The Spider & the Fly

“‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the spider🕷 to the fly🪰.” The sinister 1829 poem by Mary Howitt tells the cautionary tale of the sly spider coaxing the apprehensive fly into its web🕸. Creepy/Clever and well played, Mr. Spider. Hmmmm…the parallels of the 1829 spider web and the manipulative, seductive 2021 worldwide web are not lost on me.

I am joining other tablescapers from across the miles to bring you spooky fun with a “Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop” hosted by Rita at Panoply blog. Links to their BOO-tiful sites are listed at the end of this post, and I encourage you to stop in to visit each one of these talented ladies.

I chose this pintuck taffeta table linen for its resemblance to a spider web.

A🩸blood red🩸 Royal Norfolk dinner plate sits atop a mirrored charger that helps break up the moodiness of the setting. A black salad plate and spooky skull appetizer plate complete the stack.💀 Notice there are just daggers/knives to devour the beastly feast.🗡

Spine-chilling metal spiders lord over each place setting.

The flies have been coaxed into the spider’s web!🕷🕸🪰

I found these gravestones at Dollar Tree some years ago.

The end settings have the skulls of the host and hostess of this ghoulish event trapped for eternity beneath oversized cloches/bell jars. The hungry spider below the skull hunts its prey, the flies, that have overtaken the skull. (OK…I’m freaking myself out here now!😱)

Overreaching branches canopy the centerpiece below. I used faux branches, but this spooky look could just as easily be achieved with real ones.

If there’s a graveyard, you KNOW there has to be a raven somewhere nearby! This one, perched amongst the pumpkins and slithering serpents, shows no fear.

Ick! A serpent invading the hollow eye socket of a soul long gone is a weird juxtaposition to the beautiful onyx “Elegance” Mikasa stemware.

The morose table setting is capped off with the flicker of candlelight towering high above.

A haunted pumpkin patch sits on the vitrine just beyond the graveyard.

If you’re looking for more ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish tablescapes, check out these from my archives:

Ready, set, HOP!!! Check out THESE haunting entries!!!

31 thoughts on “The Spider & the Fly

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  9. Very spooky! I like it! First of all, I love the willow branches: They’re fantastic! I also like the color of the green pumpkins on your table. They’re a nice accent with all the black and the orange plates. Happy Halloween!
    Ricki Jill


  10. Your tablescape is right up there with Halloween fright night for sure Alycia! Those slithering snakes are too real for me…LOL! Your salad plates are perfect for a night of Halloween fun. And using knives and daggers makes your table setting so realistic. Great job as always and a pleasure to tablehop with you.
    Kari @ Me and my Captain


  11. A properly ghoulish table for Halloween! I’d never seen faux flies before! Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I enjoy everyone else’s decorations. Awesome table!


  12. Alycia, it’s fright-tabulous to have you join in the Halloween hop this year! I’ve heard that saying but never knew where it came from before, and liked your comparison to the www today. Such a clever girl! I especially like how you used the boo-tiful black tablecloth and mirror chargers as the foundation of the setting. Reflections in the mirror are certain to conjure thoughts of spirits lurking at the table. And the black stemware is well, to die for!


  13. EEK Alycia, this is super creepy! The slithering snakes are giving me goosebumps! I LOVE the pintuck taffeta, brilliant! The branches make a wonderful spooky scene and the spiders on the plates are fabulous! I love your reference to the world wide web being the modern version of the Spider and the Fly, you are so right! The red plates and only daggers for flatware are spine tingling! Spooktacular!


  14. I was thrilled when I saw your name as part of the hop Alycia! Your table is perfectly spooky and creepy… I don’t know what’s more terrifying… the spiders, snakes or skulls! I love how your branches provide a canopy over your table and the ambiance from the flickering candlelight. The red plates and daggers are such a scary touch. So happy to hop with you, Happy October!


  15. I love that poem, my mom use to quote the first few lines to her girls. Way before we had the world web to ensnare us.
    I was properly spooked out looking at all the different parts of this wonderfully creepy table. Those flies are great and the spiders hovering over the plates are perfect. You did a wonderful job with all the small details that make this table perfect for Halloween!


  16. Alycia, I am so happy that you joined the hop. First, I love the canopy of branches, it creates an eerie mood of mystery. The blood red plates with the spooky skull appetizer plates and the spiders hanging over definitely create a spine tingling mood. The mirror chargers make it even more mysterious and scary. The slithery snakes add tons of drama. You have definitely hit a home run with the creepy side of Halloween that showcases how creative and talented you are.

    I can always count on fun when I take a virtual seat at one of your tables!


  17. Alycia, you definitely set a sinister mood for your table. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to dine! 😂😂😂 Your attention to details continues to amazing me. Well done! Happy Halloween!


  18. Oh, my, what ghoulish terrors await your unsuspecting dinner guests! Each detail sets the scene and all the creepy crawlies add to the foreboding feel. The elegant glassware somehow makes the setting that much more eerie. What fun! My horror movie-loving daughter will love this, if you don’t mind me bringing her along to partake of the beastly repast.


  19. So happy to have you in the Hop, Alycia!! You have created a horrifying table with all the snakes and serpents so artfully slithering around! I love the fact that you just used daggers as your flatware!!!! How nice those daggers go with your blood red plates🤣😂the branches and raven residing over the table give it that eerie, creepy feeling that is fabulous for the occasion!! I am sure you are going to have a fun Halloween!!🎃


  20. Oh my gosh….so bold and theatrical and well done! It sure captured the definition of creepy with its use of skulls, snakes, spiders and annoying flies. The bold use of black and red really makes a statement and contrasts with the pumpkins. I love all of the details like the tall branches, raven and tombstones. It really made me feel like I truly at a grave yard. The use of your mirror under your red plates really elevated your place settings and made it really pop. The tall candleholders are something you find in eerie castles So much drama. I like it! Happy Creepy Halloween!


  21. Girrrrl, you have pulled out ALL the totally creepy and fright-inducing stops on this table! I am so thrilled you joined this hop to show how spectacular your talent is. From the flies to the snakes in skull eyes, to the knives only utensils (really good one!) to the menacing spiders crawling about, this totally delivers the fright factor. Lol, I know a few who would likely decline a seat at this table, but all the more enjoyment for those of us who’d embrace it. Thank you, Alycia. It’s spook-tacular!


  22. Happy to have you here Chica!!! There’s so much to take in on this eye-catching table, from the luxe pintuck tablecloth to that giant metal spider perched over the stack. Theme-appropriate wording always elevates the mood of the table and you nailed it. Love that massive pumpkin display also. Happy Halloween dear friend!


  23. Alycia, your table is full of spooky good fun! The snakes creep me out the most lol! It’s great how you incorporated some natural elements, too, like the twig branches, Spanish moss and pumpkins. I love the skull plates, and the red dinner plates add a nice pop of color to the table. The hutch decorated in the background looks amazing, as well! It was so nice to “meet” you on this hop. Happy Halloween!


  24. This is one seriously spooky Halloween table! The snakes alone are enough to give me the ibby-jibby’s!! But I have to talk about your amazing place settings. I love the spider hovering over each plate stack, and the use of the only knives makes the diners aware that this is going to be one menacing meal!


  25. Oh my goodness Alycia, your table is the spookiest ever! You went all out with your creativity. I have to tell you that I love your canopy of branches. You always make such spectacular centerpieces. Great job!


  26. Wow. I’m so glad I stumbled on this“Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop”. I am not a tablescaper (I blog just recipes) but I do enjoy seeing a beautifully set table. Yours is spectacular. I especially love how you offset all the black with those stunning red plates and all the creepy accessories. So fun!


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