Bring It On! KC Chiefs 2021 Season Opener

Yes, I know not everyone is as excited about (American) football as I am.🏈 And many of those who are wild about it do not root for my hometown KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. But this was a setup for the 2021 home opener that is universal with a change of colors and logos, so please check out the fun pics!

Gridiron placemats, “penalty flag” napkins with wristband napkin rings, football place cards, and miniature pendants get together with team colors of red and gold to create a fun place setting. All of these elements were first used in 2012 for “In the Red Zone“. Cambridge “Esben” flatware with faux wood handles makes a nice accompaniment.

Hungry, anyone? I found these cute referee shirt bottle cozies with working whistles at Party City a couple of years ago. They are the life of the party for wine bottles or, as first debuted in my post “Are You Ready for Some Football?” back in January of 2018.

My good friend Liz from Home & Gardening With Liz blog sent me this towel. She knows me all too well!

A good time was had by all…all except the opposing team with a little good-natured ribbing!😉 (And then we lost the next week’s game by one lousy point!😢)

I enjoy both football and baseball. If you’d like to see other sports-related posts on this blog:

12 thoughts on “Bring It On! KC Chiefs 2021 Season Opener

  1. I love people who are passionate about their sports teams. You know how I am about my Cardinals! This is a magnificent and beautiful spread. Shoot, I’m not even a football fan, but I know that I could have a great time at this party, and cheer the team on. You’ve given me some ideas here. Wonderful job, as always.


  2. I have to know—did your husband play football in his high school or college days? We are big baseball fans here and rooting like crazy for our hometown San Francisco Giants to go to the World Series. It’s fun to cheer on a team that you love, especially with such a fun table setting and good food!


  3. LOVE THIS!! Everything is perfect. I’m from the South so it’s all about college football here. The penalty flags and the ref bottle holders–love them! The whistle is the perfect touch.
    Can’t wait to use your ideas–thank you for sharing with all of us!


  4. Super cute Alycia! Yay for football season, we are having a gathering to watch the Bama game tonight, it’s time to get out the Roll Tide things! Using sweat bands for napkin rings is very brilliant, and those ref shirt coozies are adorable! Love it all, go Chiefs!


  5. Alycia, you had way too much fun with this! Love all of the details. I think it’s great how passionate you are about your prized team. Sweat bands for napkins rings is perfect. Love the shirt cozies. Everything is pulled together for a fun experience. Very cute towel from Liz. Happy Saturday.


  6. I’m not a football fan (sorry Detroit Lions) but I love this setup! You definitely know how to work a theme and that spread looks delicious.


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