things everytime you throw a party… I think it is even sweeter to see the same things used in a different way.

  22. Loved it! I’ve watched it like 3 times….It was getting a little hard to find because the video is kind of getting buried so I copied a link for you if you need it.

    P.S. I never noticed that you didn’t have napkins….now if you’ll excuse me I reallllly need to go make some green moss balls! I’ve been thinking about for awhile and now seeing this has pushed it over the edge. LOL Great job sister and you looked amazing!

  23. Oh Alycia…you with a voice!!! I love it, I cannot tell you how many times I have put a voice to your comments! You really are such an amazing lady, you are the complete package for sure…creative, beautiful and just plain FUN! The table is typical Alycia Fabulous as always! I hope you are doing well after your tough time with the surgery and recovery.

  24. Whoohoo! I need your autograph – you are a star on television! You need your own show, I think. Actually, I learned a lot from you. If I had watched this years ago, I could have saved tons of money and not bought almost 20 place settings of Christmas china – hahaha!! Loved every second of the segment and it was so much fun to see and hear you. How does Ramon feel about living with a celebrity???

  25. I will be looking for your new show on hgtv soon!! Very nice presentation!!
    Congratulations! I hope to see more spots like this. You look and sound wonderful and the table was pretty too!!!

  26. Girl, I just visited your site and wow! Amazing tablescapes. I could spend hours on here. I plan on visiting often. You are so talented. Love all the pretty color combinations. Thanks for visiting me and your lovely comments.


  27. Alicia, you are so funny. I was laughing out loud at your comments on my “Secluded Garden Office”….I just enjoyed you visiting so much! I may have to change my sign( “Shhh.. I’m in my quiet place” to what you said 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Blessings, Carol

  28. How wonderful! What fun and such a beautiful table. Yes, everything is quick isn’t it. I adore Just found another one that I got my daughter’s wedding linens for at less than rental! – pinwheel pinched tableclothes – 120 inch for $25!

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